More Than A Gun

My heart is shattered today at the news of the pure evil demonstrated last night in Las Vegas.

My prayers and deepest sympathies are with our hurting nation right now, and especially the victims and their loved ones.


I’ve been hard pressed to peel myself away from the news to write this post.

The level of atrocity and horror that is belching across our television airwaves today is enough to make you want to build a bunker and not come out until the second coming.

There was one thing I was not expecting today though: and that’s what I found when I scanned social media today.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.31.14 PM.png

Honestly, I have been so sickened at the response by much of the public – and much of my Facebook newsfeed.

Instead of calls for prayer and compassion for the victims of the shooting, there is outcry for gun control reform.

Instead of numbers and addresses for blood banks to donate the vital lifeline so desperately needed in Vegas right now, there are email addresses and phone numbers to “flood” our congressmen and women about gun control.

Instead of comforting bible verses or religious images, there are political cartoons, using the pain and tragedy of others to parody and promote their stance on gun violence.

Instead of sorrow, and compassion, and empathy, there’s rage and outcry and defiance.

And it is disgusting.

Now is the time when we need to be uniting, offering compassion, seeking peace and offering prayer and support.

The behavior on display today by much of the public is nothing short of a disgrace.

Almost as bad as our athletes kneeling during the national anthem.

I wonder what those athletes, protesting police brutality, would have to say to the plain clothes, off-duty police officers who stuck around and risked their lives at the concert, directing people to safety, shielding people with their bodies, and willing putting themselves in harm’s way, all for the protection of strangers.

I wonder what they would have to say to those first responders who – in ten minutes – blasted down the hotel door of a known gunman with automatic rifles and went in, coming face to face with almost a certain death, to save others.

I don’t want to get into anything political. Not today. Not ever, really. So I’m going to just let you come to your own conclusions on that.

But in response to the uproar of gun control opportunists, selfishly using this tragedy for their own political agenda, I have just two things to say.

First: shame on you. Have you no heart? Really.


Guns are not the problem.

There, I said it.

It’s not the guns: It’s the person pulling the trigger.

It’s mental illness.

As a survivor of anorexia – a mental illness – I will be the first to tell you, that mental illness is the absolute culprit behind the destruction. – Be it inflicted on others, or in my case, on oneself.

It doesn’t matter if the weapon is a gun, a box cutter, rented trucks, homemade bombs, anthrax, or food– the weapon does not commit the crime: the person does.

Just ask 78 pound, anorexic me. I was using food – or rather, the lack there of — as my weapon to destroy my own life.

It was the mental illness. And I had to go to inpatient treatment to literally kick the demons out of my life.

A man who would calculatedly open fire on a helpless, innocent crowd of people from a perfectly located hotel room, 32 floors up and two football fields away is mentally ill.

And as a result, there are thousands of people who are left in the carnage, both physically and mentally.

And I agree: rapid fire, automatic weapons – like machine guns – should never be in the hands of anyone, other than the members of our armed forces and law enforcement officers.

But it is a pretty naive view to think that gun laws will keep guns out of the hands of bad guys.

It’s a tough issue. And what about other weapons? What do we do about mentally unstable or brainwashed people seeking to acquire fertilizer or other ingredients to make homemade bombs, or renting a truck to drive through a crowd? What are we to do then?

What price are we willing to pay in loss of freedom and privacy to reduce threats at the hands of mentally unfit people?

How far do we go as a society? It is a messy and complicated issue.

But right now, in the wake of this ghastly episode, our focus should be on one another. On the hurting. On the healing. On the hope.

Not on furthering one’s political agenda.

I was going to close in my own prayer for this nation, but I was so moved by President Trump’s remarks today, that I’m going to let his words take us out tonight.

And regardless of your opinion on our brazen leader, I invite you to read his sincere words with an open heart.

“In times such as these, I knew we are searching for some kind of meaning in the chaos, some kind of light in the darkness. The answers do not come easy. But we can take solace knowing that even the darkest space can be brightened by a single light and even the most terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope.

Melania and I are praying for every American who has been hurt, wounded or lost the ones they loved so dearly in this terrible, terrible attack. We pray for the entire nation to find unity and peace, and we pray for the day when evil is banished and the innocent are safe from hatred and from fear.

May God bless the souls of the lives that are lost, may God give us the grace of healing, and may God provide the grieving families with strength to carry on. Thank you. God bless America.”

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498 responses to “More Than A Gun”

  1. Thank you, Beauty, for stating the truth once again. I am praying with you and the President and his wife for the families who lost a loved one today or had a love one injured. Gun control is not the answer. The answer is turning one’s life over to Jesus. Thanks again.

    On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 6:59 PM, BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “My heart is shattered today at the news of the > pure evil demonstrated last night in Las Vegas. My prayers and deepest > sympathies are with our hurting nation right now, and especially the > victims and their loved ones. I’ve been hard pressed to peel mys” >

    • thank you so much 🙂 Yeah, i think i’ve been reading many of the same articles as you today, all leaving me feel heart sick. thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement. big hugs to you my Pi friend 🙂

  2. You are absolutely right, the time for politics is later. Right now there is a human tragedy that requires prayers and support for victims and their families. Thanks for reminding us of this.

  3. Amen to your words written here.

    The difference would be that my friends and family one and all joined together in prayer between ourselves as friends and on Facebook in prayer and thoughtfulness over this horrible tragedy. Maybe it’s because so many of us are joined in the commonality of first having been military dependents and then serving our country that we mostly all realize it’s the person behind the gun and not the gun or any other weapon that makes the difference. My thoughts and prayers are with all involved in this tragedy and their loved ones. My heroes on this day are the first responders on and off duty who worked to reduce the loss where possible. My standalone hero today is that guy captioned as something like “King of…” some sort of chat.. I don’t recall at the moment. The man watched a girl get shot in the head and instead of cowering in fear like the reasonable expectation might be…. he got some injured to care and drove one to the hospital in his van and then drove back to the scene willing to engage the shooter if necessary to save more lives. This man is a hero.

    I know that I’m babbling on way too much… so let me end with this. It does my heart and mind some good to see your reaction to this. It’s folks like you that make what people like my friends do and I use to do, so very worth while. Thank you for seeing things as they are and not as spoon fed. Thank you for appreciating the good folks. .. and I’ll shut up now.

    • Thank you so much for joining the dialogue and for this thoughtful response. That man really is a hero. Wow. Thanks for sharing that. I really appreciate the encouragement. Hugs and love xox

  4. I completely agree and voicing this is very courageous.
    The scripture that’s been on my mind all day is, “because of the increase of wickedness, the love of many will grow cold”.
    We’re living in the last days.

  5. Thank you for thoughts well said. Our prayers are being said for the victims their family and the shooter and his family. May love conquer hate! Be blessed.

  6. You are a beautiful person and I am glad you wrote how you feel. Though I may have some different views I commend you on your courage to stand your ground. Differences should never cause hate. Differences should be embraced and welcomed with open arms. However differences should not cause people to kill. What happened today was a Terrorist attack and that individual does not deserve all the public recognition he is getting in the media. Lets send our hearts to those lost today! Peace and love to all!

    • I totally agree with Sara. Difference should be embraced and welcomed with open arms. Even though I am not comfortable with guns rampantly available in the US but you were right to think guns might just be peripheral problem. The problem at the core could be more phycological. Maybe stronger family bond could help individuals to get out of frustration. My prayers are with the one and all

  7. The treatment for mentally ill patients in this country is appalling the wait times the treatments it all just takes so long hopefully someday we can get that under control and may God the center of our country instead of anger and bitterness

  8. Just hope and pray the Las Vegas tragedy is not symptomatic of where our country is going…hate, criminal protests substituted for ‘free speech’, tearing down of historically significant statues… But, I pray! And, Pray! ♥

  9. Stephen Paddock. What happened? How did a heart once pure turn to evil violence? How many times were you rejected, put down, and made to feel hatred for other people? There’s a dark place in all of us and it’s not so very far from Stephen Paddock’s state of mind. What would it take to shift into evil. Most people would say, “Oh,never. Not me. Not ever.” But look deeper…ya..right there! Carl Jung wrote about the shadow side. That guy that cut you off. The woman at the counter who ignored you. The wife that dumped you and ran off. The partner that deceived you. Stephen Paddock was being created, over years and years, by everyone of us and Stephen Paddock is in each of us. That’s the horror. The true horror. Next time you see a stranger, smile. Maybe save a life.

      • Honestly– and not to be overly spiritual about this– I think this pure evil was instigated by satan himself, or at least one of his demons. Erics Illusions is right– the German soldiers in the Holocaust tapped into an evil psychology. But we have spirits and minds. Is every shooter in these shootings demonically possessed? Maybe. Mental health has much to do with it as well… but the Holocaust was of satan, and I believe satan can use the pride and mental illness in a person to do something sinister. Just my thoughts.

      • I happen to be reading Jodi Picoults book, The Story Teller. It’s about the Holocaust. If you don’t think most people have that psychology ask 6 million Jews. Somehow German soldiers tapped into that very psychology.

  10. right on again. I couldn’t have covered it any better. I was also outraged at the people who made a point of not feeling remorse because they were probably Trump supporters. We have a heart problem not a gun problem

  11. Good post and yes a very sad situation. As for the negative social media issue, that is a big part of why I got off social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.

  12. Thank you so much for the post. The acts of violence in Las Vegas are truly a tragedy. I am not a huge political buff and lately just tired of hearing about the stuff on the news regarding these professional athletes protesting about equality and being united together…I totally agree with you in regards to the unity that took place at the time of the attacks with first responders and others willing to help regardless of race or religion. And your comment about “Guns” not being the issue…that is spot on. Thank you again for writing.

  13. BBB: I could not agree with your post more. You wrote almost exactly what I’ve been thinking all day!!!! You are right. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. Inanimate objects do not kill people. That is not logical thinking. For those who do not agree, simply look at what happened to the Jewish people after they turned their guns over in the name of “gun control” before they were corralled and killed like disease infested cattle.

    Let’s all think about what we can do to show our support to those whose lives have been changed forever. My heart goes out to the loved ones of those who lost their lives last night, the survivors of this brutal attack and those close to them. The community of Las Vegas, NV has shown such strength. Their local law enforcement was nothing short of heroic in the way they handled the situation, they wasted NO time, potentially saving many more lives by quickly getting to the shooter.

    We need to pull together as a nation. We have so much more in common than in any differences we may have. Please, be thoughtful and open-minded.

  14. A lone wolf, it is said, had ten more rifles in the hotel room; and more ammunition and explosives were found in his home. By history, and it is only a guess, it is that the shooter wanted to avenge his father or his absence.

    Just like drugs, corruption, guns, etc.; have access to evil and not be contaminated, not all succeed, most succumb.

    And the population always solidarity with the victims at these times.

  15. Yes, yet another tragedy around the world to sober us. When we leave God out of the equation then the natural selfish nature of humans seems to surface in a variety of ways. We are good at pointing the finger at someone else as the cause of this collective distress but when the basic rule of harmony and decency, the 10 commandments, is brushed aside then there is no morality and nothing to keep in check baser nature. Nation after nation has fallen in history when basic goodness has been watered down to a dog eat dog society. Our Western civilization is at a crossroads and its time for us to sit up and notice how much we need a Higher Power to change the way we think as humans and begin to move back to the blueprint which can change our minds into a peaceful, happy and selfless society. This was the original intent in placing us on this planet.

  16. Caralyn, My comment is not in relation to this post, but I didn’t know how to contact you. I wanted to talk to you about promoting a novena for those suffering from eating disorders. If you have any interest in this, would you please contact me via my blog site? Thank you, Sweetie. You are doing good work.

  17. I am glad you have this forum of caring for others. The dispassionate, disregard, and dismissal of empathy we have witnessed after this tragedy is a frightening manifestation of a widespread mental illness – ideological, borderline-personality, “racism.”

    Gun control? How about a CDC campaign against prescription hatred addiction and vitriol overdoses.

    Hayley Geftman-Gold, CBS vice president and senior counsel, posted on Facebook: “I’m actually not even sympathetic [because] country music fans often are Republican gun toters,” and, “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing.”

    Here is a scary question: How many “friends” does she have on Facebook? She must have felt safe posting her feelings to them. Who would share, or be sympathetic to, such a souless, sociopathic viewpoint?

    CBS quickly disowned and fired her. But she and her madness are not gone. I shudder to think that such people are kneeling next to me in church. The harm their hatred does is pernicious, poison in the spiritual air we breathe.

    She needs our prayers too, to heal herself and her “friends.” But not before we pray for the souls of the dead, and the hearts of the living who mourn them.

  18. Don’t know what else to write, except:
    Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

  19. You said you didn’t want to get political, so why did you bring up athletes kneeling during the anthem, whose stance has nothing to do with what happened last night? Those two things are completely unrelated here. What happened last night was disgusting and I’m a little disappointed that you played off your post about it as unpolitical when it clearly was. Unfortunately, these acts of brutality are perfect platforms for starting discussions about what needs to be changed in the US, however much we believe that we should talk about the victims only. So talk about politics, but don’t pretend you aren’t.

  20. I applaud both your courage and your wisdom. Thank you for what you wrote today and for firmly standing your ground without becoming disagreeable. We must change the culture we’re living in now.
    “Dear Lord, Begin with changing me. Give me insight into any attitude that departs from Your will. Make me eager to embrace the ones who feel left out. Protect us all, Dear Heavenly Father, from evil. Help us to always encourage others.”

  21. You know this nation needs to get back to making Jesus Christ their King instead of their idols, sex, beauty, themselves, stars, and politics. So much clutter in today’s society! Let us all make the conscious choice to ask God to help us change, and get to know Him more. His body was torn to shreds on the Cross in the Person of Jesus. . .He gave everything! Why can’t we? This is a daily challenge. I think we are told to ”die daily” because it’s not a one time thing. Let us die to ourselves every day, keep our eyes wide open and watch out for the devil. . .and to no matter what seek Jesus’ face. Because when we seek him we find Him.

    And no matter what you are going through, if you have Jesus, your never alone.

  22. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your voice on this issue. I agree. It is a cheap, cynical response for people to use human tragedy as a vehicle for their own political agenda.

  23. You’ve spoken the same words describing exactly how I felt right now, You’ve expressed a powerful message with your powerful-spiritual voice. I hadn’t wrote anything in a while on my post because I have been down and felt spiritually pained by all of the tragedies that have been recently taking place. From the tragedies of the recent hurricanes taking place to this mass tragedy in Las Vegas, NV; the pain has never ceased… but that’s how much harder and how much more I needed to stay in prayer and call on His Name. Only he can heal a grieving and broken heart and help all of His children, ALL OF US, to heal and stay strong.

    All of their families, friends, and even the spirits that are loss are ALL in my prayers. Stay strong. Always. By the way, your picture is exactly how I felt today after hearing this devastating news reports today on the radio and on the tv screens. Just know that I am with you and I’ll forever be (spiritually) here holding your hand.

  24. When something like this happens, you can choose to be divisive or try to begin the healing process. Gun control will do about as much good today as sword control did in the Middle Ages. What matters is the heart, which only God can change. The need to identify people with these kinds of issues and helping them over come them will not be aided by gun control.

  25. Hello Caralyn, very sad about the Las Vagas tragedy here in Australia too, . We are praying for all the victims, their families and America. I understand that guns don’t kill people, I have an analogy here, if I have a mentally unstable family member, I know not to have guns, knives or pills around me because I’m increasing the chances of them being in the wrong hands, especially if they were to snap. Unfortunately,evil prevails when good men do nothing! May God be with you all right now.

  26. I totally and wholeheartedly agree with you. I see it as appropriate to also mention the athletes and their decision to not honor our country. From the depths of our hearts, we need to see that the lack of empathy for human life demonstrated in Las Vegas and the lack of empathy for our forefathers’ efforts to build our country reflect a deepening lack of respect across variances that we cannot ignore. Powerful post.

  27. I couldn’t agree with you more, Caralyn! People are politicizing this before the bodies are cold, and that is an atrocity on its own. Foremost because deaths from gun violence have declined overall in the last twenty years, that according to a 12/3/2015 article by The Washington Post. Despite more of these pre-meditated mass shootings happening, overall gun deaths have been in decline for decades – with the INCREASE in gun ownership.

    As you point out, the problem is people who, for whatever reason, do not look to God for comfort and hope. They have not given their burdens to Jesus, and they boil over with grief and rage in their lives. They snap, and we have another Columbine or Las Vegas.

    I’m glad you also mentioned the whole NFL fiasco. I wrote on that last night: To Knee or Not to Knee. Just plain idiocy! What do you suppose those guys would think if they dial 911 and no one came? Or what if they came, but carried no weapons?

    I dusted off and reposted my article on Gun Violence from December 2015 tonight, both to speak to the same things you point to and to share the link to the Washington Post article.

    Well done tonight, Caralyn! Just get away from the media and don’t let this saturate you mind! Check the story once a day. Briefly. Then leave it alone. Otherwise you just start hurting yourself!

    • Once a day — that’s a really good rule of thumb. i need to adopt that. thanks for this Jeff. what a fascinating statistic on gun violence. wow. and you’re right – if only everyone had Jesus in their hearts, things would be a lot different! Patreon podcast is still trying to upload. I’m having internet issues…but it will be up soon if i have anything to say about it. looking forward to reading your post! thanks for stopping by, Jeff. big hugs to you and Julie! xo

      • Sorry I didn’t wait for the podcast! Getting tired early tonight. Old people go to bed early, right? *yawn* I’ll give it a listen tomorrow! I’m sure it’ll spark another thought or two! Hugs and God’s blessings to you and all you do!!

  28. I’m kind of with you, & kind of on the side of using this tragedy to push for mental health reform & gun control. It’s easy to throw stones as I look in from the other side of the world, where our view on gun ownership is so different, but I am appalled that still there are different rules per state. That it’s a right to own such a weapon, with little acknowledgement as to the circumstances of when that amendment was written (when rifles only held one or two bullets & took an age to load).
    Better mental health care seems to be a universal need, sadly.
    Hugs to you.

  29. There are times when Mental Illness is not an apt description of the cause of things such as the massacre in Las Vegas. To ascribe Mental Illness as the cause or reason is to mitigate the culpability of the perpetrator. Planned, methodical and efficient killing and wounding of so many of our brothers and sisters is nothing less than the embodiment of Evil.
    For those calling for more laws, restrictions, etc. I ask, when someone chooses to not obey God’s Law, what makes you think they will obey yours?
    There is something afoot within our country and around the world. Call it what you will. But pray. Truly pray. Not the ,”our thoughts and prayers are with you”, type of prayer. But, real prayer – “Father, deliver us from Evil, Amen”.

  30. I lived in Las Vegas from when I was nine years old until I was almost 22. The town has changed to be sure and I don’t really “claim” it as home, but I still have an attachment.

    All that said, what hurts isn’t so much the deaths as how how some people have reacted to it. The person in question has since apologized for saying she has no sympathy for the victims because as country music fans, they were probably “gun totin’ Republicans”, but how does someone express such an insensitive and hateful opinion in the first place?

  31. I certainly look forward to reading your book. I looked it through, and it is quite good, love the way it’s set up, and how you did it, and the content is quite good. We have our grandkids unexpectedly now everyday, and I work 13 hour days when I am at work, and have to get some outside work done, but will be in your book much sooner than later.

    As to your thoughts here, yes, I hope for the best from the President, and appreciated his words. As to African-Americans, blacks kneeling down, I honestly have no problem with that myself. They have suffered indignities right up to the present time. I live in a northern very Bible-belt area which has no shortage of racism according to sisters and brothers in our Lord. Our nation is supposed to honor that freedom, so people can either stand or sit or kneel during the National Anthem. Many of us won’t agree on that, but that’s my own view for now. And on gun control, the heart needs changed, yes, but there will always be evil present, and we have to talk about how to deal with it. Instead we’re at an impasse as a nation, so that we won’t talk about anything. Concessions have to be made on both sides in keeping with our American tradition, is my own view.

    But I think the church does well to major on the politics of Jesus, the good news of God’s grace and kingdom come in him, and not be known for being either liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican, unlike the religious right and left do. That’s my view. We obscure the gospel when we do so. God is not American, and Jesus’s death can’t be compared to the death of our service men and women, as much as we need to remember and honor their sacrifice, even as we pray and long for peace for all the world.

    But I appreciate your post here, anyhow. You present your view. I present mine. I feel just as strongly, but above all, I want to hold true to the gospel, and God’s will given to us, which includes praying for those in governing authority certainly including our President.

    Thanks for bearing with my long comment. Only one thing is certain: the gospel. God have mercy and comfort the broken-hearted, and may all come to faith. And Lord Jesus come!

    Thanks, Caralyn.

    • Oh wow thank you Ted! That really means a lot. And thank you for sharing your thoughts and joining the dialogue. Yes there’s a conversation that needs to be had about all of those things. Amen to that: the Gospel is for sure certain. We can place our hope in Him! Thanks again. Hugs and love xox

  32. The incident in Vegas really hit me hard, and I pray to the Trinity’s help in caring for the victims injured and those that lost loved ones during this mass murder.

    Thanks for your BLOG.

    I’m a responsible gun owner and will never be dissuaded from this fact: “People kill people — not guns.” Bring stricter laws on those that illegally own firearms and stricter laws against the criminals, and I suspect, events like these will take place in the future.

    The dude that ran over those people in Virginia used a Dodge Charger…do Dodge Chargers kill people?

    Malfeasant individuals are the problem — I believe in stricter criminal laws and punishment.

    Call me whatever name you can come up with — I don’t care, and no one will ever dissuade me from supporting my Second Amendment Rights, as a responsible law-abiding gun owner.

    I actively financially support laws that protect my right to bear arms.

    /s/ Alfonso Faustino

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Alfonso. Yeah it was such a tragic event. I’ll join you in that prayer. And I’m so grateful that you shared you position! I’m with you on that: the person behind the gun is responsible. Glad you stopped by. Hope all is well with you! How’s the acting going?

      • I agree with your well-written, courageous, and reasonable BLOG. I really dig the way you view life and events and make sense out of it all. Thank you for posting it!

        Well, my acting in front of the camera is a bit slow — the film I referred you is going through a re-write — once it’s done, I will send you a text message. My manager has not forgotten about you.

        How’s acting in your end? How’s your mum?

        Always great reading your BLOGs and chatting with you!

        /s/ Alfonso Faustino

      • Ah the rewrite process. I totally get it! And thank you again! Yeah – summers can be slow. Here’s to a busy fall!! 🙂 things on my end are actually going well! I’ve been doing a lot of commercial work. Im actually in the bed bath and beyond fall catalogue right now! Haha but yeah, I’m always on the prowl for great projects:) mom’s doing great!! I don’t know if you were able to check out my last post but she had an incredible near-death experience when she was gone during her stroke and she shared it on my podcast. But she’s doing awesome – she’s my hero:) thanks for asking. Alright Alfonso! Great hearing from ya 🙂 have a great afternoon and thanks again for stopping by and joining the dialogue:) Hugs and love xox

      • Wow! I didn’t read that about your mum; but, I will search it out and catch up. I had been away traveling and off-line; I will look that one up.

        Congrats on the Bed Bath & Beyond catalog work — you definitely have the looks and talent for commercial and big theatrical projects.

        When you get the catalog, please send it my way. I’d love to see it.

        Let’s keep in touch — chat soon. Your mum is definitely a hero. My father was mine to me.

        /s/ Alfonso Faustino

  33. Using mental illness as a standard for gun ownership doesn’t work.
    Mental illness is subjective. The definition is a deviation from what the American Psychiatric Association thinks the norm ought to be. Once upon a time, torturing, burning and drowning people was accepted Church behavior. No one to my knowledge has referred to the Inquisition as a form of mental illness. It was what law-abiding church people did. Just like, in the American South, a good Southern Baptist would be a member of the KKK. However, how has said that members of such groups are mentally ill? Conversely, the Soviets used insane asylums as places to bury political dissidents. There’s no objective definition of mental illness, and I’ve read estimates that as many as 80% of Americans suffer from some form of it. Mental illness is about definitions. (For the record, I think Trump is mentally ill.)
    Now, wanting something to change before the next round of killing makes some logical sense. What other factors can we control? Or do we just sit and wait for the next “biggest massacre in US history.”
    Or do we leave? There are upwards of 6 million Americans (not counting government/military and their families) who live permanently in another country, and that number is increasing. Some 2 million live in Yankee enclaves in Mexico, another 2 million in Europe, 1 million in Korea and more scattered elsewhere around the planet. Why? Free education, better jobs, universal and often free healthcare, lower cost of living and a safer environment. Even in Mexico.

  34. It too angered me this afternoon when the media began harping on gun control! When did political interest supersede compassion? Thank you Caralyn for a poignant post, filled with compassion. Thank you any reading who risked your lives. Thank you, Lord, for those who risked everything; please bless and comfort. Please be with health care providers and strengthen them. Dry their tears. Be with those who’ve lost, those who’ve seen and heard too much, those with shattered hearts. They need you. They need your comfort in ways I can’t fathom, but you do. May they see your tears, and know they aren’t alone. Become more real than the nightmare replaying in their heads, please. Please heal our land. In Jesus’s name, amen.

  35. I agree with much of what you said but I don’t think some of these people posting about gun reform are heartless. I don’t think they should be ashamed of themselves. I think they’re thinking about Columbine, and Orlando, and Sandy Hook, and every other tragedy that guns have been used to commit, that caused no reform afterwards. You are absolutely right that people kill people, not guns, but how easy it is to get these guns is appalling. And keep in mind, I’m a gun owner, I’ve shot an assault rifle many, many times, my ex fiancée was a soldier and we owned many weapons. So I’m not anti-gun by any means. But in my state it is literally easier to buy an assault rifle than it is to get the license to conceal carry it. Something is really backwards about that. I do think there needs to be greater restrictions on the weapons themselves, maybe they should have required registration and insurance like cars do, who knows. And most of the pro-gun people I know tend to agree once they get past the “You can’t take my guns” crap. No one wants deranged people to have access to weapons. It’s just logic.

    All those people posting about gun reform, a large majority I think anyway, are trying to find a way to stop this from happening again… and again… and again, because it DOES hurt them. Because they’re dealing with that hurt by trying to find a solution. Some people pray, some donate blood, some sit at home and cry, some push for legal reform. We all have our own ways of coping with tragedy. Maybe that’s theirs. Just food for thought. Besides that, my heart along with many others is with all those effected by this terrible tragedy and I pray they find peace and healing going forward. This is a really tragic, terrible thing and I’m sure we’ll be feeling the effects of it for a long time to come. 😞

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Yeah I guess I was a little on the dramatic side there. Gotta keep that in check. But seriously thank you for joining the dialogue. Lots of powerful food for thought here. Hugs and love xox

      • I have my dramatic moments too lol. When I get caught up and emotions are running on high? I can definitely be a bit dramatic and occasionally go too far. I read this post and so much of it was valid and good. I just think we can all benefit from remembering that we all cope in different ways. My dad for instance, was distraught about this all day. It effected his very real, off Facebook life and demeanor and eventually he had to just go to his office and read for awhile so he could turn off his mind and take a breath. He was one posting about gun reform. I think it’s just good to keep that in perspective. We’re all so different, so as hard as it may be, judging one another should be the last thing we do. Hugs and love to you too love. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us as always.

    • Thank you for this wise comment which embodies much of what I thought and felt upon reading this post. This post is very political despite writer’s insistence that it’s not. This post draws attention to the divide between us in the US instead of what unites us. I think I might unsubscribe which is too bad considering I’m a long time reader. This one hurt. So much judgement.

      • Hi friend, I’m sorry that this post disappointed you. I did not mean to come across as judgmental. I think you can attest from my prior posts that that is not who I am. I am open to all opinions and perspectives, and I welcome an open dialogue. As I said in the piece, it is a very complicated issue, and I don’t pretend to have the answers or the “right” position. I seek to open up a dialogue to hear all sides of the issue. One of the powerful things about comments is that everyone comes to the table with different backgrounds and different perspectives that we can all learn from, and I am definitely grateful to hear everyone’s points of view, especially if they are different from mine. I think a conversation is healing and can lead to understanding and unity as a nation, which we so desperately need right now. As for my words, judgement was truly was not in my heart when I was writing this, and I’m sorry if you read it that way. That’s the only downside of the written word, is that you can’t hear tone of voice. Anywho, thank you so much for your feedback. I do hope that you continue reading my blog. I truly value your long time readership, and i would be so sad to think that a post such as this caused you to leave. But of course, I respect whatever you decide to do. know that I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Thank you, Caralyn Hugs and love xox

      • You are SO out to lunch Caralyn. You are also very young, and have a lot of growing up to do. Think deeper. Do some research. Unplug from your various forms of social media and meet with God. Honestly, I just cannot believe this post and the shallowness of it. Others have more eloquently expressed the truth about this issue so I will leave it at this.

        Perhaps one day you will look back on your words and regret it… perhaps not. I honestly think you need to step back and humble yourself before you let diatribes loose like the one you have let loose here. You are part of the problem and I think you have SO much good to offer, so I hope you humble yourself and open your eyes before saying these kinds of things in the future. Don’t build your online presence on sensationalism. It will only come back to bite you in the end.

      • Don’t mind the naysayers, luv; they read/see what they want to see. Your opinion has a LOT of support here, and I’m so thankful you wrote this piece 💟💟🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

      • I do agree that it was very political. I’m not sure if that was her intention but it was the outcome. As far as unsubscribing, I think you have to make the call for yourself on what you want to read and see each day. I have seen many posts by Caralyn (I think that’s how her name is spelled, sorry if I got it wrong girl!) that I enjoyed and got a lot out of; and then there’s been some that I’ve felt the need to challenge (such as this one). But at the end of the day, it’s my choice to follow her right? So if I don’t like what I see then I shouldn’t continue to follow her. But I like enough of her content to continue to and she always takes everyone’s compliments and criticisms with grace. I respect that. So although she and I have wildly different beliefs and sometimes world views, I continue to follow.

        However, I do think emotion and pain got the best of her here. Aren’t we all guilty of that sometimes though? She aimed for a message of unity and compassion but then condemned people who didn’t cope with this tragedy in the same way she did, or in the ways she felt were appropriate. That’s why I said something. And the football comment was completely against what she said her initial intent was (not to be political) but I know I’ve also gone wayyyy off track before. I just personally try to remind myself that behind every post I read is a real person who’s pouring their time at a minimum, and their heart and soul at a maximum, into what I’m reading. And I try to keep that in mind when I see that they went a bit off topic or didn’t stick with what they said their intentions were. Hell, I just wrote a post yesterday about the unpopular opinions trend on social media and said that I wanted to talk about the common theme behind many of the opinions I was seeing more than the argument of the opinions themselves and I probably came as close to arguing one side of those said opinions as I could have without actually doing so lol. It was just the only way I knew to write the post and still speak my truth. But i came very, very close to almost doing what I said I wanted to avoid doing lol. None of us are perfect and writing most certainly, is not perfect. So thank you for your reply, sorry for my long answer lol. This has been on my mind today. Much love, Ashes

      • Okay now I have to comment again. My second comment was in reply to joyful boys. I didn’t realize that someone else had also replied to this. After reading the other comments, I have to say, I would not want to be you right now Caralyn. And to everyone commenting: attacking her or (more shockingly) her relationship with her god because of how she emotionally reacted to and wrote about a tragedy is just unfair. Shes a human being. So unless you know her personally, give her a break! I didn’t agree with everything in this post but I think we as readers have a responsibility to remember that there’s a human being behind the words. So while she may have gotten many good reactions to this post, there was also some negative. Let’s not allow ourselves to become an angry or judgmental mob teaming up on one woman. That’s bullshit. And yes, I know she puts her thoughts out for the world to read but that gives you the right to analyze her THOUGHTS, NOT her as a person. It is far beyond any of us to tell this young woman to humble herself or to meet with god. Her personal relationship with her higher power is none of our business. Just sayin. I feel as if I added to the people dumping on you with that second comment more than I added to the conversation and I apologize for that. As I said in my initial comment, it isn’t always easy, but as writers and as human beings, it’s good for us to consider other people’s perspectives and reactions to situations, even the ones that seem to not make sense. Some things are unacceptable (like what the woman from CBS said) but other things are just different ways of coping with tragedy and judging how people cope with that never ends well. ❤️❤️💤

  36. Beautifully written. My husband is in law enforcement and had many coworkers attend the concert. Thankfully none were killed, one was grazed in the face by a bullet. It’s hard to make sense of the senseless. I always think of the bible verse where the Lord says, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” We have to stay strong in our faith and trust that those we lost are in a MUCH better place now. I just love your posts, they are refreshingly real. God bless!

    • Hi Sara, thank you so much for sharing your story. Wow. First of all, thank you so much for your husband’s service to keep us safe. And thank you, Jesus, that none of his friends were killed. That is such a powerful verse. It really brings a lot of comfort. Thanks so much for sharing this, and for your kind words. big hugs to you xox

  37. Maybe because I hail from a country in which horrific acts of murder are committed on a regular basis (burning of a bus with dozens of passengers inside!, unleashing a barrage of bullets at a soccer field!, etc), but I am of the opinion which I have rarely seen mentioned today, and during past tragedies.
    Evil does not need a reason to be.
    I understand that it is in our nature to attach form and motivation to anything; we are creatures of comfort, and the lack of any solid answers only makes the world a scary place.

    In the two years I have been living in the United States, I have seen calls to action on guns, mental illness, religious affiliation, and any other cause that might provide a probable catalyst for the harm done on the innocents.
    However, I posit that sometimes evil does because evil can. I am referring, of course, to the forces of darkness that infest this world, to the prince of it, he who relishes death and destruction.
    I only say this because you are a fellow believer, and I trust you’re not going to call me a crazy, insensitive or the likes.

    Yes, this country needs whatever legislation on whatever issue to stop events like this from happening, but beyond the superficial fixes, what’s sorely needed is internal compulsion. What’s needed is a purge of our sins, which give birth to evil which give birth to death. What we need is prayer not only for the victims and the perpetrator, but for ourselves, for our neighbors, for this country. We need guidance, we need to walk the narrow path, we need strength to face the evil one and send him running away by the power of Scripture, faith and prayer.

    • Hi Ricardo, thank you so much for sharing your thought. I definitely don’t call you crazy. evil is real, and the devil is real. But praise God that Jesus has overcome the world and will prevail. Yes, we need prayer. Thanks for your kind words. Hugs and love xox

  38. I am Nigerian. My heart goes out to the families of those affected one way or another. My goes out also to President Trump. We will continue to pray for the US.
    What you wrote is all over the world. Many people’s hearts are often blinded and hardened by other un-GODly considerations when they are expected to show compassion.
    Keep it up good and caring lady.

  39. Awesome post girl. Just remember that under our second amendment no government should have ANY weapons that are superior to those available to the general public. So if ONLY military and law enforcers had the best weaponry..well…u get what we have today. A military industrial complex that is corrupt as hell itself. Im with u tho and behind every word u posted. Oh btw.. are u following me? If not id be honored. I posted about this as well but from a biblical view.

  40. Of course, in the immediate aftermath of such a tragedy, the focus is on love and compassion for the victims, but I couldn’t in all conscience not respond to this post. It seems that there is such a cultural divide on the issues you raise. From here, calls for gun control do not seem like pushing a political agenda, but like making compassion more than just words. It seems unbelievable to most of us in the UK that there are no restrictions to the availability of guns in the USA, and just to express shock and sadness every time these mass shootings happen looks evasive from here. Surely compassion must mean taking practical action to protect future potential victims as well as caring for the bereaved and wounded. Of course it is people who pull the trigger and controlling guns does not take away the whole problem, but it does seriously limit the damage that disturbed and wreckless people can do. This is what we see from here:
    ‘How the US compares: The number of gun murders per capita in the US in 2012 – the most recent year for comparable statistics – was nearly 30 times that in the UK, at 2.9 per 100,000 compared with just 0.1.
    Of all the murders in the US in 2012, 60% were by firearm compared with 31% in Canada, 18.2% in Australia, and just 10% in the UK.’

    Then again, responses to the athletes’ protest during the national anthem reflect difference in cultural attitudes? To most people here that I know, their protest looks dignified appropriate and respectful.

    I suppose we all see the world from different places but compassion and love is I hope universal.

    • To people here that see the truth behind what those athletes are doing, it also looks dignified and respectful. People claim it’s disrespectful to soldiers but most of the soldiers I know (and I know many) get so offended when people say that because they believe past generations died for those athletes rights to do that. The right to protest was fought and paid for and they did so without damaging people or property, unlike many Trump supporters during the election. Just my thoughts. Thank you for sharing these statistics though. Much of my family is Australian and they think Americans are idiots for not banning weapons such as those used in the attack sooner. Gun buy backs and tougher legislation may not stop the orlandos and las Vegas’ but I agree that they can limit the damage done.

  41. I have found your post a very interesting, though provoking read as always. I agree with you that it is the person behind the gun that is the problem, and likely suffering from mental health problems. As you know yourself in therapy you seek to find the root for the behaviours, to work through it and come out the other side. Your response here shows that you have thought about the person behind the behaviour. However, you say that the people calling for guns to be banned are not “seeking peace”. Surely if you look behind the behaviour there will be many who are asking for guns to be banned so this doesn’t happen again. So they are seeking peace… in their own way. Just because their grief doesn’t look like yours it doesn’t mean they are wrong or not greiving. They could be just as hurt and saddened as you are but are showing it in a different way. I just feel with regards to your reaction on that aspect, you might have been a bit too quick to judge. When I was ill with anorexia I was often not a nice person but I am eternally greatful to those who took the time to look beyond that behaviour to what was going on inside. Take care of yourself xx

    • Thanks so much for this thoughtful response. Yeah, that is very true: the people who reach out and tried to break down the walls were so needed. I’m sorry if you felt I was quick to judge. I will seek to be more understanding next time. 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  42. I understand your anger at people jumping to speak about gun control while the tragedy is still fresh. I don’t agree, but I can understand that – although, if gun control laws were ever to be implemented, when is a better time than this to speak about it?

    But I honestly don’t get your dig at people who are kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality against their race. So racism is mental illness? What is shameful about their protest? Do you deny the existence of uneven dealing from the police with people of the African American population?

    • I agree with you. There is nothing shameful about the peaceful and poignant way in which those sportsmen knelt during the national anthem. To say that because officers risked their lives during the Las Vegas shooting that the sportsmen should feel bad for kneeling, seems very misguided and ignorant to me. And let’s not ignore the fact that because this man who killed all of these people is white, he is immediately classified as mentally ill and not a terrorist. If he were a person of colour, he wouldn’t have had it this easy. There’s something to say about that.

      • Thanks for sharing your perspective. i do appreciate hear all sides of issues. he definitely could be a terrorist. I’m just making the observation that anyone – no matter of skin color – who shoots at an innocent crowd like that is not mentally stable. Doesn’t matter their race, nationality, creed or gender – that behavior is a symptom of some sort of mental disorder. But you’re right, there are sadly a lot of deep seeded judgments and preconceived stereotypes that unfortunately are held by some, and that is not good. thanks for joining the dialogue. Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is definitely a difficult issue. There are obviously things that need to change and the situation is heart breaking and I’m not denying the problem at all. I just also feel that police officers are bY and large good people. And, as with every profession (look at the priesthood) there are a handful of “bad eggs” and people who abuse power. But it doesn’t soil the whole profession – and police officers risk their lives every day to protect us and I don’t know. It’s complicated. Because those isolated situations are horrible. Anyways. I’m just talking in circles now. Thanks for your response. Hugs and love xox

      • Thank you for your gracious response. Yes, i totally agree that police officers are generally great. And, it is important to note that i do not live in the US, but have family and many friends who do.

        But, is there not a racism problem still latent – and many times obvious – in society?
        Again, how are the players who kneel showing disrespect to good cops?

        I know that the conversation is about guns and not the police, but i just thought i would point that out.


  43. My condolences to you and your fellow Americans for this latest loss of life. It’s true that the victims and their families need at this time compassion and support. They certainly do not need to be dragged into political discussions or used to promote any agenda. They should be left alone to grief with the support of family , friends and a caring society. But America, you got to do something. America’s record of mass shootings is in a league of its own in the world. The availability of guns is a problem.

    The phrase, “running amok”, actually came out of my country Malaysia where an Amok is a madman who rampages through a village due to emotional or mental illness. Presumably, not an infrequent occurrence in the past and still happens to a degree today. But usually armed with a dagger or a machete, the casualty toll is usually limited and there are few victims. It would be clearly a lot worse if guns were readily available.

    America has far, far more murders with firearms than the rest of the world (even exceeding some countries with active wars or insurgencies). I remember the U.S. embassy putting out a travel warning for Americans traveling to Thailand because of safety concerns; to which the Thai government calmly pointed out that their violent crime and murder rate is lower than the USA. The number of mass shooting events are increasing in frequency (now about one a day on average) and in casualties. Something has to be done. It should have been done after Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and so many others. Do something please for your children.

  44. My thoughts exactly. Not long after I awoke and saw what happened, I heard someone in public office saying that the President needs to look into gun control more than praying. You’ve got to be kidding me! Not surprised one bit about that response, just sad about it.

  45. I don’t want to come across as heartless, but just provide some outside perspective as to why people may respond the way they do.

    I don’t think people are being heartless, I think it is that gun violence is out of control in the US and people are sick of it. Of course people are absolutely heartbroken but jeeze Louise, how many people have to die before your government acts. They want to feel safe when they go to school, college, the movie or a show. People should have a right to feel safe and not worry about sending their kids to school. To outsiders it seems completely insane that no one seems to see this as a serious problem.

    If you are talking about ‘an appropriate time to discuss this’, when would that be? There has been over 270 mass shootings in the US this year. That is about 1 per day…..if you can’t talk about it near the day of a mass shooting, then it will never be discussed. Surely this could be the catalyst for something better, and at least something good could come from something so tragic.

    People are not being insensitive. They are angry, distraught and feel utterly helpless because nothing is changing. They want more from their country. They know it can be greater than this.

    How big an atrocity has to happen before the government acts? It is incomprehensible that anyone can feel this is ok.

    Your government is so caught up in protecting people from ISIS (the boogey man), which haven’t taken a life on American soil, that they totally ignore protecting you from gun violence.

    Less people are getting killed in countries that are officially at war, than in the US. This is completely nuts.

    Gun control does not mean no guns. It means background checks, gun licences, no high powered semi auto weapons, not having an arsenal in your house. Etc etc etc. Why on earth does any civilian need a semi auto weapon? Why does a civilian need 10 weapons? The US is no longer under threat of being invaded by the British, it doesn’t need that many guns!

    Lastly, the whole “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” nonsense. True, but if this guy did not have access to a semi auto weapon, how many rounds could he have gotten off before people were able to take cover and the cops barged the door down. That’s the point – a massive difference in the casualty rate.

    I am sorry if I appear callous. I am not. What happened in Vegas is just completely horrific and I can’t even vaguely understand why this horror keeps happening but no one seems to actually do anything about it…..

    • thank you for joining the dialogue and sharing your thoughts. i appreciate hearing from all sides on the issue. i think we can agree that the the events of Sunday night were truly terrible and we never want it to happen again. Hugs and love xox

  46. You summed this up very well in another great post. Guns are not the problem; the people pulling the trigger are.

    Guns are a target because they are much easier to attack than fertilizer companies or truck rental places.

    The Second Amendment was written as a way for citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. By taking away our right to ‘keep and bear arms’, the government is actually displaying the tyranny from which we need to protect ourselves.

    Gun control is not the problem. And trying to implement stricter gun control laws isn’t the answer. Chicago is a great (unfortunately) example of this. They have some of the strictest gun control laws and yet they have one of the highest gun related murder rates in the country.

    When schools kicked God to the curb, something had to fill the void. And I don’t think we need guess who it was.

    God Bless!

  47. Of course, you nailed it again! Thanks for always sharing your honest thoughts that young people in our age bracket are sometimes so afraid to share!!

  48. I understand where you are coming from, but from looking at this from the UK, it seems mad to us, we had one school shooting and bought in stricter gun control. Maybe right after the advent is not right, but it certainly should be talked about, people will want to know why this happened, how this was allowed to happen and it is because it the USA it seems easier to get a gun than drive a car.

    People talk about the second amendment but that was written in a time when you could fire a round a minute, not 200 rounds a minute. I don’t think banning guns are the answer, but this needs to be talked about, and stopped before the next time, because there will be a next time.

    Also, the guy might not be suffering from a mental disorder, he just might be evil, don’t assume that because this has happened its down to mental health, millions of people cope with mental disease without getting a gun and shooting people.

    • I’m in Australia and the exactly same thing happened as it must have done in the UK, when the Port Arthur massacre happened here 20 odd years ago. Guns were taken away. And it made sense. It was entirely the right thing to go. No ordinary citizen needs an assault rifle.

      I read this blog this morning and felt bewildered when I read that ‘guns aren’t the problem’ – Because I’m sorry, but yes they are. I seriously hope that US politicians do something, i don’t know when they think the right time for that conversation is, but it’s now. It has to be now. Please!

      My thoughts are with Las Vegas. Heart is broken.

    • thanks so much for joining the dialogue and sharing this perspective. i really appreciate hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions. You’ve brought up a lot of powerful food for thought. Hugs and love xox

  49. I saw the headline yesterday morning before I left work work. I didn’t click on the stories. You see, I already knew the narrative; and I’m not interested in yellow journalism… or what’s known as The Media nowadays. I’m done. It’s not that I don’t care: Far from it. But (as you are) I am sick of everyone using incidents such as these to further their own ludicrous positions. I refuse to award “The Media” with the attention they so desperately crave.

    I don’t know that I fully accept the ‘mental illness’ argument — though I understand, and don’t necessarily disagree with, your assessment. But that excuses behavior that’s a symptom of the sinful state of man: some people are, simply, bad. I prefer to reserve judgement in that arena; but I recognize you’re closer to the subject than I am.

    I’m unwilling to sacrifice my sovereignty for security, and I dearly wish others would stop doing it for me. I know ‘responsibility’ is a dirty word in our society, especially to those practicing the religion of liberalism. But the security these hypocrites want only comes from having the freedom to back down an over-reaching and cannibalistic government. And that means we have the responsibility of policing our own lives. Some individuals are less willing to do that than others.

    I’d love to say something amazing and take your hurt away; but hurt isn’t all bad: it can be the catalyst to make changes. We may not have the influence to change the big things in the world; but we do have the ability to change our local concerns: it starts with ourselves, then goes to our families, then neighborhoods, cities, and out from there. This is how we change the world. And we all can do that.

    1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

    • Thanks so much, Matt, for this thoughtful response. i really appreciate you joining the conversation and sharing your perspective. Yes – i agree – it starts with the family. i think the death of the family dinner was the beginning of the end. Hugs and love xox

  50. You are right the fragile mentality of the human condition certainly plays a part, like you I once used food in a very destructive way before I lost the weight and starting living healthy, however I think the reason the reaction to gun control has been so strong is simply because of the level of devastation and loss of life it can cause in such a short space of time.

    Something needs to be done and unless the US government is planning on investing more money on mental health services, I can understand the yearning to look for another solution as immediate as the problem; however as someone who is a non US citizen, has never handled a gun or lost a family member to a bullet I don’t feel qualified enough to make an informed decision on this tragic issue.

    So I will conclude by saying this; America is the biggest influence of culture in the world and is a nation that despite its open struggle is still one of the most progressive and influential societies on earth. I love reading this blog because of your openness and willingness to express your opinion with such grace and it is the nature of being open, listening, sharing and understanding that will hopefully lead us toward finding an answer that needs to be questioned from all sides.

    • thanks so much for sharing your perspective and for joining the conversation. the events were so incredibly tragic, and i pray it never happens again. thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  51. I think you are brave and courageous to post this in a society that seems to refrain from laying blame on the responsibly entity. Often times, our society looks to excuse someone’s actions based upon the supposed complications this person may have face.

    We’re all responsible for our own actions.

  52. I so agree with you!! Why can’t more people think like this. I hate politics- doesn’t mean I don’t have my own opinions- I just don’t verbally vomit on people via social media. I think mental illness is the issue too. Not the guns. Take them or don’t, people will always find a way. Just like abortion. I’m against it but people will always find a way. These debates will continue forever because we all have strong emotions attached to the issues.

  53. Reblogged this on True Men and commented:
    I’ve been thinking about the shooting in Las Vegas. I wanted to say something about it. Then I saw this. This is pretty much what I wanted to say.

  54. This. This, this, this. Thank you so much for sharing an “unpopular” opinion, but that I wholly agree with. Like yours, my facebook feed was filled with negativity when we need light the most. I saw several people actually condemning those who pray instead of rioting – how backwards is that?

  55. I agree that more needs to be done to address mental illness. We need to de-stigmatize it, and then bolster resources for it. As someone who works for a significant health system in southeastern Virginia, we have one behavioral health center that offers critical mental health services, as well as inpatient treatment. However, it’s just not enough. More needs to be done. There are so many people suffering from these illnesses – Anxiety, depression, EDs, PTSD, and more. The list goes on. You poured your heart out. Meanwhile, I’m scheduled to give blood on Saturday, and hope that many will continue to donate blood regularly. Donating in times of crisis is huge, but the need is constant. Thank you!

      • You’re so welcome. I’m happy to join a constructive conversation. Giving blood is a family affair – My dad has donated over 35 gallons since he was 18! I could go on for hours about his dedication to the cause. My whole family is involved, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  56. I completely agree with what you have said. I’m English, I lived in Minnesota for three years and was shocked by the open gun carry policy there. I was in Bosnia, I have seen first hand the effects of massed killings. When human beings start killing they change. Trust me, they become visceral, something changes in their eyes and they can’t stop unless they are stopped. There are no drugs, no therapy, no help and no cure for what I saw, it is going to be very difficult for the survivors to try to come to terms with this. You have to try to live with it, to accept it, because it won’t go away.

  57. We have gun control in Canada. (Note that we still have large numbers who make their living hunting and trapping and need guns.) We have very few mass shooting in Canada. Guns in the hands of mentally ill and fanatics do kill people and children. The idea is to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and fanatics. Please note, the US makes up less than 5% of the worlds population but has 31% of global mass shootings. No private citizen needs an automatic weapon. Please note my prayers are with the dead and injured in Las Vegas – including the three Canadians but that is no reason to stop talking about gun control. Canadians are just as patriotic about our country and rights as you are but we do not get as upset about our flag as you do about yours. We are more concerned with our freedom to protest and about free speech. than pledging allegiance to our flag. Hope I’m not upsetting you.

  58. In such hard times you take comfort in reading posts like these. Thank you for opening up about your past and for your honesty – I couldn’t agree more that it’s not about the guns but about the people who fire them. There are no simple answers or solutions. My heart goes out to all involved.

  59. Anger comes out in many ways for many people. I see those on my social media also calling for action. But I think the reason behind it is moreso because they’ve felt pain. They’ve experienced loss before.

    People feel unheard. We can comfort each other, and we should. But they want awareness and prevention to protect others from being hurt. I’m not on the sides of everything I’ve seen, but I can sympathize with that pain.

    There has to be a better way. But you are right, finger pointing and sarcasm just cause more of rift. Everyone is hurt on BOTH sides, and no one (or few) are trying to mend each end. This is the world we live in. Mankind continues to carry darkness just as in the beginning days of sin. Somethings won’t change till every thing is completed by God’s hand.

    But as you also brought up there is hope NOW. We can be a small change. We can lift each other up. We can be light. We can be an example. We can use our life experiences, as you have, to correct the lies others want to be believe.

    There will always be hope.

    Always. 🙂

    • These are some really really great points, TR. Pain and grief manifest in lots of different ways. And yes. We can be a small change. We CAN be the light. That’s why I share trump’s speech because when he said that about being the Ray of hope, I was so moved by that because it’s so TRUE!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 Hugs and love xox

      • 🙂 wherever we can openly discuss differences that’s where growth starts. That’s where community is founded. And I appreciate the fact I’ve always been able to share thoughts, even if they are slightly different, on your blog. I think you share a lot of great discussion points, and you speak from your heart. I know sometimes other commenters try to use that against you, and it isn’t right. But my intention has always been to further the conversation with you, cause I love talking to you. 🙂

      • Amen amen AMEN!! Open dialogue is so healing. And thanks for that encouragement. And aw shucks girlie I love talking to you too!! 🙂 have a great afternoon! Hugs and love xox

  60. Thank you! We need to continue to spread love and prayers!

    God bless you!


  61. What can I say, you’re on point. Proud of you my dear, for taking the time to think and analyze things. Instead of whatever the media dictates. I take my hat off for you.

  62. Lady we agree this is a tragedy, none of these people deserved what hit them and that I am sure mental illness had a huge part in this. The parts we disagree on should not be argued about right now. So hugs to you and hope can find peace in your prayers kid.

  63. It was a tragedy, definitely. But even as ‘dead’ and ‘injured’ are blank words, and the numbers blank numbers, people take each new mass shooting as a need for change. That’s one of the reasons some are using this as another reason to implement gun control laws. After doing a project on the subject of mass shootings, in Australia (VERY strict gun laws) they haven’t had a mass shooting since 1996 (defining mass shooting as more than four people killed indiscriminately). Whereas in the US, there’s an average of 460 mass shootings per year in the last five years. Considering that there are 365 days in a year…
    And that’s why people are still talking about politics. Because this COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED (please pretend those are italics, not caps). And it wasn’t.

    • And I apologize if that came off as confrontational. Hats off to you for being able to treat this one with the respect it deserves. For me, at some point, the sadness has to become anger at some point.

      • Yup. Just a clarifying thing, though, by anger, I mean the need to take action. Once the same kind of tragedy happens that many times in a row, there’s got to be a reason there. So it seems to me that maybe that’s what people seem to be turning to. Apologies for beating a dead horse, though. I really like debating things, just to see what other people think, and what they think of my own opinions.

  64. I live in the UK and haven’t had to experience such a frightening occurrence; but after all the London attacks this year, yes I do agree with you that it’s more about the person wielding the weapon. With that said, when I really consider the random killings of innocent ‘people’ in the US with guns by individuals without an ‘agenda’ per se, I think we have been saved a lot more deaths in the UK by limiting the access to these weapons. I will totally understand why people will raise the issue of gun control at this time because it was the availability of such a large number of guns to just one man that increased the number of his casualties. And at this time, it’s a gun, so people will most certainly talk about guns. It’s just sad, this world we live in, and I know things aren’t getting any better . . . we can only pray that our angels will always be on guard for us. But for now, we weep for the fallen ones.

  65. Thank You for this very real heartfelt post. My uncle was there, thankfully he made it out physically safe. I can’t imagine the emotional scars he’ll now have to deal with. I cannot express my own fury while being affected with concern for a loved one and seeing the absolutely shameless display of people on my social media news feeds. You’re absolutely right about it being the person who commits the crime! Thank you also for supporting my blog for so long, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award and want you to know how inspiring you have been on my own journey.

      • I just watched Conan’s commentary, It was also deeply moving. Thank you. There was massive opposition to the gun buy-back here but I am sure there are are people alive today, who would not be alive, if it hadn’t happened.
        I enjoy your blog and I have really admired the way you have courageously responded to our comments, whether we agree or not.

  66. Caralyn:

    We cannot both honor Christ and rely upon tools of death as a method of security. As Christians, to defend someone’s right to buy weapons designed to kill indiscriminately is to condone their moral destruction.

    Many of the people that speak out for gun control after a massacre like this are survivors of the death of a loved one under similar circumstances. Every incident like this thrusts them forcefully back to the moment of that trauma, bringing them to ask again and again “Why?” If you don’t agree with their perspective, do not treat it as a moral failing on their part. To do so is to disrespect their own suffering.

    If you have trouble relating to this, think about your ED triggers.

    I agree with you on assault weapons. There are organizations engaged in an ongoing struggle against the gun lobby and the advertising that creates addiction to violence. If you are going to decry opportunists for gun control, you should find an opportunity on this forum to celebrate those that don’t manifest that hypocrisy. Otherwise you are being a hypocrite yourself, talking about gun control in the aftermath of a massacre.

    The gun lobby is no different than the tobacco companies, systematically working to activate pathways in the brain that build fear and condition victims to seek relief through violence. It creates the mental illness that you describe as the root of the problem.

    Gun advertising should be regulated, just as was cigarette advertising, including requirements for inclusion of statistics regarding suicides, accidental deaths, and testimonials from the survivors of massacres and from law enforcement regarding the inefficacy of the weapons to the purpose of self-defense and civil disobedience.


    • Hi Brian, thank you so much for joining the conversation and sharing your thoughts. Theres a lot of powerful food for thought here. thanks again for this perspective. Hugs and love xox