MEGXIT – A New Perspective

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, Britain is reeling in the midst of the biggest scandal of 2020 so far: Megxit.

Yep – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have decided to “step back as senior members of the Royal Family.”

Talk about a statement that left, not just the Royal Family – but a country, a monarchy, and truly, the world – picking up their jaws from the floor.

Meghan and her son are already in Canada, where Harry will soon join. So it appears that, this wasn’t some empty threat. They mean business.

And, sitting here in America, as a casual observer, sure, I’m tuning in to watch the drama unfold. But I couldn’t help but think about this whole scandal from a different perspective.

Right now, the whole buzz is…will they be stripped of their royal title as “Duke and Duchess?” There was apparently a royal summit to discuss it. The whole of Britain is fiercely divided. And everyone and their brother has an opinion.

Naturally, so do I…but not in the way you may be thinking.

I’ve been watching this unfold through the lens of a biblical kind.

Because as the daughter of the King — and admittedly: former prodigal daughter — this whole narrative is just so…well…I’ve heard it before.

Here’s the truth of the matter, that speaks much, much deeper than a catchy Megxit tabloid headline.

This whole title-stripping debate…it honestly, doesn’t matter.

Whether they are formally acknowledged as Duke/Duchess of Sussex or not, the truth of the matter is that they will always be part of the Royal Family. Why? Because Harry was born into that family. It is in his make up, his blood, in the very essence of who he is. He is the son of royalty. And no declaration, or transatlantic move, or temper tantrum, or stripping of a title can do anything to actually change that. He is a royal. Period.

And so it is with us and God.

We are daughters and sons of the King. And there is nothing we can do to change that fact. Nothing.

This is something that I really had to learn to accept during my recovery from anorexia.

I believed that the horrible and destructive way I lived during my eating disorder, disqualified me from that position as a Child of God.

The guilt and shame that I carried in the depths of my heart, made me believe that I was exempt from His love. From His mercy. From His forgiveness.

What I had done was too horrific to be saved from.

Friends, how wrong I was.

The fact is, nothing — no act of disobedience, no season of depravity, not even the destructive disorder I had let become my everything — nothing is too great for God’s ocean of mercy and love for us.

We are never too far gone. That “title” of son/daughter of the King — sure, we can renounce it all we want, but He never does. He never disowns us, or strips us of that title.


It is written into our innermost being. Knit into the fabric of who we are.

Our freedom comes when we claim that. When we embrace it and then live from that truth.

My recovery turned around when I accepted that truth that I was a daughter of the King, completely forgiven, completely loved, and completely worthy of the abundant life He wanted me to have, and created me for.

It was in letting that wash over my spirit that I could then make the positive and healthy decisions that supported my recovery, and grew in relationship with Him.

Harry and Meghan – they can fight, tooth and nail, to distance themselves from “the Royals” — but the fact of the matter is that it is written into Harry’s DNA. Just like you and I, with God.

So let’s sit back, pop the popcorn, and watch the drama unfold. Because if you ask me — it’s like watching a dog chase it’s tail.

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5

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111 responses to “MEGXIT – A New Perspective”

  1. I’ve always sensed a lot of control going on, and I don’t blame them for fleeing. I just wish they’d been able to do it sooner. I don’t think Meghan Markle had a clue what she was marrying into, and how could she? We glamorize royalty, but in reality, that old lady is plenty darn scary.

    But I love your analogy to how we’re always children of God. That’s beautiful! Makes me think of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

    • Thanks for this reflection meg! That’s very true. It’s a different world, especially for an American! Yes! Love that series. Hugs and love xox

  2. I love your thoughts on this new royal mess, Caralyn. I admit not knowing about this as I don ‘t watch any form of news media. Too bad they have to “hide” in Canada. And I am s son of the King. 🥰

    • Thanks so much John! Yeah – it’s kinda sad. And amen! Children of God! Hugs and love xox

  3. True. He will always be the Prince. He can never be able to live normally or walk the streets as a commoner.
    love your analogy of our relationship with God using this example.
    God bless you!💕💕💕

  4. You can choose your friends, but not your family. I heard this joke about two siblings arguing about who was better; one was adopted and the other was natural born.
    “Natural born son: I was born into this family.”
    “Adopted son: “Well, they chose me and got stuck with you.”

    Praise God that God chose us out of his love, long before we did anything. 🙂

  5. I actually have a “Monday Peeve” scheduled on Meghan Markle for next week. Yep, we can’t run from our genetics, though we can try to cope as best we can! If that means moving away, so be it. My mom moved from Ohio to NYC (like you!) and met her soulmate there… back in the 1950s, to escape her family. ❤️

    • Hey Paula! Thanks for this! I can’t wait to read you post on Monday! You’re right about that! Hugs and love xox

  6. Personally I just don’t understand the level of drama it’s creating. The Swedish royals have had stuff like this often and it’s NEVER in the news as being bad or dramatic. Sometimes royals just want to be normal people, and that makes sense to me.

    I think Harry remembers how his mother was treated in Britain by his grandmother the queen (who took away her security so that whenever she’d go out with the little boys they’d be almost mobbed by the public who did love them, but it was suffocating and horrible to watch it happen on TV according to my mom who paid attention to things). The queen REAllY didn’t like Diana… when Diana died, the queen didn’t even want to give her a royal funeral, but Charles insisted on it (as bad as he is, at least he did that) and it was good since the public would have gone crazy without being able to see a big to-do over her death.

    But it’s noteworthy that the queen never liked Diana, treated her horribly even though her own son Charles was the one who ruined the marriage, keeping his mistress Camilla… Harry knows all of that, so I wonder how loyal he really wants to be to people who are kind of horrible.

    The level of hatred and vitriol shown to the wife he picked is probably what led to this result of them breaking away. Harry said in an interview I believe that it started getting bad when she was pregnant, and then extremely bad after the baby. To me that’s just insane that they were harassing a pregnant woman (all those stress hormones affect the baby) and then to ramp up the hostility when she’s a brand new mom, with all those hormones and emotions… I’m just surprised to not see more compassion for them as a couple. He picked her… but they (collective they) never seemed to accept that.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Stephanie! You’re right – im sure he carries a lot a resentment toward the media because of his mother. I appreciate this insight!! Hugs and love xox

  7. I normally don’t pay much attention to the Windsors, but I’ve been reading the articles this past week. Like you said – a dog chasing its tail. Or a train wreck you MUST watch. Another thought; these are 1st world problems. Listening to millionaires whine is…amusing.

    It’s all a matter of scale isn’t it? I have complaints that someone less fortunate could ridicule me over too! I always say everybody is somebody’s a**hole, including me. So the Sussexes look like a**holes? It isn’t their sole province. This will hopefully remind us to watch ourselves and how grateful we are for all of God’s Providence vs. how grateful we should be. You never know who’s watching. With their popcorn in hand.

    • It’s really fascinating, isn’t it? Sad that these are real people’s lives. Matter of scale – so true. Thanks for this – amen – how grateful we all should be!! Big hugs to you xo

  8. So True that how much ever they try to distance themselves, Harry is part of the family and that does not end. Love how you tied it to our relationship with God.
    Blessings 😊💙

    • Thanks friend – you’re so right – family doesn’t end. Ever. Glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  9. You hit the nail right on the head here – royalty is royalty. In the Royal World and in God’s World. And thank Goodness for that! We are heirs of God’s Kingdom, no matter that we don’t deserve it. We can’t buy that honor, we can’t earn that honor, we can’t marry into it. All we have to do is accept it. What a relief! As far as Prince Harry and Meghan are concerned, I think this has been brought on by Brittain’s never-ending media chase of Meghan and their distortion of her life. We know that Prince Harry worries for her/their safety because of what happened to his mother, Princess Dianna. I just pray that Brittain and their media (and ours) will take a hint from this and let them live their lives in peace. They may be “royals” but only our Heavenly Father is worthy of worshipping. Thank you for always being your grace-filled, beautiful self <3

    • Thank you so much Mindy! Yeah I can’t imagine what he must carry in his heart after his mother’s tragedy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hugs and love xox

  10. The only thing I’d pick apart is… like a lot of mainstream media, you are referring to the Duchess by her maiden name. That’s incredibly disrespectful.
    We could also each help the situation by not following the gossip. Not responding to the “media”.
    Hope you are well!

    • Hi Paula! Oh gosh, I’m sorry! I had no idea that was disrespectful!! You’re right about that. I appreciate you stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  11. For some reason this reminds me of an old movie called when ‘Harry Met Sally.’ In this case is more like when ‘Harry Met Meghan.’ I wasn’t keeping up with this. But you right. Harry will always be part of the family.

    • Oh yes! What a classic movie. Yep family is family. Always! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  12. Yep, once you’re born again, you’re born again! God saves you and he keeps you saved. Can’t speak about the royal drama because I couldn’t care less. 🙂

    • Amen to that!! What good news that is! We have such a wonderful Father! Hugs and love xox

  13. Love the truths drawn out here! We are forever His, no matter what! I have watched this story unfold with more interest than I admittedly have with such things, partially because I particularly recall the troubles Princess Diana faced quite well as well as her tragic end. I have felt led many times over the years to pray especially for her boys as they’ve had to grow up in the shadow of such pain, and, unfortunately, such scrutiny. Now that they’re grown, married, fathers, and forging their own way, the prayers seem that much more pertinent as I add their wives and children to the list. Of course, I especially think of Meghan and Archie right now. It’s hard enough being a new mom. I can’t imagine just what it’s like to try to do that lin a fishbowl. Bottom line, royal or not, they are people, first and foremost, created by the same God as all of us, with the same need for a savior as all of us. I can understand the choices they’ve made in recent days. I’m sure they were very difficult to arrive at. I pray most of all they can experience healing through Christ and go on to live a blessed life, wherever God takes them.

    • Thanks so much! I’m so glad it resonated with you. You’re so right – I’m sure he carries so much in his heart because of his mother’s tragedy. I agree. Praying for them! Hugs and love xox

  14. Awesome. Tear jerking post. Nothing can ever separate us from the love of our ABBA, FATHER -GOD! We don’t have to earn his “Love” just embrace and accept it!
    Blessings, Georganna

  15. I continue to think about the many people who suffer from guilt, low self-worth, loneliness, rejection. and a host of other issues, which are far worse than the many physical conditions they battle with.
    I imagine how quickly things could turn for the better by accepting the facts of God’s love behind Christ’s redemptive work, and God’s unchanging promise of never leaving or forsaking us, but always standing with us!
    Thanks again for another inspiring and helpful post.
    God bless you my friend!

    • Thanks for this reflection John. You’re right – His love could solve a multitude of things! Hugs and love xox

  16. My dear friend Caralyn,

    Indeed, there is nothing else existing than God – we are not “outside” God, God is not here and we are there, but we are all in Him and He is in us, in the temple of our body, in our hearts. We are of the same essence as that of God, God is love and we are love, only our mind separates us from Him, from us – but the water-drop is never separated from the Ocean. And when we understand that we are all from the same source, then and only then we will develop love, respect and understanding among us as brothers and sisters in Him… this is called: Oneness, one family, one “Machinery” with millions and millions of tiny wheels allowing to run this machine, this work of God…

    A big hug to you from heart to heart, my friend 🙂

    • Thank you so much Lori! I appreciate you passing it along to your daughter! Hugs and love xox

  17. My feeling is mixed. She is a control freak and didn’t realize what she was giving up. So are they. You’re not allowed to do anything. So it’s a bad fit. She shouldn’t have married him. It’s her own fault. You are different. You realize that it wasn’t your fault for what happened. You were always God’s person. Or as you put, the chosen one. God forgives and blesses you. I don’t like what the British have become. There is no right in this.

    • Thanks so much David for sharing your thoughts on this. It’s definitely a tricky situation all the way around. Hugs and love xox

      • You’re welcome! I guess it’s kinda like me too with my anxiety. I used to feel embarrassed by it when I struggled. I’m not anymore. It’s Derek. 😀 Hope all is well.

      • Oh gosh — sorry Derek for the name flub!! thanks again for sharing that 🙂 have a great day! hugs xo

  18. You have some great insights. There is no clear answer to that which has real meaning. As one is given a life, there is another that has taken the life to offer in service for others. Is there a lesson to be learned here?

    • Thank you friend! You’re right – there really is a lesson to be gleaned for sure. Hugs and love xox

  19. It is true what you say and wonderful to read your testimony. There the other side of the story. They will always be part of the Windsors. But in order to be part of the Official Royal Family, they have to do all the official things and function in that family.

    In the same way, Jesus said many people will heal people in Jesus’s name, they will prophesy but Jesus said I do not know you. The word know is mean to know intimately. Not a casual relationship. There is a function

    • Thank you so much Johannes! Great perspective. Powerful food for thought. Hugs and love xox

  20. We’ll always be our Father’s children. Yes! 🙌
    As far as Harry and Meghan are concerned, I hope they get to live the happy life they’re seeking and Canada seems a friendly and beautiful country.
    I’m a fellow Brit. ☺

  21. Of course, I have no idea how these two came to this decision but . . . I can’t help but think that Harry was mindful of what this life in a fishbowl did to his mother. You’re right, these two will always be a part of the royal family. Hopefully they find their peace wherever they go.

    • You’re right – what he went through with his mother would have left such a deep wound. thanks for sharing your heart. i hope that for them too. Hugs and love xox

  22. Yeah, it’s interesting how there’s so much we can say, of a Christian’s identity. So much positive, and clear affirmation. Such that for example, if you dread your past… then clear thought is otherwise.
    I think there are two things. One, we (the church) can lead others (including non-Christians) into that…
    Two, we can be better at understanding our identity and what that means. And no doubt that’s a corporate effort…
    I can see how the Royal drama could be confusing.

  23. Yes it is true Harry will always be a part of the Royal Family and personally I don’t think he’s running away from that. I think he sees the difference that is being made in so many ways by so many in respect to his life with Meghan. People are blaming her for the split if that’s what they want to call it but in this life as a Christian, we should all come together as one no matter who you are or what race you are. In God’s eyes we are all the same but in the eyes of people we can be seen as less than and this is what divide us as a family, a nation and in every way. I just wish them well and I know Harry will always remember where he came from. Blessings

    • Thank you for this beautiful reflection. You’re so right — we are all one family of believers, and i too, wish people would view the world through that lens. So glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  24. Great photo.
    I’m still learning how to feel love from God.
    My situation is that I trust God and depends only on God – and Love Jesus with everything I have – but – I have a situation and I’m stuck with it.

    And it feels like I will never be….enough. I’ll always be wrong.

    So I walk with it everyday, and it’s ok – but – I rarely ever feel loved.

    It’s not important for me to be loved.

    It’s important that I do my best.

    But sometimes…. sometimes I see what it might mean to truly feel like a child of God.

    I hear your assurance.

    • thank you for sharing your heart. know, friend, that you are dearly loved by our gracious Father 🙂 sending big hugs xo

  25. Great post and so true! My life changed the day I actually believed I was a son of God totally forgiven, born again a new person and completely righteous and loved unconditionally by my heavenly Father! I grew up in Regina Saskatchewan Canada were temperatures can plummet to – 40 with 50 mph winds for two weeks at a time in winter! If Harry and Meagan want to move to Canada I suggest Regina as a destination! After one winter Royalty will look VERY GOOOOOOD!

    • thank you so much! oh my goodness what a harsh winter, yikes! haha no kidding!!!! Hugs and love xox

  26. Not exactly ‘reeling’ I think – plenty more important things going pear shaped here with Johnson in charge. And this is not what I think of as a scandal either though there are scandals to be found under the surface mostly in the press that stokes up vitriol whilst hiding their own vested interest in having a go at Harry and Meghan. The Daily Mail is especially worth singling out alongside your own Fox News as the destructive amoral voice of our times. As to Harry’s DNA it is probably best not to go there and at least the press have been fairly restrained on that front. Might this move by Harry and Meghan be a positive step towards a more mature attitude to royalty – other countries seem to be able to achieve this!

  27. From God’s point of view we will always be His children, after all He is the creator of all things so in that sense we belong. But isn’t it amazing that He also gave us a power of choice, and even more amazing that the majority choose not to belong to Him for which a self-imposed penalty will have to be paid when its time to cleanse this world of selfishness and destroy evil forever. I’m glad you’ve made the choice to recognize you’re His daughter. He rejoices over that choice and so do I. 🙂

  28. Love love love your perspective on the Megxit and our relationship as God’s royal priesthood.

    This part of the blog was reassuring to me “

  29. Love love love your perspective on the Megxit and our relationship as God’s royal priesthood.
    This part of the blog was reassuring to me “We are never too far gone. That “title” of son/daughter of the King — sure, we can renounce it all we want, but He never does. He never disowns us, or strips us of that title.”

  30. Good twist on an opinion. Them stepping away makes me think of scripture in the Bible and the end times. Of how leaders of high position will step away from their duties and chase the world. I think this another sign we are in the end times. Good perspective on things though 🙂

  31. They will no longer receive funding through the Sovereign Grant, the British public funding that supports the official duties of the queen and maintains the palaces occupied by members of the royal family. He is still in line for the throne. He will be just anther immigrant to Canada and will have to apply for citizenship and get a job. Most Canadian are opposed to paying the costs of their protection. Their moving here is just not a big deal. Canada has no “princes” even though his grandmother is our Queen. In Canada he never had any duties.

  32. I’m not convinced they will able to hide, as they will probably be followed more than ever now. On an unrelated note, are you familiar with fitness model Jill Bunny? She has multiple sclerosis and thyroid cancer, and runs her own website. She was recently featured on a local television program here in Virginia. The website is called “CBT Meets Fitness”, and it sort of combines cognitive behavioral therapy with exercise. It was an interesting interview, as she really spoke about some of the mental aspects of body image.

    • Thanks John for this perspective. I am not familiar with her! I’ll have to check her out! thanks for the heads up! hugs xo

  33. This was beautiful! Thank you for sharing this TRUE perspective, the eternal one.:) And, thank you for stopping by my blog.

    • Thank you so much Valerie! I’m so glad this resonated with you 🙂 absolutely!! I’ll be back 🙂 hehe Hugs and love xox

    • Thanks Shaun for sharing your story. I’m glad this hit home with you. Know that I’m rooting for you and your recovery! You got this! Hugs and love xox

  34. “Why? Because Harry was born into that family… He is a royal. Period.” This has to be the best explanation of royalhood that I have read. From that same perspective, we Christians are of the same royal line of Christ, foreknown by God and prepared as a bride for His coming. We could attempt to run away, but God has purposed us to salvation and there is no matter of running that will change that. Great thoughts!

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