Who Pays the Debt, Joe?

Three hundred billion dollars.


That’s a lot of zeros.

I don’t know about y’all, but I am absolutely infuriated by Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan…aka his, “Vote Buying Scheme.”

The Student Loan Forgiveness Plan has me seeing red when I think about all the sacrifices people have made to pay off/avoid student debt. ESPECIALLY our veterans. WHO PAYS THE DEBT, JOE?? #politics #studentloanforgiveness #joebiden #biden #republican #faith #catholic #family #respect #studentdebt

It is astonishingly unfair. Astonishingly.

To think of all the people who sacrificed to pay off their student debt, who made educational decisions based on financial opportunities to avoid student debt, who worked hard and paid of their spouse’s student debt, and especially those who served in the Armed Forces to avoid student debt….it is a slap in the face to each and every one of them.

The Student Loan Forgiveness Plan has me seeing red when I think about all the sacrifices people have made to pay off/avoid student debt. ESPECIALLY our veterans. WHO PAYS THE DEBT, JOE?? #politics #studentloanforgiveness #joebiden #biden #republican #faith #catholic #family #respect #studentdebt

And why? So that Biden can throw money at the wealthy and get in their good favor before midterms and the election.

First of all…over 56% of those who have student debt are graduate students. And secondly, the people we’re giving this debt forgiveness to, can make $125,000 per year, or a household income of $250,000. And we’re strapping our hard working, blue collar workers with higher taxes to pay for it. Or people who didn’t go to college. Or people who went to trade school, or apprenticed and learned a skill. All footing the bill.

It makes me so mad I almost can’t see straight.

You see, everyone I talk to is only seeing the surface level here: Biden forgiving debt. That is great! What charity! What a generous, benevolent thing. Forgiving the debt of those who couldn’t pay for the obscenely high tuition rates at these colleges and universities.

On the surface, this is wonderful.

But you’ve gotta read the fine print.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and debt doesn’t magically disappear. Someone needs to pay it off.

So who, then?

The Student Loan Forgiveness Plan has me seeing red when I think about all the sacrifices people have made to pay off/avoid student debt. ESPECIALLY our veterans. WHO PAYS THE DEBT, JOE?? #politics #studentloanforgiveness #joebiden #biden #republican #faith #catholic #family #respect #studentdebt

We pay for it.

In higher taxes.

Yes, we are going to be paying for little Cindy who is graduate school for interpretive dance. Or for Johnny who wanted to go to college for the social “college experience” and got his degree in gender studies. We are paying for it.

And when I explain that to those people, they also, instantly become angry.

And for someone making $125,000 per year to receive that money? What I wouldn’t GIVE to make that much money!

As I’m fuming here, I’m feeling the Holy Spirit move in my heart, reminding me that this is actually a great lesson in appreciation for the debt that Jesus paid for us. And how, actually…that was the ultimate “unfairness” that He took on willingly.

Like I mentioned before, a debt has to be paid one way or another.

And Jesus on the Cross was that other way.

Really puts that extra bump in taxes into perspective, doesn’t it.

I would love to know what YOU think about all this? Are you as upset about the Student Loan forgiveness as I am? Does thinking about veterans and all the sacrifices they made to avoid student debt make you as sick to your stomach as it does me? Let me know!

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47 responses to “Who Pays the Debt, Joe?”

  1. Relax. Biden only forgave a measly ten grand, twenty to people who received Pell grants. Those of us whose student loan debt are in the six figure range are still on the hook for all of it, and that ten or twenty grand will be added right back on by this time next year from interest rates, which remain ridiculously high. But here’s a question I’d like an answer to you. What did Jesus say about forgiving people their debts?

  2. It’s a good thing a college education wasn’t wasted on you. Thank God Mark didn’t have to shell out any of those hard-earned millions to send you on that fool’s errand. Of course, he did have to pay heavily to get you to eat right. I hope he didn’t send you a bill. I know it wouldn’t occur to you to pay him back and take responsibility for your own mess. I guess he’s still footing the bill for his little girl. Well, soon enough you’ll have another man to live off.

    Nothing is fair, is it? Inferior folks getting all that free stuff. it’s enough to make a girl stomp her foot. Especially one who has given so much to others. Poor dear, always the victim. If only Jesus were here to take his revenge on those less blessed who can’t pay their own way or have someone else pay it for them.

    • Wow, dude. Talk about someone running up a tab. And here I thought your comments were just indicative of a run-of-the-mill cowardly troll who had nothing better to do than spout filth at others’ expense, but you’ve lowered the bar below my imagination. I guess you’re all for other people paying for your luxuries. Perhaps you don’t realize it so I’ll let you know. Caralyn could block you and your foolishness, but she believes in people being able to speak their minds, so she allows your crap on her page. Seems to me, whether you agree with her or not, you could at least be a man occasionally and thank her for letting you spout off.
      One last thing; what you said about Caralyn’s experience and the love and grace of Mr. Mark is disgusting, despicable, and beyond reproach, but you’re comments aren’t worth addressing further. What Caralyn said about the love and grace of God is true. You should listen.

    • Why do you always feel the need to spew nastiness? Having an opinion is one thing. Being absolutely insulting is another. You really should apologize for your hateful remarks but I’m sure you think you are in the right.

    • You are a sad, strange, little man. If you despise Caralyn and EVERYTHING she posts so much, why don’t you just remove her from your feed? If you don’t like what she says or believes in, why waste your time and energy pouring hatred on her blog?

      I don’t know if you even realize it, but you come off as a self-righteous bully. Is that who you are in real life or is this just an internet empowerment thing?

  3. Hi C! Yes, I’m just as upset as you are. And yes, it infuriates me when I think of all the sacrifices people have made to pay their own way, especially the veterans. I was alone in my car when I heard the news, and I had to ask forgiveness for what I said about it. I only get truly angry over a few things, but thoughtless actions without considering the cost to others is one of them, and that’s all this administration seems to be able to do.
    When I was in school, I didn’t have to borrow much, just enough to pay tuition for my last two years. Jobs and grants and scholarships were the blessings God gave me to help me through. But I still worked several jobs after I graduated, including as a janitor cleaning toilets, to pay for it all. And God blessed that too, so I was able to pay it off within four years.
    You were right on the money with everything you said, so I can’t add anything. I just pray God works something to stop this foolishness. And your tie-in to what Christ did for us was perfect. It would do me good to remind myself of that each time something like this happens. 🤗🙏💛

  4. I busted my butt in high school to get good grades, went to (cheaper) public university, worked while in school, and then worked three minimum-wage jobs after graduating into a recession to pay off a debt I had committed to repay. It’s not fair to people like me, to parents to halted retirement to pay for their kids’ education, and to veterans who made incredible sacrifices to attend school. Thomas Sowell articulates the root of my anger more clearly than I could: “You cannot subsidize irresponsibility and expect people to become more responsible.” Paying off student debt isn’t going to change a thing.

  5. All the atrocities that have happened since Joe’s administration took office are the result of ungodly, pride-filled people grabbing power. And until enough folks get fed up with it to vote those narcissists out it will continue to happen. May God have mercy on our nation.

  6. I have an opinion
    I’d like you to see
    My purpose is not
    To make you feel guilty

    Our President has
    Forgiven you debt
    Hey this sounds like
    A great benefit

    My Dads’ a blue collar
    He’ll pay it for you
    And I’ll pay it some day
    Although I’m just two

    And you have choice
    Because nothings for free
    I hope that in college
    You learned integrity

  7. Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Wokemerica.
    Your pronouns are was/were.
    Its coming here to Australia, I can feel it. We had it with all the covid BS (and still are)
    But globally, you guys are the canary in the woke-mine.
    Hope November can slam the brakes on the free fall that the US appears to be in right now.

  8. Ugh!!!! Brandon’s debt forgiveness infuriates me. I am a childless not by choice woman who pays taxes so other peoples’ kids can attend public school. Now I have to pay for college? This is so not fair on many levels. Putting this into perspective about how Jesus paid our sin debt make me love Jesus more. My feelings for the government are the opposite.

  9. Totally agree with you. We’ve been frustrated ever since he first started talking about this months ago. So unfair in so many ways to so many people.

  10. I’m not a US citizen. We don’t get taxes here in Dubai, but I hear its coming.
    My own home country of Sri Lanka has a president that pretty much ran away with the money and tried to sell the country over to China to pay its debt. Well.. its to be expected since it is a Democratic Socialist country. Socialism in action.. wonderful isn’t it?!.. *sarcasm alert*.
    I kind of feel that is what Joe is doing to you guys. Borrowing money from China to pay off all this spending is basically trying to solidify China’s hold on the US, no matter who wins the next election. If you didn’t know, these Chinese government feeds on corruption. They give a commission to any politician that convinces their government to borrow money from them. This is the Chinese debt trap. You can be sure that major players are being paid huge sums of money in commissions to make sure that such borrowing keeps happening.
    Look at everything that is happening around the world right now and you can be sure that one country is watching it all and reaping influence and control over those troubled regions.
    I know it makes it sound like I am again the Chinese. I want to make it clear. I love Chinese people. They are hardworking, entrepreneurial and friendly. I have a few Chinese friends. However I’m not a fan of their government. It is power hungry and cares only for its own interests. Even the Chinese people are victims of this.
    Joe Biden’s actions are only bringing the US down to its knees and I can see that they have quite a lot of the people fooled into thinking that their plans are for the best and benefits everyone.
    With this student debt forgiveness, the current students might think that they are benefiting from the fact that their debt is cancelled, however they fail to realize that eventually, they will be paying their debt, as well as their children, their grandchildren, etc., etc.,
    Who knows how many generations it is going to take to pay off this.
    Even more so.. here is a good question. This act, we know it will cancel out student loans currently in existence. What about the loans to come? Who pays those? Certainly can’t have future college students paying their debts. It wouldn’t be fair.
    Can anyone see the mess this causes?

  11. The government — both Republicans and Democrats — created this problem; the government –both Republicans and Democrats — should solve it! In the dark ages, I got my federally-guaranteed student loan from my local bank. I had to apply and convince my lender that I was a good risk for the money being asked for. Today, having worked in higher education, I see student loan papers being distributed like candy by the financial aid office. The money gets applied to the student’s account without ever having been in the student’s hands. Aside from the financial aid people, students never have to interact with the lender and regularly get passed around to loan serving people. There’s zero accountability in the process. (Additionally, there is a significant conflict of interest with the financial aid people. Their wages come from the tuition paid by students enrolled.) The government — both Republicans and Democrats — have created a scheme so that everyone profits except the student borrower who becomes an indentured servant.

    Forgiveness ought to be tied to ALL employment: for every year worked (full or part-time) some fraction of the debt (principal and interest) gets forgiven. (Taxes should be paid on the amount forgiven; after all, it represents income.) Employment does not need to be within the area of study. (I’ve known too many people who get training and refuse to go to the job because it’s too far away.)

  12. I’m with you sister!
    And let the humongous universities cancel the debts! They take over cities and towns, pay no taxes, and wield undue political power.
    Press on Caralyn!

  13. I think this debt forgiveness is just a ploy that doesn’t solve any real problems. A smarter decision would be to restructure these loans to a lower interest so that students aren’t paying off 3xs more than they actually borrowed. We need to look into why the cost of an education has skyrocketed while wages have remained stagnant. Without a clear plan as to how we avoid repeating the same scenarios and make degrees affordable this is just as you said, a way to buy votes

  14. (I tried to post last night, but that error that I’ve heard people talk about on some blogs came up, so I don’t think it worked. I apologize if I commented twice.)

    Yes. I also find this infuriating and sickening.

    And a lot of even more sickening things are happening in my own state. We now use state tax dollars from the hardworking people of this state to pay pregnant women from other states to travel here and get free abortions. And it has been mandated that only electric cars will be sold here starting in 2035, in a state where people struggle to afford basic necessities, and where the power grid is so unreliable and overtaxed that they actually advertise on TV for people to save the state by turning off their air conditioners at 5pm, the hottest part of the day for much of the state. And Captain Hair Gel has now donated $100,000 of his campaign money to a gubernatorial campaign in another state because he has a petty snit with the governor of that other state. He also runs commercials in that other state telling people to move here because we have more freedom here… this elitist tyrant and his cronies have a very strange concept of freedom, with the so-called right to free abortions the only freedom they really care about. It should be noted that my state has only lost population in two years out of the 172 years of its existence as part of the US, and those two years were 2020 and 2021, both during Captain Hair Gel’s one term as governor. Of course, the government is blaming COVID deaths for the population loss, but that argument easily falls apart when you consider that states with far fewer COVID restrictions gained population during the same time period.

    And Captain Hair Gel is going to be reelected by huge margins in November.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m angry. But my point is that God told me very clearly three years ago that he wanted me to stay here and not leave the state, that there was still work for me to do here. And I don’t know what that work is. I thought I was going to help some friends start a new church, but that fell through. I have no family locally; my parents are still in this state, but they’re a three hour drive away. (And in 2035, when they’re in their mid-80s and I’ll be starting to wonder how many more of those visits we’ll get to enjoy, it’ll become a four hour drive, since I’ll have to stop and charge my expensive electric car on the way.) I have no family of my own, I’m probably going to die alone, and I don’t even know if I want a family of my own anymore. I’ve lost a lot of friends in the last few years as they move away to better opportunities in more well run states. I do enjoy my coworkers, and I wouldn’t make this kind of money doing the same job in other states, but the job itself has been a lot more stressful the last few years. I just wish God would be as clear about what my specific purpose is here as he was about the fact that there was one in the first place.

    As for inflation and abortion and all of those other things, I know in my head that we were created for another world, and that this world and all the material things in it are passing away anyway, and I just need to put that all in God’s hands and let God judge the world. But it’s still difficult to grieve the disappearance of the life, the culture, the nation I love.

    And one positive aspect of staying here is, like I said, it’s the best financial decision, and that gives me more money to give to things like food banks and full time missionary friends. I don’t normally give to political causes, mostly because the other major party is also a bit of a flaming pile of hot garbage, especially in this state where they have no power. Part of me wonders if I should, but honestly I’m afraid of retaliation in these days of cancel culture.

  15. Mercy/forgiveness and justice are two sides of the same coin. Jesus had a lot to say about both but seems to come down more often on the side of forgiveness over fairness. “The Prodigal Son” comes to mind.

  16. This is super infuriating to me. I didn’t go to college because I and my family couldn’t afford it. Instead I got a job that I could grow in and worked super hard to earn what I do now…just to have my tax money pay for other people to get degrees and have “better educational qualifications” in the job market than I do? Ridiculous. I’m already dealing with inflation destroying our budget. I can’t wait until 2024, when we have a chance to get him out of the office.

    • Hi Ellen, I finally got my Master of Arts a few years ago, but now I’m seeing my paycheck shrink because I can barely afford to pay for the outrageously priced groceries, etc. I am really, really concerned for this country. . .I’m not sure how much more damage our economy can handle. It is truly frightening.

      • I was given a decent raise a few months ago, and it was immediately eaten up within two months of inflation. My husband and I make decent money, but are still living paycheck to paycheck. Surprisingly, it appears the increase in wages across the board doesn’t seem to be fixing the worker shortage. And if they aren’t working, where are they?

      • That is a troubling question. Where are the workers? I am afraid that some have just given up. There has been a sharp increase in homelessness in my city. All over my city, there are job opening signs, but still a worker shortage. I don’t know how people survive without a job, or maybe the jobs don’t pay enough and they just stop trying. All I know is that this is a massive problem that needs to be addressed and it isn’t being, not by any political party, to be honest about it. It feels like as a nation we are on a downward spiral and I honestly am afraid to think what this country will look like in another year. May God have mercy on us. . .

  17. Years ago, I paid off my student debt. I had taken out a student loan and paid back every single dime by working several jobs at once. . .My son postponed going to college for a few years after high school because he didn’t want to get into debt. . .Eventually, he did take out a small student loan, but he worked hard to pay it off. . .Yes, it is absolutely infuriating. Where can I go to get my money back? We should all demand our money back, those of us who worked hard and paid off our student debts . . Wow! Just wow! Talk about unfair. . .In fact, I don’t think he has the power to forgive student debts. . .This should be researched. Thank you so much for your blog. . .God bless you and God bless us all who are struggling.

    • Again, as a Canadian, where we have discussions about free secondary education, I find this discussion interesting. I hope it is okay to jump in here again with some thought.

      I found an interesting and, I think, balanced, article that discusses some of the issues raised here.


      One interesting point is that this forgives federal (not private bank) debt which may actually be well within Biden’s power.

      Another is the issue of debt relief vs. subsidies. You can relieve debt or you can subsidize colleges. Or legislate to force colleges to reduce costs. None are particularly palatable for anyone in a capitalist society. I’m not sure what other mechanism is available to change colleges, except to make them more elitist.

      We subsidize for profit businesses *all the time*. For example, oil and gas worldwide to the tune of a trillion per year in tax relief. We all pay for that (while they make massive profit).

      And yet, the inequity problem is big. Women and blacks consistently carry the highest debt load, and defaults are highest among those groups. Inequity isn’t just a “feel good” thing. It leads to social unrest and things like loan defaults and personal bankruptcy lead to the homelessness we see (in Canada too!)

      As to “Fair” – this is an ongoing thing across generations. I paid for my university and got a good job when wages were generally high and rent was low. The buying power of wages now are horrible. Rent is high. Food is high. Medicine is high. Wages are low (why are employed people going to food banks?)

      I bought my first house when interest rates were 15%+. I could complain about how unfair it is that folks have been buying houses over the last couple of decades at 3% interest. But “fairness” isn’t really measurable in a highly complex economic environment.

  18. Caralyn, first, I feel badly that your article drew at least one meanie. We live in a society that is becoming less civilized all the time.

    I agree with you on all points covered. I want to offer a zoom out perspective. Biden’s extra burden on taxpayers is just part of an overall plan to destroy the country. The so-called elite rightly see such a free country such as ours their biggest obstacle to their planned one-world order. We already cannot meet even the interest on our debt. This move by Biden is to simply pile on more until we implode. I won’t get into the documentation I have on this – not enough room!

    I trust all is well. Love and hugs!

  19. Victor Davis Hanson suggests that this cycle of debt and worthless degrees will never end until the colleges themselves have skin in the game. Make the college responsible for loan defaults and there will follow a revolution in education.
    I think it’s a good idea.

  20. Dear Caralyn, boy, do you know how to open cans of worms!? 😉
    Not a lot to be said past what others have commented, but just to note it is what you called it, a vote-buying scheme. And if you will forgive me for starting up conspiracy theories, I wonder about how gasoline has suddenly become more affordable over the summer when its price usually rises due to increased demand?
    More of the same-old same-old.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

  21. Why waste enegy being mad that others are receiving help? Billions have been forgiven for major corporations, yet people are mad that a fraction is forgiven to student debtors? The Christianity I remember growing up was one of loving thy neighbor and helping the less fortunate. Caralyn’s blog intrguingly teeters from self help to outward hatred of those who are different or less fortunate. I think she likes and needs the attention from these hate posts, but outside her echo chamber, drives most others away. Even Jandan doesn’t think it’s a beautiful post.

    • No one is angry that others are getting help. The anger is that the debts are simply being transferred to every taxpayer. If you take out a student loan you should pay it back. You should not expect others to pay it for you.
      Caralyn expresses hatred toward no one. Being angry at someone’s actions is not hatred.

      • Those loans should be forgiven. Forgiveness is, or at least was a cornerstone of Christianity. You should look into the teachings of Christ.

    • “Those loans should be forgiven. Forgiveness is, or at least was a cornerstone of Christianity. You should look into the teachings of Christ.”
      I’m sorry, but you don’t understand the situation. Those loans are owned by the Federal Government, not simply Government Insured.
      If a person, company, or corporation owned the loans and chose to forgive them, they would absorb the loss with their own funds. That would be fine since it is their choice with their money.
      These student loans are now the property of the Federal Government which DOES NOT HAVE FUNDS OF ITS OWN, but instead only operates on taxes. So for the Federal Government to “forgive” a loan, they would be absorbing the loss which is passed on to the US taxpayer. Everyone who pays taxes has now become responsible for paying for these loans which were taken out by others. I’m sorry, I don’t have the extra funds to pay for other people’s bad decisions and failure to live up to their financial obligations.
      As for Christianity, take your own advice. Christ taught we are all responsible for our own actions. Yes, He did die on the cross to pay for our sins because we can’t pay that debt. But everything else is on us. We can show kindness and compassion by helping others with their debts and problems when we are able, but Christ is not a Socialist. Charity is never forced. The Federal Government forcing taxpayers to pay for others’ student loans is unfair and a slap in the face to every hard-working person who fulfilled their obligation and paid their loans back.

  22. Oh, Sister in Christ! What a great way to illustrate the Gospel!!

    Regards to what I think about what OBiden has done. It’s disgusting. Truly. It’s cynical. He’s only ever made money as a government worker and graft due to his position. To save any hope of salvaging his party’s elections, he transferred all this debt to people he could never walk a day in our shoes, to try to buy the good will of voters. He is pillaging our country. Ransacking it. I don’t blame the people who will benefit. I really don’t. Everything is so crazy and it’s just a hot mess. I’m just unsure how we come back from thistle . 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  23. I’m so glad I read the comments. lol How much debt are we in now as a country? And no one cares. Just keep printing. My kids worked hard to pay their loans. There is so much corruption in the college financial aid system. I don’t see it ending. Only getting worse.

  24. I suppose if one’s education doesn’t generate enough energy and income to repay her/his debt, then it is difficult to imagine others wanting to assume any portion of the debt. Many appear to attend college to enhance their interests and that is wonderful, but if you cannot afford your interests, then I would suggest that your interests need more time against the grindstone…

  25. I’ve thought about blogging about this topic but my blog is family things. I do want to point out one thing. He should have done something about the predatory interest rates that the banks the government guarantees the loans instead of canceling debt. My oldest left college with 207 in debt and took up travel physical therapy to pay 3k a month. So of the 96k she paid in three years 45k was in interest alone. I’m sorry but that is predatory. She has saved during the interest pause and will be dumping in another 60k and will still owe 90k. So she is up to 245 and will be paying a good five years. So old joe should make the loan holders take the 10k off not the government giving them 10k. Just my two cents! Or maybe four.

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