Scam Alert

Welp, I got scammed.


They say a sucker’s born every minute, and well, that sucker…was me.


*Sigh* I am not proud of this. But alas, here goes…

Ever since my mom’s stroke, I’ve always thought that it would be a good idea to get a dog. A little source of positivity running around at our feet. A little therapeutic nugget for my mom to nurture and take care of.

So I did what any good millennial would do — and shopped for one on the internet.

And let me tell you — I found the cutest teacup poodle. Yes, teacup poodle…as in, it fits…in a teacup. It only gets to be about 3 pounds. More squeak toy than ferocious fido, but the perfect little bundle of canine joy.


I was in contact with the seller. Made travel arrangements. They had a beautiful website. I had read the reviews, seen multiple photos of this dog, talked to the guy on the phone. Even had a tracking number for little Gabanna’s flight.

Complete. Scam. 

And as if the humiliation of my stupidity wasn’t bad enough…I had already paid. In full.  In cash.

If you hear that, it’s the sound of my stomach dropping and splattering on the floor. That and the shattering of my dignity.


The company was called “NewLife Poodles” — so just a heads up if you’re in the market for a glorified hamster. Beware.

But as I was putting away the dog crate and chew toys, and returning the puppy food and leash to the pet store, I couldn’t help but reflect back on the lesson I learned here.

And I’m not simply referring to the fact that one should not buy a dog on the internet.

[[ I know that now…]]

Driving around, feeling really bummed out, having gotten my hopes up about this dog, I just couldn’t stop thinking about one thing — what type of person would make a living lying to people about puppies??


I mean, how does that person sleep at night? How can that person look in the mirror, knowing that they’re just blatantly taking advantage of people’s hearts and wallets.

What do they do, wake up and think, Who’s the sucker gonna be today?


And after a quick little stint of being angry, I began to feel sorry for that man.

And, maybe I should’ve been a little more angry, but really, my heart just broke for that man, thinking…how did he get there? How did things get so bad that he had to resort to being a con artist, scamming innocent people about puppies, no less.

It’s a sad, sad thing.

Thinking about it more, I realized that I’m passing all this judgment on this man, and the fact is, I am really no “better” than this con artist.

Granted, I might not be scamming people on puppies, but I’m guilty of my fair share of horrible things too.

How many times have I thought a judgmental though about someone? Lost my patience or had a quick temper? How many times have I been passive aggressive or said something hurtful, that I knew would hit in a particularly sore spot.

The answer? More than I’d like to admit.

I mean, look at the manipulation and lying and hurtful words I spewed during my anorexia.

I am no better than that puppy scammer.

Who’s to say that the crap I’ve done in my life is any “better” or any “worse” in God’s eyes.

I think it’s really timely that this came to a head on Easter weekend.

Because the fact is, Jesus took on it all.

The puppy scammers, and bedroom door slammers, the gossip slanders. Everything.

In the grand scheme of things…it’s just a dog.

Sure it makes me mad, and it’s unfortunate, but I’ve got to just keep things in perspective: no one had a stroke. No one died.

And even though I want to rip that guy a new one, I know that what I should do is pray for that man.

I’m not there yet…

But, if Jesus can die on the cross for those who put him there, then I can let this go.

Perspective, Caralyn. Perspective.

[And yes, I did report it to the Better Business Bureau.]

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360 thoughts on “Scam Alert

  1. There might be a difference between sinning and knowing you’re sinning. On this, everyone might be different. A twisted upbringing, life experiences and personal choices under pressure can create a twisted sense of right and wrong. And maybe some people are just born with defective or weak moral centers in the brain. Who knows?

    So I agree, only God can judge. At the same time, we need opinions. We can’t just let everyone do whatever they want. An age old tension between not judging and keeping individuals protected and society running…

    I really like your new banner btw. Ironically reminds me a bit of the cinematography in the movie Taxi Driver. Be careful out there in the big city! 🙂

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  2. Wow BBB,

    We are in those times alright. However, your last inforgraphic said it all. A tree let’s those dead things drop. Why am I holding on to dead things God is removing, right?

    In Christ,


    On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 4:01 PM BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “Welp, I got scammed. Swindled. They say a > sucker’s born every minute, and well, that sucker…was me. *Sigh* I am not > proud of this. But alas, here goes… Ever since my mom’s stroke, I’ve > always thought that it would be a good idea to get a dog. A ” >


      1. Hi Gary! I met her! I am so touched that you would pass along my blog to your class. THANK YOU! I wish I would’ve had you as a teacher when I was in school! 🙂 Have a great night! hugs x


  3. Liking this new look you got going on (I’m talking about your blog), I haven’t been here in a while. It’s good stuff.


      1. I like the new avatar picture too. Very beautiful, and way less inconspicuous. Lol! 🤣


  4. Exactly – But we as humans are born into sin and sin will always be present until the end when God removes it all. What matters is what we do with that sin and how we handle the entire situation. A sin – is a sin – is a sin from what I was taught.

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  5. I’m sorry to hear that you got scammed by an unscrupulous petstore owner or some one passing as one. Please go to your local ASPCA for a pet. They may not be the type of dog to want but they need a home too. Good luck and God bless you.

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  6. Easy up yourself, you a little too trusting, con artist like this one become experts at tricking anybody they can
    It is sad that we have to learn the hard way, even I have been tricked in the past and willing sent cash by Western Union to Africa!
    Then found out the check was worthless and ended up with a empty bank account and overdrawn – double whammy


  7. Dear One, Yes–the ‘never give cash’ thing is the key. My friend told me that another sophisticated scam involved Craigslist and google earth. The scammer created a house out of thin air (but it was a real house too). They used a picture of the house from google earth, then added a fake interior on the listing and got about 7 people for thousands of dollars each as a vacation rental…. The saddest story involved 7 people loaded in a car for a 40th birthday surprise—the bday girl blindfolded as they pulled up only to see a big sign that said “Attn Craigslist Scam….this house is not a rental…” Blessings on your ‘recovery’. Be well, Michael


  8. Don’t feel bad, I, too, was scammed. You’d be surprised by the levels of scamming in our world. Sometimes they’re masked with pretty words and the scam isn’t revealed until much later. Sounds like your puppy scam was a painful lesson to the pocket, but you’ve done well to turn it into a lesson of great value for yourself and otehrs, @beautybeyondbones! The dead leaves dropped and new sprouts have formed! Nice post! ~Nisti K


  9. I’m sorry to hear this….although having looked at the webpage I have to say there’s nothing that would raise a big red flag. But still, a hassle you didnt need 😦

    I hope you find a lovely little guy at the local shelter 😀


  10. I’m so sorry that happened. But, for me it’s rescue only. No one should breed or buy while so many shelter animals die. Just my opinion as an animal rescue person. Peace.


      1. My parents did the breeder thing and the poor baby only lived for 3 years due to a genetic issue. Found out others in the litter ended up the same way. If you want a specific breed, there are breed specific rescues out there. Good luck in your journey. ❤


  11. Wow! What a rollercoaster of emotions! I’m so sorry for your tremendous disappointment and heartache. I know the feeling of chagrin (mixed with a bit of shame) that accompanies the realization of having been scammed. I’ll never forget the time I was living in DC, and this very nice, very charming woman talked me right out of all the money in my wallet on the National Mall. Even at the time, I thought that her story was far-fetched, but she spun a good tale, and she seemed to be in such need. In retrospect, when I recollected my senses, I couldn’t believe my stupidity! Ugh! But, whenever I think of this event, I try to tell myself that it’s better to make mistakes of trusting people and being charitable in thought and action than the opposite. Only God knows the whole story.

    It’s ok to be angry at the guy who scammed you. After all, God created anger just like he created the rest of our emotions. You’re still choosing to forgive him, which is more of a conscious choice than a feeling, and that’s the important thing. I once heard a priest say that when we are still embroiled in our pain or stuck in the thick of whatever the negative situation is, and it is too difficult to pray for those who hurt us (or sometimes, it is too hard to pray for our neighbors, or ourselves when we are overwhelmed), we can ask the Holy Mother, our guardian angel, and the saints to pray for those people for us. We can also pray for ourselves (and ask our heavenly intercessors to pray for us) that we might have the capacity to pray for those others.

    Thank you for another brave post. Happy Easter, Caralyn! (P.S. I hope that you find an even more perfect pup for your family!)


    1. Thanks Lulu. Yeah it was a really crummy situation to say the least. Yes! There is power in prayer! Thanks so much for your encouragement, Lulu. Hope you had a great Easter as well! Hugs and love xox


  12. Love your enemies. Pray for those who spitefully use you. I think we all know that’s a beautiful ethic, in theory. But when you’re the one spitefully used, it’s hard to do. I love how you came around to empathizing with him, stopped yourself from judging him, AND reported him to BBB. You can love someone without letting them get away with it. Great job.


  13. So sorry to hear about this — I hope you don’t give up your plans to get a dog completely!

    It might not be worth the effort to you, but since the BBB is a private business that has no regulatory power, consider filing a complaint with your state’s attorney general, consumer protection division. I filed against an Arkansas company (though I’m in Canada) and they actually did pressure the company to return the money.


    1. Thanks Monica. Yaeah, it was a pretty crummy turn of events. Oh really!! I had no idea that the BBB couldn’t really do anything. Hmmm, I’ll definitely look into taking more severe measures. thanks for the heads up! big hugs xox


  14. You know, certain functions have imaginary zeroes or roots. Possibly your glorified hamster exists in some other parallel universe but not in this one. Good thing you did not get upset about this whole ordeal. In the mathematics, a simple answer is, when certain zeroes are complex numbers (as of the imaginarial nature), no solution. But, reality is what reality is. Sometimes imaginary solutions are real solutions to people with good imaginations. Comedy would never be comedy without travesty. Refinement would never be refinement with suffering, albeit intense. Life would never be life without death (as, disappointment, death to an idea or venture.) The measure of life only becomes relevant in the possibility of death. Thus, risk being real, entails a dichotomy of life/death case scenario. I don’t really know what I’m saying here, and there is really no need to say it other than you seemed to be apologizing for some of your wrongs, which would show a sense of humility. In that case, congratulations. If it is not the case, then I take back my congratulations, as you well know I would. I don’t give freebees, and I don’t ever intend to give to another more than deserved, or less for that matter.


  15. I’m sorry you got scammed. I also almost did with the puppy thing. It was the attitude that tipped me off. They were pushy and impatient. I think it’s okay to be mad about the injustice of that. I like what you are doing with your blog. It looks nice. BTW, do you have a post on anorexia and how you overcame it? I know a couple people who have that. One is about 13 years old. So young. I don’t want to trigger you, not sure this would and I don’t mean to focus on your appearance. But you look great. Do you watch your weight anymore or just focus on other aspects of life? I still struggle with my body image a lot and when I feel insecure I want to go on a diet.


    1. Thanks, yeah it was a pretty crummy turn of events! and thank you for saying that. i’m sorry you know some people who are going through that. i really just try to focus on being healthy and loving life and seeing myself through God’s eyes. I do have a lot of posts about that — I guess How Did I Recover is a good one. And Body Positivity Week??? is another one that talks about it, as well as The Truth About Bloating in Recovery. Those are all good ones on that topic, and you can just type the title into the search bar on the side 🙂 thanks so much and I”ll definitely keep them in my prayers. big hugs xx

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  16. I agree with feeling sorry for that scammer, but not your self-degredation. Every human being is valuable, but your conduct is vastly superior to that of a con artist.


  17. I imagine that if you get into his head, you would find an elaborate systems of justifications for what he is doing to extract money from people. As you suggested, we all do this (act first, rationalize later), but just on a minor degree. Are you more sorry for the lost hope of a pet, embarrassment, or the cash?


  18. That’s so awful! Hate when people scam others, especially good hearted people who could really use a pick me up!!!


  19. Im glad you are doing your part to spread awareness! Im also glad you aren’t calling for the townsfolk to grab their pitchforks. I love the compassion you showed for this man despite his thievery. That’s Jesus working in you. It’s beautiful!


  20. What a beautiful perspective. Having compassion and empathy is the more noble choice…it is the choice that not only heals you, but also heals the other person. People only act in “bad” or “negative” ways because they are unwittingly repeating the past abuse they received. Through your compassion, you break the cycle of abuse.
    Thank you for sharing your words, dear one:) xo


  21. sorry that happened to you. you were just too trusting. we all wake up to the evil that is in this world in different ways.

    next time, arrange to see the puppy before you purchase. stay local.

    stop beating yourself up over this. you are wiser now. at least there was no real puppy harmed by this scam.


  22. You’ve probably already heard this a million times, but have you considered a trip to a animal shelter? I’m not gonna get all preachy about it – I just think that, hey, if you’ve got the toys and bowls and everything else…why not have a look?


      1. I don’t think your naivete is a downfall. It is simply your big open heart. Treasure it. Embrace it as part of your Divinity.

        Having a trusting open loving heart is the basis for being a spiritual leader. The world desperately needs open hearts like yours right now, so we look to you for guidance as we evolve into the kind of world where there is no need to question anyone’s authenticity.

        If you/we can imagine a better world, then a better world is coming.

        Keep being amazing, lovely! xo


  23. Sorry you were scammed. The person who scammed you may have been a sociopath and / or narcissist. People are of different soul groups. The person who scammed you was probably a young soul, many opportunists and people with no morals amongst this group. Mature and old soul groups have higher moral standards. The higher one travels (if reincarnation is a factor) the choice are wider but the only appealing one is Love. My teacher Bhante was fond of saying that for every person who loves they nullify the hate (and divisiveness) in ten other people.


  24. I am so sorry to read this. I got scammed once too, not that bad, but I spent 120 euros on a fake mcm suitcase. I thought I was the best bargain hunter and then I spent a lot of money on a piece of fake trash. It happens to all of us. We are all human


  25. Wow! That lesson went full circle. Good for you. I honestly don’t think I would be so calm. I’m still learning my lessons, even though I write about some things I’ve overcome, that’s something that is hard. I hate for people to be ripped off and taken advantage of. You have a food heart.

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  26. Sorry you were taken for a ride! It is normal and ok to feel the emotions we’ve been blessed to feel. I admire you took it a step deeper and wondered how they got to that point. It’s a wonderful thing to ask because except for the grace of God there goes I. The only thing separating us from being like ‘them’ is nothing. We are them except for the transformative work of Jesus Christ. In salvation we take on ‘the mind of Christ’ and transform our minds by the renewing with the word of God. And even in that, in this skin suit, we’re still prone to fits of gossip, jealousy, ignorance.

    I’m glad you posted this and I had time to read it. I actually had an incident this weekend in which I said I didn’t really care for a person, and suddenly, God is in my business (hahahaha) asking me why I have it in for that person, challenging me to look at myself. A part of me had to admit I thought that person had it easy and they were a bit ‘extra’. Only the Lord asked me ‘why shouldn’t they be?’ I made you uniquely only you hide it. Ugh. I didn’t like it.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Yaaayyy the BBB!
    (That’s the Better Business Bureau).
    Ahhh what the Hey… Yaaayyyy for you too 🙂
    Nice post, you might not be ‘there’ yet, but i reckon your heart is pretty much in the right place!
    (Just left of upper middle centre – no? 😀 )


    Liked by 1 person

      1. No Worries 🙂

        Oh – i forgot to say before… I’ve been around kwiiiite a while now and have met many, many people and i can say without a shadow of a doubt: You are way, WAY better than a puppy scammer – trust me 😉

        That was a pretty darn low thing to do and i’m thinking it was not the first time either.. Just loooooow. 😦



  28. Hey new person. I think if there’s anything to learn from this it’s not about who you are or who this guy is or even contacting a breeder online. There are plenty of reputable breeders available online for all kinds of pets. (I got a puppy that way as a kid). Personally I wouldn’t recommend it because no matter how reputable the breeder is, if you’re doing a through the mail situation you don’t get to see the animal’s personality before you buy and with a breed like a poodle that’s actually pretty important. Tea cup versions of anything tend to have more health problems too, so that’s something you really want to research. But more than that buying anything legal in cash or being asked to do that is a sign of scam…You want an electronic trace for a purchase like this. Also, I wish more people knew this at this point…The Better Business Bureau is full of crap. They have no government ties. They are a for profit company that rates businesses based not on customer satisfaction…but the money they pay for in membership. Businesses that do not pay for a membership, automatically get a low rating. Conversely, ones that do have a level of protection from customer complaints. So it’s really just luck of the draw. If the scam artist you’re dealing with paid for a membership…chances are your complaints wouldn’t show for long.

    (This here is a much better bet with a case like this…since a law has actually been broken.)…because if the guy who scammed you did actually pay for a BBB membership, he would likely be safe until it could be proven he broke the law.


  29. Wow, this post is so open and life changing. When I read tis post ‘Jesus friend of sinners’ by casting crowns came to my mind. That song really changed my life. What others do to you doesn’t count because it all comes down to how you take it. But when you do something to yourself, that’s bad. Jesus taught us something. To lend out a hand that is willing receive and forgive. Not a hand that is going to put the hammer down and judge. I’m no saint. I have found myself judging others all the time. But there is always room for a change in the way we live. We often forget that we are in different shoes. Who knows what decisions we would make if we were put in somebody else’s shoes. Pray and forgive is what we are supposed to do. Let us leave the judging to the one who loves most and knows it all. This really was an eye opener. Your view of this situation encourages me to be a better Christian.Thank you so much and God bless you. . .


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