We’re Officially Moved In!

Who Deyyyyyyy!

Hello friends….from Cincinnati!!!

I’m sitting here in our new condo, watching the BENGALS on TV playing the Bills, and I apologize for my tardiness in posting tonight…BUT….it’s because we have officially moved in to our new place! (And we hosted a dinner party!)

We're officially moved in to our new home in #Cincinnati! (And have already hosted our first #dinner party!) I've only got TWO words for ya....WHO DEY!!!!! #whodey #bengals #cincinnati #moving #faith #catholic #christianity #edrecovery

We flew in yesterday night, and Steven had his first night in our new condo! (My first night will be June 4…the day after our wedding!)

It has been such an exciting 24 hours! This morning, we got our gym membership, did our first two loads of laundry (lol!), went grocery shopping, hosted our first dinner party (we had my parents over for dinner) and now are watching this HUGE Monday Night Football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Bills!

We're officially moved in to our new home in #Cincinnati! (And have already hosted our first #dinner party!) I've only got TWO words for ya....WHO DEY!!!!! #whodey #bengals #cincinnati #moving #faith #catholic #christianity #edrecovery

There are 70,000 fans that have come into our neighborhood tonight, so it is EXCITING! As soon as I post this, we’re going to go watch the game “in the wild” and it’s going to be amazing.

I gotta tell ya — it is so COOL to see ABC romanticize Cincinnati on tv in their “b-roll” for their Monday Night Football program. It’s almost surreal, because…I live there now!

I just can’t thank God enough. Truly, He is so good…especially to send me such an amazing man who wanted to move to Cincinnati from Manhattan. That just doesn’t happen. Ever. God is so good.

But anywho…today has been a day of changing smoke detector batteries, changing lightbulbs, ordering refrigerator filters, and unpacking boxes.

Which leads me to my question for YOU tonight….

We are new homeowners, and I would love and really appreciate some advice!

What is some advice you have for a new homeowner?! I would love to…not mess this up! hahah

Alright, and with that…time to go enjoy this unseasonably warm night and go cheer on our BENGALS!!!

Talk to you on Wednesday!

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29 responses to “We’re Officially Moved In!”

  1. Congrats, Caralyn and Steven! Your Beau’s smile is just as big as it was in the pics from Manhattan, and the condo looks bigger than his NYC apartment. Steven is a Cincy man now!

    I’m sure you had your new place inspected before you bought it, but that’s one thing I would do: inspect it yourself. What I mean is make sure everything works like it should, and, if it doesn’t then ask for it to be fixed.

    Again, congrats on your new place! Go Bengals!

  2. So happy for you! Best advice? Relish every day here with your sweet hubby in your “honeymoon cottage”! Even if future homes are bigger or better, you will never be any happier than right now in this very first place! Second best advice? Talk with friends, neighbors, associates–and start collecting the names of recommended plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, pest control, house cleaners, painters, etc. BEFORE you need them. Everything breaks down, and you’ll need these sooner or later. Case in point: At our last home, we discovered 107 bats living in our attic just after we moved in. Ick. Was blessed to find a pest control person who effectively “screened them out” after their nighttime departure….

  3. Oh yes I see you asking advice as new homeowners… Set aside some money for repairs….they always come and spending all you have on the best furniture and carpet pales in comparison to the less sexy home items like a new roof or furnace!

  4. Congratulations, guys! I’m very happy for you both. โ˜บ๏ธ Advice? Well, let’s see what I can come up with:

    — Flush your water heater out twice per year to keep the crud from building up on the heating element(s) if that is the kind you have.

    — Have your heating and cooling system serviced once per year to be sure it will heat and cool properly when you need it. My system died last year, the new system was $12,500 bucks! This house is 26 years old, the system was original.

    Change your water filters as needed if you have them. In my old home in Michigan, they were in the basement hanging from the beams in the furnace room.

    — If you have a garage door, have a tech inspect it soon whenever you suspect it is acting up, I’ve done this recently. The whole mechanism had to be replaced lat year – it set me back $500 bucks!

    — If you have exposed plumbing outside for sprinklers like I do, cover those pipes up very well before winter, and flush the water completely out of the sprinkler system or the pipes will burst over the winter.

    — Be sure to keep up-to-date ABC Fire Extinguishers in your kitchen and garage, you never know what may flare up! The ABC extinguisher works on almost any fire.

    These are things that I’ve dealt with as a homeowner over the years, I hope it helps, guys! Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿป

  5. Your condo is GORGEOUS! Wow, it looks so spacious and lovely. Congratulations on finding your forever home (aka. Ohio)

    We bought our townhouse in May 2021 but itโ€™s not our forever home. We know that we will have to move again. I like our townhouse but I canโ€™t stay here forever – our families donโ€™t live in Alberta (they live in Ontario) so itโ€™s just us living in this province. When you talked about NYC I could relate to that homesickness feeling you were describing. That really hit home for me (pun intended).

  6. Sadly, it was a tragic night for the Buffalo Bills, and it happened as you moved in. I remember when I moved back to DC after living in Houston for a few months. It was the same day Joe Theismann broke his leg, and it was his last game he ever played. Hopefully, the Buffalo Bills player will play again. I hope you, and your hunny, enjoy your return to Cinci. Only been there once, well, twice since I did visit EnterTrainment Junction in the suburbs years ago. Plus, have a great 2023.

  7. Congratulations Caralyn and Steven!
    Putting your stuff in your new condo definitely makes it yours, but having good times and warm memories there is what makes it your…home. My advice would be to create and cherish each of those memories and your home will follow.

  8. John’s advice at 9:22 pm last night is spot on!
    BEFORE any of his ideas, though, collect the paper info on all the appliances, mechanics and utilities of the condo: hw heater, garage door opener, dw, washer/dryer, electric breaker box, etc.
    AND BE SURE you have up-to-date copies of your CONDO ASSOCIATION RULES, bylaws and deed restrictions!!! Go over these with a fine-tooth comb and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities in the association.

    1. Flushing hot water heaters will make them last twice as long; if you don’t know how, check YouTube or get a plumber to show you; simple thing to do.
    2. HVAC annual inspection is worth the money, but get references of good HVAC guys in CInci.
    3. Check if you have hard water in your area: https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/water/water-quality-and-treatment/water-quality-reports/latest/. This will affect how often to change any water filters or whether you may need a water softener system. Some parts of Cinci have very hard water!
    4. Garage doors usually work fine for 20 to 30 years or more, but if it gets noisy or problematic get a reputable company to service it; fly-by-nighters are a dime a dozen in our area. Do NOT use Joey’s buddy to fix a garage door opener! They are dangerous for the DIYer or someone who does not really know his stuff.
    5. If you have a garage, USE IT FOR THE CAR! It amazes me when people will put $1000 worth of junk in a garage and let a $50,000 Lexus or even a $35,000 Toyota sit outside in the weather, especially in Cinci’s winters.
    6. Good advice from John re; outdoor plumbing.
    7. Cooking is the LEADING cause of home fires! Keep your extinguishers in good condition. Our local fire stations will do free assessments and servicing of fire extinguishers. Call the local fire station near you to find out if this is available in your area.
    8. If you have a roof immediately over your part of the condo, ask the condo management to inspect or guarantee its security. Water damage costs more per year than fires, though not as deadly.
    9. Collect information from neighbors or other residents in your area re: reliable service companies for repairs; e.g. trim carpenters/cabinet workers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies, appliance repairs, drywallers, painters, tech supports.
    10. Most importantly, do not neglect your friends in Lexington!๐Ÿ˜ We are just an hour away!! Come down for coffee, dinner, or a day of exploring. Let us know when you want to visit The Creation Museum or The Ark Encounter.
    You are in our daily prayers.
    โค๏ธ&๐Ÿ™, c.a.

  9. Congrats on your new home. My advice, it is Gods house, so use it for his purposes. Always try to do some of the work on it yourself when you can, it will save you tons of money.

  10. Congrats on your home! My advice, from a fellow condo-dweller: make it fun. Decorate with your personal style. Add WiFi lights ๐Ÿ’ก connected to Alexa, and create routines for morning, lunchtime, and โ€œmovie nightโ€. ๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿฟ Get involved with your condo board, if not as volunteers at least as active members. Know your Board, know your neighbors, and maintain good relationships with them. The Bible says, โ€œbetter is a neighbor that is near than a brother far off.โ€

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