My One Birthday Wish

Saturday is my birthday!

It’s hard to believe that this is the last birthday I will ever have as an unmarried woman! Crazy, right!?

On the eve of my birthday, I've narrowed it down to the one birthday wish I'll be making this year. And it may be surprising. #birthday #catholic #christianity #blogger #birthdaygirl #august #faith #edrecovery #prayer #wish
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Now, I’m not really one that ascribes to the whole, “wish thing” — because God is not a vending machine, and wishes are just kind of a silly concept to me when we have prayer…But given tradition’s sake, I thought this could be a fun idea for a post.

Yesterday, I learned two very disturbing things about my city: NYC. The first, was the on the NY Public Library website, in addition to holding “Drag Queen Story Hour” regularly for children at their libraries, they now offer online Drag Queen Story Hour videos in the “Little Learners” section of their website. Not like, hidden at the bottom or anything, but literally the first thing you see on their main page. And further to that, these Drag Queen Story Hours are the only videos they offer — and they’re in Spanish too.

On the eve of my birthday, I've narrowed it down to the one birthday wish I'll be making this year. And it may be surprising. #birthday #catholic #christianity #blogger #birthdaygirl #august #faith #edrecovery #prayer #wish
NYPL “Little Learners” Main Page

If that blatant grooming wasn’t enough, just today, I learned about another atrocity taking place mere blocks from my neighborhood.

Grace Church School: an Episcopalian high school in the heart of Greenwich Village in Manhattan, hosted a “Worship is a Drag” event for their students in church, where the drag queen, “Brita Filter” paraded down the aisle and cat-walked on the altar, to a full church of clapping Christian high school students.

On the eve of my birthday, I've narrowed it down to the one birthday wish I'll be making this year. And it may be surprising. #birthday #catholic #christianity #blogger #birthdaygirl #august #faith #edrecovery #prayer #wish

This man was wearing a dress that was so short, you could literally see the thong he was wearing, because his bare buttcheeks were exposed….to high school kids.

On the eve of my birthday, I've narrowed it down to the one birthday wish I'll be making this year. And it may be surprising. #birthday #catholic #christianity #blogger #birthdaygirl #august #faith #edrecovery #prayer #wish

I mean…are you kidding me?

These are high school students. Exposing these minors to this filth is borderline child abuse, let alone explicit grooming.

On the eve of my birthday, I've narrowed it down to the one birthday wish I'll be making this year. And it may be surprising. #birthday #catholic #christianity #blogger #birthdaygirl #august #faith #edrecovery #prayer #wish

I just can’t even fathom how we have slipped so far down the slippery slope of moral degradation that a normal, sane person is unable to see how blatantly wrong this is.

Also this week, you’ve got the FDA issuing a warning on the puberty blockers we’re administering to minors/children who think they want to transition. The FDA says they’re harmful — ya think?

England is closing their only gender care youth facility, due to a dearth of data on the long term effects it has on children.

Pro-life powerhouse, Lila Rose, found out today that she’s been banned from TikTok for posting anti-abortion content.

On the eve of my birthday, I've narrowed it down to the one birthday wish I'll be making this year. And it may be surprising. #birthday #catholic #christianity #blogger #birthdaygirl #august #faith #edrecovery #prayer #wish

And the euphoric celebrations seen in Kansas over their decision to uphold abortion was gut wrenching to witness, to say the least.

On the eve of my birthday, I've narrowed it down to the one birthday wish I'll be making this year. And it may be surprising. #birthday #catholic #christianity #blogger #birthdaygirl #august #faith #edrecovery #prayer #wish

There is just so much heartbreaking decay out there right now, it makes me sad to think of the state of the world.

Which brings me back to my birthday wish. Or rather, my birthday prayer, I guess.

Taking into account all the craziness going on out there — my deepest prayer is for there to be a spiritual awakening in this world. A return to the Cross. An admission of our deep and desperate need for God in our lives, in our worldview, and in our actions.

That is my birthday a prayer. For this country — and the world — a return to Jesus.

It’s a tall order, but I know that it is not impossible. And with how far off the deep end we’ve gone, I pray that we’ve reached the breaking point for people to wake up and realize that something is terribly amiss. Something needs to change. Something is missing.

And that something is our Savior.

So yeah – when you see me blowing out the candles on Instagram on Saturday, at the beautiful party my sweet fiancé is throwing for me, just know…that is what I’m “wishing” for.

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51 responses to “My One Birthday Wish”

  1. I share your outrage. But what we’re witnessing is God’s judgment on a nation that has turned away from Him. We must prepare for the persecution that will challenge our faith because it’s coming fast. God bless you for standing firm.

  2. Powerful words, Caralyn. I feel like the only way I and we can deal with this is to sort of retreat into Jesus and our faith to get through these storms. Storms we know are coming because of the teachings in the Bible. I am so sad for my country, the evil one is hard at work tearing down everything it can. Our government under this administration is doing it’s best to destroy our way of life in my view. What happened in that church is despicable, a slap on His face. I recently came across a story about how a school was offering some kind of class about satan. Our country is slipping away….

  3. God bless you, Caralyn. These images inside God’s house is truly disturbing. Why are they doing this? If they do not believe in God, then they should not desecrate it with disrespecting it. What are the limits? How far will this go? It is a praying time. But, we have to hold fast to our faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. God will always win each and every battle. God will protect us. Pray and trust in him. Happy Birthday. I pray for you and your loved ones.

  4. It isn’t just in NYC. It’s rampant everywhere. I sort of wonder if federal funds are made available to pay for web site development if there is a portion dedicated to this type of material. God help us!

  5. Caralyn, Happy Birthday! Your engagement photos turned out so good!

    The sexual prevision is pervasive in our country and the world. Sex trafficking is also a huge problem due to no hold barred sexual climate. Young children are being trafficked to feed perverse sexual appetites. My prayer is that the perpetrators will be exposed, prosecuted and sentenced in a court of law.

    Love and hugs!

  6. “It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance,” Thomas Sowell. if the shoe fits.

    It has occurred to me that the personality trait that led you to an eating disorder still thrives but has transferred itself to Jesus. So the same obsession you had with body dysmorphia is now become moral outrage and zealous righteousness. Like many of your kind you don’t like the whole constitution, like the separation of church and state. it’s like the bible you pick and choose the parts you like.

    So you don’t care for Jews and Blacks and Hispanics, but sympathize with some Asians even though your ilk would like to see interracial marriage banned as it once was you opt for the very thing you find abhorrent in others.

    You fear drag queens, but crossdressing has been a mainstay of entertainment for eons and straight folks still exist. Your group loves the unborn, but don’t help after kids or mind seeing lots of grownups and students slaughtered or folks executed.

    You choose not to educate yourself, but rather let your ignorance guide you.

    So many particulars, so may questions.


    • “Your group loves the unborn, but don’t help after kids…” Interesting. I remember reading an article about how pro-abortion people got all offended and put-out about pro-life people offering to adopt unwanted babies. They said something along the lines of “Adoption is too traumatizing for these babies and their mothers. It would be so much better for them to be aborted.” (This is completely paraphrased, but the general gist.)

      “So you don’t care for Jews and Blacks and Hispanics, but sympathize with some Asians even though your ilk would like to see interracial marriage banned…” I don’t even know where you’re getting this idea from. I’ve read her posts over the years and I’ve never seen her hate on Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, or what-have-yous. So, I don’t know where you’re getting this brand of weird from. Besides, umm. I’d hate to point out the obvious, but…..have you seen her fiance? Why would she want to see interracial marriage banned when her own fiance ain’t exactly Caucasian?

      You’re just so weird.

      • The states that want to outlaw abortion have the worst records for caring for children and new parents. They are also the states that don’t want white women to get abortions but have actively sterilized women of color. They talk about the sanctity of life but execute people, My point about her fiance is that like most people she makes an exception when it suits her.

        I guess you are just one of the choir.

      • I don’t know about being “just one of the choir”. I just know that she has never posted anything racist over here. So, why do you consider her racist? Do you know her beyond what she has posted here? Or is it just blind “Pro-life = racism” rhetoric? I’m genuinely curious.

        Also, I always find it fascinating when pro-abortion people get morally outraged about executing prisoners, but proclaim that a mother has the right to execute her unborn child who hasn’t committed any crimes.

      • Here’s what I know her posts have been rife with what’s called dog whistles that ride just on the edge. Her desire for a Christian country is means one thing. Her discust with the homeless and her loathing of BLM are clearly distain for the poor and Blacks. Her lack of understanding of American history is startling. She supports a church that considers the 10 commandments a to-do list.

        Don’t assume by what I say that you know my feelings about abortion or capital punishment or the bloodbath that is human history.

  7. Happy Birthday!

    First let me wish you a peaceful and amazing day, filled with all the things that enrich your heart and soul.

    Second – stay away from the news! 😀 It’s poison!
    Third, I agree with you on the moral decay – I don’t understand the need to thrust drag queens into education – or at least not the sexualised kin. There’s nothing wrong with it per se – I mean I grew up with pantomime dames in the UK and that was funny, but this – ugh. Do it as panto – it doesn’t have to be about sexuality, kids would love it regardless – tone it down ffs. 🙁
    The rampant media cheering and big tech censorship on the ‘agenda’ is sickening – I’ve got bad ongoing issues from my ‘rona’ jab and can I talk about it? No chance. Friends don’t believe it, I can’t post about it, there’s barely any acknowledgement it even exists. argh.
    The world is in a bad place, but stay away from the news and hang out with the people and things that bring you joy, and you’d hardly notice (NYC perhaps is a bit too in your face for that I guess, but you know what I mean!). There’s plenty of good things and people, but sadly they don’t make much noise..but if you listen underneath the screeching the carrying on, the good is still there.

    Cheers to another lap around the sun – this one coming up will be kinda special!

  8. Yes. I’ve been praying this for a long time.

    I just don’t understand drag queen culture… I don’t get the appeal. (And I certainly don’t understand how a Christian pastor performing in drag is outreach to the drag community… when that story happened a while back, apparently someone I used to know decades ago goes to his church and was very vocally defending him. But that’s another story.) I don’t get it…

  9. Hi Caralyn! I am already following you over on Pinterest! 🙂 Happy early birthday in advance. I remember your birthday every year because my birthday is today and our birthdays are only 2 days apart! This morning, I thought to myself, “Caralyn’s birthday is in 2 days. I wonder how she’s doing.” Then tonight, I saw that you uploaded a new blog post. Impeccable timing haha

  10. Happy, holy birthday sweet Caralyn. May you always remember and reflect upon how THIS day…you were written in the palm of His hand. My Special birthday hugs go out to you!😊

  11. The one thing I do believe about God is that He loves and accepts us all because we are all of Him. I don’t get why we feel the need to judge others for the way they choose to live their lives. I am so disappointed at the direction your blog has taken. It used to filled with love and light and insight but this is your blog and your choice. Happy birthday for Saturday. May your marriage be blessed.

    • I think you might want to check out the Fuel Project on YouTube. They are currently doing an update to their earlier series “The War on Truth” which to summarize a multipart series states that God is Love but also Truth. We need both of these virtues to be in proper balance and then the series covers what happens when one is abandoned in favor of the other.
      While I agree that God does love and accept us, as it says in scripture, I need to ask if you a question. Scripture teaches that those who practice sin love it and encourage those who also do these things, Romans 1:31 me paraphrasing. But sin also leads to death and eternity in hell. If you love something that you do then it will be discomforting to give it up. My question is this; is it more loving to inform a person that what they are doing leads to death for the sake of offering them a way out that leads into life or to let them continue in the way that will bring death because you don’t want them to be offended or experience the discomfort from change for the better?
      This question is for you to simply read and chew on if you want or completely ignore it, your choice.

      • Thank you for the recommendation however my relationship with God is all I need. My experience of Him is a loving experience. I don’t need to hate people and call them disgusting to feel good about myself. If that is your “truth” then by all means go ahead. One day when you look to God for His truth and not look to other people on YouTube and wherever else, you will be so surprised. I encourage you to talk to Him and ask for His guidance. He will answer you but you need to actually listen and accept the answers He gives you.

      • “I am the Way the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.” -Jesus Christ, John 14:6.
        Sin is detestable. And tolerating it and calling it love is evil and wicked. I love people enough to tell them when they’re walking toward a burning building completely unaware. Truth is not relative, grace is not divorced from justice, and morality depends upon a moral law Giver. Calling sin what it is– that’s telling the truth. It’s not hateful, it’s not moral high-roading anyone, it’s just being honest. Being disgusted by that which cost my Savior His life is not hateful, it’s sane. The only way anyone can see sin for what it is is to look to the Cross, to see an innocent man- the ONLY ever truly innocent man- dying the most agonizing and brutal death for the sake of sinners such as I, to draw us into relationship with the Father- how can we keep silent about so great and unfathomable a love? I will call evil evil. I will call good good. And I will never conflate the two. Because if in doing so I can share with a single soul the knowledge of and depth of love of Jesus, then I’m more than willing to be offensive for the cause of Christ, and in so doing snatch them from the hands of the enemy.

      • First, the fuel project doesn’t do any of that. What it does is look at things going on in our world and seeks to apply biblical truth and guidance to Christians.
        Second, you side stepped my question about what is better. Is it better to let a person have a comfortable life on earth because no one told them they needed to change and then end up in hell as a result, or be the one who stimulates the painful change for the sake of them going to heaven. When Jesus spoke about this subject in Mark 9:43 He makes it clear that it is better to get rid of something in our own lives that we love in order to go into heaven than to enter into hell still having that item what ever it may be.
        Third, here is something I don’t think you knew. Cross dressing and by extension drag queen productions have their origins in worshipping the Babylonian false goddess Ishtar who the Canaanites called Ashura, who is mentioned along with Baal in the Old Testament. The only thing that is missing to complete the picture is the shedding of their own blood. God has called the worship of false gods abominations because it worships a demon. If you read in Revelations 2:12-17 the letter to the church in Pergamum is told
        by God that he knows where they are. They are in a place where the giant temple of Zues was but he calls it Satan’s throne because demons are always behind false gods. Demons don’t care if you truly know what you are doing they only care that you do it. That church has been defiled and its leaders need to repent or be put out of the church if they do not want to repent. Paul said the same thing to the church in 1st Corinthians 5:11-13 to not associate with a person who claims to be a Christian but yet actively engages in sin. We are not to judge those outside of the church because that is God’s job. Christians are supposed to keep their own house clean and honorable to God this includes disciplining our own members and calling them out for sin if it is not able to be handled in a private manner. Because the drag show was publicly shown they have opened themselves up to public outcry.

      • There are so many Christian traditions that are drawn from Pagan practices. Easter eggs and Christmas are the first that come to mind. Here’s the thing though. I believe in leaving each person to his own life choices and it is really not my place to judge you or anyone else for the choices made. As long as you are not killing, harming, lying or cheating anyone, do your thing. I am happy for you. I also choose not to follow people who feel the need to judge others so I no longer follow this blog. I hope you have a good day further.

  12. That is my prayer as well. Happy upcoming birthday! Have a wonderful day, and may all your birthday prayers come true!
    Thank you for mentioning Pinterest, as I did not know you are on there. I am now following you.

  13. Happy Birthday to you! You look so happy in your photos, and I am so happy for you.
    I shared with you about my break up. Well, we are back together, back on track, and more in love than ever. A misunderstanding got out of hand. We spent time talking and decided to be together, and I know he is my soulmate. Thank you for all the things that you post. Your engagement announcement was my hope that it could happen for me. I can’t wait to read more. I wish so much happiness to you, because you spread it like glitter all around.

  14. Happy birthday Carolyn! I sincerely join you in your birthday wish and prayer. It is far more distressing to see the compromise in the churches than in the world. But we have hope because God still listens to and answers prayer.

  15. Happy Birthday, dear one.
    And I share in your prayers that the pathetic people putting you down or glorifying such debauchery will find ways to Father’s mercy before they lock Him into providing His “final mercy” for those who refuse any other.
    This is to say that Father would even FORGIVE Satan/Lucifer IF he would repent. But the devil’s hardened heart is such that he will never be able to see that God IS God, the Uncreated One, and that he can never be THAT.
    And those who harden their hearts and listen to his lies will become like their “father,” the father of lies. This is why in Revelation 9:20, 16:9, and 11 people refuse to repent even when God’s judgments are pouring out in one last attempt to get them to realize He is the Source of every good and perfect gift; but with hardened hearts, instead of repenting, they blame Him as though He is the reason for their pains, and will not realize that they are the source of their own problems.
    So He reserves a “final mercy” to isolate them from each other and anyone else so that they cannot go on for eternity tormenting others with their chosen lifestyles and sins. This final mercy is what we call “hell,” separation from all that is Good, Light, Life, Joy, Peace, Love, Holiness and Fellowship.
    Father will not allow a sinner to hold His redeemed hostage for long. He sets us free to be the best that we can be, and as we (YOU) reflect His light, the darkened minds will try to discourage or even destroy you.
    You and Steven are in my daily prayers as you shine your lights into the darkening NY, NY.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

  16. Excellent article. I pray for that same awakening. I fear America has turned our national backs to God and thumb our noses in His face every chance we get. I fear our nation has gone too far. Read Romans 1:18-32. I pray that individuals are turned to Christ in huge numbers. The key is, we Christians ought to be sharing our faith with everyone, just as Jesus commanded us to do. We are the workers of the harvest and the time is short. Jesus is coming for His bride very soon.
    God bless each reader of this fine article.

  17. Btw, Happy Birthday.

    Also, another thought about the Drag Queen, LGBTQPADZVMET and whatever other letter they want to add…. We are allowing our schools and libraries to teach the exact things that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah over. I don’t think He will allow this long term. It is sure death of the worst kind.

  18. Happy Birthday, Caralyn (I got your name spelled right for once LOL)

    And yes, I do feel that this world is on a downward spiral. But also that there is a stirring in the body of Christ. Think of this all as the stage being set for the true depravity of how far we have come to be revealed. It will only be once everything that has been hidden in the times past is revealed that the covering placed on the eyes of the eyes of the church will be removed. When that time comes the army of God will be manifested in a strong church that fears God rather than man and what can be done by them. The church, body of Christ, has been on the defense for too long “..and the gates of hell will not prevail..” tells us something about what we are supposed to do. Gates are defensive measures against an attack and spiritually we are not supposed to “sit down and shut up” about sin as society wants us to do.

    You and many others are shouting from the rooftops what God is revealing to us. I’m glad to see that you aren’t one to be easily intimidated online. Don’t let anyone look down on you because you’re not in a pastoral position when you talk about these issues. The disciples where all regular people and Matthew was a tax collector, lowest of the low in those days. God will use anyone who is willing to obey Him. If ministers and other people in “official capacity” don’t say anything then He will use commoners.

    Courage and Godspeed!

  19. Happy Birthday tomorrow, Caralyn. Have a celebratory weekend! I can’t agree more with you on this subject: “…how we have slipped so far down the slippery slope of moral degradation that a normal, sane person is unable to see how blatantly wrong this is.” Shameful, isn’t it? All we can do is take the higher road and set a better example, right?

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