Peach-Nana Swirl (N)Ice Cream

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and laugh at how we are truly living in the future.

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I cannot believe that here it is, middle of March, and I was able to whip up this delectable figment of my culinary imagination.

Do you ever wake up, and are just craving something oddly particular to eat?

Well, that happened to me today.

I woke up with peaches on my mind. Yeah, I know – it’s snowing in NYC, spring is still just a glimmer in our mind’s eye – but I didn’t care. I wanted peaches.

Personally, I blame my cravings on the new peach-flavored lip balm I wore to bed last night, but that’s besides the point.


So unless I wanted to go buy a peach that was about as ripe as a rock, I had to get creative.

Enter Amazon Prime Now.

OK. Wow. Literally from the comfort of my bed, I ordered frozen peaches on my phone, and in two hours — TWO HOURS! — they were delivered right to my door. And the shipping — was free. I know – I don’t know how they aren’t going bankrupt, honestly.

I literally ordered the peaches, went to yoga, and when I came back they were waiting for me to whip up this fabulous treat.



So what is this beautiful, drippy, melty mess of goodness, you ask?


Nice Cream?? Well — it stands for Banana (aka: Nana) + Ice Cream = NIce Cream!

It’s ice cream that is made entirely out of FROZEN BANANAS!

Because honestly, no girl – or fella – can live without ice cream, am I right?

So I had to come up a creative way to have a Specific Carb Diet – friendly version of ice cream. Enter – Nice Cream!

It’s gluten free, vegan, paleo, AND Specific Carb Diet friendly!

And suuuuuuper easy.


Here’s what you need:

1 banana – sliced into coins and frozen > 3 hours
2 ripe peaches – sliced or cubed, and frozen (or use store bought like I did!)

Food Processor
Silicone Spatula/Scraper thingy

Step 1: Put frozen banana coins into the food processor. Blend until creamy. You’ll need to scrape the sides several times. (Warning: This makes a loud noise.)

Step 2: Transfer banana ice cream to a bowl and put in freezer while you make the peach ice cream.

Step 3: Put frozen peach cubes into the food process. (No need to rinse). Blend until creamy. You’ll need to scrape the sides several times.

Step 4: Take banana ice cream out of the freezer, and put the peach ice cream in the same bowl. Swirl together.

Step 5: (OPTIONAL) – Top with your toppings of choice – I personally like to warm a little peanut butter up in a microwave safe bowl and drizzle it on top. Other ideas are: chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, granola, Fruit Loops, chopped nuts, sliced fruit, raisins, even sprinkles. Let out your inner child and go nuts.


You guys. I cannot begin to express how freaking incredible this was.

Now, I know what you may be thinking…it’s just bananas??

But. My friends. There is magic that occurs when you blend a frozen banana. It truly becomes like soft serve. It is outrageously creamy and smooth, and it melts just like ice cream!


I even got one of my guy friends — a bachelor in NYC — to make it. And now he’s hooked, so there’s the proof, people.

This recipe was inspired by one of my favorite NYC treats. It’s a Pinkberry-type frozen yogurt place, but instead of yogurt – it’s all (N)ice cream! I always get their banana flavor smothered with peanut butter…I mean…come on. Drooling here!!


And to think, I made this in March. All I’ve gotta say is thank youuuu Amazon Prime Now!

Lastly – thank you to everyone who read and engaged with Monday’s post – It was a controversial topic for sure, and I am just so grateful for the healthy and respectful dialogue. You guys are awesome.

Oh yeah, and one super last thing — I promise! — Right now, I am scurrying away at my computer, editing the video I shot last night! Becaaaaaause… FabFitFun box finally came, and I was SO pumped, I couldn’t even wait until the morning to rip it open and make the video! So I filmed it late last night. I am so excited to share how awesome it is with you guys. ( And how you can get $10 off with my code: BLOOM10 ) 🙂 So be on the lookout for the video tomorrow!!

Alright – see ya tomorrow!!

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75 responses to “Peach-Nana Swirl (N)Ice Cream”

    • hahah thank you Keith! yeah, it was pretty refreshing! 🙂 glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  1. That looks soooo good!

    And yes. I’ve had days where I’m like, “I want to make this from scratch. I don’t even know how to do it, but I’m gonna do it.” 😆

    • thanks friend!! haha yeah I’ve definitely had days like that!! It’s like, yeah sure — I can make a gluten free croissant! hahah Hugs and love xox

      • Hugs and love back at ya, girl!

        By the way, I read something today that hit my eeeugh! button. Apparently, American Idol has risen from its grave and Katy Perry is one of the judges.

        A 19 year old boy auditioned and he somehow let it slip that he was saving his first kiss for when someone special came into his life. Of course, the judges were all like “Whaaaaaaa? What is this madness!???” Long story short, Katy basically coerced him into giving her a kiss on the lips. And the other two judges totally whooped it up and gave each other high fives.

        I read that and it just made me go eeeeugh! It just felt creepy and gross.

        On a positive note, that contestant said that that kiss didn’t count. Because according to him: “It was lip contact versus a romantic situation with someone you care about. That’s what a real first kiss is.”

      • Wow what a story. Thank you for sharing that! So glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

    • thanks Kat! isn’t nice cream great! it’s hard to believe it’s healthy!! the texture is truly amazing 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  2. It would take my first comment – which was very long – but long story short: yes I do have cravings for specific food items. Usually they kick in the same time my appetite does.

    • I’m sorry there was a glitch in the comments!! i hear ya there! Hugs and love xox

  3. This looks so yummy! I’m going to come and live with you…lol. Girl, I know I commented before that I wanted to make something of yours, I believe it was the cashew pie or some delicious looking pie I believe you made for Thanksgiving. I have to be honest, I’m super lazy when it comes to cooking…I’m not going to even front about it. But if you need a house guest, I’ll clean windows and floors as long as you cook…lol. As always, looks good gurly.👌

  4. Give Amazon time. The biggies like Google and Amazon monitor everything we do on the internet now and track you around town even when the SIM card is removed from your cell phone. So their next project will be to monitor your thoughts, better still anticipate your thoughts and deliver that stuff to your door before you dream about it. Two hours is a bit slow yet, but give them time, they are working on it. 🙂

    • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, Marcelo. Hope tonight’s a better night for you! Hugs and love xox

  5. I have had something like this that is also low carb. Banana mango icecream! So gooooood and just the right amount of sweetness! I should try peach 😛

  6. Frozen peaches? to make frozen ice cream? Wow!

    Amazon prime requires you to pay a monthly subscription – and that covers their handling charges for transport, and delivery – from the comfort of your home.

    Oh! Man! Another surprise – Peach-Nana = Peach + Banana and that doesn’t sound appetizing all of a sudden.

    But, then again, bananas are great snacks and who doesn’t love ice cream. So Peach-Nana Ice Cream is good to eat for brunch!

    Hey wait! You didn’t add the ice cream ingredients – milk, cream, and such – so this makes it a swirl or a smoothie or just peachnana nutrient paste.

    It’s a frozen smoothie blended with real peach and banana – the peachnana!

    • Haha yes! It’s really a delicious a combo, I promise. Yeah, you do pay a small subscription, but it is completely worth it. I bought three things from amazon just yesterday! It pays for itself in no time. And plus, with that link you can try it free for thirty days and see if its for you. Hugs and love xox

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