Well, today is Steven’s birthday, and…he has covid.

Yep. After last Thursday’s post, about how we went to see Hamilton on Broadway that night (which was AMAZING!!), Steven tested positive for covid the next morning. (Thank you Jesus that it is a very mild case).

When things don't go as planned...then what. Welcome to a very covid birthday! #covid #happybirthday #nyc #health #wellness

But yeahhhh, that definitely put a damper on the celebration. We had to cancel the birthday bash/going away party we had planned on Saturday, and pretty much we’re just holding our breath to see if I end up getting it. (So far, as of 7pm on Monday…seven days after exposure to Steven, I am negative, praise God.) — And that’s after spending every afternoon over at his apartment since Tuesday…

All this simply reminds me yet again, to just relinquish control to the Father.

I cannot control everything. And sometimes things don’t go as planned. Am I disappointed that the entire reason I came back to NYC this trip was to say my goodbyes to all our friends, and now I can’t see anyone? Yes. Am I disappointed that Steven has to be cooped up and alone on his birthday? Yes. But I recognize that he is lucky to have only a mild case and that he’s going to be just fine.

So I can either stew in my disappointment and get angry and disappointed, OR I can recognize this as a little momentary “pause” that God allowed us to get things in order for our wedding/move.

I mean, since he’s been sick we’ve been super productive. We checked off a bunch of items on our to-do list for the wedding and for the move. Steven took new acting headshots for me. We finally caught up on Yellowstone. We even BOOKED OUR HONEYMOON!

When things don't go as planned...then what. Welcome to a very covid birthday! #covid #happybirthday #nyc #health #wellness

How many times in the last two/three months have I wished for more hours in the day?

How many nights have I stayed up until 2am trying to get everything done on my to-do list because life is going too fast and I can’t get everything in order during the day?

Frankly, this week of isolation was a gift.

So anyways…please enjoy the birthday video I made for my future husband! And please STAY SAFE out there, friends!! Get your flu shot. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face! We want everyone to be healthy and happy for Christmas!

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Lastly….WHERE DO YOU THINK WE’RE GOING ON OUR HONEYMOON! Take a guess in the comments!


Update: I DID get Covid…

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16 responses to “A VERY COVID BIRTHDAY”

  1. Oh so sorry about the COVID! I’m a two-timer on it, possibly a third! Noooo funnnn. But with you, am praising God it’s a mild case…much better than the 2020 version, thank you very much. Will pray he recovers quickly without long-term effects. Honeymoon? I’m guessing Bermuda or St. Lucia…both lovely places! Blessings to you for a peaceful, holy Christmas season and New Year, with NO COVID!

  2. Happy Blessed birthday to Steven! I pray that God keeps His healing hands over Him. Btw CONGRATS!!! Omg I’m so happy y’all are getting married!!!

  3. Hawaii! 🏝 … Prayers for a speedy recovery. 🙏 I’m so sorry your plans didn’t work out. But thank you for sharing with us the beautiful way you dealt with it. I appreciate the reminder to relinquish control to God. 🙌

  4. First of all, I hope your fiance recovers as quickly as possible. COVID 19 is a gravely serious virus, and there is no such thing as a mild case. Your fiance is now at elevated risk of stroke or heart attack from microclots, brain damage, reduced fertility, gastrointestinal damage, damage to connective tissue, and immune system depletion. Have you ever wondered what might happen in HIV ever became airborne? Now you know: COVID 19 is essentially an airborne version of HIV, decimating the immune system with each infection.

    Second, you really shouldn’t be going anywhere without mitigation in the form of N95 masks or P100 respirators, portable HEPA filters, Lysol spray, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes that kill viruses. This means avoiding crowds especially indoors where air filtration and proper ventilation are nonexistent. This is something entirely within your control. You really shouldn’t be “leaving it up to God,” as He gives us all free will do use and doesn’t interfere in that. That being the case, the consequences incurred for refusing to exercise that free will are entirely on our own shoulders. COVID is entirely avoidable. It is up to each of us to avoid getting it.

    Third, even if you don’t value your own health and safety, the danger to others by spreading the virus to them means potentially ending someone’s life—perhaps a child’s—and I for one cannot and will not have that on my conscience if I can help it. You really ought to avoid spreading it to others, too.

    Again, I hope your fiance makes a swift recovery, but I hope you take this as a lesson to exercise caution and avoid putting yourselves at further risk of infection or infecting others. Stay safe and stay well, and good luck.

  5. Honeymoon Guess: HAS to be Lexington, KY! There is nothing to do here but enjoy nice hotel rooms, quiet nights in a small city, and supper with Anita and me! 😄
    Best wishes for Steven’s recovery, and please don’t take any more boosters.
    The mRNA “vaccines” (actually gene therapy) REDUCES one’s immunity.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  6. Ah, yes. Blessed isolation in certain seasons. It makes the monastic life look inviting. Be blessed, y’all!

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