Beautiful Things

Allow me to set the stage here. Paint you a picture so you can catch a glimpse of how big of a dork I am.

It’s a Wednesday evening. 6:30, and I’m in my little NYC kitchen, making a big, beautiful salad.

I was super jazzed because I had bought some ~fancy~ ingredients to really spoil myself: red cabbage, kalamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

I know. Frickin’ Gordon Ramsey over here.

But I had Pandora playing, as I always do in my apartment – christian station – and the next thing I know, I’m literally belting out the chorus, to Audrey Assad’s “Beautiful Things.”

And even though I’m a singer (I was the lead singer of a latin cover band as my first NYC gig, so there’s another great mental image for ya) – but even though I’m a singer, I never just belt out songs on the reg. I mean, hello…thin walls. #PrewarApartmentLiving

So, startled at the noise spewing from my pie hole, I started listening to the lyric I was repeating over and over in this song:

“You make beautiful things out of dust…You are making me new.”

Chills yet? Because I sure had ’em, once I realized what the heck I was singing at the top of my lungs.

But maybe not for the reason you may think.

You see, I had been spending the day in prayer for my mom. Being in NYC, away from her has been really hard, I’m not going to sugar coat it. Really hard. I long for ways to feel connected to her, and I’ve found that prayer helps that. So after a particularly hard, tear-filled morning, I spent the rest of the day praying for her continued healing from her stroke. And so, I’m not joking, I didn’t even realize I was singing until I realized I was belting out that particular lyric. It was the Holy Spirit, I am sure of it. Caught ya red handed there, Advocate! 

But all kidding aside, there is something that I want to say to a very special reader. —You know who you are.


Healing is a journey. Healing is a long road that can be desolate at times. And right now, you’re walking through one of those dusty stretches of road. There is a deep sadness we feel when we find that we are unable to do something that was once a hallmark of who we intrinsically are. We mourn. We grieve the loss of our ability to be who we once were.

This is a very painful chapter of the healing process.


I walked through this during my anorexia when I completely lost my personality. The goofy, fun-loving girl who would bust out funny accents and spontaneous dance parties was replaced with a hollow, unfeeling shell of a person without passion or zest or personality anymore. And during the initial phase of my recovery and healing, I was having trouble finding her. And there were days that I would grieve – heartsick that I would never be able to be that vivacious young woman ever again.

You make beautiful things out of dust.

Right now, you’re feeling like dust. Things are frustrating. Hard. Seemingly impossible. Will I ever be the same? I was once an extravagant garden, overflowing with the most beautiful of blooms, now all I can see is a hole in the ground. What will people think of what I’ve become?

You are making me new— He is making you new. 


There’s a danger that comes with discouragement. There’s a mindset that we can slip into that threatens our innermost spirit.

When we’re hung up on what we cannot do, or what is hard to do, or what we’re missing, we tend to only see those things. We’re looking down at the ground, focusing on the hole in the ground of what’s missing or lacking, and in our laser focus, we begin to think that that’s what the whole garden is like. I must be standing in a barren patch of earth.

But in your focus on that hole, you can’t see what I see. You can’t see that you’re actually standing in a beautiful garden, where succulent wildflowers are all around you. This flower: grace. That flower: humility. This one: courage. That one: perseverance. This one: peace. That one: Hope. But you can’t see it because you’re only looking at the hole.

Look up. See the beauty you’re radiating. See the exquisite blooms surrounding you.


Sure, your garden may not be exactly the same as what it once was, but dare I say, this garden is better: even more beautiful than before. This garden was built on a foundation of resilience. And your bravery permeates the air with a fragrant aroma of dignity and strength.

That’s what I see when I look at you. I don’t see the hole. I see the magnificent and beautiful garden that is you. Because He makes beautiful things.

Never forget that.

Please find the lyrics and song below.

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All this pain
I wonder if I’ll ever find my way.
I wonder if our life could really change at all.

All this earth
Could all that is lost ever be found?
Could a garden come up from this ground at all?

You make beautiful things.
You make beautiful things out of dust.
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us.

All around, hope is springing up the this old ground.
And out of chaos life is being found, in you.

You make beautiful things.
You make beautiful things out of dust.
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us.

You make me new,
You are making me new.

You make beautiful things.
You make beautiful things out of dust.
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us.


254 responses to “Beautiful Things”

  1. This is my very favorite song! I read your posts on Anorexia also, I’m glad you have healed, and hope you continue on praying! Its the most intimate, important thing to do for someone.

  2. That was a beautiful post. Someday you will look back and see how God has used your story as a seed to help many gardens grow out of desolate holes in the ground. Someday you will look back and see how much you’ve bloomed. You are still growing. The tears we cry waters the soil to make a beautiful garden bloom out of the dry desolate ground. The life we live after surviving challenging situations is always more beautiful. Excellent post!

  3. Holy smoke. I was just thinking about this song the other day (our youth group plays it commonly at our annual graduation banquet) and thinking “Yep…still haven’t found MY way.”

    So it’s a relief to know that the purpose of it all has not been forgotten or lost in the mix. Ashes are still being swept out, but they ARE on their way out.

  4. We must listen to some of the same music on Pandora. The first line of that song and insta-earworm in such a beautiful way. I admire how open, and vulnerable you are with us. Sharing your story so that others may find life in the midst of some pretty horrible stuff, or some stuff that simply isn’t easy.
    I love reading your blog – I always hear a little word from God. <3

  5. One of your best ones yet! Have you ever noticed that people allow problems to literally take over their lives? You see it when you look at their faces, how they live in their houses, how they take care of their bodies (wait a minute!), etc…it reflects a much deeper sense of who they ‘think’ they are. Your right, ain’t seein’ no garden! One small note: I do believe “beautiful things” was written and sung by Gungor first (though I could be wrong)…I listen to both of them and it was on one of the first Gungor albums. Keep up the good work sister b.b.b.

    • oh my gosh thank you so much!! yeah, problems can definitely become crippling, that’s for sure. oh really! that’s an interesting fact! i’ve never heard his version, but I’ll have to check it out 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  6. Trying to catch up on your blogs, I hadn’t been writing for a couple weeks/months. This is so good! You are amazing as always 🙌🏽🔥 thanks for sharing this

    • oh gosh, thank you so much Margaret 🙂 I really appreciate that. Yeah, this special reader perhaps gave birth to me… 😉 haha so glad it resonated with you 🙂 big hugs xo

      • I won’t tell anyone who it is. Our secret 😉 hahaha. Yes it really touched my heart. I’m not going to speak for everyone but I for one have stood in that hole :):)

        AND it was a blessing to read about your blessing too. While you were belting out that song, enjoying your visit with God :):) I was smiling the whole time reading it. I love it when God wraps His arms around one of His children. So, thank you for sharing that too.

  7. Loved this, Beauty. It is certainly true that God’s Holy Spirit breathes into our lives and helps us to know and understand God’s working in our lives.

    Thank you for your blog. I read every one, even though I don’t always comment.

    Congratulations on your book. I am a Christian author too.

    God bless, Mary T. Wilkinson

    On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 6:59 PM, BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “Allow me to set the stage here. Paint you a > picture so you can catch a glimpse of how big of a dork I am. It’s a > Wednesday evening. 6:30, and I’m in my little NYC kitchen, making a big, > beautiful salad. I was super jazzed because I had bought some ~fanc” >

  8. You have this profound gift for lifting people up through your writing. I suppose it takes hitting the bottom to understand how most of the human race feels inside so empathy can be shown to those you meet. Blessings to you!

    • gosh, thank you Ian. what an incredibly kind thing to say 🙂 Well, I definitely have hit the bottom, that’s for sure! haha but seriously though, thank you friend 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  9. I know that place you speak of- where everything you’ve ever known, achieved, striven after, is shattered, crumbled on the ground at your feet.
    And the Father comes along, and begins to reassemble it all, only this time, into something completely new. And beautiful.
    “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth. Shall ye not know it? I will make a way in the wilderness, and streams in the desert.” -Isaiah 43:19

  10. “This garden was built on a foundation of resilience” these words are so perfect! You are such a wise young woman and a beautiful daughter! Another amazing one!

  11. Beautiful! It is so hard to think of ourselves as beautiful. But you are right.”He makes beautiful things.” That includes all of us peeps! Love your writing. Milly.

  12. 12th Anniversary Poem (fragments) 1981
    by Patricia A. Bow

    I know the scent and shape of you:
    I know you all, yet not at all.
    I linger with a connoisseur’s delight
    over a contour of bone, a texture of skin,
    gloating over treasures of silk and ivory
    that are mine alone,
    and yet no-one’s but yours.

    For you and I are so entwined
    that we can read each other’s mind
    at times, a simple exercize.
    Then comes the stumble of surprise
    when, reaching out in haste, I find
    the stranger self behind your eyes.

    Far apart upon the lawn,
    two tall trees confront each other
    never to touch, ever alone:
    yet beneath the grass and stone
    intertwined their roots have grown,
    so intimately webbed together,
    neither one can tell his own.

    So with us: which flatly proves
    futility of arguments
    On which is which, and whose is whose.

  13. I don’t know who this was for, but I’m sure they appreciated it. There are people I know that I wish I could have written this for. Spot on with the message and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it.

  14. Caralyn, I love the fact that you’re so courageous to share your experiences to help others in need of it. Your words of encouragement produces nothing but positivity. I always get inspired to try to help others out in some fashion because of you. Keep it up and thank you!

  15. I love Audrey Assad and the lyrics of so many of her songs. Smiled as I realized she’s one you listen to as well. As I read through your post, you know what I kept thinking? That I bet your mom is really proud of you…BIG time. As always, thanks for sharing and encouraging and making us laugh in the midst of it. Sing on, friend 🙂

  16. You lift me up with your powerful, scintillating, sparkling perspective of His omni-creationism. You have reminded me He is still making “beautiful things” in the inner places of this aged, diminishing, deteriorating physical tent called the body, which temporarily houses the developing soul. Thank you Caralyn, so much for sharing your gift with so many blessings!

  17. Another great post! I’ll bet a lot of folks would love to see a daily YouTube Blog by you. Imagine you’ve heard this before. There’s a guy who has a YouTube daily vlog called After Prison Show. Fascinating personality. He has a whopping 400,000 Subscribers!
    It’s monetized big time. I sincerely believe you could do as well. Get a couple of good lights, have quality sound and go for it.
    Just a thought.
    Your friend

    • Hey Roland! After Prison Show…hmmm I’ll have to check it out! Sounds pretty awesome. And definitely something to think about. I did a few videos about a year ago and i definitely enjoyed the process. Maybe it’s time to bring it back 🙂 also – I just emailed you back. Thank you for that wonderful note 🙂 were you able to download it? Hugs to you xox

  18. Loved this post. I remember recovery…. I remember not having a personality. It broke my heart and shocked me to my core when I realised what I’d become. Fortunately like you I knew/know Jesus and began to choose to believe the truth about myself and to believe that what he saw was better than what I thought I saw in myself. Now, I’m on my year abroad in Russia, and although its so hard being this far away from home, I’m just so amazed and humbled that I’m here. I’m actually living my dreams and becoming fluent in another language…. I look back and realise that 4 years ago we weren’t sure if I would get through my GCSEs and get into college (high school). God is so amazing. And I have a beautiful story of healing … and an inner strength that surprises even me. I have my personality back… I won’t say I’m the same person before I had anorexia because I’m a better person. I’m more confident and more in love with God than ever. It’s so weird, don’t know if you had this but a couple of times I would look back and just start ugly crying – not out of sadness or happiness, but out of pure relief that I’d survived… I don’t know how people recover without knowing God is with them!!
    Anyway… thank you for the post. Who knows, maybe I’ll write about it on my blog one day. Hugs!! 🙂

    • Hey friend, thank you so much for sharing your story. i’m so sorry you can so personally relate. I’m so glad you’re having such a positive experience in Russia. I’ll definitely be praying for you while you’re there! you’re so right – God is amazing. I definitely have had those ugly cry sessions, and i think it’s actually really important to let that emotion out 🙂 sending such big hugs to you friend x

  19. God does make Beautiful things. Beautiful post, Beautiful song and Beautiful You! I belt out quite a few songs myself except my gong is a joyful noise to the Lord only! 😉
    Big hug, Beautiful!

  20. Brought me nearly to tears! So beautiful and fitting for what’s on my mind. I did two interviews today for the upcoming International Babyloss Memorial Day on the 15th of October, and so many of the good encouraging things you’ve said apply well for recovery from the trauma of such loss. I think enabling people to acknowledge and enter into their suffering while growing in hope and faith is such valuable work! God bless you! Your vulnerability is that humble dust that God makes beautiful things of…

  21. You said that post was written for someone specifically and they know who they are. I feel as if it was written for me and you don’t even know me. Love it.

  22. Great post! There is a song lyric by Neil Peart – “You’re only immortal for a limited time.” Overlooking the theological fallacy of that for a moment, it seemed true to me, especially when I was younger.

    When I was a teenager and in my early 20’s there was no “tomorrow.” I wasn’t going to ever die (I was immortal) and that shaped how I saw the world and how I tried to be in this world. I lived for the moment and I lived for me.

    But I got older, presumably more mature and more wise. God brought a beautiful woman into my life and all of a sudden life got fragile. And the world got bigger than just myself. I was thinking of my wife more and more and myself less and less. Then children entered my world. More fragility, wider horizons.

    At times I would grieve the passing of the old me. Would I ever be able to go back to that person I once was? The Holy Spirit whispered into my ear and my heart, “Why would you want to?” And he was right. Satan whispered on the other side and I found myself still grieving at times. But less and less frequently because my eyes were opened – hopefully never to be shut – to the man I am now.

    The man I am know because of my wife and my sons. Because of God. The man Christ died to save. This man is reality. The man I was is history. I will learn from history, but I will live reality!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story, Ed. This is so inspiring. It’s so true – it’s amazing the perspective a loved one brings 🙂 thanks for stopping by and for being so open and honest! bigwig hugs xo

  23. What a beautiful piece! It’s like one of those sermons where everyone feels it was written for them personally! Now THAT is writing! More thoughts on Patreon!

    Julie and I got back safely late last night. We had such a great time! Hard to believe I’m saying that when we really did NOTHING! Most of the time was poolside or the grill right nest to the cabana that was reserved for us. We took walk to the gulf coast Wednesday morning, then back to the pool. The staff was wonderful. We met two people from our (almost) old stomping grounds: Bedford Township Michigan and Ypsilanti! Who would’ve thought that far from Ohio?

    I even got my phone back from the driver yesterday. I wonder of God deliberately took it away!

    So a few minor thoughts await you at Patreon!

    • Hey Jeff! so glad you two are back safe and sound! i hope y’all are tan and well rested 🙂 hehe So glad to hear it was a great trip. sounds idyllic! God is so good! thanks Jeff! looking forward to reading more of your words over on Patreon! Hugs and love xox

  24. I could not hit the like button enough times!!!!! This makes me think of my 13 year old daughter and even though she is fine right now, I know there will be a day when she will need this EXACT advise~! Thank you so much for writing this and giving me this insight

  25. I’ve been an Audrey Assad groupie for years – her music ushers us in to worship God & live in the love of Jesus. You would probably also like Sarah Hart (another amazing woman of faith & music!) Blessings as you pray & ‘be’ with your mom from afar: notes, texts, calls mean a lot (& surprise flowers or small packages!) 💐💜💐

  26. Did you watch The Shack? This post reminds me of a portion of that movie . . . I was moved by it, and your post does the same. I can relate to what you’re going through right now with your mum, my mum is far away in some wilderness of her own right now and I feel quite helpless sometimes . . . but I know that in it all, God has her, more than I could. It’ll all end in praise, for all our mums. Amen.

    • I did!! i loved that movie. i think I wrote a post on a while back, i can’t rememeber! hah but thanks for this encouragement – God’s got her for sure. Hugs and love xox

  27. Thank you for the encouraging post! I have been in a funk lately where I feel disengaged from things around me, especially in my quiet time with God. It’s easy for me to focus too much on what I worry I’m missing, why I feel so emotionally detached, that I may be ignoring what is around me.

    • Thanks so much, Ellen, for sharing you heart. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers 🙂 what’s always comforting for me to remember is that even though i may feel distant or detached, God hasn’t gone anywhere, and is right by my side 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  28. God has amazing ways of refining and making something new out of us. My mom used to pick me up from school on this old scooter back when I was in kindergarten. On the way home, we would sing out loud into the traffic- ‘he’s still working on me, to me make what I ought to be. It took him just a week to make the moon and the stars but he’s still working on me. You go on and on and by the time we reach home we’ll be singing ‘there’s a sign on my heart- don’t touch it yet, it’s an unfinished heart’. Somehow that song stuck with me. When my grandpa died and mom was sitting there sobbing, I hummed this tune sitting by her. It fills the things words can never fill. God bless you and have a great week!🙂

    • Yes He does! what a comforting thought. thank you for sharing your story – what a beautiful gift you were able to give your mom through song. there are some things that words just can’t express that music, for some reason can 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  29. Amen and amen. Btw. Took my ex (divorced now 10 years ) to east is east afghan restaurantin Vancouver which has a live gypsy jazz band on. Thursday nites . We had an awesome time and she left the restaurant completely jazzed. She wrote the next day. Such a blast from the past I really enjoyed the evening. Such a delightful surprise in every aspect .
    Never give up

  30. Good Morning Caralyn: God’s Blessings as you continue to brighten the world around you. I do believe the Light keeps spreading in a wider circle about you, and the reason that can happen is because it is not your light, it is the LIGHT of the world, Jesus Christ shining through you,

    John 8:12
    12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

    1 John 1:5
    5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

    God certainly does make beautiful things out of dust. You are a great example to each of us, “Beauty for God’s Glory”.
    He first of all creates us, He has plans for us. As some of us slip away, He never leaves us alone, and calls us to return in various ways, since we are all unique, and special in God’s sight.
    It would be great to hear you sing, perhaps you can record, and work it into one of your blog writings. 😀

    I didn’t read your good words until mid morning today, was running late it seems yesterday, and the weather seemed to be bothering this oldER body again.
    But early this morning, in my reading and writing my thoughts seemed to fit with yours.
    My thoughts:

    These are verses of truth for every woman, girl, boy, man, regardless of age, race, background. God, the God of the Bible, the Triune God, knows each of us, and knows us well, because He created each of us. God does not make mistakes, so regardless of circumstances or situations, no one is, has been, will be mistakenly created.
    Each person has worth, and God has plan and a purpose for your life. Please look to God, call to Jesus. He loves you.

    Psalms 139:13-14
    13 For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

    God Bless you Caralyn,
    LUV, 😀🌹❤️


    A late thought, do you skype, or face time with your Mom? Your prayer times must be so special for her, and it must be difficult having that distance separating you.
    Praying for you all.

  31. A TV break is enjoyable when you feel it’s well-deserved, I agree. Changing the subject here, your ebook about blogging turns out to be great. It’s hard to be confident, which is how you seem in your blog, and it isn’t altogether different in your ebook, but I couldn’t have known precisely what the ebook might be like. Turns out, it is excellent.

    • thanks for this Odell. You’re right – TV breaks are definitely beneficial! and gosh thank you so much! I’m so glad you’ve found the ebook beneficial? Would you mind if i used that as a quote? I wouldn’t put your last name or anything, but just as some feedback? Hugs and love xox

      • Reading your ebook helped me think more like how you think, I would venture. If you want to quote what I’ve commented about your ebook, I am so happy that I helped in my way. If you feel the feedback could help others absorb what you’re doing, the pleasure is all mine to think you might quote it. All the best.

    • Thanks so much Matthew 🙂 yeah it’s such a great song! unfortunately nothing that I have the rights to distribute :/ I do have a couple past posts that include me singing. I’ll try to find the links. Hugs and love xox

  32. That little part about the flowers is so cute! Sometimes we seek eloquence to communicate but it is simple things like that that inspire. 😀

  33. I was at the Mandalay Bay today in Vegas. Besides war ravaged areas its the biggest crime scene I’ve saw in America. Spanning a quarter mile. A quietness that is uncommon for the area. I met a monk and we talked. He said, well, he didn’t say much just kept saying peace, peace, peace in Tibetan. I agreed. They choose to see only goodness. Like you. Its good, healing is good.

    • wow, that sounds like a terrifying and haunting scene. Yes – peace 🙂 Thanks for saying that, Kenzie. Yeah peace and healing is so needed in this world. it’s what i pray for every night. Thanks for sharing this experience with me. Sending big hugs xox

      • One sad thing, if there was a life ending event there would be a “doomsday sale” people would party until it ended like, Pompeii or London during the Black Death. I think, that’s where the 50 Shades of Grey masks came from. One happy thing, some that are saved will make it to Heaven regardless. So, what do you do with all this pain? All this, uncaring? I like your approach, salad. Not to be facetious, but it is lovely.
        We cannot take on an uncaring world, alone. So, don’t. Do, what you can.

      • Agree. Our taste buds know the sweet and as our tongues work it through we might find sour or salty. In the movie, Rain Man, she tells him to kiss her like he’s tasting something sweet. Our brains react to good food like a great kiss. From, what I remember. Haha.

  34. Another great post. I’ve not read the comments, so I apologize if this has already been pointed out. I’ve not hear the version of the song you mentioned, but I am familiar with Gungor’s version. I heard the song for the first time several years ago at Catalyst right after Gungor released it. I’ll never forget how overwhelmed I was by the performance of the song and the power of the lyrics. I actually have a link to Gungor’s version in a post from a while back – “Dust” –

    Thanks again for the post!

    Blessings to you!

  35. This was a beautiful post! Life has been difficult lately and I needed your encouragement. Thank you for sharing this with us! Peace and Blessings!

  36. God is so amazing! This post brought tears to my eyes remembering where I’ve been and who God has made me now. It is deeply humbling. The really incredible thing though, is that my post tonight is supposed to be about being a garden and one worth protecting! Thank You for the inspiration (do you mind if I quote you and link to this post)?
    Another song, I’ve found healing and helpful when going through rough times is Heart of Worship by Matt Redman. Much love Sister keep healing!

  37. Just 💙

    I’m saving this post for the time which may come again when I relapse into depression. Thank you for the beauty, realism & hope in your writing. X

  38. I’ve been meaning to look through your blog foreverrrrrr and was finally able to get the chance to today. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us, it was truly uplifting and encouraging. I will be looking into your blog more! Keep on shining light for Christ sister!

  39. Yesterday was a pretty bad day for me, and God used my brokenness to crack up new potential in me I didn’t think I was ready for. Amen, He is powerful, He is loving, He is the Almighty One!

      • He most certainly has 🙂 He used the brokenness I felt to allow me the choice of choosing humility. I plan to write further of the experience I am talking about, but due to past pain and lack of trust I’ve given people in many years, I’ve built up walls of struggling to allow others to help me (in the few times they do), I’m not used to it. But God used my pain I felt yesterday in my chest, and was like, “Nope, kid. This has to stop. You want Me to help you? I’ll use the pain to break you more than you can handle so you will admit the truth.” And when I was able to admit it, immediately relief, assurance, and peace filled the emptiness I felt in my chest. It was gone. Thank you so much for your care!! 🙂 <3 I thought about you yesterday when I was having a hard time.

  40. Everything you said about mourning who you once were, and losing that personality to an illness– I completely understand that, for reasons I can’t discuss right now publicly; but, I am writing a book about it, so I know that some day I will go public with it. It is a deep grief, to ourselves and to those who love us. Praise Jesus for making beautiful things out of us– for making all things new. 💕💕
    Love you, my sista in Jesus.

  41. Love and prayers for you and your mom <3 God certainly is a magnificent craftsman! Only He can repair His creations once they are broken <3 Well written!

  42. I couldn’t sleep last night with these worries on my mind. I thought about who I used to be and worried if my best days were already behind me. I laid awake for hours with the burden of my wasted days keeping me from sleep. I needed your inspired words tonight. Thank you for sharing them. God isn’t done with me yet. Who am I to think that the best isn’t yet to come?

    • Hi Samantha, thank you for sharing your heart. i’m sorry to heart that you were kept awake by those thoughts last night. God definitely has a good plan in store for you 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  43. I am truly inspired by your stories, everything you write about always seems to be connected to certain times in my life, so I just want to thank you for your inspiration. Keep following your dreams!

  44. Thank you for this. I can relate. I had very bad burnout several years ago and totally became this numb shell of my former self. I lost my sense of humour, and previously I was a bit like you – goofy and fun loving. The realisation I hadn’t done any of the fun and silly things I used to was what opened my eyes to the burnout, and I believe ultimately saved me from hospitalisation. I’ve had to make peace with the fact I’m never going to be my pre-burnout self again, but I know God used that awful time to sharpen and refine me into someone new. Much aroha (love) to you as you’re missing your Mom.

  45. Great post. I believe we can heal through the love we have. We can all rise again from when we hit lows in our life. The garden is always beautiful if we look at it as beautiful. Love your quote ‘when things get – warriors are born’ inspirational.

  46. Hi Ana!

    Thank you for being one of my top followers!

    Aside from Captivated Child, I am also one of the administrators of Today Collaborative Blog

    This story is just so beautiful that I am out of words on how to tell you how it just hits my heart. I hope you would consider sharing stories like this in our site to influence, inspire and impact our readers by telling about your today. I know the world is looking for inspirational people like you to look up to.

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  47. Thank you for posting this, not because it made me cry… which it did but because it perfectly describes my life right now. Hugs!

  48. What a refreshing post thank you for that. And you go on a sing your heart out, you sound like a beautiful person, far from a dork so sing and be happy, hopefully your joy will rub off on others.

  49. You are so wonderful and more so with everything I learn about you A LATIN COVERBAND SINGER OMG!!!! I SO WANT TO GO TO CASA LATINA, FIND THE CONGAS IN THE BACK, AND HAVE YOU START SINGING!!! Ok, cool off. 😉 No, I know what that is like. I used to run a lot, I haven’t tried lately because my right foot doesn’t seem to like it anymore, but now I bike 3 + miles a day!! You are are beautiful, you make and do beautiful things and bring out beauty in all around you!! Love and hugs and I’m serious about Casa Latina, El Barrio Music Center or what, next spring!! x0x0x0

  50. Healing is a journey. Healing is a long road that can be desolate at times. And right now, you’re walking through one of those dusty stretches of road. Amen girl! Amen!

  51. Hello BBB,

    Great song! There are times that Lord move us though those everyday things. Question for you: do you use Photoshop for your infographics? My students are building blogs and I want them to design some of their own graphics.

    Have a great week,


    On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 4:01 PM BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “Allow me to set the stage here. Paint you a > picture so you can catch a glimpse of how big of a dork I am. It’s a > Wednesday evening. 6:30, and I’m in my little NYC kitchen, making a big, > beautiful salad. I was super jazzed because I had bought some ~fanc” >

      • Thank you. Are you a Lauren Dagle fan? Awesome deep praise music. I am subtly hinting at our praise team to do some of her songs.

      • I am not ready to share this book series, but I have a character named Elm Woods. She is such an perfect example of girls you minister to. Her story resonates with topics you talk about. I know this is kind of crazy but at some point, pray about this, I would like you to read about her I love the series the Lord has me working on now, but there will be six books on the series. Because of my teaching schedule, I can’t balance too many projects. However, I love to collaborate with other writers, even on the blog. This is just a thought, but if you have time in the future, maybe you can look at Elm and make sure she portrays the broken, renewed young woman she is meant to be. Think a surface Goth. Deeply imaginative, artist, who lives in her mind, and Jesus is rebuilding her world from the inside out. If you want a sample, the first chapter is very short, but it sets up who Ms Woods is.
        The Lord has given me so many story and story ideas, and I know I am not meant to do them by myself.
        Please pray about it,


  52. You have no idea how much this touched me today! By the way, I live in Washington and my mom lives in Texas….I cry all of the time because I miss her!!!

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