I’m on the “Among the Lilies” Podcast!

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Hello friends!

Thank you so much for all of your insightful and encouraging feedback after last week’s post on the Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal. It is a trying season, for sure. But I pray that this will purify the Church, and reignite our desire for Jesus and His truth.

Tonight’s post is really exciting!

Before I left for Utah, I was interviewed on the Among the Lilies Podcast!

Get this Dress!

Cameron Fradd is the host of this beautiful Christian women’s podcast that is for ladies who are “tired of pretending and ready to be real.”

We had an amazing conversation, talking about both of our journeys. About the beauty in brokenness. Hope. And the true joy in healing with Christ.

It was a honor to sit down with Cameron. I have been a listener of her podcast for a long time. And am also a fan of her husband’s ministry as well. So you can only imagine how special this was to be a guest on her show!

You can listen to the episode (#72) on iTunes, or through this browser, right here.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a seat on the porch, watch the sunset and listen to our conversation. I promise, you won’t regret it.

In the podcast, I referenced several things:

First of all: the song that broke through during Inpatient, that I literally had a knee buckling moment, where I genuinely smiled and laughed for the first time in two years: Here I Am to Worship — and these are my favorite versions: Shane & Shane and Hillsong Live. Or if you really want to get fancy, you can listen to me sing it over on SoundCloud.

Cameron also mentioned the song, Refiner’s Fire. You can listen to it here.

Next, I also reference my book, Bloom: A Journal by BeautyBeyondBones. This book is so meaningful to me. I wanted to make a resource I wish I would have had when I was healing from my anorexia. I honestly believe it would have saved me a lot of pain and suffering. So I was my mission to put out into the world, that which would have helped me the most.

And it is not just for eating disorder sufferers. Anyone who faces adversity in their lives — from depression, to bullying, to eating disorders, to just the every day stresses of life — this is for you. And it goes without saying that your purchase truly helps keep this “desktop ministry” going. So thank you for your support. You can get your own copy here:

Finally, we reference Cameron’s husband’s podcast: Pints With Aquinas. My recent post, “Porn: A Virgin’s Perspective” was inspired by one of his podcast episodes, as well as his book, The Porn Myth.

Alright, that’s all for now! Hope you enjoy the pod!


See ya tomorrow morning on my Podcast, Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!


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39 responses to “I’m on the “Among the Lilies” Podcast!”

  1. Good job! Thanks for keeping the faith and keeping it real!

    I’m requesting prayers from you and your readers. My wife and I have been incredibly blessed these past weekend, with our renewal of our wedding vows and a reunion with our dear friends.

    But Satan’s radar lit up and he let us have it with a huge salvo. We are keeping our heads up and our eyes focused on Christ, but we could really use prayers for comfort, wisdom, and provision!

    Thank you!

  2. OK so as usual I am blown away. I went back and read the entry about Porn and I was blown away. Sad part, this is very hard for me to admit also, I used to have a VERY STRONG addiction to pornography. It consumed my every waking moment. When I woke up, I looked. When I got a spare minute, I looked. Before I went to bed at night, I looked. It literally almost destroyed a relationship for me. That relationship ended eventually any way but that is beside the point. You continue to blow me away every entry I read Caralyn. If I EVER get out NY way I swear to you, we will HAVE TO MEET UP for some coffee or something lol. Hugs and love from TX as always, Until next time, keep that beautiful soul! 🙂 XOXO

  3. God bless you friend! I love the dress you are wearing and if you are ever in Wisconsin again maybe one day we can meet up! I love your post, and your attitude and your beauty beyond bones! God bless you and your future! have a wonderful day dear!

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