Happy Halloween from the Greenwich Village Parade!

Happy Halloween, my friends!

Halloween in Greenwich Village is absolutely insane! People come from allllll over to line Sixth Ave in costumes and scary masks to celebrate Halloween at one of the most iconic parades in the country.

And believe it or not, it is literally right outside my door!

I went ONCE when I first moved here 12 years ago, and let’s just say once was enough!

Since then I always avoid it like the plague…Not because I’m a curmudgeon, but rather it was a little scary because the crowd was SO BIG. It literally was one of those situations where I wasn’t even moving, but the crowd was moving me anyway – like surfing…my feet weren’t even touching the ground! And being pressed against barricades…given the horrific tragedy that just happened in Sourh Korea, I just would rather not.

But today, Steven surprised me and showed up at my apartment door and said, “Let’s go experience this for our last Halloween in NYC!”

So I’m going to go walk around with my big strong protector! Wish me luck!

We’re actually just going to have dinner at a cute restaurant in the neighborhood and watch people walk by in costume 🙂 (We’re Halloween’d out, after hosting two marathon parties on Saturday (from 11am to 3am!)

Have a wonderful evening everyone. Please stay safe! And have a happy happy Halloween!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween. Our home is so far off the beaten path that we’ll be lucky if we have one trick or treater! I have the Z’s I need ready, though.

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