NYC – Masked Up Omicron Mayhem

I was thrown out of the grocery store yesterday.

For not wearing a mask.

Yep. I was just minding my own business, picking out a perfectly ripe persimmon (who else loves these?!), when the store manager came over to me, scoffing. “*Tsk* Ma’am! Where is your mask?!” he said while doing this flat-palm circular motion around his mouth, similar to a dance move I think I did in middle school.

“Oh, I’m vaccinated,” I said in my most cloyingly sweet voice, smiling and blinking up at him.

“You have to wear a mask!” he yelled, from behind his mask that was all the way up to his eyes, and tucked underneath his glasses.

So I handed him my basket full of probably $100 worth of groceries, and said, “Okay, thanks sir. I’ll take my business elsewhere.”

And promptly turned on my heel and went straight for the door.

Granted, had I had a mask on me, I, of course, would have complied, but I just popped in the grocery after my jog, and was sans mask.

But it was at that moment, that I realized that NYC was back in fear mode, thanks to the Omicron virus.

I was walking around the city today, doing some last minute Christmas shopping, and on every other block, there would be a line of roughly 40-50 people, all waiting ~socially distanced~ to get into one of the CityMD’s or one of the other pop-up covid testing centers that have bought all the vacant real estate, and occupy store fronts literally every half a block.

Omicron has hit New York, with case numbers doubling in just three days. Mask and #vaccine mandates are in full effect. Restaurants are closing. How do we respond, as the city freaks out around us? #nyc #omicron #covid #coronavirus #covid19 #newyork #health #catholic #faith

There were food truck style “on-the-go” testing trucks and tents stationed throughout the city, again…all with lines at least 20 deep.

Restaurants are closing. Schools are going virtual. And masks, as I so abruptly found out, are now mandated in all indoor places again.

In other words, we are back to the dark days of Covid panic, and I am smack dab in the middle of it, whether I like it or not.

And sadly, for good reason. In just three days, the number of Omicron cases in NYC doubled, with over 18,000 cases reported just today alone.

Now, just as an aside, I remember when the number we were counting was deaths, and then when things were simmering down, the media pulled a fast one and switched to counting cases, so as to keep us in a heightened state of fear… but that’s a topic for a different day.

But however you slice it, Omicron is barreling through the city at a record pace. And I blame the notorious “Santacon Pub Crawl” last weekend for the surge. (Just kidding, sort of.)

And this has hit close to home. Just today, in several of my group text threads among my friends, I learned that at least three have tested positive for Covid. Thankfully, they are all mild cases, but please pray for them.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid this is not just another media scare tactic. Omicron is here. And that’s coming from someone who a) hates fear mongering, b) hates wearing masks, and c) hates making a mountain out of a molehill.

Omicron has hit New York, with case numbers doubling in just three days. Mask and #vaccine mandates are in full effect. Restaurants are closing. How do we respond, as the city freaks out around us? #nyc #omicron #covid #coronavirus #covid19 #newyork #health #catholic #faith

I did take a Covid test today — I got the last at-home covid test from the pharmacy today, and praise God, it was negative.

Omicron has hit New York, with case numbers doubling in just three days. Mask and #vaccine mandates are in full effect. Restaurants are closing. How do we respond, as the city freaks out around us? #nyc #omicron #covid #coronavirus #covid19 #newyork #health #catholic #faith

And in fact, as you’re reading this, I will be getting jabbed with my Pfizer booster shot.

Omicron has hit New York, with case numbers doubling in just three days. Mask and #vaccine mandates are in full effect. Restaurants are closing. How do we respond, as the city freaks out around us? #nyc #omicron #covid #coronavirus #covid19 #newyork #health #catholic #faith

But by all accounts, we may be in for a rough few weeks. And for this to be falling on the eve of Christmas traveling, when a potential quarantine would mean missing out on family time, the timing just couldn’t be worse.

It’s times like these where anxiety can really get the best of us. Even though, by all accounts, Omicron is mild – albeit highly contagious, we still can enter that fear mode, where we enter either fight or flight, or clamp up, or shut down, or spiral out of our minds.

Couple that with the lack of control that we all are feeling, helpless to an invisible enemy that has turned neighbor into suspect, and loved one into a potential threat.

And it is in these moments that I have to remember to cling to God. God is with us through our fear, through our suffering, through our pain and uncertainty. He is with us: strengthening us, consoling us, offering us hope, and something to fix our focus on.

“Fear not, for I am with you.” Isaiah 41:10

Omicron has hit New York, with case numbers doubling in just three days. Mask and #vaccine mandates are in full effect. Restaurants are closing. How do we respond, as the city freaks out around us? #nyc #omicron #covid #coronavirus #covid19 #newyork #health #catholic #faith

He instructs us not to live in fear, but rather trust in Him, and that’s exactly what I plan to do…while also doing my part in taking the appropriate precautionary measures.

I am not anti-mask. I am not a covid-disbeliever. I am, however, anti-hysteria. Anti-pandemonium. I am pro-trust. Pro-faith. Pro-common sense proactive measures: ie; wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get vaccinated.

Early evidence suggests that this may be a less virulent strain, but I wanted to just let you know where things are in NYC, as we are usually a precursor of things to come in other states – particularly those run by democrats. Let’s hope that moving forward, we make data-based decisions, and manage our strategies appropriately.

Lord, I pray for this city, I pray for my friends and loved ones who are sick right now. I pray for this world, and the doctors working to put an end to this pandemic.

May we discern where to put our focus and energy, as the world freaks out around us.

To hear my story, click here.

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5


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90 responses to “NYC – Masked Up Omicron Mayhem”

  1. I wouldn’t have gone into the grocer without a mask, they have been mandatory in Nevada for a long time now. You simply can not believe a single word that comes from our so-called news media in this country. Accountability and common sense left this country years ago. Frankly, I think that people are hyping this up far too much. Take a chill pill, wear a mask, use hand sanitiser and be as safe as you can. The hysteria helps nobody. Stay safe, Caralyn! 🙏🏻

  2. I’m with you on the fear mongering! Omicron as a mild version, rarely lethal, if ever, I say let it spread so people get natural immunity which is better than the vaccine. On the mask front – I don’t much care one way or the other. I prefer to not wear one, but I pick my battles, and masks ain’t on that list! Of course, as rude as that guy was to you about it, I can’t blame you for walking out. At this point, I’m more concerned about your general safety in NYC given all the headlines I see than about you and COVID. Hang in there!

      • You don’t see how it is? These people treat citizens worse than illegals at the border. All that talk about bringing everyone together was a lie. They have caused so much harm with their spread of hate. There’s no respect anymore. And apparently no class.

      • Use. Nouns.
        I don’t know what groups you’re trying to vilify, here. Was that intentional or accidental? I only ask since I’m sincerely unsure of how smart or dumb you are. I do try to avoid snap decisions based on one interaction – but admit, you’re not doing yourself any favors…unless you were campaigning for dumb.
        FWIW, as a retired HR pro, I’d steer clear of statements about “those people” and the like. They clearly signal bias on the speaker’s part. 👌🏽

      • Ok. Sure…call me mean for expecting you to communicate clearly. I have quite a nerve.
        Or…you – perhaps residing in a house made of clear and fragile material – cannot tolerate being told he’s making an ambiguous argument.
        Which. Could. It. Be?!?
        The mind fairly boggles.

      • If I read her account correctly, he yelled at her instead of just talking to her. That’s not a civil way to deal with someone you don’t know. If you want something from me, speak to me civilly, don’t berate me. The former gets cooperation, the latter gets pushback or disengagement. Honey vs. vinegar, right?

  3. Like you, I am not saying that COVID doesn’t exist. It obviously does. But the media (and the government?) are blowing this thing way out of proportion. Prayers for you, your loved ones and NYC. Here in Central California we are getting a little paranoid, but nowhere like the City. Gail and I were in Wal-Mart today and about half of the people, including staff and Subway servers, weren’t wearing masks or had them pulled down to their necks. I wore mine until I had to put my reading glasses on then I left it hanging from my ear! Hey, I was wearing it. LOL

    • So…we’re taking our public health cues from Subway and Walmart workers now. Super.
      Did you re-read your words? I’ve read that Jesus has, indeed, wept before. I bet he just did again while thinking, “I died for this?!?”

  4. I haven’t been wearing a mask at all, but we’re supposed to start again today (OC, Southern California). I really hate them & feel safe enough with 3 vaccines. From all the reports I’ve seen, omicron looks mild…

    Stay safe 💖

    • Nowadays, we’re wearing masks for the unvaccinated. They won’t help themselves, so it’s up to us. It’s frustrating to acknowledge, but it’s still the most right thing to do for people who won’t do the easy right thing of getting vaccinated.

      • It’s the vaccinated who ate getting the new variant. I don’t wear a mask unless I’m at my doctor. If it’s mandatory, fine. But it isn’t. I can’t handle masks anymore due to my anxiety. I’ll walk out of places if it’s crowded. Most that I go to aren’t. That’s why I believe it’s overkill.

      • Look, I get avoiding crowded places. It’s been my practice for quite some time – especially after some religiously tainted wing nut shot up a gay bar in Florida…as a gay man that really drove home how dangerously divided our country has become due to dogma and indoctrination over education and critical thinking. It’s not safe out there for individuals who don’t force their square peg selves into society’s round holes.
        But as a meagerly science based and educated adult, I’d politely reject your assertion that it’s strictly the vaccinated people getting Omicron. I will say – as I did with the Delta variant – we’ll for sure weather it better than unvaccinated people. Otherwise, I flat out reject your initial assertion that only vaccinated people are getting Omicron. You. Are. Wrong.

  5. People have been quite happy to have vaccinations from as far back as I can remember except for the relative few who it could cause health issues for under medical advice. But come Covid and a substantial number of people choose to politicalize it and go into conspiracy mode. I’m having a hard time comprehending why the change of attitude. It’s a nasty virus and very unforgiving if we don’t take precautions. I still trust medical advice. Medical science is not perfect but they get it right most of the time.

  6. Why do you hate wearing a mask? This may upset you, yet I find this a bit obnoxious. It is not wrong to be concerned, especially for those of us born with pre existing conditions that put us at higher risk. I have absolutely zero problems with wearing a mask. Thousands have died and put others lives at serious risk, because they reject logic and reason. It bothers me to hear people say they don’t like wearing masks or claiming it’s all a hoax. I also believe in God. I thank God that I haven’t had covid and am grateful for the wonders of medicine and vaccine’s that do work and keep us safe.

  7. So New Yorkers who are fully vaccinated and feeling fone are standing in long lines with people they don’t know to get tested? I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.

    • I’m not heavily invested in whether you laugh or cry, but if you’re going to say stuff like this, I kinda hope you choose to stay silent in the future.

      • I am sorry if I was misunderstood. I have chosen both the vaccine snd booster as I do volunteer work in long term care facilities. I am simply pointing out the obvious that panic leads us to making all sorts of illogical and sometimes dangerous choices. Keeping calm is most often the pathway away from trouble.

      • Glad to hear that – especially the volunteer work you do, that deserves praise…especially in a culture as “me” oriented as today’s America.
        But I’m still troubled by your casual assumption that a testing facility would not enforce social distancing in their facilities or lines. The site I most often witness – an outdoor testing site at our airport in Portland – surely enforces these best practices at their facility. Is it not the same with healthcare practitioners nationwide? I assume it is, which give me reason to fault your assertion in your original comment.

      • You are right inside a facility even here in Florida it is done that way. We just flew out to San Francisco and nack for a family funeral and saw no such careful distancing anywhere. My hope is we simply apply common courtesy and sense rather than panic mode thinking. Some media seem agitated by any semblance of calm. Thank you for a thoughtful conversation and have a blessed weekend.

  8. There is a saying that goes like this, “You can’t fix stupid!” that applies well, to this post…
    I’ll let you figure it out.
    Seriously, these shots are killing people right and left and severely injuring many more, and you promote them…
    We truly are in the last days, a time of great deception, where even God’s children are deceived…well, just be ready for your mark of the beast-or did you already take it?

  9. It’s all about fear, intimidation, and control; the liberal media is the biggest propaganda machine in history. I am so tired of hearing “we follow the science” when anyone with a half-ounce of common sense would recognize that what they say and what they do are very different (“they” being the “experts” and politicians).

    I, too, got the first two shots, but no way am I going to get the booster. It doesn’t prevent you from getting COVID. Neither do wearing masks. In time, we’re all going to have it. It being a virus that from the get-go had a 99.6% survival rate for healthy people — including kids!! — without a vaccine. And I’m in what they long ago determined to be a “high risk” group.

    But here’s the thing: During every other ‘pandemic’ in our history, the SICK people were quarantined, not the healthy people. And if you notice, the virus and every “major variant” is said to be “highly contagious.” I’ve read reports that say there are already many variants of the SARS – Cov – 2 virus, and no doubt will be many more. When the fear starts to subside, something new will be found to stir it up. “Never waste a good crisis.”

    • Wow. This comment is just a bunch of wow. Why’d you get vaccinated if this is how you think? Your survival rate data is flawed, for one. Unless you live in a world where we haven’t experienced a mortality rate in our country numbering somewhere between the populations of the North or South Dakotas. You honestly stand by a .4% mortality rate when an entire effing state has died in our country alone?!? Do the math on that…how many people live in the US if 800k people have died and the survival rate is 99.6%?!?
      Answer: not as many as Fox News would have you believe.

      • This isn’t about politics. It’s about choice. Mandates should be illegal. Controlling people isn’t democracy. You can’t force everyone to get the shot. I don’t tell anyone what to do because it’s not my place. I have loaded up on vitamins to build up the immune system. Something liberal media will never mention. They don’t care about building natural immunity.

        Just because someone chose to get vaxxed doesn’t mean they have to agree with everything. If it’s so effective, why are so many athletes testing positive? The issue is there will continue to be new mutations, meaning they’ll keep pushing more boosters. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. We are never going back to normal life.

      • Boy. You are just dumb. I’m sorry…but I think someone should have told you this by now.
        You clearly don’t understand either natural immunity (hint: it’s not from vitamin consumption) or how viruses mutate. And I admit, I am not a qualified teacher – not that that credential would seem to carry any weight with you – so I won’t try and explain either to you. But, please, stop labeling things you don’t understand or that countermand your (I assume) Fox Network brainwashing and Google both. You’ll find that what creates variants of this virus are unprotected hosts that allow it to mutate and spread in new, unexpected ways. Kind of like when a fat, bald guy goes to a singles bar and gets ignored. People are immune to his…charms. But when he drops 20 lbs and dons a piece, suddenly he has social access to a population that previously was immune to finding out he might be a charming guy.
        Yeah, Coronavirus is the guy here, vaccinated are the “No dice, Chubby” group and then become the “Hey, funny guy!” folks when Coronavirus mutates because they weren’t expecting the same thing with a different set of optics. Not my best analogy, but far better than your toddler-esque rebuttals. 🤷🏽‍♂️

      • (Also, “This isn’t about politics” is as convincing an argument as whatever anyone who says “I’m not a Trump supporter” has to say following those words: crap. If *you* believed it wasn’t about politics, you wouldn’t have led with those words!)

  10. I’m sorry to hear that happened to you at the store. I would have left too. I’m with you on being anti-hysteria. I must say, I am not pro-vaccine or pro-mask though. Neither have been proven to stop Covid. We just found out that our friends in Colorado who have had all the Covid shots just tested positive for Covid. The Dad and son both have it. The point of the covid vaccine is supposed to be to protect you from the virus, but it doesn’t. All this stuff about Omicron is just more fear mongering propaganda to control everyone, and it’s only in liberal controlled states and cities. We are free down here in Florida and have been for a long time. Schools, stores, restaurants, and everything else are open and our Covid rates are going down. There is no hysteria and no liberal tyranny down here. I’m so glad we left Colorado when we did. They are as nuts as California now. It’s very sad what happened to the home I love. I’m still not getting that vaccine and I’m not wearing a stupid mask either. Not only does that insane Covid vaccine not work, it’s filled with all kinds of sick stuff like aborted fetal cells and dangerous allergens that cause major health issues and even death. Those vaccines are messing up people’s bodies, and many have been hurt and killed by them. Of course the media hides that information. I pray people learn the truth and stand firm against all the lies and tyranny of the left. We two very different Americas now. If you live in a conservative state, then you are free. If you live in a deranged liberal state, then you are a slave. Praying God spreads revival and healing through our country, and removes all those leftist tyrants from power. Thank God that Cuomo is gone and DeBlasio is soon to follow. Hopefully their replacements will be better, but they are liberal, so not expecting much. Hang in there, sister. You can always come down here to freedom if you need a break. God bless!

    • Jesus H Christ. Ok, first…masks DO protect you from infection. I didn’t even have a cold or flu last year and this year is looking pretty damn good, too. I credit masks, since even though I get a flu shot every year, I still get a little bit sick. But not last year and so far not this year. The difference: MASKS.
      Second, the vaccinated folks you say got COVID would likely be fighting for or possibly have already lost their lives had they not been vaccinated. As I mentioned earlier in this comment, I get a flu shot every damn year but usually still get a little sick. That’s what vaccinations do: prime and protect us. It’s not the same as an abortion where you get one and no baby. It’s more like contraception: 99% effective in preventing needing to think about an abortion.

      • Galby, find me the statistics that back up masks protecting people from the spread. I believe if you avoid crowds and don’t put yourself at high risk, you have a better chance of not testing positive. There have been more deaths this year than in 2020. The vaccine can help prevent serious sickness. It doesn’t guarantee you won’t get it. Flu shot is a choice. I get it sometimes. It depends. The issue is people are tired of all the fear mongering. Which was a main point in Caralyn’s blog. She always brings up good points and backs them up. She expressed her concerns over Omnicron. Booster shots are recommended. I haven’t decided on it due to the adverse reaction I had to the 2 shots. I’ve read varying stuff on the effectiveness. My decision will be educated. Like Caralyn, I’m not big on masks either. But I wear it if it’s required.

      • Ok, FIRST, I shared MY personal experience with flu shots and getting sick, so I reject your call for “proof”. My assertion was anecdotal.
        Second, I’m a Lyft driver who drove throughout the pandemic and am still alive to calm bullshit on your…bullshit. Case in point: the deaths in 2020 started a month and a half-ish into 2020, when we largely lived in lockdown. In the same 11-ish month period in 2021, where lockdown restrictions were largely lifted, we had more deaths. DESPITE the vaccine. It’s not an indictment of vaccines, you nit. It’s a caution against the current danger unvaccinated people pose to the greater good of society by not getting vaccinated.
        Do you cherry pick your Bible teaching the same way you do news headlines? Of course you do. Why am I even asking?!?

      • You are straight up wrong, galby68. Stop listening to liars like Fauci. The real science proves the vaccine and masks are not effective. And don’t blaspheme the Lord. His Name is Jesus, Christ is His title, and there is no middle name starting with H. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, and every knee will bow to Him and every tongue confess that He is Lord in the end. You will learn that truth the moment you stop breathing. I will pray for you.

  11. I agree the hysteria is a bit much. After nearly 2 years of this, we get vaccinated and we move on. We cannot lock down and freak out forever.
    I’m not even that religious but your religious angle on this spoke to me! What I needed to read at the time, I guess.
    I’m in the NYC area too. Stay strong!

    • The problem here is that only some of “we” got vaccinated. The “we” that didn’t get vaccinated is screwing the rest up us but good.

  12. As we approach the second anniversary of this thing. . .I cannot help but wonder who exactly is profiting monetarily from all this fearmongering. Follow the money trail and it will lead you to the truth. . . I truly feel compassion for the sick who are being used to promote some type of agenda. People are getting sick and it is rather evil, to say the least, for those puppet-masters to use other people’s pain and suffering for their monetary gain. . .Seriously. We as a nation have orderly followed the rules: got vaccinated, quarantined, wore masks, socially distanced, got boosters, etc. and so forth. Of course, some have resisted and that is their personal choice based on their individual situation and their right. In my state, we are not wearing masks anymore (at least not yet) and honestly, I will refuse to wear a mask if the puppet masters try to pull my strings, I, after all, am not a puppet. I just try to be a responsible citizen by following the rules. I quit. I am refusing to listen any more. I think we all should just stop listening to the puppet masters; they, after all, have proven themselves to be either incompetent or just plain evil. I refuse to comply anymore. I already did and, well, I am done listening. Finished. I think we all should stop listening to the puppet masters.
    God bless you, Caralyn. I pray you have a Merry Christmas and let’s pray for a Happy, fear-free 2022. Don’t shop at places that require masks. Plain and simple. Don’t wear masks! Our politicians don’t!

    • Oh, dear sweet baby Jesus. You need to step away from the bathtub full of wine, sis. Do you see that you just said you followed the rules and got vaccinated in one breath and in the next said you would refuse to follow future mask mandates?
      Mandate and rule are synonyms…meaning that they mean the same thing. So…you’re switching sides now, from rule follower to rule breaker? Before you commit to that action plan, please consider the churches who’s very income relies on your tithing. If you die: no tithes. Without tithing, dogma dies, too. Please, you must fight to survive so that future generations survive to not think for themselves!

    • I understand exactly how you feel Jenny. People are tired of being controlled. It’s become frustrating. In general, I think that’s why many of us feel. It’s almost 2 years and there doesn’t seem to be a solution. And we know who profits off it. Dr. Fraudci. The man who should be investigated due to his connection to the Wuhan Laboratory. A full investigation must happen.

  13. Hi C! “Unfortunately, I’m afraid this is not just another media scare tactic. Omicron is here.”

    I’m afraid I have to disagree with you on that one. This is totally a media and government scare tactic. While Omicron is very contagious and spreads very easily, ALL data thus far has confirmed that it is a mild variant. As of three days ago, the WHO had reported ZERO deaths in the entire world from Omicron. The doctors in Africa that discovered it reported only mild symptoms, mild fatigue, and a time frame of only three days.

    I’m with you. I hate fear mongering. It infuriates me that those who are in charge of this would rather lie to people and keep them in fear rather than actually lead. And it seems they are hell bent on destroying NY. But I won’t take the time to go into their sick agendas. Anyone who needs more convincing should look at Florida and every other state that has released the restrictions and actually followed the science.

    Personally, I believe this is yet another work from God. Throughout 2020, He shown His light on everything that man places his faith in instead of God and showed how useless that was. Every person, every institution. Everything failed. Now He is giving us a very mild variant, which every truthful medical person and leader should be hailing as nothing to be alarmed about. Yet they are insisting everyone go back into panic mode. They are showing themselves liars, interested only in controlling others. And now God has put that truth on display for all to see. I only hope people begin to wake up and notice.

    Wow, so easy to get bogged down with the bad news. Thanks for ending with the good! Our God reigns! He is still on His throne and nothing catches Him by surprise! He is totally truthful and deserves all our faith and trust, and that is where we must place our focus. I join you in your prayers for your friends and your city. And of course, daily for you. Praying you have a great weekend! 🤗🙏

  14. It’s the same way here. Deaths and hospitalizations have stayed pretty steady, but with cases rising, the media is pushing hysteria, and the whole state is back under a mask mandate. (My county has been for most of 2020 and 2021 anyway.) The Babylon Bee posted an article, meant to be a joke, of course, but it pretty much hits the nail on the head what’s happening here:

    Seriously, though, God clearly answered a prayer in 2019 that it was his will for me to stay here. But with people and a government who actually like COVID insanity, combined with a proposal to train dogs to sniff COVID in schoolchildren, and another proposal to use taxpayer money to transport women to this depraved state to kill their babies, I’m wondering how I will know if God changed his mind about me staying here, or if there really is still work for me to do here…

  15. You are completely correct. The media have not been counting deaths. They have been counting the number of cases.
    I’m not a Covid disbeliever.. Covid is real. However I feel that through this whole Plandemic, the powers that be have decided that they like the control that they are having over the population right now and choose to find ways to make sure that they keep it.
    Just when we feel that we are done with one, another pops up.. something tells me that this isn’t going to go away in 4 years like the Spanish flu did; especially with all our technological advancements. Why? Because this was dreamed up in a lab.
    This wasn’t natural. Nature wasn’t going to give us another pandemic, so someone decided that we needed to create one.

    So what is our course of action. Well follow the rules, no matter how stupid they seem. Get your self vaccinated, but do so knowing that you don’t know how the vaccine will effect you. No matter how much sunshine and roses the media spins on them, the vaccines are just as bad as having the virus. For the most of the people, they will not feel anything.

    • Oh, my…did you really just use a debunked documentary as proof for your “opinion”?!? Surely, you think McConnell has the best interests of every American in mind, too and no doubt is the living embodiment of the word “integrity”, no? No. Honey, you need to put down the Bible and pick up a god-loving person damned text book before you start weighing in on anything scientific. And for the love of the “grandpa that lives in the clouds” that you pray to, understand that Plandemic asserted that breathing our own exhalations would harm us while nurses and surgeons in hours-long procedures are masked the entire time with no deleterious (that means bad) effects. If Plandemic were right about masks, would hospital employees be dropping dead on the job? Seriously, like…since the beginning of hospitals? Who’d want that job?!? But they aren’t, are they? No, ergo…your source material lied. That means that they are the problem, and by your repeating it here…you are also the problem.
      Yes, we are in a pandemic. Covid is just part of the pandemic…it’s partner is stupid people.

      • Go ahead, call me stupid for asking questions. So I am not supposed to ask questions? I’m just supposed to believe what the media tells me?
        What am I supposed to believe when my colleague of 11 years died soon after taking his 2nd dose of a vaccine that was supposed to prevent him from getting Covid?

        The media and science tells us that people will die from the vaccine, but the number is acceptable when you weigh in the amount of people that will be saved. So my colleague is nothing more than a statistic at this stage – a number. That is what our current society is reducing us to on one side. And then telling us we are all unique and special on another and have rights. However they also tell us that we don’t have the right to question the orders.
        How would you react if someone you know died from the vaccine? I pray you never, ever find yourself in that position.

        I’m not anti-vaccine. I took the same vaccine.. But I did so in the knowledge that there are things I don’t know and I don’t know how it was going to effect me and will effect me in the future.
        Science tells us that people who have had Covid and survived don’t really need a vaccine because their body has already developed immunity better than any of the vaccines we have. So why are governments still forcing the vaccines on them as well?
        Why can’t people making the vaccines be honest enough to give the rest of us all the information? Why? Because less people would take it otherwise. So they lie to us. Turn those who refuse into criminals, etc.

        Let’s get this straight. evidence is now coming out that clearly points to this thing being created in a lab and investigations are happening as we speak. So please… It’s real. Certain parties are pulling the strings and getting more and more richer as they do.

      • Wow. That’s a lot of questions right out of the gate for someone who claims I made fun of them for asking questions, and suggested that I was restricting their right to do so.

        By all means, ask questions! I’m a firm believer that knowledge is born of the words “I don’t know”, and am one of the first to ask questions to fill in my own gaps in knowledge.

        Or were you just playing solitaire with your deck of victim cards when you asked?

        If the preview of my earlier response is any clue, you asked questions that were rooted in the theories put forward in the mockumentary Plandemic. If I made fun of you – if! – then it was for being about 15 months behind the knowledge curve for citing that as a reference. Well, possibly the type of questions, too. There are questions that are asked truly to educate oneself and then there are questions that are asked in a manner to generate the desired answer. Many of your questions at the top of this post were that type – and if that’s how you ask questions, I’d sincerely doubt you were looking to increase your knowledge versus spread fear of the correct answers. And for that, you’re gonna get mocked by me, because adults should know better.

        Case in point: you asked about your colleague that died after his second shot and then asked if that collateral damage was just “acceptable”. Of course it’s not, it’s tragic. Assuming he wasn’t crushed by a piano leaving his vaccine piano, which would still be tragic, but completely unrelated to the vaccine, right? But you didn’t tell us a cause of death, did you? Just tossed a bunch of bread crumbs out there to get the desired response: mental pigeons. Your question further suggests that you don’t drive, fly or generally move about in society. All of those activities cause more incidence of premature death than this vaccine, so if you do drive (for instance) then you don’t even believe the basis of your question. Again, you’re just trolling for the response you want, not furthering your own knowledge. And doing so publicly is a hazard because you’re “asking questions” and simultaneously spreading disinformation in a forum that seems populated by people who already believe the same disinformation you do.

        What is that called…? I know there’s a name for it…oh, yes:


      • Oh, and that last paragraph. Just stop. Please report back to your maker for a critical thinking recall repair. Lemme get this straight, *if* this virus was man made, you wouldn’t get the vaccine that would greatly reduce your risk of death from the disease because that would effectively be rewarding bad behavior, since them creating the disease and the cure would be profiteering?


        Go ahead, die. That’ll teach ‘em. 🙄🙄🙄

      • You asked what my colleague died of… well as far as I’m concerned it was the vaccine. Why do I say this?
        Here is a man who adhered to the strictest forms of social distancing possible. He went above and beyond. He continued to work from home, even though we were told that we could return to work. The same for his whole family.
        He only left his home to get the vaccine shots.. His autopsy said he died of Covid.
        So tell me… what should I believe? How could someone catch Covid when he never left his house? How could someone die from Covid, when he taken a vaccine that was supposed to help him fight it?

        If you want to speak of misinformation, we are being fed it constantly. At first they told us that the vaccine would prevent us from getting Covid. It didn’t.. Then they told us that at least it would stop the spread and stop us from transmitting it to others… It didn’t.

        Since you agree with asking questions, Let’s ask a few questions.. in recent years leading up to 2020, how many outbreaks of flu type viruses were there? Did you ever notice the epicenter of where those outbreaks started from?

        At the time, We weren’t allowed to ask these questions on any form of social media or public forum. But we are able to now… why? The truth is coming out. You cannot suppress the truth forever. Sooner or later it will come out and right now if you watch the news, you can see that it is clear. There are a number of stories that not only suggested this was coordinated and planned, but more over it was perfectly timed to benefit certain political parties.

      • Yes…I see. If you cherry pick your “research” and “facts” like you cherry picked my last response to your comment, then there’s really no point in trying to have a “conversation” with you, since you’re just mining my words to weaponize them.

        I specifically stated that I *don’t* like questions that are asked in a manner that create a trap forcing anyone responding to even conditionally agree with you. Yet, here you are, gleefully asking these same types of questions after saying that I “like questions” – which twisted the message of my last comment. Not to mention you once again throw out these wild, Fox News at best style assertions without any more support for your crapaganda than “they say/said”. WHO?!? And if it’s the same individuals or agency behind the perceived misinformation, are you suggesting that evolving knowledge is tantamount to lying or at least an indictment of the credentials of the people doing the actual research and learning about the dangers this virus presents?

        Oh, and you’re a racist, too? You go on (meaning AWAY) with your stolen white Jesus loving self. That explains a lot about why you think what I call evolving knowledge is a bad thing: racism and white supremacy used to be ok, but now we know it’s bad. But you wouldn’t want to change your discriminatory and proven harmful behaviors, now, would you, you science denying racist stream of Taco Bell induced diarrhea calling themselves a decent person.

        Jesus may “forgive” you these trespasses for confessing them later – albeit it in a manner that no doubt positions you as a victim of the mean liberal, but I do not forgive them nor forget them. You have shown me who you are: a wrong-minded and harmful to the communities that are exposed to your empty headed and small hearted hateful comments person. And I will remember that.

    • Julian, as always, you are a low information person spready lowly disinformation. Did you see? Trump is even boosted. .

  16. Keep a mask on, they are the new seat belt, folks down playing ain’t experienced somebody getting sick or death, got no time for entitled privilege folks who ain’t taken this serious, 800 thousand deaths and and acting like oh well is weak

  17. I’m so done with things. I will only wear a mask at my doctor’s. I will not wear it in entirety in stores with few people. That is nuts. I get anxiety from wearing it. Not everyone here is being a mask nazi. It sucks. They are gonna ruin another year. NYC is such a joke.

    • In reading your comment, I sense a potential that you may self harm. “I’m so done with things”?!? Please, get help to get through whatever you’re going through. Also, please get vaccinated if you aren’t and a booster if you are. Then wear a mask when you can’t avoid being in a crowd and wash your hands after they come into contact with your no-no areas.
      We *can* get through this. Hopefully by developing enough of a backbone as a civilization to tell people who can but haven’t been vaccinated that they are the problem. But if that doesn’t work, I’m willing to wear a mask until those morons die out. I guess right now I’m in a wait and see mode until I know whether to put up my “Good Riddance COVID” banner or my “RIP Alabama” banner. Note: I’ve already retired RIP banners for our four least populated states and the District of Columbia. But clearly a death count equaling or surpassing an entire state’s population is of more concern to you!

      • You sound like a fool. NYC is a laughingstock. They truly don’t care about people. They are responsible for many deaths at the nursing home and for teachers who died because the DOE didn’t use any common sense.

        You don’t know me. I’m vaccinated. But there’s nothing to do here anymore. I won’t ever attend another event in NYC due to the risk. Your whole theory is off. Vaccinated doesn’t matter. It doesn’t prevent Covid. And your hate of Alabama is irrational. I guess you root for deaths. Reminds me of how mean spirited the media has become along with 1 clueless party. They don’t care about fixing anything. Only spreading fear. Crime and inflation are irrelevant. So are safer schools. You can’t ignore that. Nothing will ever go back to normal under Dems.

      • Ba-haha. Ba-ha-hahaha-ha…phew. Ok. I’ll take you’re assessment of me being a “fool” as a compliment – or at least an indication my thought process is heading in the right direction.

      • You disrespected me by making a serious assumption. That I might harm myself. Hardly. While I do suffer from anxiety and panic disorder, I have to do what’s best for myself. I thought what you said was unnecessary. There was nothing in that post that indicated I was suicidal. Only frustrated.

      • I pointed out that you used words that would give a compassionate and aware person pause.
        Are you not compassionate and not aware? Let me practice my shocked face that a self-proclaimed person of faith might lack the very values a dark-skinned man might have preached 2000-ish years ago. Stand by…

      • (Now, on to your next several comments to see what sort of other craziness your muddled brain comes up with – because nothing says “sanity” like responding three times to a comment before the OP even responds to your first!)

  18. Caralyn!!!!
    I don’t know what you’re doing here…I read your posts – pardon the term – religiously. And I also religiously skim the religious dogma. Your posts typically make their points without pointing back to your religious roots, which I think is a point in favor of the strength of your opinions. Yes, I get that you credit god and religion for your accomplishments, but I believe you can do that as a person of faith without actively proselytizing on your blog.
    But…THIS post?!?
    You actually abandoned your purchase and left a store when told you needed to behave in a manner that protected the safety of your community?!? And you had a mask on your person but refused to put it on?!?
    This is not the behavior of a pro-life person. It is the behavior of a selfish person – and trust me, I’m pretty selfish…so I think I’d know.
    But then to write this post and embolden all of the wrong-minded thoughts I see in these comments?!? I keep hoping our differences are purely political or whatever you want to call our secular versus religious views, but this…this post is purely privilege and hypocrisy with maybe a tinge of pandering for attention. Maybe that’s the worst case scenario. But my best case scenario is that you’re crowd-sourcing validation for your selfish anti-life refusal to wear a mask in a private business. That’s just…no better. I’m kind of ashamed for you. Mostly, I hope you get there, too. If you don’t, I fear you’ll become a mother of cherished offspring who packs a handgun into the lunches you lovingly pack for your kids when they go to school. Is that the future you want for America? Where the good of the community takes a back seat to those packing heat? You’re making an argument here that suggests just that: rights trump right…self-righteously.
    If you’re truly a follower of Jesus, you can think your way to the “right” course of action. Letting someone else tell you what the right way is is only abdicating your right to self-determination. You know that making this store manager out as a bandit was as wrong as posting this blog to additionally influence your readers who won’t think for themselves. Shame!

    • She left because of how she was treated. If the person who gave her the third degree had any common decency, he could’ve offered her a mask. Most stores carry them. She had a lot of groceries she wanted to purchase. If it comes to a point where things get bad, I would’ve done the same exact thing. It sounds to me like it wasn’t nice.

      • No, she stated that he told her she needed to wear one. Apparently, he made some gesture signifying a facial converting she chose to take as a negative connotation.
        Different things.
        If one wants to be offended, I daresay they will find offense with little or no effort. There was no third degree here. No persecution. Just a guy doing his job and a Caralyn bring a Karen. Y’all being a bunch of self-validating victims. Get off the cross.

    • First, if the “vaccine” is truly effective, then no one who’s been vaccinated has anything to fear from the unvaccinated. Caralyn informed the manager she was vaccinated. If he wanted her to needlessly wear a mask, fine. But he should ask, not yell.
      Second, you are entitled to your opinion as much as anyone. You’re also free to have and express your spiritual views or lack thereof. But it is rude, classless, disrespectful, and totally inappropriate for you to berate Caralyn and her relationship with Christ. I’m sorry you don’t have such a relationship as then you would understand why she shares hers. Until then please grant her the respect she always grants you.

      • Thank you for this opportunity to help you understand how viruses mutate and spread. Sadly, I’m no epidemiologist, so I would encourage you to read what I say and then use it as a framework to further build your own knowledge. But when a virus enters a host, it does everything it can to turn that host into a home. Keep in mind that a virus is not a one-lever machine, nor are humans. There are myriad points of potential infection in each host, and as many various methods a virus can try to latch on to a potential new host. What works on some won’t work on others, etc, etc. How each host’s immune system reacts to potential infection also forces the virus to adapt in order to survive in a host. These adaptations are how we end up with mutations. Since vaccines are a *protection* and not a cure, it helps vaccinated people fight off the virus as it tries to infect us. These mutations are where the real trouble lies because they are then spread by the host, regardless of how ill the host has become. I’m the vaccinated, that usually is a weaker, possibly even unknown infection. Not even knowing we might be sick is why it’s so important for EVERYONE to mask up when in a public space where they cannot social distance. Honestly, none of this was new information – and of the manager Caralyn encountered was using an inappropriate tone to correct her behavior, it should not be hard to empathize with the poor guy. We’re closing in on two years of this BS and he’s still having to deal with people defying public safety guidelines that he’s required to police and instead of getting compliance, he’s getting a smug, holier than thou customer telling him that she knows better, doesn’t have to follow his rules and petulantly walking out. I think a simple show of respect or thank you before donning the mask she had on her person would have been the high road options here. Since you failed to come to a similar high road option, I’ll take your assessment of my comment’s harshness with the appropriate weight. It’s been almost two years, I’m done being polite about how to defeat this virus. Polite hasn’t gotten us to a polio result, so I’ll just tell ya flat out: get vaccinated when instructed by public health officials and err on wearing a mask too often instead of when you think it’s appropriate. This isn’t a time for individuals to assert their personal judgment, we aren’t the experts here. We need to listen to them and do what they tell us is best!

      • Read your own words. Pot calling the kettle black. And none of that excuses your behavior toward Caralyn and her beliefs. Man up and show some respect.

      • “Man up”? I sense you’re attempting to malign my…something. Or maybe you’re simply attempting to ignore admitting you got it wrong about how viruses mutate and are avoiding that admission of fault.
        Regardless, I got something wrong in my original read through of this post, and I need to make that right – so I can also show you how to man up and be accountable for one’s mistrakes.
        Caralyn, I apologize for misreading your original post as you having a mask and choosing not to wear it. I lost track of the double negative and saw on my second reading that you didn’t have a mask and would have put one on if you had one. That was my mistake and I apologize for mischaracterizing your choice to remain maskless as intentional versus situational.
        I stand by my other comments regarding this incident, though. It could have been handled better on your end.

  19. We’ve worn masks in all indoor spaces throughout and now we’re back to wearing them outside too. We’re triple jabbed but will need a negative test to traverse Italy in order to get back home to France from Austria.

  20. This person harassed every single poster who didn’t share their opinion. You can’t go around harassing people for having a different opinion. Using personal attacks is juvenile. Sorry Caralyn for all the comments. You put in a well thought out post that was fair and balanced. Not everyone’s line of thinking is going to be the same. Ignore this person. Hope you have a nice day.

  21. As a Medical Technologist, the “pop-up” vaccination clinics are a main sore point for me. We had a ‘stat-lab’ in our hospital surgery suite that was run by surgical techs and when JCAH came in and evaluated it, they were getting results over 200% wrong!! Very likely patients were dying in surgery. This is not to diss surg techs, but lab work is NOT what they are trained for. God help the doctor who uses a Med Tech to replace his surgery team members.
    This almost shut down the hospital, and the ‘real’ lab was given two months to establish a Med-Tech-run-Stat-Lab INSIDE the surgical suite. I was privileged to help set it up and was one of the first techs to work in it.
    As for pop-ups, how well trained are the workers? What kind of QC do they run? What monitoring of their techniques and results follows? My guess is nada, nada, nada.
    STAY AWAY from pop-ups and use trained hospital personnel and equipment.

  22. Hold up, hold up, hold up….SantaCon is REAL?!?! I saw that on ‘Gossip Girl’ and thought it was a funny, made-up joke for the holidays. Too bad I never participated back in my drinking days! 😂

    As for masking, it’s annoying. Though it’s a small price to pay for [hopefully] not getting sick. Although I am fully vaccinated– and getting my booster over the weekend– most places around here are requiring masks indoors again. That made me realize something: I haven’t gotten sick with anything since I started masking back in March 2020. Like, not at all. Nary a runny nose, fever, or tummy bug. Methinks I’ll keep masking!

    ~ Sloane

  23. I pray for you and your leaderless city. Never forget that this is a broken world that won’t get better until our Lord returns. Till then Christians must cling to the cross of our Savior for comfort and reassurance. God bless you.

  24. Wow Caralyn, this is gonna age like milk. Hope you don’t lose any followers to COVID because of this post. Antimaskers are a dying breed, I’m going to save this as an example of why people succumb to COVID based on disinformation. Already got the screenshots. Hugs!

  25. Caralyn, just a few thoughts after reading your post and the many comments here:

    I wear a mask for my neighbors’ sake, not mine; COVID might not harm me at all, but it could my neighbor and my neighbor’s loved ones. Jesus calls me to love my neighbor. Wearing a mask, to me, is not about fear or being controlled; it’s about caring enough to bear a very small ‘cross’ for those around me. If people think it’s stupid, that’s okay: I’m fine being stupid if helps protect my neighbor.

    I watch mainstream media. Yes, it’s flawed, but not as flawed as social media. There is far less rancor and far more fact checking on NBC news than on Facebook and the like. Would you consider adding Lester Holt as one of your news sources, especially as you are an influencer for such a large audience?

    Many of the comments here are examples of how divided we are, how mean we are to each other. Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” Everybody hates peacemakers…that’s why they are included in the list we call the Beatitudes. Could we be peacemakers, sons and daughters of God, together? I pray so.

    God have mercy on us.

    Grace and peace to you…dw

  26. What wears me out the most is how “if we just do *insert another measure here* we can beat Covid.” Where does it end? If vaccinated, masked people are still transmitting the virus, then we are not going to beat it completely. What is happening is more and more division and anger among the people of our country. Stay safe and healthy ❤️

  27. It’s truly sad, however, more people need to do what you did in the store. “Nope, we’re not going to comply.” Don’t be nasty, we’re just not going to do it anymore. Shut down one of the biggest cities in the world for 1 Omicron death WORLDWIDE? This stopped being about Covid a long time ago.
    It’s completely about control now. Period.

  28. GALBY: Thanks for the comment about my name. Not that it really bothers me. Let’s see, from your comments I see that you are most likely an atheist; you’re not a doctor, or a scientist, you might be a teacher, possibly a professor in a university that’s as liberal and “forward thinking” (which really means brainwashing) as they get. For some reason you’re mad at the world and believe everyone should suffer with you, and you don’t hesitate to belittle people because it gives you a feeling of superiority.

    About my name: I would rather be thought a fool than an arrogant, smug, self-absorbed, egotistical, know-it-all trying to prove he’s the smartest person on the planet.

    How’s that working out for you?

    • Hi Myron,
      In one of his unpleasant tirade comments he stated that he is a Lyft driver. No offense to Lyft drivers, but it would appear that he is in no position to lecture us on the facts of a virus. He insulted me, as well. I think that he just has way too much time on his hands. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have a professional job and feels sad. Let’s remember him in our prayers and pray that the Lord heals him because he obviously is a very, very sad and angry person.
      By the way, Myron is a fine name. It is classic.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  29. Sorry you went through that. We have to start wearing Masks again here in Maryland. I’ve been wearing one since this all started.
    My grandpa threw me out of the house for not getting the shot. I know the shot isn’t the mark, but my husband and I believe it is the start of the days of sorrows and the shot is getting people ready for the mark.
    I feel bad for my graphics artist who has had Covid three times. She got the shots too. I hope she recovers.

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