Pantry Restock: The 5 SEED OIL-FREE Things I Always Refill

I do a lot of cooking. Even when I’m on vacation!

Clearly, with the 400+ recipes I’ve created.

But safe to say, when it comes to food shopping, food prep and planning, I am a whiz.

And so I thought that tonight, I would share the things that are ALWAYS in my pantry.

These are all husband approved ๐Ÿ™‚ Many of these are not SCD friendly, but they are keto and healthy. With Steven and I planning to start trying for a family here soon, it’s important to us to be in the best shape physically and nutritionally as possible.

So these pantry staples are free from seed oils, artificial dyes, and other chemicals that are harmful to our health.

But wait: WHY are we avoiding seed oil? What’s the big deal? Haven’t we always grown up eating canola, soy oil and vegetable oil?

Well, seed oils are 99.9% of the time genetically modified to be resistant to pesticides and other chemicals. (Think Round-Up Ready Corn). Additionally, they’re one of the largest sources of the inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids and can contribute to inflammatory disease. They’re highly processed, meaning they’re bleached and deodorized to stabilize and increase their shelf life. Finally, their high smoke point makes them prone to oxidization, where they release a lot of free radicals into the body, contributing to inflammation.

So we like to stick to Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and coconut oil.

So without further ado:

Raw Brazil Nuts

Raw Brazil nuts are such a superfood. In just 4 per day, you get you entire daily allotment of selenium! They regulate your thyroid function, reduce inflammation, and support your heart, brain and immune system. We eat them like vitamins: two with breakfast, two with dinner.

Siete Avocado Oil Potato Chips

We love these potato chips because they are seed oil-free, and are fried in avocado oil! They have no harmful preservatives or food dyes in them, and their minimal ingredients are all foods you can recognize! Their sea salt flavor has only three ingredients: sea salt, potatoes and avocado oil.

Steven loves this Queso dairy free flavor, but he also loves their Chipotle BBQ and Fuego. They also have grain free tortilla chips that are awesome. Again, all in Avocado Oil!

Avocado Oil Mayo

Made with avocado oil and free range eggs, this mayonnaise is the gold standard of mayo. Yes, it’s not the cheapest, but health is wealth.

Red Dye Free-Sriracha

We love sriracha in our house, but we don’t love the red dye, and the high fructose corn syrup in it. This brand is all natural, and sweetened with dates!

Pro-tip: To make a really delicious sandwich spread, mix 1.5 Tbsp mayo and 1 tsp sriracha! Steven loves that on some organic sourdough with a shrimp burger.

Hu Grain Free Crackers

I make soup and chili A LOT, and these crackers are so delicious and the perfect vessel for hummus, for soup, snacking, etc! Plus, no seed oils or food dye!

Fun fact: Hu Kitchen was my all time favorite restaurant in NYC, but it closed right before the pandemic, and didn’t re-open. Instead it boosted its online presence, and does soley e-commerce now. Anyway – these crackers are great — and so is their paleo dark chocolate!

5 responses to “Pantry Restock: The 5 SEED OIL-FREE Things I Always Refill”

  1. You certainly do do a lot of cooking, Caralyn! When you mentioned Genetically Modified, my brain jumped right to the Monsanto corporation which is into that nonsense. No thanks!

  2. All good information! I have forwarded your post on to my daughter since she is working to reduce/eliminate dyes and preservatives in her family’s meals and has noticed a difference already in their kiddos’ behaviors. As they say, you are what you eat!

  3. What great suggestions, Caralyn! Now, I need to go on-line to buy these products. Thank you for including the links!! Our little grocery store here in Ennis, MT doesn’t carry even one of them!

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