The Camino Vision

Well, I’ve officially been back from walking the El Camino de Santiago in Spain for over a week now.

You know how when you come back from a trip, there’s always that post-vacation let down? Yeah…let’s just say that thank goodness that Bachelor in Paradise has been on TV to pull me out of those back-to-reality-blues.

Just kidding. I’ve actually had an incredible birthday week.

But there’s a story from my pilgrimage that I’ve been wanting to share with you. Actually, it’s kind of an astonishing story. Enough so that I didn’t want to just throw it at the end of a post. It deserved its own. So here it goes:

As you know, before I left for my pilgrimage, I asked for everyone to share their prayer requests with me. I was blown away by the response, and was honored to carry those with me on the journey. Not only did I light a candle for those intentions, but I also prayed for your specific intentions as I was walking those 80 miles.


So I read every single email, message, DM, tweet, comment, etc, even though I couldn’t always respond.

Well, there was one message that particularly caught my eye.

In addition to a prayer request, this beautiful reader shared with me a vision that they had about me on the pilgrimage.

Here it is: (Published with permission, of course 🙂 )

A white flower, simple, similar to a calla lily, but…nicer somehow, with just a blush of color at the edges. You carry the flower with you along the road. At each landmark, you give it away to someone, yet somehow it is still with you as well.

There is an old woman in dark clothes, sitting. You give her a flower, and you sit and talk graciously with her, but she gives you a beetle. The beetle crawls all over you and eats the flower, but the flower comes back. The flower can’t be eaten. The flower is in yourself, somehow it is never depleted though you keep giving it away. A pitcher of water is poured over the flower and washes away the beetle and refreshes the flower. Oddly, the flower is always in that perfect stage of blooming.


Now, let me pause to say that “visions” are something that I’ve never really “dabbled” in or paid attention to, frankly. Which is ironic, because the first stop on our trip was Fatima, Portugal – made famous because that’s where Our Lady appeared to three children on multiple occasions.

But to be honest, I read through the vision, was very touched that this person was vulnerable and shared with me, but kind of didn’t really think about it much. I knew to be on the look out for a white lily – but other than that, I kind of put it to bed.

Well, wouldn’t you know, the first day I was there, I stumbled upon a beautiful, white lily with a pink blush around the edges.

I don’t know why but I was drawn to it. The flowers in Portugal and Spain are absolutely breathtaking, but for whatever reason, I was struck by that particular flower’s beauty.

Chalking it up to a little wink from God, I proceeded with the trip. The beautiful, moving, bonding, faith affirming trip to Santiago.

And it wasn’t until I was home in Ohio, recounting the trip to my dad, that I came across the photo with the lily, and decided to go back and reread that vision.

And wow – just. wow.

If you read my recent post recounting Santiago, then you will know that my mom and my last day was not the day we expected, coming into Santiago. My mom and my athletic pace – finishing each day’s 12-18 mile journey in about 3.5 hours – came to a screeching halt when that final day we were assigned to accompany the 80 year old woman in our group. And that 3.5 hour power walk turned into an 8 hour crawl, – all uphill – resulting in our missing the culmination of the entire pilgrimage. Every 20 minutes or so, having to stop and sit, rest and take a break.

We missed the photo ops, our group’s celebration at the church, getting our Camino passports stamped, all of the hoopla — because we were still on the trail.

And as you can probably still sense, I have had to work through and process those feelings, and have only since come to realize the lesson God was teaching me in patience, and realizing that it’s the journey and not the destination. You know that.

But what I haven’t shared, is how difficult that last day actually was for me on the trail. I have never had an anxiety attack before – which honestly, I’m not a huge fan of that term.  But there was this moment on the trail where we had already been shuffling along for six hours, and I realized that we had 4 more miles to go at this snails pace, we were getting texts from everyone already at the church celebrating. We were missing everything. And I just couldn’t breathe. Thankfully, I was off by myself and not in sight or earshot of this kind old woman we were accompanying. But I just had a breakdown. Eyes swelled up with tears. Chest tight. Anger and resentment fuming over.

That was the beetle from the vision. That was the devil that found a foothold in my heart and had sunk his teeth in and was killing my spirit, destroying my lily. One negative thought at a time.

I had been praying all afternoon, one prayer after the other. One rosary after the next. But I just couldn’t do it anymore.

And in that moment, the Holy Spirit wooshed in, and like that pitcher of water, refreshed my heart. Refreshed my spirit. Just like in that vision.

My mom came up, and touched my arm and said, “You can do this.”

In that moment, I realized that this 80 year old woman is a freaking rockstar for walking 80 miles, and I should be extending to her the grace and patience that God has shown me through all my seasons where I’m walking uphill and struggling, and barely putting one foot in front of the other.

And not only God, but my loved ones too. I have been shown immeasurable mercy and patience and love and encouragement. Now it’s my turn.

I share this, because reading that reader’s email back, it really illuminated something to me: I need to always be alert, because the devil is always on the prowl. Always looking for a crack in my foundation to snake his way in and snuff out God’s beautiful flower in my spirit.

That flower that you and I possess, as children of God. One that we are to give away to every person on our path along the way. Because that’s the beautiful thing – He replenishes and revives our flower to give away. And only the beetle — only the devil — can temporarily destroy it. But not even he can win over the replenishing power of the Holy Spirit.

I had a big old gaping hole revealed to me that day, in my spiritual life. One that is a blinking sign with arrows, broadcasting my vulnerable access point to the evil one.

Spiritual Warfare is real. I don’t like to talk about it much, because it’s dark. But it is real. And even when I was on a freaking faith pilgrimage, praying my way through the Spanish countryside, Satan was able to infiltrate my soul.

It’s time to be diligent.

And cling to Jesus in unceasing prayer.

I just want to thank that wonderful reader again for sharing that with me. It was truly illuminating for me, and taught me a great lesson.

See ya tomorrow morning on the Podcast!


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166 responses to “The Camino Vision”

  1. That gave me chills!! Honestly, after your earlier post, I felt a bit sorry for you that you were stuck with that old woman on the last day! 🙁

    Thanks again for blessing us all with your prayers!! I believe in prayer as I do in visions! So it’s amazing to read about this one!! God is definitely at work in your life!!

    • Thanks Meg – yeah isn’t it wild?!?! So incredible. God is for sure at work! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you friend! Yes! She’s doing amazing thank you for asking 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  2. Ever since I published Broken Butterflies, I have had that same beetle sitting on my shoulder whispering that I am a failure and not good enough. I hear that voice even as men and women are telling me they are encouraged. Thank you for being open to God’s vision and for sharing your journey with us. I am continuely enoucraged by your words and heart.

  3. Pastor, when I left the church for many years around college age I would laugh at the term spiritual warfare, as if it did not exist. Many years later, when I returned, I realized I left God, but God never left me. Now I know, without a doubt spiritual warfare is very real! During the process of writing my first book, I actually hit a point where I could not write for six months! At that point I called my friend and spiritual advisor to let him know. He immediately said, ” you are under spitiual attack.” He was at my house in ten minutes and as we talked and prayed, he made a very good observation! If your devotional writing was not good, the enemy would be so happy! The reason the enemy is attacking you now, is that your devotional is excellent writing and he does not want to see it ever get published!! He assured me that through prayer, Jesus would overcome the enemy and when He does, your writing will resume! Within 2 weeks, I was writing again and in 6 months the book was published and made available on my Amazon author page! New series just started today on my blog! I would be honored if you shared your opinion in the comment section! Pastor, another insightful and wonderful post from you! Thank you! File this away as you have written a beautiful outline for one of your sermons! God has gifted you mightily!

    • God never leaves us. Amen to that. Thank you so much Rick. And wow what a story!! Can’t wait to read 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  4. Wow. Just, Wow. Beautiful doesn’t come close. 💖🌷💖 You should put some of your posts together to create your next book. What a blessing that would be! 🤗 xoxo

    • Thank you Kenneth. 🙂 you’re so kind to say that! Maybe I will!! Hugs and love xox

  5. I am very impressed! I lived in Madrid for nearly a decade, and we spent a considerable amount of time in Galicia, in Baoina, a small coastal town near Santiago. I have dreamed of walking El Camino de Santiago … maybe I will. Congratulations!

  6. Isn’t it stunning and humbling and exciting and just fun to realize there is a force at work in our lives that is far beyond what we deserve, but has our backs anyway if we only allow it? Wonderful story! Blessings from your humble deacon in Kentucky– Mike

  7. Like you, I’ve never been one for visions. I don’t deny that folks have them; I believe quite firmly that there are those who have them, but I normally am skeptical. There are too many phonies, and I can’t see just accepting something only to be led astray. I “discovered” a phony years ago Not something easily forgotten. We are told to test the spirit in the New Testament, and so we should.

    At first glance, the vision reads like one of my wife’s stranger dreams. But, when the old woman was mentioned, my mind went immediately to that old woman on the last day that so frustrated you. The beetle? I was stymied, but it certainly fits once you figured it out.

    I continue to be amazed at the spiritual things that come to you. I would submit that this vision for your last day on the trail is not a one-time occurrence. I would view this as something that will continue to come at you.

    If I may be so bold, this is a concern I’ve harbored for a little while – that such success as you’ve enjoyed may find ego sneaking up on you. I expected no real success when I transferred my junior year, being someone coming in halfway through the class I was joining. I enjoyed pretty spectacular success, and only realized what an ass I’d become years later. Maybe I’m just projecting, but I see the seeds of my fall in this part of your life, so stay vigilant as Satan continues to prowl.

    Indeed, that trail is the perfect hunting ground for Satan and his forces. One shouldn’t be surprised at just such an attack. People are positive, looking for that experience, and completely unguarded. It’s the best time to strike.

    Maybe the vision wasn’t just a warning for the trail, but for your life. Maybe, as often happens in the Bible, that vision – prophecy? – presages multiple instances that you need to stay watchful for. You remain in my prayers.

    Offered with love and support.

    • Prowl he does. Thank you Jeff. You’re right – gotta stick to Jesus and keep my eyes on Him. It’s just amazing that the evil one was able to sneak in when I was literally on a “Jesus walk!” Does he have no shame?!?!?!??? Kidding but…not. Thank you for your prayers Jeff. Know that you are in mine too 🙂 Hugs and love to you and Julie xox

      • Thank you very much. Caralyn continues to amaze me; I’ve been reading her for over two years. When I started she “only” had about 2000 readers and was anonymous. I had occasion to meet her once. I had been having a good day, but when she hugged me goodbye I felt I had been comforted, never realizing I needed comforting. It was…remarkable. She feels a bit like another daughter to me. A very special young lady!

  8. It’s pretty cool how God constantly speaks to us through other people! Sometimes spiritual advice could be right in front of us and we might not see it for what it is at the time.

    Also, this is a little thing and I’m sure you didn’t mean anything terrible by it, but I was a little caught off-guard by the anxiety comment. I could see the term seeming a little over-the-top maybe, but as someone who’s dealt with anxiety and panic attacks, they’re not something that can really be controlled and have been a bit terrifying to experience. I’m sorry you had to experience that though! ☹️ But genuine panic attacks are definitely not overreactions; the brain kind of shuts down from reason.

    But anyway, I know you didn’t mean to put anyone down, I just thought I’d offer my perspective! Stellar writing as usual! It’s really cool to see what messages God’s putting in your life. I hope this is another great week for you! 😊


    • It really is so incredible!! I’m sorry about the anxiety comment. I will go back and amend that. I realize now that that could be taken as hurtful. Please accept my appology. As someone who has never experienced it before I should be more compassionate and seek to understand. Thanks again Annah!! Big love to you xox

  9. As one who has experienced “visions” and applied them to poignant places in my life, I especially appreciated this blog – and am glad you were able to see how it applied to your circumstance. God often speaks to us through others. So good to know you’re listening!

    • Thank you so much Jan! I so agree! He definitely uses those in our lives!! Hugs and love xox

  10. Inspiring words and message. It is a good reminder how we must keep vigilant of the forces around us. We know too that Christ is the victor.

  11. The vision and your application was precious. I can relate to you. So many times, when I am doing something that I feel is good and for God, sin is revealed. I am thankful for the blood of Jesus and his forgiveness. At times, I forget that I am a new creation and Christ is living out of me. Thank God for forgiveness and mercy! xoxo

  12. Listen to Jesus! If, by chance we encounter him in a mystical retreat as mountain top experience, Jesus calls us to follow him into the depths of the valley below. When we come here in this sacred place to receive his mystical presence in the sacramental bread and wine, we are to take that same real presence back into the concrete demands and challenges of daily life. He is found where those who are otherwise forgotten are received; where the hungry are fed, and the thirsty quenched; where the destitute are provided for and the homeless welcomed. It is in his name that you and I are called to make possible that which others would dismiss.

    • Thank you so much Janice! Oh my goodness you’re kidding. Wow. What a name!! Thanks! Hugs and love xox

      • Oh no!!! I’m sorry I have no idea why that’s happening! I’ll look into it! Thanks for the heads up Janice! Hugs and love xox

  13. My dear friend

    Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful story 🙂

    When negative thoughts enter our mind, they are the waves of the devil, those thoughts we always have to reject and put our attention into God. Even Jesus Christ was testet in the desert. These dark invisible waves are touching us too, every now and then, they test us too. And when we change our thoughts into positivity (thinking of Christ) the devil cannot reach us – then the devil cannot stay at the same time. We are either in the positive or in the negative circle in our thoughts – both cannot stay at the same time. When we feel that a dark wave is rolling over us we have at once to put our attention into our Father. The problem is that sometimes we do not feel it, are not warned, when those dark forces come on tiptoe – these are our tests – and sometimes this power comes to meet us even in the mask of a sheep dress (behind the wolf), wants to give us “sweets” or “promises” – then we may not fall victim to those evil tools, but stay in the light of Christ.

    Thank you my dear friend – always a pleasure to read your stories written with the ink of your heart.

    From heart to heart

  14. Wow, everything about this blog post of yours was beautiful! I even loved the meaning behind the story about the flower and beetle, and how it impacted your journey. I am sorry you had an anxiety attack and I know exactly what you are talking about. Satan does attempt to take control of us, but we still continue to bloom just like the flower from the story! I will also keep you in my prayers tonight.

  15. Amen. I’ve been struggling with spiritual warfare too lately. I cling to our Catholic faith, I teach at a Catholic high school, I am a reader at my local parish, and I try to be involved in helping others on a daily basis (I’m even discerning the priesthood right now; Rome and my Diocese have now given me the thumbs up to going to seminary next fall, but I’m still trying to decide if it’s my true calling), but a cynicism has been growing in me that nothing I do actually makes a difference in the world, that I’m better off just going back to my old lifestyle of chasing money and power. I know it isn’t true, but the whisper persists. Prayer, reading the scriptures, and celebrating the Eucharist seem to be the only things that help return me to a glimmer of hope for the future. I really like your blog. Your spirituality is so honest; it brings a smile to my face.

    • Thanks for sharing that Rob. I’m sorry that hit close to home. I will definitely keep you in my prayers during your time of discernment! That’s awesome that you’re feeling the call! Yes – prayer and spending time with Jesus at mass and in adoration are definitely the things to do 🙂 hang in there friend. You inspire me 🙂 Hugs and love xox

      • I inspire you? I can’t imagine…I’m just some country bumpkin lawyer and teacher. The call to serve God is not unique to me… Thank you though for the prayers and words of encouragement. It really means a lot, and some things happened recently that brought me closer to God again. I pray for you too. Quite a bit actually. You really are a beautiful person and a talented writer, especially on the subject of our faith. At the risk of sounding blasphemous (and in the midst of the scandals in the Church that absolutely require not just some politically correct statement brushing it aside, but God’s justice), I really do not understand why a woman cannot hold a more prominent role on the matters of leading, teaching, and sharing our faith. Many women, you included, hold the faith strongly. Even Saint Augustine was only encouraged to conversion through is mother’s teachings. It is time to respect the true champions of our faith, based not on status or office or gender, but love, for Christ. Again, I pray such words are not blasphemous.

    • Thank you Madeline! Yeah – that really is where he wants to attack. God is greater! Hugs and love xox

  16. I don’t think making light of anxiety is very nice. Along with depression it’s considered to be a disease.

    • I’m sorry if I offended you. Immediately after i posted, i did go back and edit my words to more accurately represent my empathy for those suffering with anxiety. Perhaps you didn’t see the edits? You’re right – it is a real disease. Thanks for stopping by, Maria. Hugs and love xox

  17. I am so thrilled that God introduced you to the power of visions this way. Personally I only experienced visions after being a Christian and walking faithfully with the Lord for over 10 years. Then came the visions. God has spoken to me often through visions, my own and others and often they have been confirmed, like yours. More often they are confirmed through scripture itself. But what I love about them most is that they are often just the encouragement we need, that God is with us right when we need Him and if we write them down, we are encouraged again and again. God bless you. I am encouraged by your pilgrimage. Lots of love, L

    • Thank you so much Lauren! Yes! It was truly an incredible experience. Wow – that’s remarkable. You’re right – so encouraging. God is so good! Hugs and love xox

  18. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I see that your understood this as teaching you patience, have you thought of the other lesson?
    All of us are on a journey through life. I wrote this prose a few years ago and want to share it with you:

    To The Traveller
    “It is not too far” came the answer.
    The young mans question had been simple “Where are you going traveller?”

    “Then I will walk with you!”

    The traveller responded with a warm smile and “I will enjoy the company”

    The young man was eager to hear of all the lands the traveller had seen and as the day wore on and he became weary, once again he asked “where are you going?”, “just a little farther” was the reply.

    As they rested for the night they continued to talk of the many wonders seen by the traveller on his journey. The young man spoke of his dreams, desires and plans whilst the traveller remembers with a sigh the things of the past.

    For three days this pattern continued neither tiring of the other but the young man noticing the failing health of the traveller became concerned, “Where are we going my friend?” “just a little farther”.

    Looking at the travellers condition the young man began to worry about how they would get to where they were going (he still didn’t know where that was). He became quiet and began to plan how he would get the traveller to his destination when is his health finally failed.

    Lost in thought the young man had not noticed that the traveller had slowed his pace and began to look for somewhere to stop.

    Suddenly the Youngman realised he had left the traveller behind, rushing back he found the traveller resting by the roadside . “Why have you stopped? are you unwell ? get up there is a better place to rest around the corner”

    “I am here” said the traveller.

    “But look there is nothing around us we are in the middle of nowhere”

    “This is the end of my journey; I have enjoyed many companions over the years, learned much, shared much and cherished every step”

    The traveller smiled at the young man, reclined and as the young man looked at the road ahead the traveller faded away.

    Now I am the traveller, I too have had many companions on my journey.

    As I sit here at my journeys end I think of that traveller who gave me courage to travel life’s roads with confidence and care for others, learning from those we meet on the way.

    As I watch my companions survey the road ahead, knowing this is as far as I will go, I know they take this lesson from the old traveller our journey will always have its own end but it is how we walk our path that is as important and who we walk with. Learn from others cherish the good in others and spend time with those who have much to learn.

    Mark Trotter – 2009

    The lesson I had learned from travelling with others – the privilege we have to support their journey. Delete the comment if you think it is too much.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. Yes! Supporting one another along the journey is so important. Hugs and love xox

  19. Thanks for the reminder about the devil being on the prowl, and eager to snuff out whatever he can, the big problem is even though he temporarily destroys, if we allow him to do it often enough we risk of believing we are defeted

  20. I know I always say this but oh well I am going to say it again. This is your best post yet! I too suffered an anxiety attack a short while back. It felt like my entire world was crumbling at my feet. I stayed strong and prayed through it. With His help the support of some amazing family and friends, I made it through. Side note, TODAY is my birthday! Great post Caralyn as always. And of course, lots of hugs and love from Texas coming atcha! Be blessed Beautiful Soul. 🙂

  21. I have enjoyed your posts for many months now. As a former newspaper reporter I extremely enjoy great writing. You have that gift. What a great way to describe Satan getting into your head: “I need to always be alert, because the devil is always on the prowl. Always looking for a crack in my foundation to snake his way in and snuff out God’s beautiful flower in my spirit.” WOW!

    • Thank you so much! wow – I am so touched by that awesome compliment 🙂 big hugs to you xox

  22. Whoa this post gave me goosebumps for real! Indeed we need to be always alert or the beetles of anger, resentment, selfishness… will little by little destroy the flower. But lilies are Mary’s flowers, so you have a great ally for that! 😉

  23. Great post. Fyi- the flower in the photo is likely from a datura plant. They are poisonous ☠️. I grow a yellow variety. They are gorgeous though and I’m glad you could have a moving experience on your 80 mile journey.
    I walked 60 miles over 20 years ago on an Avon 3day walk w a good friend. She moved away right after, but came for a week long visit and stayed w me last week. It was tough too, but an experience of a lifetime.

    • Thank you so much Teri! Oh gosh glad I didn’t pick the flower!! Yikes! Wow that’s amazing. Hugs and love xox

  24. Oh what a great post! I so love reading your stuff! Your one of my favorites. I have been thinking a lot about spiritual warfare and it’s affects on us. The main goal of our enemy, is to get us to blame God or to cause us to doubt God. In recent weeks my prayer life has been constrained by fires threatening my home, illnesses of loved ones and unexpected financial woes. These thing cause us to wonder if God has forgotten us. But He has not!!! It is in these times that the true believer rejoices. Christ never promised us a vacation life, but one in which we would suffer tribulations. These are the times that the Potter molds us into His image. We should not fear the battle, for after all we, who are in Christ, know the outcome… our Lord will be victorious!

    • Thank you so much Stephan. What a kind thing to say. Amen! Victorious! Hugs and love xox

  25. Omg what an amazing and beautiful story! I love hearing what God has done in your life because it’s so relatable at times. When you talk about spiritual warfare it reminds me of how true it is- we do face battles of spiritual warfare. Just this last week I had moments where I knew the enemy was getting to me! And I know I’m not the only one but what is awesome is the Holy Spirit comes in and pulls me back into His presence. 🙂 I know that’s true for you too 🙂 what a privilege it is to be a child of God! Glad you had a safe trip and as always thanks for sharing.

    • * sorry it sent too soon! I’m sorry you went through that last week! Praying for ya girl! Hugs and love xox

  26. I love how God blessed you by having you bless that woman! My dad told me once that I should let people help/bless me because in so doing, those people would be blessed. God is so good!

  27. Spiritual ‘warfare’ it most certainly is.
    The angel of Portugal demanded ‘Penance, Penance, Penance’ because that is how we arm ourselves.
    My current penance is no coffee until I stop sinning. I haven’t sinned since my last cup two weeks ago.
    St.Theresa says keep it simple. She knew.
    God bless you.

    • thank you so much friend. that’s a great thing to do! She did know. Hugs and love xox

  28. Beautiful and powerful! I love it when God gives His children dreams and visions.
    “And afterward, I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” Joel 2:28
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • thank you so much friend! wow what a powerful verse. thank you for sharing. Hugs and love xox

  29. What a beautiful lesson to have the opportunity to learn! I think that, although you may have missed the celebration you planned, you will celebrate the things you have learned from this experience for a much longer time than you even realize right now.

    • thank you so much friend 🙂 i think you’re absolutely right about that 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  30. Interesting: when you first wrote about your planned journey, you added a side comment that to me read like an unnecessary and misguided jab: that it’s not some eco-tourism thing. Which, fair enough, wasn’t your official itinerary, but felt like a cruel dismissal of the very real struggles of the living earth, and a politicized denigration of those who do specifically seek to experience the natural world at a time when this glorious Creation resides on a knife’s edge , and perhaps the dollars attached to such tours help to protect and even restore what remains.

    I guess I want to share with you that upon reading your current post, I had the thought that perhaps your side comment at that time is an example of the insidious bedevilment you mention. Your pictures showcase much natural beauty in the landscape, and the powerful symbolism of a flower. I didn’t say so at the time, but my hope/prayer was for your eyes to perhaps fully open to the necessity of healing our ecological inheritance, and to truly absorb that as a spiritual directive and responsibility of the deepest order.

    Your Catholicism is your source of strength, at a time when Pope Francis strives to awaken all to earth’s peril. Have you read his Encyclical? It is brilliant, and beautiful, and heartbreaking, and just barely hopeful. I think such reckonings could further satisfy your quest after selfless love. I’d be interested to know your thoughts and heart on what he has written there.

    Wishing you much good.

    • Hi Nichole, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I’m sorry if my words offended you. I definitely think it is our duty to protect the beautiful earth that God entrusted to us. I will definitely have to check out his Encyclical. Hugs and love xox

      • Oh, I wasn’t so much offended as saddened, really. You are gracious to make an apology, though.

        Excited for you to read the Encyclical. I definitely wish everybody would! If you find it inspirational and motivating, as I suspect you may, perhaps you’d also be interested to check out a faith community group I’ve heard about: Interfaith Power and Light. I moreso follow their good works from afar, as I am not an official church-goer, but definitely support and appreciate their efforts to improve the lives of all people.

        (And as an aside, it’s been my experience that men involved in environmental work are generally respectful, earnest, and caring people who would likely appreciate meeting and working with a thoughtful young woman such as yourself 😉)

      • Oooh that’s a great tip! I’ll have to check out some sort of environmental work meet up in the city! 😁😁😁 thanks!

  31. I appreciate it when people like you learn how to be patient, since I personally find it difficult to cope when someone is impatient with me and I’ve missed out on a lot due to fear of others’ impatience. I especially appreciate how you not only became patient with her, but even recognized what she accomplished, venturing on that trail even though it was difficult for her.

  32. this, my friend, is something I need to remind myself more often of. I, too, am a rather impatient person and although it got WAYYY better with my minions by my side, I still have times where I need to work on this and your story will definitely stay with me and come to mind and hopefully teach me more patience when needed. Beautiful story and happy that you got so much out of this journey of yours!!

  33. Wow! What a vision and strong confirmation towards it as well. It’s so true spiritual warfare is very real and I don’t talk about it much but our enemy is not backing down but Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world! We have already receive the victory!
    Thank you so much for sharing! Blessings!

  34. Spirit filled words all across your beautifully written blog. I admire you because you let the Spirit transform your love walk. What a beautiful way of experiencing and explaining to others how God chooses to teach us grace towards ourselves and others. ❤️🔥 Thank you for such a powerful and beautiful explanation of Jesus transforming our Love walk. 💛🙌💫 Thank you.

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