Lessons in da Club

OK, you seriously can’t make this stuff up, guys.

ANOTHER weird incident happened at church yesterday. So, as you may recall, the last four Sundays, something peculiar has occurred at Mass. This time, it involved me calling 9-1-1.

To refresh: #1: The homeless man who chugged the communion wine and exited with a ruckus. #2: The literal MIRACLE that took place under the Advent wreath (my lifelong amenhorrea as a result of the anorexia in my past was HEALED!) And then #3: That scary man with the duffle bag sitting across the aisle, shouting at the congregation during the final blessing.

Well, last night, the woman literally sitting next to me, had a seizure. It was terrifying. She collapsed to the floor like a rag doll with the loudest bang that echoed through the building. Many parishioners rushed to her aide. I called 9-1-1. The paramedics/firemen came in during the service and took her out. Praise God, she was okay.

But seriously, what in the world is going on here???

Am I like, some weird juju magnet?! I mean seriously: hide yo’ kids. Hide yo’ wife. And for the love, don’t let me around the elderly.

I jest, but for real. Perplexing.

ANYWAYS. That is not the point of tonight’s post, I just had to share that with you because it was SO FREAKING BIZARRE that all these crazy occurrences are happening.

So I had a really really interesting Saturday night.

Now, before I get too deep into this, I want to just start out by addressing that this post is going to talk about race, but it is in no way meant in a negative sense. It was just the facts of the story, so there’s my disclaimer. I think you know from my track record: people are people are people. And I appreciate the uniqueness and beauty that we all bring to the table, each in our own way 🙂

So I am part of a very diverse friend group. In fact, in one of my groups of friends, I am the only caucasian person. Frankly, I never even think about it – it just doesn’t even register. I see people, not skin color.

But this past Saturday, for the first time, I’d say, ever, I did realize that I was, well…not like the rest.

It was my friend’s birthday and we decided to go to this cool club in the Meatpacking District. You know the type: $20 cover, intimidating bouncer making people practically beg to get in. Overpriced drinks. Air that’s thick with dance floor sweat and lingering whisky fumes. And really good music.

Typical Meatpacking.

Well, we walk in, check our coats, get a drink, head to the dance floor. And after a minute, I realize that I am literally the only white person there. Everyone is African American.

Which, I mean, psh, I don’t care. Let’s dance!! But I start to realize that I am kind of getting some looks. And not really in a good way. The looks felt a bit, unfriendly. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they were “hostile,” but I definitely felt like their looks were communicating that I was “infringing” on a place I wasn’t really super welcome.

So I did what I always do at nightclubs: make friends with those around me.

Listen. I was the president of my sorority. I have been around enough sorority girls to know that the best way to disarm any potential stand-off-ish-ness is to just engage with people and be yourself.

I started chatting with the girls in the group next to us, complimented their outfits, asked them to join our group and dance.

And by the end of the night, I don’t mean to gloat, but I may or may not have successfully started a dance circle and busted a move or two. I even had a bunch of fellas come up to me as I was leaving and go, “Shoooooot, white girl can dance!” haha

Get this Look!

But it was honestly one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a long time.

And the “vibes” at the end of the night — not a drop of “unfriendliness” to be found. I had made new friends! And it was awesome.

When I look at people, I see the potential for a new friend. Truly, I know it sounds really lame, but I try and see the good. During my anorexia, I know, first hand, how it feels to walk into a room and instantly have everyone think the ugliest thoughts about you, simply by how you appear on the outside. And that, friends, is a really crappy feeling.

So I try to always give people a chance.

The people at the night club on Saturday, yeah – I was different. I mean, that’s just the facts. I am not black. I come from suburban Ohio. But we gave each other a chance.

And it turns out, Kanye and a disco balled-dance floor brings people together.

My faith in humanity has officially been restored 🙂


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131 responses to “Lessons in da Club”

  1. You certainly do have a way to liven up a church service! Reminds me of the time my wife passed out in church. Just dropped to the floor in the front row in the middle of a hymn! I ran to the front to stop the choir director. Fortunately we had a Dr., a paramedic and a nurse on hand as I called 911.
    Don’t worry about being the only non-African American and getting “that” look, either. I lived in an all black neighborhood for a few years and people use to see me walking to the bus stop in my suit and tie, assuming that I was lost until they met me. Turns out they were mostly decent people.

  2. You have guts to talk to people you don’t know when your comfort level is strained. I can have trouble being comfortable or talking to those I do know.

  3. Wow, the only thing interesting that ever happens to us in church was the one time that my wife’s phone burst into song (even though she had silenced it).

    Yes, people are people. Sometimes we just need to get past the the stuff we often divide ourselves over.

    • Hahahha oh gosh that’s hysterical. Thanks for this JP, hope you’re having a great day so far! Hugs and love xox

  4. What a great example of not allowing fear ruin the moment and finding an easy way to establish commonality and love for humanity That is the only way we will find our way through the divisions being perpetrated in media and by our elected “leaders”

  5. First…I like the snow!

    I know what you mean about the “one of these things is not like the others” situation. When I was in grad school in downtown Detroit, I often found myself the only pasty guy in the grocery store. Not to mention walking the mile to and from. Never bothered me, but sometimes you just can’t help noticing.

    And why am I NOT surprised that you won over a whole nightclub? You have such a friendly, outgoing vibe, what’s not to like? All you need is a chance.

    But then that’s all any of us need IF we’re willing to take a chance. Especially when traveling, I always try to engage front desk staff, wait staff, whoever I run into. If they actually TALK to me instead of merely processing me, I make an effort to tell the manager.

    I’ve been – on a rare occasion – suspected of being a perv or a flirt, but I figure that says more about them than me. I just like joking with people and trying to have a little fun.
    So…well done you for bustin’ a move and breakin’ the barrier!!

    • Thanks Jeff!! Gosh what a kind thing to say. You’re right- we got to jump out of the plane and Trust that the parachute is going to catch us. That’s such a great thing to do. Haha thanks again Jeff. Have a great day!! Hugs to you and Julie! Xox

      • Hey! I was just thinking about checking with you. First time I’ve ever seen you go a whole evening without making at least a few replies. I was getting a little worried. Hopefully, you was just out, bustin’ some white chick moves wif da peeps! 🙂 Glad to see you this morning!

      • Aw thanks – yeah i was out for a lovely night with my best girlfriends. And then i had to stuff envelopes for Christmas gifts for the doormen and pack all before my 7am flight this morning!! I got 2 hours of sleep as it is! 😩 hahaha yes! Patreon is coming too! I recorded it before dinner but never got a chance to upload it! Have a great morning Jeff! X

  6. You really have a great experience 🙂 <3 🙂 and your attitude and vibes are really good, what else can I say… I think what life you have now might be an expression of your good attitude and thanks for that…

  7. As always, love you. You are so good at painting a picture with your words. And your heart for the Lord will always see you through anything and people are people and you totally get that. I have always been colorblind too. Jesus was. The heart is where we look and all of ours beat the same. Everyone feels and needs love just the same. We all rock. Hugs! 😄❤

  8. Wow, crazy things happening to you. But what a great night or that must have been. Those dancing days are a fair way behind me lol.
    I hope you’re well and keep smiling ☺️❤️

  9. You shared your light in the midst of feeling very uncomfortable. God always has us in places for a reason, and it seems it’s usually in an uncomfortable or unusual situation.I think He must be pleased with the way you responded!

  10. There is a parallel between the Mass and club experiences – in all cases you were placed in situations that were uncomfortable and filled with the potential for division and hostility. So rather than the accuser’s voice calling you a “magnet for judgement” I would encourage you to listen for the One who is saying “Blessed are the peacemakers” and making you one of them. Thank you for your witness in the club!

  11. 1. Hilarious line about being a ‘weird ju-ju magnet’! 2. Why are white people called
    white’ people yet it is considered racist not to call brown/black people brown/black people? Why the hyphenation for EVERYone else but not white people? To be clear, I do not like the hyphen. I think it is incredibly devisive. a way to remind people they are not ‘one of us’ or ‘we’ are not ‘one of you’. But they are. We are all American. End the hyphen! ‘White’ is not a race. It is a color on my painting palette. 😉

  12. First – the craziness at church is wild – God bless you for handling it all so well! Awesome about the miracle too!
    Second – I love this post about your experience in the club. Being nice, open, friendly and accepting is the way to be. Go you! 🙂

  13. Wow, what a great lesson, that is too cool!

    Great gangsta pose too, I definitely wouldn’t want to run into you in a dark alley if you waz flashin’ dem signs ; )

    I think you may have inspired me to go to church for the first time since about 4th grade if for nothing else to witness something that may inspire a new blog post.

    Well in full closure I do atten church just about every Thursday night, but it’s only because they have a basketball court, (where the only praying I do is that my sad jump shot goes in at least 50% of the time).

  14. WOW! I loved your post!
    Beginning with your church adventures! HAHA! I’ve seen similar things as well so I felt totally connected to that!
    Also, way to connect with everyone around you! God taught us to love everyone and it’s an amazing thing when we begin to see the similarities rather than the differences and come together.

    I applaud you and I am praying for you 🙂

    • thank you so much Martha! I really appreciate your kind words. Yes! so many similarities. thanks for your prayers 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  15. Interesting contrast between things that you know you can do physically and socially, and the purely spiritual claims that are made in church.

    In re. experiences in Church: Sounds like people that have spiritual business with you are having to act out to get the attention they need.

    These things stopped happening to me when I became sensitized to that need in every moment, and facilitated God’s ministry to them before they went off. It doesn’t take words, it doesn’t take money: it is allowing our sensitivities to be the seam through which God enters silently into their hearts. The only evidence of my participation is the widened eyes when they look over their shoulder at me.

    And I am left in humbled bewilderment at having been the tool of such subtle and puissant skill. How does He do it, the Most High? How does He give them exactly what they need?

    • Thanks Brian. This is a pretty powerful perspective. You’re right – when God enters our hearts great things happen. Hugs and love xox

  16. Hello…Miracle Yello. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. It was fun. R you going to do a YouTube blooper for Christmas? Because…comedy. You got it in you. And the podcast you were …you nailed it. Hahaha…your comments were hilarious. Great work Miracle Yello. Wishing you another miracle this Christmas.

  17. You are amazing in ways that keep adding up higher and higher in number! I am serious! This Spring, Salsa Dancing during my Barrio Music Shopping day. I know the clubs won’t be open yet when I am there, but just outside the stores is kewl, or in La Marqueta where they have the Salsa Saturdays. Sometime in early winter I am going to PM u on FB and tell you the date (when I buy my bus ticket). Hugs and love xoxoxoxo

  18. I want to go to church with you so badly right now! Lol you always have a way of what I’m thinking but putting it into honest, powerful, and fun lights that make it accessible for everyone. I really appreciate your incredibly encouraging blog and the support you’ve given mine this year so I nominated you for the Liebster award and hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

      • sure thing! sort of random but– I am new to blogging on WordPress. Do you have any suggestions/tips on how to draw traffic/boost engagement? what worked for you to bring new people to your posts?

      • Yes! So there’s actually a lot of really easy tips. Like utilizing the reader and tags and different things like that. I actually wrote an e-book called My Blogging Tips….you can get it here: http://www.blurb.com/b?ebook=638982 I hope that helps! it’s a quick read – you can read it in less than an hour 🙂 And i’ve been helping my sister in law with her new company/site, and by utilizing my tips, she gained literally 525 followers overnight 🙂 hugs Sarah! xox

  19. Well sunshine that’s a good example of not letting others dictate the world around you, with that said i’m sure that vibe was coming more from the women. I have no doubt more than a few black men there wanted to be more friendly then you were prepared for. (lol)

    It’s funny living and working in San Luis Obispo that’s wine country about an hour north of Santa Barbara California with an 80 percent white population, many time I had to do the same thing but always stay true to yourself others will come around and they did, i loved the area for over 20 years..

    • Thanks so much!!! You’re right – we’ve gotta stay true to ourselves 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  20. The way you tell the stories makes them funny. Often these odd moments bring people closer together. It certainly gives them a reason to strike a conversation!

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