I’m going to be really honest with y’all.

Growing up, I thought my life was going to have played out a lot differently by now.

I thought I was going to be married at 22, first kid at 23, and…I wanted ten…so…you do the math.


I know. I know. I had high ambitions for my womb at a tender young age.

But it’s true.

Sitting here as a twenty-something, single, watching The Bachelorette while drinking in my sweatpants and catching myself literally smiling to myself and touching my cheek when my boy Jordan Rodgers comes on the screen…


…I have to step back and simply shake my head.

My life thus far, has taken some pretty major detours, to put it mildly.

Battling anorexia through high school. And then having an Ulcerative Colitis flare for an entire year, resulting in having to move home and be on bed rest for 11 months…let’s just say my adulthood thus far hasn’t been the walk in the park I had envisioned.

And I promise, this is no “Woah is me” post…But the fact is, my life has had a couple of false starts. Hiccups if you will.

But I had a night this week where I just got really down, thinking about the “could have beens” and the “would have/should have beens.” 

Which, let me just say, is a very dangerous game to play.

Don’t go there, guuurlfriend!


But seriously. My chest tightened, and I got almost short of breath, thinking about those things. I was getting panicky. And frankly, angry.

Why hasn’t this happened yet? When am I going to meet someone? What if I never meet someone? Will my life be a failure? Am I a failure?

Like I said….it is a dangerous game. Gets dark real quick.

So what did I do to get out of this funk?

Well, naturally……………….I turned to Twitter.

I was scrolling through tweets about Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Gorilla Kid, Donald Trump, Beyonce, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian

…and then –BAM — I came across this retweeted gem:


Y’all. The Pope has a freaking Twitter.

I know.

I don’t care how you feel about the Pope. That is baller.


But seriously, how is it that God always finds a way to encourage His children?

There is no technological interface that He can’t infiltrate. 🙂

But all kidding aside, this was exactly what I needed to hear:

Jesus, I trust in You.

Everything I’ve gone through, all the detours and restarts and … periods of stupidity growth opportunities – God is using all of that for good.

He has a plan. A good plan. A plan that most likely looks nothing like my plan.

Clearly not the plan my fourth grade self had for twenty-something me.



But that is what I need to cling to. To keep my hope in. To focus my eyes on.

So, maybe I won’t be gettin’ hitched and poppin’ out kids just yet.

That’s okay.

I need to be patient and trust in His divine timing. His will for my life. His plan.

Now is the time for me to take a deep breath and say, “Jesus, I trust in You.”

Psalm 138:8 The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. 

There it is, plain as day.

The could’a-would’a-should’a’s — I have no reason to worry or be afraid or get all verklempt.

Everything is playing out just as it should.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.

I’ll hang my hat on that.

Jesus, I trust in You.







351 responses to “Plans”

  1. Sometimes, even though my twenties have long since passed, but I’m in the middle of being alone after my marriage ended I have thoughts just like these you mentioned: Why hasn’t this happened yet? When am I going to meet someone? What if I never meet someone? Will my life be a failure? Am I a failure?

    Thanks for this post. This is the best 7:00 Monday/Thursday show on the interwebs. I always tune in and I always feel good after I finish reading. 🙂 Have a great weekend, and thanks. Keep the faith!

  2. God has a plan for us all, I’ve just been given mine, at the age of 59&9/12ths ….. So pleased that you have found yours at your early age, “Love, Trust & Understanding, another Holy Trinity xx

  3. I remember feeling this way in my twenties after having been in 9 weddings, none of which were my own. At some point I began to pray for my future spouse. And I did meet him and now 16 years and three kids later…. I can tell you, He knows the plans He has for you….plans to prosper and not to harm you. And you must love yourself too regardless of whether you’re married or not. I loved everything you wrote and relate to all of it. And yes, Jesus I trust in you!!!

  4. ” how is it that God always finds a way to encourage His children?
    There is no technological interface that He can’t infiltrate. :)”

    I’m tellin’ ya…the Holy Spirit is Not computer illiterate.

    ” Everything is playing out just as it should. ” Tole ya so…

  5. Amen! I know when I trust in God, He’s always lead me better than ANYTHING I could come up with on my own. Being 54 now, I can tell you that with not only faith, but factual events that revealed that to me plainly too many times to count. God is good, all the time! Here’s another verse for you. Joshua 1:9 (NIV)
    9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” That “do not be afraid,” can also be translated as “fear not” which is the most often used phrase in the bible. Think God is trying to tell us something? Love you and what you share with us!

    • Hi Elaine! Aw thank you for this beautiful encouragement. Amen to that-His plans are perfect and in perfect timing. Thanks for hat verse. Powerful. Very powerful. Hugs and love xox

  6. GURL…like, ALL of this… #YAAAS Thank you for sharing–I’ve been to that place myself and like you I’m finally learning to be okay with God’s plan even if I don’t achieve the things I had planned for me, because His plan is the better one anyway. God bless you and take care!

  7. This is amazing – I have been quoting Jeremiah 29:11 to myself this morning over my desire/need to move house. Ever since I made this decision 18 months ago, I have had a bunch of stuff thrown at me, including polymyalgia (now gone) and 2 accidents. Things have not yet worked out as planned, and sometimes the task looks impossible. But didn’t Jesus say, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me … For my yoke is easy and my burden is light’ (Matt 11:29-30)? The hardest thing to do is to let go and rest in Him, but that is what we need to do. Bless you. Stay strong and do not fall into the enemy’s traps.

  8. Great post 🙂 Sometimes when were young (and I am including myself from a past perspective) we all say when we want this to happen when we grow up or that to happen and once we reach that age (myself included from a present perspective) we see that we have not met what we wanted, but I myself have decided to just be content about it and take into account that I might get something better or something equally satisfying and you may be realizing it too just based on what I have read so far on this blog entry. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

  9. This is so true. I so know the feeling, and it’s hard. Thank you for the encouraging post. Trusting God means trusting His timing. Something I remind myself of often. Hugs.

    • Oh my gosh you are so kind to say that Lisa. God is good and even when I sometimes don’t get His timing I have to trust in his perfect plan. Hugs and love xox

  10. Hanging on to the “what ifs” and “where should my life be now” can be crippling. Our lives never turn out as we planned, but God is always in control. May He continue to encourage and bless you!

  11. I had my girls at 30 and 36. I was doubtful in my twenties, that I even wanted kids. I didn’t have half the intelligence or heart you have acquired. Hold tight. You are exactly where you need to be. God honors faithfulness and longs to give you the desires of your heart. Keep smiling and hold onto to your faith. His timing is always the right time. 🙂

  12. I think we all – particularly women – have the tendency to play the “what if” game and yes, it is dangerous. At nearly 50, I have accomplished NOTHING that I thought I would have. But the thing is my plan is not God’s plan – Dang it! My plan is small and short sighted. His plan is GREAT.

    Your use of this blog to tell your story, your bravery to talk about the challenges you’ve faced, your sense of humor, all of it has been a gift from God to all of us who have the opportunity to ready. God is faithful. He does have a plan for you and its amazing. Until you meet that person you are supposed to meet, know that the rest of us are cheering for you and cheered BY you every day.

    • Oh my goodness this absolutely touched my heart. Thank you for this incredibly encouraging note:) amen to that-His plan IS great. Sending big hugs to you friend xox

  13. This is exactly what I was dealing with in that I was a little worried about the future and had no idea what was going to happen, but I learned to trust in Him and (mentioned again hehe) allow Him to write my story. And Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my favorite verses! 😀 God has a wonderful plan and purpose for your life and all you have to do is to continue trusting and having faith in Him and just patiently wait. May God bless you!

    • Thank for this wonderful encouragement friend. You’re right-iVe got to be patient…which is easier said than done! Haha thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  14. BBB, I believe “trust” in God’s plans for us is a word for the Body right now.

    I read your piece, chuckled, and thought, “Abba, You are so rad!

    I’m writing about a season when He told me not to use planners (freaked me out, lol) for a time–which was a trust issue, of course.

    I’ll publish it Saturday.

    I love being sisters in Christ with you, mami chula 😁

    Keeping our husbands in my prayers 😘

    • Hi JT! Thank you for this:) yes trusting takes A LOT of courage! Definitely trying to work on that. Oh nice! Can’t wait to read it 🙂 and thanks for the prayers too! Hugs and love xox

  15. Atheist here, so I skipped over the God stuff, but I like the gist. Planning is pointless and mostly leads to anxiety and disappointment. I think there’s a saying that goes something like “Life is what happens to you while you’re waiting for your plans to eventuate”? Something like that anyway. I find I’m much happier just going with the flow and letting life happen. Don’t plan further than what you’re going to eat for breakfast (and even then, be open to a change of plans. You don’t want to stick with your oatmeal if a doughnut comes along 😉 ).

    • Hi Kelly! Haha that is great advice. There’s got to be some spontaneity in life. And going with the flow can open up doors we never imagined. Glad you liked the piece! Now…gonna go get me a donut! 😎☺️😂 Hugs and love xox

  16. Such a great post. Playing the what if game is a dangerous thing to do that can lead us into a hot mess. But we all do it, especially women, myself included. God does have a plan for you, so keep your head up high. Tfs

  17. Absolutely! He’s got you…and wants the absolute best for you! And try to find joy in the here and now…God’s got blessings and surprises for you there, too. BTW…I love 19 kids and Counting. Don’t know how she manages to stay so calm though…:-) Enjoyed the post!

    • Hi friend! Thank you for this wonderful encouragement. You’re right-surprises for sure:) I know! There’s some definitely grace going on in that family! Haha Hugs and love xox

  18. I have been learning to be patient a lot this week. Mostly I’ll get an email at work and not be able to respond to it and start getting anxiety about having to respond (which is why you should not check email at work). I told myself to just relax, what I wanted to do would be there when I got out of work. All in His time 🙂

    • Hi Ellie! I can so relate. Communication these days is so instantaneous, it’s hard to not feel that pressure. You’re right though-it will be there when you get out of work! Such a great lesson. Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Hugs and love my friend xox

  19. LOVE it! (And, I happen to love Pope Francis too….shhhh! Don’t tell my Protestant followers!!)

    I’ve kinda been in this funk too. Here’s the thing– God gave me a husband, but marriage is far from what I dreamed it would be. That’s the thing about dreams– they aren’t real. Even when it appears they are about to come true, reality slaps you in the face, because nothing can be as perfect as we dream it to be.
    Sometimes I think our womanly desire to fall in love and find “the one” is a manifestation of our desire to be found completely in Christ. Wild idea, eh? My husband can never be all the things I want him to be, because he’s just a man (and a very good man, but still….).
    I’m not sayin’ that you shouldn’t keep pursuing the married life, or the search for your Prince Charming. I’m just sayin’, you already are completely held in the love you crave. After the honeymoon ends, that’s where the trials of human relationship will send you– right back into His arms. Because that’s where you truly want to be anyway;)

  20. I just love this post! As I was reading it, i thought of a lot of cool things, but I one of them is from Romans 8. All things work together for good to those who love God, to those called according to His purpose. I have a hard time believing this sometimes, especially during tough times. Anyway, being you, where you are right now, might lead to more wonderful posts, encouraging us to choose life. Peace and continue to be blessed.

  21. “There is no technological interface that He can’t infiltrate.” That’s gold!
    I’ve got ulcerative colitis – not nearly as bad as you by the sound of it, but I can sympathise about it adding to having your life’s plans thrown into confusion. Funny how life generally throws life plans into confusion! (Sometimes it’s not so funny, no sir-ee, not at all..). But Jesus, I trust in you. Anyway, I love this post. You’re a wise and talented lady – and oh my gosh – still so young!!!!!

  22. I’m at the opposite end of your rope. I’m almost 67 and can barely walk. I have so many things wrong with me I think my only healthy organ is my gizzard. But my heart is right, thanks to the grace of Jesus. I’m Methodist, but when the Pope is quoting scripture, we all can learn. I promise you there will be good times ahead,as well as bad times. But God can use anything to help us grow in faith and trust in the Lord, if we will turn them over to Him.
    I am trying to maintain my own blog. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to write my url so people can find me. www:// Or or My latest entry was titled 5 Handy Hints for Living Independently Part 1. Taking a Shower. I have plenty of ideas; my brain and my hands are just not always ready to write at the same time.
    I am already proud of you for what you have accomplished in your short life. Overcoming anorexia is a giant deal. I hope you have worked on whatever set it off. As a high school teacher, I could recognize the sign and symptoms of various conditions, but I didn’t have the training to treat them. One boy was anorexic, and I was able to refer him to the counsellors, while his other teachers never noticed because he was male. I really admire you. Please keep the faith! By the way, what is your name?

    • Hi friend! Thank you so much for sharing this. You’re so right-he can use anything for good. Sounds like a very interesting blog! I look forward to reading your words! And I haven’t actually shared my name yet. I’m keeping this anonymous (at least for now) so you can call me BBB. I hope that’s alright:) Hugs and love xox

  23. Love, Love, Love your writing friend<3 So fun and encouraging. The way you bring the deep truths of God to such a practical light is such a gift. Keep it up– like a city on a hill.

  24. Awww, sweet. Been there done that. Now putting my trust in God and expecting the best from him. ❤️ really like your posts. Keep on shining.
    Love & prayers,

  25. What is that saying? We make plans and God laughs….Nothing in my life has gone according to plan. My plan. ..I remind myself all the time but it’s not for me to make plans when God already has the master

    I have only followed you a short time, but long enough to know that you are special… And I am sure will be blessed with many of the things your heart desires

  26. I hear ya, I’ve been going through the same thing lately/for the past decade (lol!) and I’m in my 30’s. But I will say, even if the wait is long, eventually you do meet amazing people you never thought you’d meet who make you really glad you didn’t marry someone else yet. 😉

    • Hi Rose! Thanks for this encouragement. I like that-When I meet my husband I know he’ll have been worth the wait. That’s such a great perspective. Hugs and love xox

  27. Wow, I love this! It came at the right time, this is exactly what I’ve been struggling with recently. Possibly even the sign I was asking God for today. I want all the same things you stated above and have started to question why and what’s happening in my life (due to a recent break-up). I stumbled upon 1 Corinthians 7 yesterday and it reminded me to be patient. I think I’m ready for the next stage, but He has a different plan and it will come when He knows we’re ready.

    Thanks so much! Keep it up and may you find peace in Him.

    • Thanks friend, I’m so glad it resonated with you. I’m sorry about the recent break up. That’s tough. But you’re right-we have to be patient for His perfect plan:) sending you a big hug my friend

  28. Great tie in with Scripture. I praise the the Lord for you, B’s. Posts like these are encouraging, especially when Scripture is tied in.

    He tells us that His ways aren’t our ways. Which means that our ways, would be horrible for us. So even the rough stuff we encounter, is all filtered through His nail-scarred and loving hands. And that is ALL good for us.

    Keep your chin up, stay in the Word! Grace to you and peace!

    • Hi Nathan! Thanks so much for these kind words, friend. So glad you enjoy my posts! You’re so right-His ways are the best and we just have to trust and keep the faith! So glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  29. Crazy, I just wrote something similar! Way to go on sharing your struggles…that’s incredibly difficult to do sometimes. Thanks for this reminder on trust.

  30. Beauty , my friend, everyone that God uses in a significant way He takes on a journey, like Moses, or Job, or King David, Joseph, or queen Ester or Ruth or eacchh Jonah, and it is never, ever, an ordinary journey. nor usually an easy journey, but at the end of the journey, God has a man or woman prepared for the task he has prepared for that man or woman. Beauty you just might call yourself a journeyman er person.

    • Hi Jack! What an awesome reflection. Thank you so much for this empowering and reassuring note. You’re so right-God equips us on the journey. Have a great weekend! Hugs and love xox

  31. So Pharaoh dreamed of seven fat cows and seven skinny cows. As a fourth grader, the ten children were your apprehension of the energy that God was going to invest in you. Wonder what it will actually manifest as?

    Have you read Lauren Daigle’s life history? She sang God’s praises all during her childhood, spontaneously and a capella. Then she got onto a college track in high school and set her music aside. She came down sick, sick, sick – to the point of being forced out of school. While she was laid up, she came back to singing God’s praises.

    Sometimes life’s difficulties are external resistance to the manifestation of God’s grace through us, and sometimes they are course corrections that come from deep within our soul.

    You’re creating a pretty big family here.

    • Hi Brian! Wow thank you for this. Yes, I feel so blessed to have gotten to know such wonderful people like yourself through this blog! And wow that sounds like a powerful testimony Lauren has. I’ll definitely check out her stuff! Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs and love xox

  32. thank you for this lovely post. 🙂 yes indeed, there’s not technological interface that God can’t infiltrate HAHA. but yup, trusting in God, trusting in His promises, is so so so ever crucial, cuz His plans are certainly not to harm us, but to lift us up, so we can lift His name on high. <3 thank you lovely. xx

  33. Thank you for this post. I am happy to find someone who could inspire women who have the same condition. i thought anorexia is something incurable. It’s great that you have also found inspiration in the Words of the Lord. God bless!

  34. No Way are you a failure, as to meeting someone I was 30 before I meet my wife to be and 37 before we got married – she wanted 7 children only due to the “Sound of music” film
    We only have one daughter, all the hospial would allow, due to the epilepsy my wife suffers from, thankfully more under control these days
    Your sesne of humor shines through in your posts and you brighten may days with the use of funny gif images
    Continue to allow God to use you as blessing to others

    • Thanks Graham. That really means a lot. Praise God that your wife’s epilepsy is doing better and that you were able to have a precious daughter! I appreciate your encouragement. Hugs and love xox

  35. and how true everything you’ve said here is.. we must trust that everything happens for a reason and that reason is much much better than what we can comprehend. i love your thoughts and the positivity it contains. keep it up.

  36. Hey, like the post (and your writing style). How about being proactive in meeting someone? You must see lots of guys that could be interesting. God helps the ones that help themselves, cosmic irony and all that 🙂

    • God gave me my husband as soon as I stopped looking. Sometimes you can be proactive in a bad way which can slow the process down. Everything in God’s timing! Just being friendly to the people you meet and being open to what God has in mind. God will show the person meant for you. Though I understand that a person who just sits in their home all day is going to have a harder time meeting someone than one who is out and about. However, I don’t believe that Beauty is a sit at home and do nothing person.

    • Hi friend! Thanks! You’re right-I should definitely take that advice. He may just be under my nose and I don’t even realize it! I’ve just gotta say hi! Hugs and love xox

  37. You are so funny, your posts really make me smile. Thanks for being frank about your struggles as we can all relate about not being delighted by the way things haven’t gone ‘our’ way. We are all such children!! Truth is God is our Father who knows best and we need to be reminded of that constantly.

  38. In the greater scheme of things, with this life being but a trip in a long journey, we don’t always get what we want. But we always get what we need. We hardly ever know what we truly need, but we usually know what we want.
    The moments in which “what we need” is the same as “what we want”, we feel truly happy. I wish there would be more of those moments…

    As always, I truly enjoyed reading your post – Thank you!

  39. Yesterday my devotional said: “faith says, “even when things don’t go my way, I’m still going to trust you Lord.” He has a plan! Isaiah 55:8-9″ I read that this morning and started to pray about it then I read your post.. Thank you for being obedient and allowing God to use you to gently remind me that He’s got this and he always has, even before I knew that I’d be where I am

  40. This is why I love this Pope (despite not being Roman Catholic!) Thanks for quoting his tweet – I think I might follow his account! (Apparently his weekly homilies are excellent, too.)
    And that’s a great verse from the Psalms: Psalm 138:8 “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me!” I find it even more useful to think of Him having a purpose that He will fulfill than a specific plan which I could mess up! I can’t mess up a purpose and if I screw up one plan to get there, then He’s always got another.
    Not an excuse, but it sure takes the pressure off!
    Hugs and love,
    Stephen xoxo

    • Hi Stephen! Thanks for this great reflection. Yes, we are all on a purposeful journey. Comforting to know that we can still fulfill our purpose even when we slip up! Hugs and love xox

  41. Dear Beauty,
    As a follower of your blog I read your posts with the understanding of the tremendous battles you’ve faced in your life. Overcoming your struggles I applaud you. It takes guts and perseverance to make it happen. However, after reading your post today may I humbly submit there is one resource you might be overlooking when fighting the good fight. You mentioned going to Twitter to get you out of your funk.
    Instead of depending on what man has to offer, why not consider prayer and reading the bible. I think you will agree there is a gold mine of “pick me ups” located within those pages.
    If you already do what I’ve suggested here, then, please forgive me and disregard all I’ve shared with you above. Blessings to you.

    • Hi Russ! Thank you so much! I so appreciate your readership and thoughtful words. You’re so right about turning to God’s Word. And to be completely transparent, I only said the thing about Twitter to be funny. Haha I had come across the popes tweet and wanted to talk about it. But you’re spot on – God’s word and prayer is the best comfort and source of truth. Thanks again for reading and your support! Hugs and love xox

  42. Wonderfully written! I can so relate to this post and I believe anyone, no matter what their circumstances can see a new perspective through your words. Thank you for reminding me to trust the process and the One who runs the show. It is all in His time, not mine. Great reminder. With your permission, I’d love to reblog this on my website, Thanks again for starting my Friday off with new hope. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Leslie! You’re so right-He DOES run the show–and does it in his perfect timing. Amen. And wow I’d be honored if you shared it! Thanks! Hugs and love xox

  43. Just as the pope’s words ministered to your heart during a moment of doubt and panic, so your words have touched my heart. Thank you for your encouragement, for offering us spiritual imagination to see an unseen God.

  44. This gave me a funny thought…when I was a teenager I was sure I would die at age 30 because after all, I would be finished with college by then, and would probably be bored having done all the things that most people did…I was convinced since I wasn’t allowed to date as a teenager, and no one was interested in me anyway…that I probably would never meet anyone to marry. At that point, I think I did not realize the power of being and adult and being able to explore the world that God made…there are so many things to do and learn about that one life time is not enough to do them all. God made such an endlessly interesting place. Enjoy it while you wait for his plan for you to unfold before you eyes.

    • This is such great advice. You’re right. There is such a big and fascinating world out there. Might as well take advantage of this time to fully appreciate it! Hugs and love xox

  45. This is a great post 🙂 GOD’s Time is always the best time. Trusting in GOD is the only way to be happy when things don’t work as planned.

    • Thank you so much! You’re so right. It takes so much courage to trust when things don’t go as planned. But that’s when we just have to remember that he is in control and only wants the best for us. Hugs and love xox

  46. Disappointment is GOD’s appointment. Keep strong in the faith and by surrendering up TOTALLY your will and exchanging it for what GOD wants (which one recognizes only moment by moment as GOD unfolds things and the events happen with our of course free will in choosing anything that would lead to RIGHTEOUSNESS in GOD’s eyes, then your heading up the narrow path with great prospects before you dear friend. Hang in tight with prayer and tears and joy in the HOPE of a wonderful existence with Jesus by or side. The best comes to those who wait even if the wait is till we get to the other side. Stay positive and let GOD’s will become yours and then one knows what truly is or isn’t GOD’s will, well you learn to have completely no say in what you would prefer in matters of human-ness. I wish you much strengths from above to overcome … it will be SOOOOO worth it 🙂 1 Cor. 2:9 – But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”. GOD bless.

  47. This was a great article to read this morning. I love your stuff! You are such an inspiration to me, and the pictures always make me smile 🙂

  48. Hey! So a few years back I had the perfect life, engaged to a handsome intelligent man who loved me, satisfied at work, huge paycheck and even a sportscar. Then the BD hit… I lost everything except my husband. I was ahead in the race to the picture perfect life, but now all our friends have overtaken us and we are left behind. BUT God showed me that I am on a DIFFeRENT path. not your usual get married, get kids, get rich, get, get, get path. But He promised me that my path has been beautifully woven together to fit me perfectly and satisfy all my desires and surpass my dreams. So I trust and wait. He will perfect that which concerns me. 🙂

  49. How often have I bemoaned my real life for this imaginary fairy tale in my head! I have struggled most of my life with low self-esteem and depression. I discovered it has to do with my view of myself and my view of God. I didn’t fully understand grace, which is hard to believe since I grew up in a Christian home. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my struggle in my marriage. I thought it would complete me and “make me happy”. When you idolize something it has to fall. So recently, I looked up the patron saint of lost causes and I found St. Rita and her celebration day was actually my anniversary May 22. When I read her bio it touched me because it showed me that we are NOT guaranteed what we want on earth and many other people go through suffering. She had a rough marriage and an open wound on her head! She did get one thing she wanted in the end, to be accept into a convent. It really encouraged me.

  50. Dearest BBB,

    There’s an old, oft-stated in a variety of ways. The gist. Humans plan and God laughs. The good news, I believe, particularly in light and in keeping with your faith that trusts Jesus, is that the divine laughter signals something greater, more wondrous in store for us than, as an old prayer says, we can ask or imagine. I pray that will be – and as God wills it, it already is and simply, profoundly remains yet to be revealed fully – for you.

    All that said, I also believe that all of us walk around with our dreams in heart and and our hopes in hand; our wonderments about our great futures, even if “future” is but the next day. As I look (back) at my life, much of what I pictured didn’t, hasn’t come to pass. And in my reflections, much of the time, truth to tell, some of what I imagined is less than what I have in my being and becoming now.

    And all that said, a friend recently asked me, “Paul, if you could invite one guest to dinner who would it be? I told her, “Me, at the age of twenty.” For I’d love to have a conversation with that young man, not only to speak, giving counsel from my viewpoint 40+ years later, but also – perhaps more – to listen to that young man’s musing, dreaming, wishing, wondering, hoping.”

    Finally (for now!), all this said, I trust Jesus, too.

    Much love and peace and power in believing!

    • Hi Paul! Thank you for this insightful reflection. I love that saying. You’re right he definitely must laugh when he hears our plans! Amen to that. We just have to trust and remember whose hands we’re in. Hugs and love xox

  51. There is indeed a plan, and His is ALWAYS better than ours even when we can’t see it. I totally agree with you – the ‘woulda/coulda/shoulda’ is a very dangerous game indeed, but look how it has led you back to the Lord. Stay focused on Him. God bless you xxxx

    • Hi Lou! Thank you for this wonderful encouragement. You’re right-his plan is ALWAYS better than any we could ever imagine. Thanks for reading! Hugs and love xox

  52. I’m so glad you heard what you needed to hear to pull out of that funk! I know you hope to have a long marriage as I do, someday, and I know you will.

    Imagine how I felt in front of my TV, watching Tom Hanks get his lifetime achievement award at the Kennedy Center. It was depressing. But if I’d had that, I wouldn’t have my Joobie and girls. Sometimes this just takes a while to play out.

    And isn’t it odd; you in your youth have a hard time dealing with it because you are anxious. You don’t have the perspective of age. Here I am in my age, having a hard time reminding myself of the perspective I should have!

    You are always a good read and elicit good reflections! Thank you!

  53. So funny, yet so serious. The perfect blogging match! If it’s any consolation, I think a lot of us go ‘Seriously God, are you pranking me right now???’ at (really frequent lol) stages throughout our years (or day). But you’re right. Sitting back and going ‘OK Jesus, I know you’ve got this’ is the answer. Often followed by ‘But imma going to swear for a bit right now, k?’

    • Thank you so much Eva. I really appreciate your kind words 🙂 haha that’s such a perfect description of convos I have with God all the time! thanks for stopping by! hugs and love xox

  54. Awwww hugs and laughs with this one ….yep …I said it before …we’re ALL a work in progress … and yep …just when we start going down that negative path …CHIIING ….and we’re OK again:):):):):):)

  55. Good plan. God knows us better than we know ourselves. We start by being open, receptive, willing to know and live God’s plan for our lives. Then, trusting in him to reveal all that! And he does. We learn PATIENCE along the way. Big time. I know. ((((hugs)))))

    • Thanks Nelson! You’re so right-He knows His children so well! And oh my gosh patience is something I have to work on for sure. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  56. This is beautiful and I can totally relate. I wanted to graduate from college at 21 and have kids at a younger age. I used to feel left behind as I watched my friends and acquaintances get engaged, married, and have kids… And here I am nearly 30… I have learned to realize that everything is happening the way it is supposed to and it will happen when the time is right! xoxoxo

  57. I used to worry a lot. Made plans like I was going to live a long time. But realized I didn’t know when I’ll go. Now I live in the “now”. Showered by His grace and love. Hope I’m making sense. 💕

  58. It’s so true, we can plan and plan and plan all we want but God is the best of planners. Sometimes He takes everyone and everything out of our lives so that we can focus on Him. I hope that all of your prayers are answered and you get to exactly where you want to be =).

  59. Thanks for sharing this! Reminds me of the following passage:

    James 4: 13 Pay attention to this! You’re saying, “Today or tomorrow we will go into some city, stay there a year, conduct business, and make money.” 14 You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. What is life? You are a mist that is seen for a moment and then disappears. 15 Instead, you should say, “If the Lord wants us to, we will live and carry out our plans.”

    It appeals to me, though I (and many others) have difficulty saying this from my heart and to truly trust Jesus.

  60. Nice done. Life-wise I’m in a very similar space (hmmm…might be one reason why I followed you 🙂 !) Life as I expected it…yeah, not so much. Divorce, loss of daughter, career topping-out, faith struggles, aging…ugh.

    Going through my divorce, I hung onto Jeremiah. That hope was somewhat tainted by a minister who preached on how that was specific to the Jews at a particular time in history. I’m not sure I agree with him, but that’s still yet another part of my journey, figuring out how I relate to God through my own life and filter, and not through the dogma of the centuries…or the past decades of political christianity (not capitalized on purpose).

    As if you weren’t aware of it, in a sense you have hundreds of children. They didn’t, fortunately, come from a womb 😀 They were born through your heart and mind, are the followers who hear your thoughts, your struggles, your faith, and use it to move their own lives along. You don’t see them, you don’t touch them physically, but you do impact them.

    You are (through the distance of the electrons) a bright, beautiful, giving soul. Remember that. Keep skipping forward –lighthearted, joyful, shining — and by grace may God show you the blessings that are unexpected but a result of what you have been through.


    • Hi Jeff, thank you so much for sharing this. I’m sorry you’ve had to endure those things. Sending you a big hug through the computer. That’s such a beautiful and powerful perspective to have. And thanks for this encouragement too. It has really touched my heart this morning. Grateful for you, friend. Hugs and love xox

  61. Awesome post! It’s funny that I’ve been thinking some of those same things about my life (the should have’s and might have been’s), thinking that maybe my life really wasn’t all that great. I try to keep a positive outlook and trust in Jesus, but it’s always great to see it confirmed!! Thanks for that! 🙂

  62. That is just one tweet of his, most of his tweets are utter rubbish, and quite a few are actually false teaching.

    Your so called pope is a Jesuit, and a liar..

    May I suggest that you put your faith in Jesus Christ, rather than what the so called pope says..Math 23v9 KJV

    You need to leave that catholic cult, and get saved, ask the Lord Jesus Christ into your life..
    I know my comment is not 100% relevant to your post..hope you will excuse that ?


    • Hello friend. I can sense the anger in your post. I’m sorry that you feel that way. I absolutely love my faith and have grown so much in my relationship with Jesus. He is the One I follow. I have asked Him into my life and am saved. Since I was 7. The pope, as with all humans, is merely that-human. Fallen people. I do not worship the pope, but am inspired by his faith in Jesus. He is not claiming to be God or Jesus, he is simply pointing the way to Jesus. Shepherding people to Christ, just as any pastor or preacher does. The Pope just has a slightly larger platform. Anywho, I hope I don’t sound negative, I truly am not intending to. I’m just standing up for my faith. I have never and will never impose what I believe on anyone else-I respect all faiths and religions and beliefs no matter what, as I think I have demonstrated. I am just here to encourage and offer hope to others. Again, thank you for sharing your perspective. But I will stand up for myself. God bless you. Hugs

      • He is NOT pointing the way to Jesus at all, not in any way.
        He may have made some tweets, that sound Christian, but this is very rare indeed.

        I am frankly bored with catholics, falsely accusing me of being angry, or a hater, when I contradict their dogmas,so called doctrines, etc…
        I do not hate any catholics,and I am certainly not angry.

        that Jesuit in the vatican is deceiving you Mister/Missus..and I really would encourage you to get hold of a Bible somewhere, a KJV, and read for yourself..
        You will find that catholic dogma is not found in Scripture.

        I have tried to tell you, up to you what you do.

        I am genuinely trying to help you.
        I gave up on subtlety a month or two ago.

      • I do, friend. Thanks:) it’s my favorite book! ❤️❤️❤️🙏 and you’re right-faith is not about feelings. So true! I wrote a post about that-mountain top feeling if you feel like reading it:) sending you a big hug xox

  63. A firm belief in God’s declaration of, “I know my thoughts for you…” is all one needs to be rest assured in Jesus; and there’s no wonder why you are BeautyBeyondBones. God’s word is the best place to hang all one’s hopes. The God who took care of His child on six occasions, anorexia inclusive, will definitely not abandon his child on the seventh occasion. This post is so inspirational. I have no choice but to love you and your work. Keep the faith flying higher and higher. Amen.

    • Thank you so much for this beautiful reflection. Amen to that – dwelling in His word brings so much comfort and peace. I just want you to know how much your support and encouragement and kindness mean to me, H.O. You are a blessing. Hugs and love to you friend xox

  64. Awesome blog. It truly is amazing how at times we can be so down, and suddenly it becomes to clear. And, it is as simple as turning our will and life over to the care of God. Thank you!!

  65. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this post (and all of your posts really). It really is amazing how God can use anything-even Twitter-to be bring us hope and peace when we need it most. And now I know that Pope Francis has a twitter so that makes me insanely happy, ha ha:)

  66. Thank you for posting this! I can relate in so many ways (though at 18, I still want ten kids! 🙂 The crazy life has always been mine…might as well keep it that way.) yet in others, it would be grossly underestimating the things that you have endured to say that I understand. Trusting Jesus is a struggle that I never expected when I became a Christian. In a way, once you do trust him, it’s a new kind of freedom.

    Actually, your post has sparked memories of my own experiences…I would like to write a similar post, if you don’t mind. 🙂 God showed me a lot this year – the biggest lesson being that His plays are ALWAYS the best plans.

    Your honesty and sweet way of sharing lessons is a huge blessing to those who read your blog. 🙂

    • Hi friend! Thank you so much for sharing this. Amen to that — there is SUCH freedom when we trust Him. Absolutely! I would love to read your words! Thanks for your kindness. hugs an love xox

  67. Hey I just wanted to give you credit, I really enjoy how you put these together, so I augmented my little baby blog in the same way. Thank you for your inspiration keep up the good work

  68. I look forward to reading your posts!! Always so insightful, and fun. Loved today’s post…..thought about one of my daughters while I was reading it, and interestingly, I was telling her about your blogs the other day. Is that God or what??!!. So will have her read this blog…may be just what she needs to hear from someone besides her mother! Hugs!!

    • Hi Suzanne! Aw, thank you so much! Wow — That is so awesome…thank you for sharing it with her! I am seriously so honored:) sending you and your daughter a big hug! xox

  69. Hi I’m glad you find peace in this. I’m not a religious person but live by what will be will be which i guess is similar. Xx

  70. girl, i so relate to this. a few years ago, this was me. 26 single and in a dead end job. i was a good christian girl, and so waited till marriage. it was hard, waiting for my hubby, but God has made the wait worth it. i just had to keep trusting God, and whether or not i got married, i had to keep following Him. my faith doesnt depend on my marital status. keep following God girl, and He will provide. and thanks for liking my blog!

    • Thank you so much for this encouragement Jenny. I really appreciate your kind words. You’re so right- He will absolutely provide. So glad the wait was worth it! Hugs and love xox

  71. I got married at age 34 and frankly enjoyed my life very much before that time so was totally ready and never felt like it would not happen. Enjoy the things you like to do right now in your life and you will meet someone when you are content and not seeking. You are a completely different person in your twenties than you are in early thirties so just relax, don’t put such pressure on yourself and you will find someone when you are least expecting! You have to be happy with yourself before you can be truly happy with someone. You sound like a very special person! I wish you success with your health. My 19 year old niece struggles with anorexia and it is one of the most difficult illnesses to cure! Stay strong! xxo

  72. I’m new to blogging, but I love your writing voice! It’s adorable and quirky. In the least creepy way possible…… I think I’m going to follow you.

  73. What more can I say, this is a great blog with great followers and great sense of humor to go with, like an escaping star, you run through the mind of many, leaving a touch light on each heart saying, God is good. This is very very very interesting…!

  74. You are a woman of beauty. I value your writing style and applaud you for sharing your vulnerability. I’m also a fan of Pope Francis, Papa Frank. We’re supposed to call God “Abba”, “Daddy”, Pope Francis’ tender heart shows us the way.

  75. Be still and know…God has something so abundantly, and exceedingly more than you could ever hope for or even dare imagine!! How awesome is that??
    It’s when we can surrender ever aspect of our lives- He does the un imaginable.

  76. JMJ
    And to assist you in trusting in Jesus, you can get some extra help from our Most Blessed Mother. Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary… this helps you to give yourself over entrusting your very life, your prayers to Mary and distributing the prayers and leading your life on a true path of holiness. Read more about it to see if it is for you Fr. Michael Gaitley has written an updated version of St. Louis deMontfort’s Consecration to Mary, his version is called “33 Days to Morning Glory.”

  77. Beebs, you’re a tremendous story-teller. You have a gift for that. Oh, nice collar on that last pic. Very beautiful. Very colorful. Mexican? The Peruvians do some pretty nice haniwork like that, too.

    • Hi Dan! Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the storytelling! Haha — it’s just urban outfitters! Haha I wish it was authentic! Hope you’re having a great week. Hugs and love xox

  78. God is amazing!!!! before i read this post, i was feeling really down thinking about my future, how my life is going to be like, insecurities and fear setting in…. but your post just made me feel better. thank you soooo much