The Media’s Negligence: #StopAsianHate

Yesterday was yet another dark day in America.

In case you missed it, there was a terrible Anti-Asian hate crime massacre in Atlanta. A man went on a killing spree to three different Asian spas, killing eight people, SIX of whom were Asian women.

My heart is absolutely sick typing that out. Shattered.


Because these terrible acts of violence against Asian Americans have skyrocketed since the pandemic. Hate crimes against Asian Americans have risen 150% since 2019. Read that number again: 150%.

And in New York City alone, the number is even more staggering: the NYPD reports a 1,900% increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans. 1,900%. That is simply unconscionable.

Asian Americans make up only 5.6 percent of our population, and yet, thanks to the racially insensitive nomenclature “China Virus” and “Wuhan Flu,” they have been the target of everyone’s blame for the pandemic. A stereotype and way of thinking that is completely false, wrong and misdirected.

I wrote about this topic back in February in my post #StopAsianHate, but since then, the situation has only gotten worse.

It seems like every day, my Filipino boyfriend sends me another viral video of yet another horrific attack on an Asian American person – usually elderly, or female.

He is outraged, saddened, concerned and disappointed. And so am I.

But this time, my anger has shifted a bit. Yes, I am obviously still outraged against the situation at large, and that people could commit such bigoted, heinous crimes against innocent people. But now, I am disgusted by the media’s handling of it all.

They are negligent.

They have completely failed to call these attacks what they truly are: ANTI-ASIAN HATE CRIMES.

Call it what it is!

In yesterday’s attack, this 21 year old man, went to Asian spas, and killed six Asian women and yet, the media is telling the story that his actions were driven by a “sex addiction,” rather than racially motivated?!

Atlanta shootings stir fear amid rise in anti-Asian hate crimes - Los  Angeles Times

You’ve got to be kidding me! His actions speak louder than his words!

There have been over 3,000 reported incidents of anti-Asian hate crimes in the last year — WHY ARE WE NOT HEARING ABOUT IT?

Why does it take a viral video on social media of these violent and vicious attacks against innocent elderly Asian people, for people to get an inkling of the horrific violence that has been making Asian Americans terrified to walk down the streets, fearing for their safety!

The media are just completely negligent in their handling — or rather, not handling — of the rampant violence against our AAPI brothers and sisters.

And as I’ve been stewing in anger and disgust, one question keeps coming to mind: why.

WHY are the media actively choosing not to cover the violence, or call it what it is?

Why? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

I understand that this is not going to be a popular proposition to make, but hear me out.

Think about everything that has happened over this past year, up to and including the Bachelor finale Monday night.

We’ve been fighting for Black Lives Matter, we’ve decided that “not being racist” isn’t good enough anymore, and one must “do the work” to become “anti-racist.” We’ve heralded the book “White Fragility” as the new Gospel, and have literally torn down institutions and burned cities all in the name of Wokeness.

Which, ~militant extremism aside~ is good.

But throwing in the narrative that Asian Americans are ALSO victims of – not just racism, but VIOLENT RACISM – that is a narrative that isn’t convenient for our newly “woke” media. There can only be one victim at a time, and right now, Asians aren’t it.

But the fact is, you cannot be truly “anti-racist” unless you include Asian Americans, and ALL people of color or minority groups.

But sadly, the media refuses to talk about it, because it is an antidote to the narrative they’ve literally restructured their identity around, and are using to restructure American society.

This is where I’ve come up for air: every single person deserves respect, dignity, and to feel safe. No matter of skin color. Or background. Or religious or sexual orientation. Every. Single. Person.

It’s what I was born believing, it’s what I believed back last summer during all the riots and looting, it’s what I believe today, and it’s what I will believe ’til Kingdom come.

Everyone is worthy of respect and feeling safe.

Racism against African American people is wrong. Racism against Asian American people is wrong. Racism period. Is wrong.

No act of violence or microaggression towards another person is EVER okay – and the media should be reporting equally against every single act of hatred, no matter who the victim, no matter who the perpetrator.

This is what the Lord says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place.” – Jeremiah 22:3

I don’t know what the answer is to all of this. Frankly, I feel helpless, watching this all play out, and it be silenced by the media.

Though we may not be able to control what is covered by the media, we can control our response to this horrific violence. We can speak up, and share on our social media what’s going on. We can raise awareness about these terrible things, and offer support to our AAPI brothers and sisters. We have a powerful tool in our arsenal: social media – and for once we can use it for something other than selfies and cat videos. We can use it for good. We can use it to invoke change, and alert people to this atrocity that is going on.

And then pray. Pray for the protection of Asian Americans, African Americans, all people, against racism and hate-driven violence. We are all one family, created by God. How we treat anyone is how we treat Jesus. It’s time we start defending those who need it most. (Including the babies in the womb!)

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” – Proverbs 31:8-9

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5


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Here was yesterday’s video!

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75 responses to “The Media’s Negligence: #StopAsianHate”

    • Hate makes me ill too. Gosh I pray this all comes to an end and fast! Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  1. It is not true that Asian Americans have been “everyone’s blame for the pandemic.” I do not blame Asian Americans, and I do not support (by listening or watching) news outlets that do blame China or Asian Americans. I have heard about the increase of hate crimes against Asian Americans on NPR, and I have never heard the pandemic blamed on China or Asian Americans on NPR.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Nor do I. I do not blame them at all. Unfortunately I think the people who are committing these terrible acts do. It’s a sad devastating thing. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  2. This post is pretty way off. The media has been covering Asian hate crimes pretty extensively, especially in the past few days. And I’d like to remind you, the president you supported (Trump) was a big reason for Asian hate crime and for the increase in hate crimes against all minorities, including anti-Semitism and against blacks. So, I don’t understand the point of this post.

    • President Trump was angry with China for failing to be clear and upfront about SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID19. He battled China in many ways, including tariffs. Trump never disparaged or demonized Asian Americans.

      China is an international competitor, as is Russia. This is the reality of our world. Defending our nation against these countries does not mean we dislike Russian Americans, Chinese Americans or Asian Americans. Trump and supporters know this. Please don’t confuse international politics with internal actions.

      • Whatever dude. Carolyn, I’m done following this blog. It basically seems like you write about controversial political and religious stuff just to rile people up. It’s not helping anyone, and it’s not good for my blood pressure. Have fun.

  3. These attacks must stop! They are absolutely horrible, and you should be angry! Yet when it comes to the media I think you were are wrong. Yes they were too slow to catch on and start covering it but they are now, even before the shooting. I saw it with my own eyes (the coverage). I don’t watch TV but I see the coverage on the internet! They are covering it and talking about the anger many are feeling. This includes NBC, PBS and CNN. If you are only watching FOX you are not getting the whole story on who is covering what.
    And Caralyn they are reporting on what the killer said about why he killed people. HE said it was a sex addition. Most of the media is reporting that and saying that many people are skeptical of this reason. On this they seem 100% accurate.
    And what Madeline says above is also 100% true too. Who started this craziness about the Wuhan Flu? THE FAR RIGHT, including the ex-president. Remember the lady that said she was going to bomb your country because she thought you were ASIAN? You wrote about it and you even said she was an extremist and people are believing conspiracies. That’s from the FAR RIGHT EXTREMISTISTS.
    Being angry is understandable but the facts in your posts are way off simply because of this anger.

    • Carolyn I made a typing mistake here at the bottom, where it says “posts”. I thought I was typing the singular. The fact is I’m here because I love your posts, on being Catholic, on all that you have overcome because of what God has done in your life, and your recipes. Again I love your posts. You are an inspiration to many.

  4. Aloha Caralyn,
    Nice to see your BF. Handsome guy! You make a beautiful couple. We have a majority Asian population in Hawai’i. This includes incredible, talented, compassionate and kind people from Japan, Korea, China and other nations — and most importantly — many Filipinos!!!

    Our islands are enriched and blessed by all the diversity!

    I’m asking for your help. Kaua’i Chief of Police is immature, childish and apparently racist. Was found guilty discriminating against Asian members of our community. Needs to resign. There can be no tolerance for such behavior from those in leadership positions. If he does this publicly, what are he thinking the rest of the time.

    Please visit our page at Waikiki Today. Contact the mayor and county council members to request the chief step down.

    Hope the two of you visit us for your wedding or honeymoon!!!

    Love and aloha!

  5. Just a thought. It wasn’t the media who fueled Asian racism by calling COVID-19 the Chinese virus or the Kung Flu. It wasn’t the media who told the press that the Atlanta killer was “having a bad day.” And as the media isn’t the cause of racism it won’t be the solution if there is one. No simple answers to complex questions — let’s not pretend there are.

  6. Asian-Americans that I know, like my ancestors, came to America for a better life and future. They are intelligent, honorable, accomplished, and have a strong work ethic. Under no circumstances should they be blamed for the COVID-19 anymore than honest and proud Americans should be blamed for the devastation of Joe Biden’s executive decisions and policies. Personally, having experienced biased and fake news firsthand, I blame America’s blatantly biased and increasingly Leftist MSM for the anger and intolerance we’re witnessing in our country. If we had an honest, unbiased MSM that held both political parties and all politicians to the same standards, a lot of our problems would go away.

  7. I am sorry to hear…

    I join you in the prayer – for protection of Asian Americans, African Americans, and all people…

    And wish you well for your upcoming speech

    (On top of the circumstances, perhaps, an anti-Trump/anti-American agenda, could be using the situation for the wrong reasons.)

  8. Your boyfriend has been a true blessing for you. I’m glad he is helping you see thorough the lens of many Asian American who have been targeted for violence from Trump’s racist language. God shines His light on you.

  9. This hatred thing is getting out of control and it deeply me. It slices my heart every time. But then when you look at the bigger picture, Satan is doing whatever he can to destroy and separate us. I felt really bad to hear about this on the news, and it made me both sad and mad.

    Will destruction and fights within our own people just stop? Well it can, but more fights over power will break out soon enough. Sorry, Sis’. I’m trying to type and message you over this topic without crying. I’ll be alright Stay strong. God loves all of you, and no worries. This has to come to an end. Now, people are threatening the current president… “what for?” Yeah, I’m getting a headache.

    I will say that you guy are doing a wonderful thing by offering support for the Asians. You admire me to do the same when I can. Chat soon and love ya’.

  10. Normally, by this juncture (12+ comments in) you are receiving an overwhelming amount of support for your thoughts. Clearly, this is not the case this evening.

    And while I agree with the critiques above, it is not my nature to pile on. Let me just gently suggest that you expand the universe of news programming you are watching. The media is no more monolithic than a “government” that has AOC and Josh Hawley amongst its members. If the media you are watching does not cover issues that are important to you, then walk. I assure you that there are plenty of outlets who are. Better yet, walk and tell their advertisers why you are walking.

    And FYI, no one is going to buy that devil incarnate Robert Aaron Long’s “Twinkee defense” of a sex addict having a bad day. That law enforcement official who presented that nonsense should be suspended for practicing law without a license. This was a hate crime, pure and simple – and the media I watched were all up in that Georgian Sheriff Barney Fife’s grill for even mentioning that, I assure you. Hang in there Caralyn – I pray for better days ahead for everyone.

  11. Amen. Hate is evil and from Satan. God doesn’t even know what hatred feels like. Satan invented it to split the brethren. Thank you for your writings. Very spirit filled. Prayer is the key to fighting this horrendous evil.

  12. Having lived and worked in Asia as an expatriate for thirty years I can confirm that Asian people have the same hopes and aspirations as any of us do and I count many of them as close friends. Unfortunately leaders of countries attempt to shape opinions that are less than positive at times and people who are easily led take fiction for truth. That applies in every country in this world. We need to listen less to what is fed to us and get to know people for who they are rather than who our leaders or those with an ulterior motive present them to be.

  13. I think most thinking people understand when the virus is referred to as having it’s origin in China, that the point is being made of the culpability of the Chinese Communist Party. Which is, should anyone care to look, the world’s largest abuser of Asians. Especially those who would dare to follow Christ. Really, anyone who doesn’t toe the Party line. What no one knows who only follows the mainstream media, is that the Wuhan lab from which the virus “escaped”, was/still is being funded (at least partially) by US taxpayer dollars funneled through “non-profits” who have been violating reporting laws. Where is outrage over that? On the racism front, my belief that all are descended from Adam and are thus all family, could use some more adherents. Did you learn in school about the World War 2 interment of many patriotic American Japanese? As @iancyberspace ably mentioned, most people can get along fine if they can learn to follow the Truth and ignore the power mongers who profit by division.

  14. Any form of violence against any people based on who they are collectively is a crime and should be punished and far more importantly is a sin and is against God’s law of love. This is true of any particular race, religion, age, unborn, anything. And God will hold all accountable who do this. It hurts my heart. I am sure it hurts God’s heart. 💔

  15. My wife is Filipino too. She has noticed this here in the NW as well. Today was particularly bad as she was verbally assaulted at the grocery store by a group of men with MAGA hats. They said they were calling border patrol, where’s your green card? Disgusting jerks. What the hell is going on?

  16. Blame! Be LAME. Interesting word. This crime was more a crime against “sexual temptation” that the parlors brought to this sick young man, not Asians. It is so easy to jump into the political cultural tide of the “easy” narrative. We all do it in times such as these. I am sure that Asians have suffered a lot with harassment and hate crimes, since the origin of Covid was traced back to Wuhan Lab. A lot of the statistics of the 150 percent increase, the numbers are about verbal harassment, more than physical attacks, and considering the FACTS that the virus came from Wuhan, it makes it a difficult time for Chinese. As have other races like the Japanese suffered after Pearl Harbor was bombed. The Muslims suffered after 911~ Blame. Be LAME. It is the human condition, that MOST of us have under control, but the bad apples in the peck do not. Facts, in times such as these, are so important. Articles not based on emotions or not founded on sharing from Newspapers (Los Angeles Times) that lean left or right with untruths that prop up their political platform, but real time data, FACTS, is what we need more of. Americans, it is obvious someone is trying to divide us into races pitting race against race because they know divided, our nation will fall. If we fall, we fall together as one race, the human race. So in these kind of situations, we wait, wait until we get the Real Facts before we go off emotionally. This time it was not an Asian hate crime, it was a crime of a very sick person who wanted to wipe out the “sexual temptation” he had a sex addiction, he was in counseling for, he frequented these very parlors he shot up, he thought he could erase his temptation.This was his confession. We should not be so quick to judge by emotions, It is not always a hate crime. Wait for the facts, because, it could just be a very sick person, with a really messed up human condition and not a hate crime at all. We mourn with these families over their loss. God is a God of Justice and His Justice will prevail for them.

  17. Black Lives Matter has been associated with LGBTQ propaganda from the beginning and I guess, that’s why it’s liberal and woke enough for the media to cover it. Racism against Asians, on the other hand, is pure hatred against a minority who isn’t responsible for Covid, which is why, the conservative media who likes deeming the disease “Wuhan virus,” won’t touch it and the liberal media just don’t find it woke enough, as I previously declared. In the end, when you look at these things, you realise that all lives matter and racism is abhorrent. But tell that to the mainstream media and they’ll call you a bigot.

  18. I actually didn’t know much about the Asian hate crimes until this most recent incident, so thank you for informing me, anyway!

    May the Lord bless and keep you, Caralyn! Thank you for sharing his light and truth, something you don’t ever need to feel shameful for. 🙂

  19. Oh my goodness, we have not heard anything about this despite the fact that we always hear of any killings in America on our news. We basically live in South East Asia (here in Australia) I would, at a guess say that a third of our church congregation is from an Asian country. My beautiful neighbour’s are Malaysian we run a Cambodian church service parallel to our Australian service every Sunday. I could not bear the thought of any of them being attacked. It breaks my heart to even think about it.

  20. We had isolated pockets of this type of behaviour too.
    I will say nobody made excuses. I believe the metaphorical book was thrown at these racists. Most of my children’s friends are Asian. Their parents expect them to study hard and achieve. I do see the occasional student who resents this and rebels.However I noticed recently just how many of our amazing medical staff are Asian. I suspect it is much the same in the USA. People need to show gratitude.

  21. Of course very sad but I would recommend not watching viral videos, most of them are planned and its hard to know the real meaning behind a lot of them. As for the killing in the spa, the truth is normal somewhere in the middle. Just my opinion but if it was jsut a racial attack then I think that a resturant or fast food place would have been the target. But all that said, the lockdowns are affecting people mentality, I pray each day that this whole virus thing goes as quickly as it came.

  22. As a mother of an Chinese daughter, we have found support through our adoption group and other groups for families with Asian children. We can turn off the media – but hate is born out of hate. It doesn’t take a virus to grow hate towards Asians. This started way before the virus. Covid only gave the platform for rascism to become louder.

  23. Educators K-12 should produce and teach a unit on this racism with particular attention to the modern aspects we are seeing: (1) Race as race (2) Medical tropes (3) Economic tropes (4) Religious Tropes (5) Voting Tropes. Thirty years ago we did that and it had a tremendous positive impact.

    Thank you for keeping us accountable for the silence!!

  24. So good of you to speak out! I agree with your statement that “you cannot be truly “anti-racist” unless you include Asian Americans, and ALL people of color or minority group” My great grandmother was Native American and in each and every conversation about her heritage, she Always ended with “but your gt gt grand was ‘this or that’ in the Old Country”. Always seemed ashamed of her roots from her mother’s side. The pain of being different goes so deep into our nation’s roots and may take more time than I want to realize to change people. But we are Way past due in getting there.

  25. Actually, one cannot be “anti-racist” until we realize there is only ONE race, the human one. I used to refer to the Wuhan virus, and my wife is clearly Chinese, as is my “adopted” little brother and his wife, as well as students whom we befriend at the university. Now I refer to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, or to avoid confusion, just covid-19.
    The problems are not with the name of the virus, but with hearts looking for reasons to “blame” someone. Instead of Jesus heart (“Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”) too many are simply filled with hate and looking for someone on which to lay it. And if Paul is right in his second letter to Timothy, it is going to get worse before our Lord returns. So as difficult as it may get, we who live in the Spirit of Christ can be as hopeful and as forgiving as Jesus was on His cross. “Even so, Lord Jesus, come.”

  26. It means so much to have your allyship and solidarity. Thanks for sharing. This happens in many colonized regimes. People stereotype Asians as being quiet, reserved, non-confrontational…well not anymore, it is true there is an awakening that will hopefully shift power systems. No tolerance. Amen.

  27. Words simply are not enough. The feelings of fear and disgust and shame at what we as humans have become and are capable of are indescribable. I pray that we all realize before it is too late that we are all we have.

  28. more lately in the news, so I think that “ship” is turning.

    Was that sex addict targeting Asians specifically? Yes and no. There are two types of massage businesses; legit therapeutic and the thinly veiled sex trade. Of the latter, Asians do more to prey upon themselves, bringing their own to the US as sex slaves to work in those places. There are more Asian “massage parlors” than, say, Swedish. I worked at a hotel in Toledo many years ago in the Westgate area. There was a whole line of such places, all Asian/Oriental.

    So was the killer targeting Asians? Yes and no. If such places were mostly Swedish or Irish or any other ethnicity, he would have gone after those. I don’t think he went after Asians so much as he went after massage parlors, most of which are Asian. I don’t think it was a virus-related prejudice like you’re focusing on.

    As usual, the truth is more in the middle. Is the media covering it enough? No, but they are to an extent. We’ve had so much in-your-face BLM coverage that it dominates our consciousness. It’s bigger in our minds. Was the killer after Asians? Yes, but more coincidentally than over the current targeted abuse of Asians in general.

    As always, I applaud your courage in going after things close to your heart! I hope I’ve given you something here to help mitigate the vitriol over this article. Offered with love and hugs. Safe travels and success this weekend!!!! Prayers for you and yours!

  29. What I find interesting is those who claim to be anti-racist tend to be the most racist, in that they make race an issue where is was not previously an issue (apparently math is now racist and the cat in the hat is viewed by the woke as blackface). Most of my friends and non-white and have said they claim to have not experienced much racist, but–even for those who have–the rules are unfair. Asians and Indians are classified as “white-adjacent” due to stereotypical above-average intelligence, thus left out of the anti-racism movement. Anthropologically, those of white descent came from places with harsh winters, so they spent time inside thinking…whereas other cultures were outside developing physical skills, so there is a proven biological element to the things being labeled as “systemic racism.” It’s all so frustrating because those with a strong opinion aren’t often willing to hear another side of the argument. I agree 100% that everyone deserves respect, dignity, and opportunities to thrive… villainizing Whites and ignoring non-Black minorities isn’t the way. Thanks for speaking up on this!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! the whole Dr. Seuss thing is so totally crazy! it makes me sad. thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  30. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is sad that we cannot say “all lives matter” because ALL lives do matter. Trying to stop us from sharing the thoughts that all lives matters is itself racist. We cannot give in to the rhetoric of the Woke, because it is meant to separate. God created and loves all races and ethnicities, and as Christ followers, we are commanded to love and protect everyone. Haters will use any excuse to hate. Thank for your boldness to share your beliefs. ❤️

    • thank you Andrea for sharing your thoughts on this. I agree – that is what God preached, but sadly, we cannot say that anymore. so glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  31. This Asian-hate must stop. No question about that. But the problem IS cause by the mainstream media who profits by keeping us obsessed, angry, and divided. It’s also caused by politics on both sided of the aisle who manipulate our emotions to keep them in power.

    But I have to agree with a couple of your commenters who said that anti-racism has become some of the most racist dialogue in our history! We have to stop dividing ourselves based on race, reject the neo-Marxist ideology of identity politics and CRT, and pursue Martin Luther King’s vision where only the content of our character matters, not the color of our skin. We must condem the wokism of “being less white” as much as any other prejudice. All of it is hateful and spiteful and ugly. As Morgan Freeman said, “The best way to end racism is to stop talking about it” (I will add, stop making it a weaponized ideology to keep us divided). We should punish those who commit crimes, period, and learn to love one another based on who they are as a person, regardless of the color of their skin.

    It’s pretty ridiculous and even childish that we even make skin color a “thing” when you think about it. We, as a culture, need to grow up.

    • You’re so absolutely right, Mel. This anti-asian sentiment has GOT TO END. and also – this hyperfocus we’ve put on skin color. we’re focusing so much on our differences rather than what unites us, and our similarities. great food for thought Thanks Mel! Hugs and love xox

  32. Reading some of your readers’ comments shows how deeply entwined racism has intersected with Christian culture. Don’t even get me started on Kimberly Mac’s response. Many have worshipped the idol of Trump instead of Jesus. That is how Satan is ripping apart the church. Please stop watching Fox, OAN, Newsmax, Infowars and all the other hate media. You all need to deprogram before you lose your families and friends.

  33. The media has been ignoring anti-Asian discrimination and racial attacks for decades though. None of this is new. And the perpetrators aren’t the people the media would have you believe they are. That’s why they haven’t been talking about this until like two weeks ago.

    The media lies. Sadly, things only become issues in this country when the media decides to turn its baleful eye on it.

    The attack in Atlanta was horrific regardless of the killer’s motivation. I pray this isn’t just the beginning though. Sadly, I think things are going to get worse for everyone.

    Stay safe everyone.

    • thank you Alexander for sharing your thoughts on this. sadly, i think you’re right about that. the media are certainly the gatekeepers of information. a scary truth indeed. Hugs and love xox

  34. Wow- “how you treat anyone is how you treat Jesus” beautiful perspective as always 😭thank you for sharing Caralyn. May all of our hearts turn away from sin and evil and turn back to Jesus. We need to pray now more than ever for unity and peace in the world. Please stay safe, you and your loved ones. Love you sister ❤️

    • thank you friend, i appreciate your kind words. Yes – we must must must turn back to Jesus! joining you in prayer! Hugs and love xox

  35. I agree with you that our culture’s biases, which lead to hate, toward people of Asian heritage are long standing and deplorable. I’ll get back to that in a moment, specifically on the “sex addiction” suggestion on this new cycle.

    As to the neglect of the media, I will disagree with you. We have been hearing about these events for months on NPR, our morning commute new source. And, having grown up in California, near San Francisco and San Jose, I have heard about our mistreatment of the Chinese and Japanese immigrants (building the railroads and working in agriculture) all my life.

    But, back to the current events. While the young man who admitted to doing the killings targeted Asian women at massage… parlors… spas… had not confessed to targeting them because they were Asian, the news cycles (NPR in our case) did speculate on the possible sex addiction issue. This suggests that we assume that if you get a massage from an Asian women you should get a massage with a happy ending (remember the scandal when the owner of the New England Patriots’ owner arranged such massage for himself and a number of the players in Florida a few years back… his white privilege allowed him to get the charges dropped because he threaten a very expensive court case because he had a well paid legal team).

    Anyway, our expectation of sexual satisfaction from Asian women goes back centuries (Madame Butterfly, anyone?). The Japanese forced Korean women to provide such services during WWII. The Chinese did the same to other nationalities whom they dominated. Our merchant marines and Navy sailors have long history’s of “sleep overs” when in Asian ports. We even have friends who have told us stories of traveling in Hong Kong and Singapore at posh hotels where private masseuses pretty much disrobed in their rooms to give them massages.

    Just as our repressed history of white’s dominating black people continues to plague us, so is our attitude to Asians coming in focus.

    I suspect this is why we often hear of People of Color including Asians, not just people of African ancestry.

    Yes, let’s support and protect our Asian family (my nephew’s wife is from Japan), friends, and neighbors (we ordered out Thai food in support of a local restaurant Friday). Let us support our Black family (my sister-in-law and niece), friends, and neighbors. Let’s support of Hispanic, Indigenous, et al family, friends, and neighbors. When we do this, then we can chat “All Lives Matter” and not be co-opted by white supremacist groups.

    – Oscar (thanks for listening to my rant)

    • thank you so much Oscar for sharing your thoughts on this. i can definitely feel your passion through your words. That’s so true – we must support all of our brothers, sisters and neighbors. that is how we love like Jesus. Hugs and love xox

  36. “The media” isn’t refusing to talk about it. There have been numerous articles and discussions about this issue since the US President started pushing the “China flu” narrative. The lack of information might be because of source choices. Some networks and news outlets don’t run those kinds of stories because they don’t suit there narrative. If you check a wide variety of sources, you’ll see “the media” has been reporting on it for about a year.

    • that you Em for sharing your thoughts on this. that’s a great point: consulting a wide variety of sources. Hugs and love xox

  37. Given where these crimes were committed, ‘massage parlors’ and the likelihood that some, or all, of these women may have been trafficked, I hope that something positive can come out of these tragedies and that if there is something afoot that a light will be shined on it and those responsible will be exposed, tried, convicted and dealt with accordingly. Lord have mercy may these women;s, and men’s, deaths be not in vain.

    • Hi Melissa, oh gosh that is such heartbreaking information. Gosh, big big prayers for all those being trafficked. Ugh, the thought just makes me sick to my stomach. thank you for this powerful response. Hugs and love xox

      • Hi there! Loving your recipes and posts. So happy to see you and Mr. Special are doing so well!

      • Thank you again!! Oh yes – Mr. Special is oh so special! I’m one lucky gal! 🥰 Hugs and love xox

    • thank you so much Ali! yeah, it is really so sad what is happening! Jesus, help us and heal our hearts! Hugs and love xox

  38. Donald Trump, the man you supported to the extent of calling his alternative ‘Rock Bottom’, is the cause of the rise in attacks and racism on those of Asian descent. He extensively used the terms Wuhan Flu and Chinavirus to shift the narrative from his own failings to protect the American people from the virus to anger at China for being what it originated. Now that you are dating a person affected by Trump’s vitriol, you blame the media? If the media you are talking about is Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, and any other network that parroted his narrative to get views, I would agree. At least, in part.

    It is clear, has been clear, that Donald Trump has rallied his base behind hatred and fear. The Republicans, by and large, followed suit, lock-step behind their show horse. Donald Trump sought power at the expense of Muslims, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and any Christian unwilling to worship him. He has made a mockery of Christ, and those who supported him, and continue to support him, have as well.

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