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Hello friends!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I go on vacation with my family, it seems like every time, without fail, there’s always “the show.” A Netflix show that we all really bond over and become extremely interested in — dare I say, “hooked” on — that kind of defines that trip.

You know how it goes, after dinner, once the kids are down, everyone gathers around the communal living room tv to watch a show.

One year it was the show “Alone.”

Another year it was Yellowstone.

At Christmas, they’re always Hallmark movies, of course.

Well, this year, it was Live to 100 on Netflix which is based on the book, “The Secrets of the Blue Zones.”

My oldest brother, who is a doctor, has really gotten into longevity. And as a result, when we saw this program, it really piqued our interest!

It examined these “blue zones” around the world where there’s a large, concentrated population of people who live to be 100 or older! The blue zones he highlighted were Okinawa, Japan, Icaria, Greece; Sardinia, Italy; Loma Linda, California; and a small village in Costa Rica.

The documentary has five parts and is fascinating.

It focuses on what makes these blue zones hotspots for longevity. And it wasn’t just focused on diet, though the blue zones ate practically zero processed foods and highly whole food, plant based diets with fish and lean meats.

But also, that these centenarians all woke up with a sense of purpose for their lives. The were surrounded by friends and family. They laughed. They walked places or gardened or built gentle exercise into their day. And they all had some sort of faith life/higher belief system. It was really awesome to see.

And inspiring!

In fact, since we got back, my entire family has gone on this mediterranean, longevity diet! My parents even got a delivery service that will ship them organic, mediterranean meal kits!

We are all in!

The most precious commodity we have on this earth is time. Time spent with loved ones. Time enjoying the company of the people we hold dear, and living out the purpose God has for us in this life.

It is an incredible show. We watched the entire thing in only two nights. They’re very short episodes.

So, I highly suggest that you give it a watch too! And let me know what you think!

There is so much to be learned from centenarians — they’re doing something right!

Have a wonderful, healthy weekend my friends, and I’ll talk to you on Monday!

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7 responses to “Live to 100”

  1. We just watched that series too. I got to hear the author speak at Drury College in Springfield, MO several years ago and bought his book. Good stuff, much of it common sense but the package of info is meaningful and a good reminder of these important elements of good health. Congrats on your marriage, by the way, you guys look like you’re very happy.

  2. I attended a well being lecture and the speaker referenced studies on the Blue Zones. She mentioned having a purpose and family, as well as diet and exercise. All valid to lead a happy and long life.

  3. We don’t live in a Blue Zone but we do live on the Med and many of our wonderful neighbours embrace the lifestyle you describe. It certainly works for them and we hope it’ll work for us.

  4. My great-aunt, my grandmother’s younger sister, died this week. She did not live as long as her two older siblings… she only made it to 99 years, 10 months. (Grandma lived to 100 years, 3 months, and their older brother lived to 100 years, 11 months. The youngest sibling is still alive at 98 years, 6 months.) They aren’t in a Blue Zone, but their father was born in a town on the Mediterranean about halfway between the two Mediterranean Blue Zones you mentioned.

    I’m probably not going to live as long. And as I get older, that thought gets scary. I feel like I’ve wasted so much of my life, and I’m not really sure what steps I can take anymore to do otherwise. God clearly told me a few years ago to stay where I am, that he has work for me to do here, but the work I thought he had for me isn’t there anymore, and it is becoming more and more clear to me how unlikely it is that I will ever find a Godly wife or raise a family as long as I’m stuck in this godless land of despair. Of course, all things are possible with God… and I probably have some shifts in perspective to make.

  5. I have not watched the program, but I’ve always said I would live to be 110 and that gives me another 30 years to do stuff. I have a close relationship with my children and a comfy relationship with hubby. I am spiritual even though I don’t attend a set church. ( I bounce around) My diet, is fairly healthy, I’m always exploring new things, but I mostly listen to my body. I find that if I “crave” something, my body is probably telling me something. I have found that a couple of bites of the “crave” food, regardless of whether or not it’s “healthy”, generally does the trick and I don’t even consider it again for months.
    Craves tend to occur more when we think we are depriving ourselves of a fun item, don’t you think? My great grandma lived to 110 or 111, my uncle to 96 and others not so long but unto their mid to late 80’s. None were in the blue zones. So, who knows?

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