Words from A Wise Woman…

This post, is from my mom.

The day after I returned to NYC, I woke up to find this beautiful letter from my mom waiting for me in my inbox.

She asked me to put in on the blog.

And I’m going to be honest, I’m getting anxiety hives thinking about pressing “publish” because…I don’t like writing positive things about myself. But I’m fulfilling the wishes of my mother.

So without further ado….



“Well,this is it. This is the time I’ve been waiting for.

Time to say thanks to my biggest helper and supporter during the last 5 months since my stroke.

Now that you’re back to your life in NYC, it’s time to thank you: Caralyn!

My life has CHANGED! Since my stroke on Dec. 27th, I’ve had to learn how to talk, follow conversation, and ask questions. It’s been hard.

But I have to say, that you, Caralyn have been the most significant helper, loving helper, cheerful and goofy helper, and Christ-Centered helper that I could have been blessed with. 

So over the past five months, not only has MY life changed, but YOUR life changed, Caralyn. Especially you. When I had my stroke, you were home for Christmas. We were all out having dinner with friends when it happened. You were right by my side that night and from then on. You gave up your job, moved home and cared for your confused mom.

Everyday, you put a smile on your face and led me out the door to workout. You let me drive everywhere, to get used to….everything! You made delicious meals, made sure we had the ingredients to make everything. You had questions that you’d thought about, which you’d ask me on our daily walks, to get me talking about things that I held important. Your character is what I will always remember about these past five months. It’s remarkable. And appreciated. 

You’re always positive! Always purposeful!

You spent many evenings with me as I sat on the couch, not being able to say much. But having you there made things joyful. 

You know, I think you’re beautiful. And I hope you know how grateful I am. Saying “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough! 

But :

Thanks for helping me get my speech back.

Thanks for making the meals and cleaning the kitchen.

Thanks for doing the grocery shopping.

Thanks for taking me to all my speech therapy appointments.

Thanks for going clothes shopping with me.

Thanks for taking walks with me and working out.

Thanks for spending long hours and doing nothing with me.

And mostly, thanks for just being you. God is amazing how he’s given us this incredible time to grow together in appreciation of health, well being, speech, but most of all, in appreciation of each other.

This has been an incredible journey that I’ve shared with my best friend; you. Thanks for being here, and being you, Care. I love you. 


Mom, thank you. I wish I could put into words the depth of love I have for you in my heart. You are my mom and my best friend and I thank God for you every day.

Reading this, I don’t feel I deserve these glowing words, as I was only doing what you have done for me every day of my life.

This chapter is not closing. It is no where near “finished.” And if I’m being really honest, I’d say that it is, in fact, only just beginning.


God has a way of using the pain and trials of our lives, and using them for good. Transforming the hurt into something beautiful. Something healing. Something that can be given away to others.

And I am waiting with baited breath to see how God will use this in your life. Because you’ve never been afraid to give. That’s one of the most beautiful things about you.


We are never stagnant. Never sinking, but always growing. Evolving. Progressing. Some seasons, that growth is more obvious than others. But for you, it has been contagious.

As you’ve healed, that peace and strength has permeated everyone around you, myself included.

You are the catalyst. You are the change agent.

It is the Spirit in you.

Your stroke may have changed some things, but in my eyes, the only thing it has changed is it has heightened your power to move people. Resonate Christ’s love within their hearts.

You shine now, more than ever.

I love you, mom.

Shine on, mama. Shine on.

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375 responses to “Words from A Wise Woman…”

  1. Praise be to God. He is indeed the Great Physician. You have not only honored and nurses your mom in her time of need but you have brought great honor to our Father. I’m proud of you! Pax! Hugs.

    • thank you so much 🙂 I really appreciate it. Yeah, God has definitely moved in my life during this season, and I am very grateful for that. thanks for stopping by. big hugs x

  2. It’s always been my opinion that the words others say about someone carries a certain clout. You are a true example of love and compassion and honoring your mother is a grace I can only imagine doing.
    God bless you. 🙂

    • thank you so much. I was absolutely blown away by the generosity in her letter. I am humbled and touched. Thank you for your kind words. i am smiling from ear to ear. god is good! hugs xox

      • Truly He is…
        Not to take away from the beauty of your post, but I am feeling my own peace from an experience I had this weekend…
        …I think I finally know what I must do.
        And I am thankful for following your blog.

      • oh good! i’m so glad that you’re feeling at peace and that you had a great weekend. that brings my heart so much joy!! 🙂 thanks again for stopping by! bigbigbig hugs xox

    • awww thank you so much! i’m so glad this resonated with you!! 🙂 Yeah, i cried when i read her letter too. she’s a gem 🙂 thanks for stopping by. big hugs xox

  3. Your momma raised a strong woman. Be proud, and give yourself the pat on the back you deserve! Strong women must run in your family!
    Give your mom my best wishes!

    Love from Calgary, Canada!

  4. You post brought tears. Sometimes it is hard to hear someone praise us or say thank you. I am a Disaster Relief Volunteer trained in Mass Feeding. I find it hard when others say thank you fro coming to help. All the glory goes to Jesus.

    • oh my gosh, thank you so much! i’m so glad that this resonated with your spirit. wow, what a powerful job you have. that is some truly important work 🙂 amen – to Him be the glory! hugs xox

  5. Caralyn, while reading your Mom’s note, it is obvious her love for you, and love for Jesus Christ, was a great example that you followed, because your love for Jesus, and for your Mom is also obviously obvious.
    I praise Jesus for His touch on your Mom, as she is progressing so well. During these five months, I am sure that each of you, as well as your Dad, have grown closer to our Lord Jesus, as well as closer to each other if that was possible.
    While reading the entire post, for some reason my eyes got some water within them, and our roof was not leaking, so I reckon my eyes themselves sprung a small leak.
    Thank you Caralyn for sharing yourself and your family. Seeing Jesus Christ work in lives, and when what He is doing is known and shared, it is so exciting.
    God’s Continuing Blessings to each of you Caralyn, and continuing Healing for your Mom.

    • thank you so much George, gosh this is such an amazing response. thank you with all my heart. Yes! the three of us — and my whole family — have really grown in our walk together and with Jesus. that is one thing that was a silver lining for sure. haha, i’m glad your roof isn’t leaking 😉 but seriously, thank you for sharing in this moment with me. you’re a great friend, and i am grateful for you! sending hugs xo

  6. Your Mom’s message gives great insight into your character. May she continue to be both blessed and a blessing. You make me smile. I still wish I had a fourth son…

    • Thank you Wayne. I am so touched by your words. I really appreciate your continued prayers and support. You make ME smile!! 🙂 haha thanks for stopping by 🙂 sending big hugs! xoxo

  7. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story of enduring love and hope. This is such an endearing story, and my heart is warmed to have been able to witness and experience this through this piece.

  8. Hi Pastor! I had a feeling that your Mom was awesome like you! Say hi to her for me! Your family is in my prayers! This writing is a wonderful affirmation! Prepare your congregation to bring the tissues for this message! You and your Mom are so inspirational! Thank you both!

    • Hey there Rick! Thanks so much 🙂 haha yeah, my mom is such an amazing woman – I look up to her so much. Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement. You never cease to bring a smile to my face! Hope your week is off to a great start! Hugs xox

  9. Two beautiful tributes in the same post, both wonderful to read.

    My own mother has been losing her struggle with dementia, so it is heartening to read of a mother having both the ability and the desire to express her love and appreciation.

  10. I know you’ve had some internal struggles thinking about leaving your Mom to return to NY. This would affirm you and your decision and leave you walking on air this week.

  11. You are indeed fortunate in your mother. I know from experience how uplifting it is to be the gateway through which God heals another – but it’s a two-way street that requires a receptive partner. Your mother’s affirmation of you is a lesson to us all: we do not need to move mountains. We need only to serve the moment that we are in. That includes accepting the love that others bring to us.

    • wow – I am so humbled and touched by your generous words, truly. thank you. All I know is that I look up to my mom in every possible way 🙂 thanks for stopping by and i hope your week is off to a great start! hugs xo

  12. I have huge tears running down my cheeks. As an outsider reading that precious letter I see so much love, affection and gratitude. You are both blessed beyond measure to have each other. You both reflect the love of Christ. I feel privileged to have been able to read those personal statements. Print them, keep them close and remember what a blessing you are to each other. <3

    • oh my gosh, thank you so much! i’m sorry this made you shed a tear! thank you for your generous words – yes, I definitely will always remember the blessing that she is 🙂 hugs x

  13. I see where you get your style of writing from. You have been a blessing to her, now graciously accept her blessing to you. You truly are that reflection of The Father! Thank you for sharing!

    • Aw, thank you Pastor Randy! I am humbled by your kind words. God is good, and I am so grateful for all He has done for my family and I. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! hugs

  14. I know it means so much to your Mother that you shared her letter, letting her words of Thanks to you be heard. We parents love to tell others about the wonderful things our children do. Though it was difficult, it was wonderful that you did.

    • Thank you so much. Yeah, I know that God has something good in store for her, and I cannot wait to see what it is. thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! God is good! 🙂 hugs xo

  15. First of all, you exactly like your Mom, it’s really amazing!
    Anyway, I remembered this line we have in Filipino: “Kahit tadtarin mo ang sarili mo ng pinung-pino, hindi sapat para makabayad ka ng utang mo sa magulang mo” (translation: Even if you chop yourself into fine pieces, it’s never enough for you to pay your debt to your parents)
    No matter what we do to our parents, it will never be enough for us to give them back whatever they have done for us, all the sacrifices, all the hardships…
    but this is what we hope for:
    Ephesians 6:1-3King James Version (KJV)

    6 Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

    2 Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;

    3 That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

    God bless you and your family~

  16. You both brought tears to my eyes, the deep sense of Love, gratitude and the calling to a higher purpose is inspirational. Many blessings to you both, Rachael xx

  17. Beautiful letter and a beautiful blog. You obviously had much to do with her recuperation. Glad to hear she’s doing better. Your writing touches people because of its openness and honesty. Always a great read. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Your mom’s words brought tears to my eyes. As a person who tries to help others I greatly appreciate her gratitude. Continue to let God use you. Smile 🙂

  19. Glad you hit “publish.” What a beautiful letter. Your dad must be so proud of both of you through all of this. What overcoming faithfulness and love. You guys rock in my book! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Mel, you’re very kind to say that 🙂 My dad has been our rock through all of this. He’s one upstanding dude! 🙂 hehe thanks for stopping by! hugs xox

  20. That letter is just so lovely. Your Mom must be a wonderful woman and you must be, too. Sometimes strength comes from adversity. I’d say you are both a lot stronger because of this. Best wishes to you both.

  21. Our beautiful god produces beautiful people. You and your mother are shining examples of this. Thank you for posting this. It’s an inspiration and a faith grower in so many ways. May God keep blessing you both.

  22. I feel like we are good friends just by reading your posts which made this letter put tears in my eyes. You are such a beautiful person and you DO deserve those words from your momma. (Hugs)

    • oh my gosh, thank you so much!!! I am seriously so touched by this. I am so grateful for our friendship! You are a blessing to me! 🙂 have a wonderful Tuesday! big hugs xox

  23. My dear friend,

    Uff tears are running down my cheeks – I could feel your moms thankfulness and love and your love in return to your mom, it is like a stone fell into my heart and caused many ripples that touched me so much, vibrations of love that has also reached my heart. Beautiful, how God makes things happen, even if it looks bad at first sight – with the stroke to your mom He has put an evergreen twig between you and your mom – evergreen love!

    Thanks, my dear friend – I send you both, you and your mom, warm greetings from my heart.

    May God always hold His protecting hand over you and your family

    • Thank you so much Didi, I really appreciate your prayers and kind words. I will definitely pass along your warm sentiments to my mom. Thank you. You’re right – God makes beautiful things happen – evergreen love – i absolutely love that 🙂 have a wonderful day, friend! hugs xo

  24. God is amazing, you will always be a blessing to me, even when I feel I don’t deserve such a blessing 🙈🙊 I’m sure all those this your mum said you were came from both her and our amazing God ❤ you are one of the most loving human I honestly know, even to strangers you just beam off love to us, I wish every day to meet you at least once in my lifetime just to show how much you mean to me, the only thing we have in common I feel is our goofiness 😂 but you still talk to me like we been best friends for years 😍 I’m pretty sure I’ve only known you less than 2 years x
    Send lots of love, blessings and a massive hug to your mum from me, tell her everything she said was spot on, & thank her from me for the amazing blessing in my life which is Caralyn ❤ love you so much ❤

    • gosh Benjamin, thank you so much. I am seriously just blown away by your kind and generous words. I am so grateful for our friendship and that our paths crossed those nearly 2 years ago! You are a blessing to me, and I will absolutely pass those sentiments along to my mother 🙂 Have a beautiful Tuesday, friend. sending massive massive hugs xoxo 🙂

  25. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful, personal letter from your Mother. It sounds as if you deserve all the kind words she shares about how you have been there for us. As a mother, we sacrifice so much for our kids, but how many step up with they need us.
    As a single mother since my boys were toddlers, and my daughter was 7, we were all very protective of each other. It is nice that I have them to lean on when needed and in turn I am always there even though they are now adults.
    Take every heartfelt word from your mother and embrace them, as she truly shows how much she loves and appreciates all you do for her.
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  26. Awwww. How beautiful, how precious. That woman; your mama loves full of love for her precious daughter. Thank you for loving her and being able to take care of her💞

  27. Don’t hesitate to toot your own horn. Sometimes it’s well-deserved. It doesn’t make you self-centered when you are only acknowledging something you’ve actually done. From your blog posts, it sounds like everything your mom said was true, and you deserve that praise. Everyone deserves – if not to be recognized by others – at least to recognize in themselves when they’ve done something worthwhile and when they have good qualities.
    So, don’t feel guilty for posting this. Take a little time to be proud of yourself. You deserve it.

    • thank you Rachel. That’s kind of you to say. yeah, this post really had my stomach in knots before I posted it, but you’re right, we all deserve that sometime:) thanks for the encouragement! hugs x

    • thank you so much. Yeah, it was a really precious time for the both of us. challenging but really special at the same time. thanks for stopping by 🙂 hugs xo

  28. Wow – A Mothers’ Love!!!! And just remember – she raised you 🙂
    Reminds me of my post “No Charge”. from a few days ago. There is no payment other than love in return that could ever repay what a Mother has given for their child.

  29. This is so beautiful! His strength is perfected in our weakness. What a blessing to receive such a touching display of love. I know you struggled a little bit ago wondering if you were doing right for her, now you know just how right you were doing for her! God bless you and Mom! I can only imagine how happy it made her to write this to you and how happy you were to receive it! Much love and hugs xoxo

  30. What a beautiful post! My favorite thing your mother said about you was that “you’re always purposeful.” What a great compliment. Love it. And how wonderful that God has used this terrible situation to make your mother-daughter relationship so special. I’m sure that’s just the start of the good that God is going to bring of this trial. (By the way, you look a lot like your mama…beautiful ladies!)

    • Thanks so much Courtney 🙂 heheh – we actually get that a lot, that we look link! Thank you so much for your kind words. you’re right – God has really made beauty from ashes 🙂 glad you stopped by! hugs xo

  31. Oh this is beautiful, you two just ooze love all over the place (: <3 it's so obvious your mother is (and rightly should be) so proud of you. Thank-you for sharing!

  32. Wow! Elegant words from two elegant ladies. You and your mom are inspiring, to say the absolute least, and to say the absolute most would take more than simply words. You seriously had me in tears while reading this. 🙂

  33. Very well​ done!

    Advice is that you hold onto that letter; it will come in handy when you are feeling the opposite of charitable and supportive, because even if you’re feeling that way, the letter will prove what you’re really like. Which is a greatly supportive and kind.

  34. I’m so very glad you shared this letter from your Mamma! Thank you. It made me smile! I think it so very beautiful as you are now back in NY! God Bless you in the next phase of life for you both, and so glad to hear that you mamma is doing so well.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! i’m glad it made you smile! yes! it was really nice to read as i’m settling back in, even if just for a few weeks. thanks for stopping by! hugs xo

  35. You and your mom are blessed to have such a relationship. I know you know this, but it’s worth stating again and again.

  36. Perspective is everything! That your mother can count this as a blessing….she is indeed wise! And what a blessing for you to hear these words, that while they are a “thank you”, also sound like a blessing that she is speaking over your life. May you always be positive, and may you always be purposeful!

  37. Geeeeez, I read this at work this morning. It’s a good thing I go in so early that I’m alone for the first hour. I had tears in my eyes as I read this. What a great letter and post. You both are blessed to have each other. We’re blessed that you share things like this with us.
    Best wishes to your mom 🙂 <3

  38. Wow, this gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes. It made me think of my mom and I have to say, there is no love greater than that between a mother and her child (not taking anything away from those wonderful fathers). God had His plan and through the pain and sorrow, it played out so well. The 2 of you together in a way that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Not saying you weren’t close but this made the closeness even better. She is your joy and you are hers and you both are so Blessed. I am so happy that you still have her and I pray that you all have many, many years together. Finally, there is nothing like having each other to reach out too whenever you want. That is what I miss most and this is why I’m so happy for you all. God Bless you both always.

    • Aw thanks Corrie. I’m so glad this hit home with you. You’re so right , there’s really something about a mother’s love. That’s so true – though I would never have wished a stroke upon my mother, I wouldn’t trade the healing and strengthened connection we got as a result. Thank you for your continued prayers and for being such a constant source of support and positivity. You are a blessing to me! Sending big big hugs xox

  39. Thanks for sharing this on your blog. It was touching and hearfelt. I was starting to tear up until you mentioned the promo about shoes lol. I’m kinda glad because it made me laugh lol. Yeah I can understand why you don’t like to brag about yourself. Remember the bible saya let others do so. Proverbs 27:2: “Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.” So what your mama did for you in the letter was righteous and wise. You are a blessing to others and a special person. Thanks again for the blog post. Have a blessed day!

  40. What a blessing you are and what a blessing she is! Not many Moms do that. Not many moms come full circle and say/write those things. For many, they either shower with things (which is in place of those words) or they play games of guilt over the past. Then some wait til the Grandchildren to “get their new fix” on their Child’s life, which they let go for a while, seeing the Grandchild/Children as a new representation of their own child in younger days (trying themselves to recapture those days, which as we all know is not real). Not many say you are beautiful for who you are and who you are working to be, and thank you for helping me all that you did. In a helping situation, many may give a Thank You, but then “want more” or “wish for more” as if all you gave was still not enough. Her letter was a true heartfelt blessing and at the same time shows how wonderful and inspiring you are!! Love always and every day!! xoxoxoxoxoxo <3

  41. Your mom has an amazing attitude. She is looking back on the last five months and seeing the good that God has worked through this difficult time – which she so beautifully said was the time spent with you and the closer relationship it fostered. What a great example you have to follow!

  42. Crying on my keyboard at this beautiful message. I still have a hand written note from my dad that’s decades old now. These things are loaded with blessings. Funny how in adjusting your life and putting plans on hold to serve your mom, you were blessing yourself with this great outpouring of love. A lesson for us all.

    • aww, thank you so much. i’m so glad that this hit home with you. you’re right – they are loaded with blessings. What a kind thing to say, thank you. sending big hugs xo

    • Aw, Tony, you’re so kind to say that. I will pass along those wonderful sentiments to my mom. Thank you. I hope you’re having a great week so far. big hugs xo

  43. Very beautiful and Mom, you are amazing! May God continue to bestow His blessings upon you. <3

  44. Hello Caralyn! I read and followed your blog! What beautiful sentiments from your mom! Thank you for liking my new post “Strength for the Day.” I am still new at blogging, but appreciate your like. May God continue to bless you and your mom!

  45. You remind me of me. Quite happy to tell others how fabulous they are, but having real trouble knowing how to accept compliments. Very self-deprecating. “Shucks, I was just being me”. I feel that way at work when someone says thank you, and all I’ve done is answer a question, or do my job. Or at church, or at home . . . basically anywhere. I’m just me. Nothing special. The truth is that we are something special; because God made us that way..Reading your past couple of posts I can see someone who cares and loves and is happy to give her all, for those that she loves. God bless you for that, and keep on keeping on.

  46. It was a lovely letter and I’m glad that the Spirit moved your mother to write it. There will be days when you’ll wonder if you did the right thing, are doing the right thing. Read the letter again in those times. It’s a great gift, to have something so tangible that shows and states the degree of love and appreciation she has for you.
    “Well done good and faithful servant. You took care of me when you saw me sick, and in need of comfort.”

    • Thanks so much Jeff. Yeah I am going to cherish this letter for a long time. It was such a gift to receive it. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I hope you’re having a great week! hugs xo

  47. This is the kind of letter you should print out and put on your fridge. One day you’ll experience great doubt, and these will be the exact words you’ll need to get through the day. Beautiful letter! Thank you for sharing!

  48. What a sweet, beautiful post. Your mom is beautiful …and so are you. Your hearts seem like they’re from the same cloth. I’m so thankful to see that she’s recovering. Thank God for His tender care for her and for you as you cared for her.

    • Thank you so much Joy! Aw what a kind thing to say. Yeah I think my mom is so beautiful, inside and out. 🙂 yes! So much to be grateful to God for!! Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  49. That was beautiful – thank you for sharing your mom’s letter and thank God she’s doing better. It’s true that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – it’s great that you have each other!

  50. So beautifully written, brought tears to my eyes … I agree.. Moms are our best friends. I am happy yours is doing well

  51. Hello Caralyn,

    What an experience! You have seen two sides of parenting and being a child with the same person. What was it like helping your mom when she was somewhat helpless? What was it like having to let go and let your mom make your own decisions? Was it hard trying to make the decision of how hard to push or lay back in challenging your mom’s recovery in how your mom approached her recovery?

    How did it feel to be helplessly do nothing to improve your mom’s condition? How did it feel to be on “earth side”and doing everything you could to help your mom? Was it all joy or was a or was there a struggle in the process? How did it feel when your mom made Obvious improvements? Were there any setbacks to deal with?

    Greater love has no persons in this, to give their life to the ones they love!

    Yes, I know a bunch more questions! Feel free to toss the questions out.

    It seems that you are worthy to give such a high level of love to others Caralyn. How would it feel to have someone from the outside not your parents or family to bond with you and give that kind of love? Do not give up friend. Would it scare you? Would you think it would be real or not?

    Now you have been on both sides of love with your mom both dependent(you dependent on mom) and independent( you choosing to love mom giving up your life in NY) love. Does love look different to you now than it did before? How did it feel when you knew you were dependent on your mom’s love but she was also dependent on yours?

    I know way too much in words Denny…..
    However, I wish you a blessed day Caralyn. I am glad you have a written record from your mom to kind of wrap yourself up in and enjoy being loved. Continue to let your light so shine friend, and do not be so hard on the one named Caralyn.

    Your friend,

    • Thanks so much Denny, for this thoughtful response. I really appreciate your encouragement and support. You know, the whole situation was really just a blessing to be able to serve my parents who have given their lives to providing and love my siblings and I. It was a way to say thank you. And it was also an exercise in trusting God. Hope that answers your questions! Hugs and love xox

  52. So happy to hear your Mum is recovering so well. That picture of you guys gave me all the feels! God bless x

  53. This was so BEAUTIFUL! Not to take anything away from your words of love but your mother’s letter was AWESOME! I was quite teary eyed while reading it. It truly conveys pure LOVE! Sending my thoughts and prayers as always to your mother’s continued journey towards a successful recovery. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  54. Thanks so much for liking “How my entire life can be summed up in one picture:”,I really appreciate it.
    It’s great to read about your articles and to find out how passionate you are about it. I Love every pictures and ill spend time reading everything in it if i have time. Best wishes for always, safe travels!

    • aw, thank you so much! Yeah, I am so grateful to have such a loving and wonderful mom. i definitely don’t take it for granted! thanks for stopping by! hugs xox

      • Yes…please don’t take it for granted. My mom also had a stroke about three years ago, but not with the same outcome. She lasted for about a month, but I will always be grateful to God for the time that He gave us together….will try to stop by more often. Take Care.

  55. I’d say your Mum is wise for sharing her gratefulness with you and being open about how she sees you. As a parent it is so easy to be anxious and critical (out of genuine desire to help) but the wise ones know how to give the positives. And clearly if she said so then it is all true. Believe it.

  56. Mothers are an extension of God. Caralyn, through your mother God is validating you, accept her beautiful heartfelt words and believe them. Your words are real, your love for God shines through your words. I’m sure God would want you to accept praise and give praise, because if we don’t receive we can’t give to others. God bless from http://www.fathergodloves.com

  57. The time to really know who are our friends is when you are facing one challenge or another. Those that are fake friends would be found wanton, but true friends will stay put no matter what. Thanks for sharing these good attributes of a good friend.

  58. I really liked this post. It typifies one of the aspects of your blog that I’ve really come to appreciate: your honesty. You personally liked my most recent post on Pilgrim Shelter, ’20 Years’, which was very encouraging. In fact, reading your blog and seeing your honesty with your past and your struggles has given me a lot of courage to write about my own past and some of my struggles. I’ve long admired your courage in your writing and putting yourself out there for all to see. It’s not too far a stretch to say that your honesty, in large part, made a post like ’20 Years’ possible. I found it so fitting and touching that you ‘liked’ it.

    I wish you well on the continuation of your journey, wherever it may take you. Keep up with your writing and know that many, myself included, are touched and encouraged by your words. God bless!

  59. Hi BBB,

    I am glad that the Lord turned this into an important chapter that you never thought of writing in life. I think some of the worst times turn into those moments we always cherish. Enjoy whatever is next.

    In Christ,

    Gary On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 4:01 PM BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: ” This post, is from my mom. The day after I > returned to NYC, I woke up to find this beautiful letter from > my mom waiting for me in my inbox. She asked me to put in on the blog. And > I’m going to be honest, I’m getting anxiety hives thinking about pres” >

  60. Told you before if you might recall, what you did was amazing, taking care of your mom. You did wonders for yourself more than anything else.

    Seriously this will definitely go a very very very long way. But I suggest be with your family, if you have no issue.

  61. This post touched my heart and soul. It seriously had the water works going for me… thank you for sharing. My father went through a similar situation and he was in the ICU in a coma for a month too, but without the strength of my mother and the Lord I don’t know where we would be now. I’m so happy to see such genuinely good people like you on WordPress/blogsites. And, as I’m new, I’m hoping that I’ll navigate and discover many wonderful hearts here. Thanks for supporting this community and welcoming new members like me with encouragement. Thanks for being our first friend. Sending so much love and prayers. – Anne

    • oh my gosh Anne, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear that about your father. I will definitely keep him and you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. and yes! welcome to the wonderful world of blogging 🙂 sending much love and hugs xox

  62. Perhaps it’s already been said but do you realize that your mom’s words is God speaking into your heart? Isn’t it weird that when we are told who we really are we are uncomfortable and struggle with hearing the words? I think it’s because we have been psychologically abused by the enemy of life and we have brain damage.

    • Hi again friend! wow, what a cool way to think about it. i think you’re right – my mom has always had a close connection with the Lord, and when she would write letters and speak with me, I always knew that she had a strong link with the Big Guy, but i think even now, after this stroke, it’s in an even more powerful way. very cool to think about. thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to read my words today! hope you have a great week! hugs xox

  63. Mothers are awesome! God bless her. Your struggles prepared you for hers. I thank God for your lives. I went through a terrible time with Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism , I thank God I survived. I have overcome it. When God takes us through these paths, He is preparing us for something big. Now because of our experiences, we cannot ignore those in need. Ride on. You rock.

  64. Hello Caralyn! I was inspired and teary-eyed by your moms letter. You’re a sweet daughter. I can’t help thinking about my mom too. She was there for me all along but I wasn’t even able to repay all her sacrifices for me since I got married early. But I realized this is not the end for me.I can still take care of her when she’s old.:)You’re such a blessing..:)

    • Oh my gosh thank you. Yeah she’s a really special woman. 🙂 that’s so true – she’ll always be your mama no matter what life stage we’re in 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  65. You are so right that “God has a way of using the pain and trials of our lives, and using them for good.” This has been true in my own experiences in life — that the trials enrich my life and deepen my faith in God.

  66. Your mother is spot on. You are a beautiful person inside and out and this blog is a blessing to others. I will always think of you as Beauty first and Caralyn second. Keep writing and keep encouraging.

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