Let Life Change You

I’m about to let you in on a little secret.

In Manhattan, apartment doormen are the “keepers of keys” when it comes to gossip and the hushed “happenings” of the buildings’ tenants.

They know who comes and goes. They know your daily patterns and schedules. They know your packages and food orders. Heck – they probably even know how you take your coffee.

They are, in a word: all-knowing.

And we love them for it.

And, not surprisingly, I have grown incredibly close with the wonderful men who work in my building. They know my ins and outs. They always know my whereabouts, and frankly they know more about my personal life that some of my closest friends. And not to mention they keep me safe, and I can trust them with literally, my life.

They’re almost like my older brothers.

Anywho, I was hanging out in the lobby tonight — as it’s a sweltering 89 degrees in my apartment, thanks to COVID restrictions, preventing my air conditioner from being installed.

And I had such a powerful conversation with my doorman.

We were hanging out outside, under the awning. Both “masked up,” and socially distanced. And we were discussing how upside-down the world has been turned since the beginning of the year.

First COVID, then all the recent riots and protesting.

And at one point in the conversation, he looked at me — just his eyeballs visible over his mask — and he said, “You’ve got to let life change you.”

Such a simple thought and yet incredibly profound.

He went on, as it’s his birthday coming up, and he was reminiscing how he’s not the same man he was ten years ago. Life happens. You go through things. And if you’re open to receiving the lessons thrown at you, you grow.

You’ve got to let life change you.

And how powerful to think that here we are – June 11, 2020 – with such a critical opportunity at hand to let life change us. To let all the hurt, all the fear, all the forced isolation and frustration, all the outrage, all the disappointment and duress — to let that change us.

But that’s exactly the thing – we have to let it.

That one-liner haunted me for the rest of the night , and as I was retiring to bed, it suddenly clicked.

This powerful idea of letting life change us, is made even more profound, when the focus shifts to what I believe is at the absolute heart of it:

We’ve got to LET God change us.

We’ve got to let Him.

We’ve got to be open to receiving direction, guidance, and change.

We’ve got to be open to doing and seeing things differently. Which – especially now in the current climate – is something that I think has the potential to change the world.

Because God isn’t going to force us to change. If we want to stick our heads in the sand, and refuse to grow or learn or be receptive to other possibilities, that is our prerogative. That is free will in a nutshell.

We’ve got to let Him change us.

I have seen first hand, just how life changing that surrender can be: when I relinquished my anorexia over to God, and let Him change my heart.

I let Him move in my heart, and give me the healing I so desperately needed.

I was talking with a special person this afternoon, and they asked me if I ever get triggered by “body comments” anymore — such as “fat, skinny, eat more,” etc. Because ask any person in recovery from anorexia – or any eating disorder – and the answer will more likely than not be a resounding yes.

But for me, that was something I had to hand over to God. That was something I had to “let God change” in me.

And He did.

I no longer find my worth in those body discriptors, because my body is merely a dwelling place for my soul. And that is where my worth comes from. Not from the outer vessel.

And if God could change my heart on that — there is nothing He can’t change.

It is my deepest prayer that during this season of intensity, we let life — let God — change us. Change our hearts. Change our minds. Change our understanding and perspective. Because only when we let Him, can the transformation and healing truly begin.

God bless you, friends. And God bless America.

“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5


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86 responses to “Let Life Change You”

    • Thank you David, I really appreciate that! And awww I’m so glad this made you smile! That made my day! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

    • Aw thank you Claire! I’m so glad it brought you some encouragement!! Sending big big hugs xox

    • I am blessed to know these terrific men! 🙂 Thanks so much, friend! have a great night! Hugs and love xox

    • thank you so much! I’m so glad this resonated with you 🙂 Sending so much love and hugs xo

  1. OK Caralyn! How the heck are you tonight? I’ve been bopping around and funny you should bring this up because i had a dream earlier this week and as soon as i woke I was online and tis older tune that I always loved came to my attention like a bolt of lightning and it made me cry, deeply feeling the subtext of this songs story and reflecting on my own life I could see and feel the pain so viscerally almost as though my life was beginning to flash before me and I saw how I’m just a sad sinful soul like anyone else in need of saving so badly, but then I felt more of God’s love for me as He is saying just what you said now; “will you change!!!” Because therein is the actual reason that this life was designed by God this way, for us to embrace change and grow into the “butterfly” that God intended each of us to become being spiritually transformed, not at all by physicality which is all fleeting and passing away like this entire universe! All these bodies we humans use, as you said as a vessel, will be wasted away rags, but what is inside can grow exponentially taking quantum leaps by faith, into a most precious, beautiful, eternal light and child of God’s! I’m gonna listen to the song again now and cry, I always do but then I smile and I say thank you so much Lord, for loving me; and I just started crying already! I have to go do this! Spot-on there kiddo! God bless. 🤗 😉 🖖 🙏 🙏 🌟✨💫 🤗🖖❤🌹🌈🌞 👍 🇺🇸 🙏 🙏

    • Hi Lawrence, oh gosh I’m so glad this hit home with you! And I’m so happy you’re feeling God’s love for you! that’s amazing! and definitely something to celebrate! Hugs and love xox

  2. So glad you had some company, Caralyn. 🙂 He probably appreciated it too.
    Praying you get your AC… and soon! Praying for you! Me and God love you! <3

    • Thank you Gail! 🙂 Yes, i am blessed to have such wonderful people to spend time with! 🙂 thank you!!!! hopefully tomorrow! I’m “on the books” — but then with NYC, you just never know until you hear the knock on the door!! stay well my friend, thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

    • awesome! can’t wait to listen! thanks for passing it along! Hugs and love xox

      • I just played it for the third time now and have it on loop for now! You’ll love it! I love her and how she sings plus the guitar is amazing!

      • What was even more awesome was after sending that last message out about 3am when I woke early I got back to sleep for a few hours more; had a dream we were talking in person as real as the sun shining bright on your face, and we had a great hug! See how mysterious God is and when speaking to Him through the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus subtle but profound things come our way from Him! The love can reach out! He will direct our paths! Just trust Him. 🌷🤗🙏 🙏🤗🌷

      • Hi Caralyn… I woke early and this was still on my mind and what I realized was that I mentioned how I had a dream early in the week which immediately brought this song and what I wrote into focus; so here is that in case! This all coincided now with what I had just written as a very long comment to another blogger regarding God having us here only as long as He needs us here, then we won’t be another second, which is why our focus should always be on appreciating each day for what it brings while we do our best to do what He put each of us here to do, always seeking His will not our own ideas of what is best.
        I’d leave a major portion of what I explained to the other blogger but it would be long; so I hesitate, but if you ever want that just say so.
        God bless you 🙏 🙏


  3. Wonderful advice and what a wonderful conversation. And there is definitely a TV show to be made told from the perspective of the doorman!

    • Thank you Ab!! That conversation blessed me so much! What a great guy 🙂 hahah you’re right! I’d definitely watch! Hugs and love xox

  4. Let God change us- that is powerful and a very wise way of looking at situations. We fight change because we don’t want to be out of our comfort zone. But yielding to His work within us helps us grow.
    Very encouraging reminder Caralyn.
    Hope you get your AC soon.

    • Thank you so much! You’re right – its out of our comfort zone is the place where we grow! 🙂 and yes! Tomorrow I’m “on the books” but we shall see! Hugs and love xox

  5. It’s like I always tell my boys, keep an open mind because you never know when you’re going to learn something. Life is always in a state of flux. When we keep ourselves in our hearts and out of our mi d, we are so much better off. That’s how He wants it. We are love, and we need to share love. I like to lead with this motto, “what would love do next”. I can’t go wrong with that😘

    • You’re so right about that! I love that: what would love do next!!!!!! Wow!!! I’m going to put that on a post it on my fridge!! Thanks for sharing that beautiful motto! Glad you stppped by! Hugs and love xox

  6. Glad things are a bit more normal for you. We learn so much from each other, if we are prepared to listen. I am glad I took the time to drop by your blog for example. You often cause me to think. That has always been my aim too. Not to tell people what to think, just to cause people to pause and think. I prefer to leave questions than to try to provide answers. Sorry that was my teacher training. Let people come to their own conclusions. I have often learned a few lessons myself that way. We go about our busy lives, often failing to notice people like doormen. Even just saying “Hi” is a step in the right
    direction. These conversations have often enriched my life too.

  7. Hi to the Beauty Beyond Bones blog today, around evening time. Thinking of words to speak, as on your end you get through some of the easier challenges, with the acceptance that happens when exchanges get solid. Incredible that there is a genuinely respectable man at the entry, who can give the odd proportion of help.

    It’s a picture-perfect symbol of the unique effect you make, with your eye for detail, and with your unmistakeable ability. Pleasant post to read. The tale of your efforts to keep rocking your winding and poignant blog could well lead to days when your troubles simply aren’t so imposing.

  8. I was moved by this post! Even the smallest conversation can make a great impact on someone’s life. Wish I had a conversation like that of yours and your doorman. God bless! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Legislation may be helpful in managing to control the worse of natural human nature but if we want real changes then we need to follow your advice and let God change us and yes, it is the work of a lifetime. We have to be very careful with legislation though to see it does not take away all choice and freedom and lodge that ultimate power in the state. After all the state is run by humans we elect regardless of political affiliation and humans are basically flawed.

  10. Yes, life will change us. That’s inevitable. But the key is not life changing us, but “let God — change us. Change our hearts. Change our minds. Change our understanding and perspective. “ that’s it. That’s the change we’re Looking for!

  11. it’s amazing how life provides if you just pay attention… and man it always sounds easier than it is, maintaining focus is tantamount to achieve forward momentum but we are all so flawed, daily or any reminders are such a good thing… and they are out there, I always loved the Edie Brickel song “what I am”…
    Philosophy – is a walk on the slippery rocks
    Religion – is a light in the fog
    I’m not aware of too many things
    I know what I know, if you know what I mean

    • the devil is defeated; presently
      faith is key, people need to come
      to the idea of giving to get, not only
      asking Him for something. He sees all
      that every little human, (His kids,) does
      and it is my belief people think that God is
      distant from their requests. FAITH, BELIEVE!
      He hears your pleas, but you have to wait. wait!
      He knows, just keep praying. at least that’s what is
      working for https://onlizinenet.bloghttps://collactiona,live

  12. My dear friend Carolyn,

    When we start living in the will of God (give up our own will which is too often dyed in the colour of ego and mind), we live under His umbrella protected from our own foolish behaviour. When we allow Him to enter our heart, then He is the light in us and we are no longer the shadow… Let us surrender to Him and our real life begins…

    Thank you for this profound analysis of the simple sentence with its potent meaning: Let life change us, let Him change us…

    Hugs and love, my friend 🙂

      • Thank you Didi – yes, I am okay. Hanging in there. Feeling sad for my hurting brothers and sisters. Stay well, Hugs and love xox

      • You have a good heart, my friend – when our brothers and sister suffer, we also suffer, because we are all connected: one for all and all for one… let us convey this cry of our hearts to God that he may give more understanding to people, more love and respect that all, with right understanding, can treat themselves as brothers and sisters in Him.
        A big big hug to you, my dear sister Carolyn 🙂
        Much love

  13. I saw your flimsy attire and thought it’s not as snowy out there than a few months ago. My friend Shia says: “Pete’s never cold in winter, he wears TWO pairs of shorts.” If I look back, life did change me from a partying free spirit, a socialite, to a cantankerous recluse. Life is a long photoshop session that morphs rock into soft sand, or vice versa.

  14. You must have a unique perspective, because you live in the big NY City.

    Yes, let Him change you.

    There is one and only One: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He changes us, Jesus the Word of God.

    I came across this recent interview from the founder of Guardian Angels.

    He went out to defend Foot Locker at night, not because of the particular store, but because sneakers are the currency on the street.

    They fought off two waves of rioters, 30 people and 100 people. One of them was injured and had to be taken to the hospital. They started out with 6 people. They were down to 4.

    A 3rd wave came at them. It was 300 people. They were about to be overrun, but police showed up from every direction in every way. They won the day. Great story. Very informative.

    Turns out the founder of the Guardian Angel’s said there are two waves of people. There are the protesters. And then there are the rioters.

    The rioters and looters come out at night. They start about 4 pm. They scope out the city and look for some stuff to take – some store to vandalize.

    If you are interested: Guardian Angel Interview – https://youtu.be/v2jeAuLb4Gw

  15. “Let life change you” is indeed profound. It’s very similar to a line I’ve been quoting for years (I used to use it over and over with the kids when I was a youth minister), a line that is not my own but from Paula D’Arcy, a Christian writer/retreat leader: “God comes to you disguised as your life.” Peace ~ Bill

  16. I am so proud of you. I hear within you a heart open to new possibilities, bringing about a transformed mind as you move your head out of the sand and turning it toward God.

  17. Amen and amen! Only God, indeed, has the utmost control of our lives and all we should do is let Him! Let Him be the God that He is and we shall live in His peace and truth. ❤

  18. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your A/C! 89 degrees is terrible! I rented a house this past year where my roommates did not want to use the A/C, and it would sometimes reach 93 degrees in my room. So I definitely feel your pain! Hope you get the A/C installed soon 🙂

    – Katie

  19. Love this, Caralyn! It brought to mind one of my favorite verses, Romans 12:2 – Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is —his good, pleasing and perfect will. Praying that the heart of this nation will be transformed in this season and we will be able to truly embrace His will for us: to love one another!

  20. The concept that comes to my mind when reading your words this morning is “trust”. Trusting you doorman to keep your back, and honor what he observes about you and your neighbors. Trusting your neighbors and those who come and go in your neighborhood to be respectful (unlike the guy with the cell phone who did not have the respect to ask for permission to video you when he accosted you the other day). Trusting God to provide opportunities to do good and show love to your neighbors, and to make all you mother, father, brothers and sisters. And, trusting yourself to chose from the may right options.

    On a side note, about trust and 98F without AC… when I lived in Jackson Heights, Queens 30 years ago, we did not have AC. Many apartments tenants in our buildings had window units, but we did not. The woman whom I rented the room from had lived in the building since the 1950’s. She told me that years ago, when you trusted your neighbors, in the building and on the block, every unit has luevored doors and windows. On hot days, anyone who was home would open their unit doors and windows, then the air could flow through the whole building. While certain events and petty crimes (often because of people looking for quick cash to get a quick drug fix) contributed to people isolating themselves, in some way I think unit AC has trapped us in our own prisons of isolation. Would you have been down in the lobby, cooling off, to have the opportunity to chat with the doorman and contemplate today’s post if you had AC?

    Maybe a little more inconvenience might give us opportunities to see God in all…. otherwise, WE GET PLAGUES to wake us out of our stupors! 😓 -Oscar

  21. Exactly right. I think that all the time alone to think lately has helped this process. I open my YouVersion app FIRST THING when I open my eyes 👀 in the morning. I think it’s important to do that first. Before social media. Before I eat or shower. Before pet rescue.
    Jesus help us to learn from life. 🌻

  22. Is your name Carolyn? 😀😀. I wanted to say how impressed I am with your writing back for so many comments. It isn’t just a thank you but a true and faithful genuine response. You give me a kick in the pants to do more😀. I have to quit blaming my dark depression on writing back. Thank you for being a godly influence in the world.

  23. God is always above, around, and within us. When we let God freely into our lives, many great things will come. In the dark times we are in, the world needs as many lights to God and peace on at all times. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Two verses came to mind-Joseph telling his brothers in Genesis-“what you meant for evil, God meant it for good.” And Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope.” Let life and God change you for good-not bitterness, anger and defeat. It is a choice or attitude, in how we respond as you said in your picture. Thanks-great post. Hope you get ACsoon!

  25. Hi Caralyn I forgot to post this, but I found that God gives me strength and wisdom that I didn’t think I had. Looking back, I wonder if my 20 years old self could handle the challenges I faced at 30. Or whether my 30 year old self can handle me at my stage in life. Yet here I am, stronger, wiser, and better equipped.

    I remember a story from Corrie Ten Boom and how she asked her father about being strong enough. Her father asked her: Corrie, when do I buy the train tickets? Corrie replied: Just before we get on the train. Her father continued: likewise, God will give us the strength just before the trial. I remember that because it is no use wondering whether I can withstand trials like divorce, cancer, or infertility 10 years from now. I have enough trouble today and God is enough.

    • Amen to that! What a beautiful truth!! Stay well! And thanks for reading my articles, girl! You rock! Hugs and love xox

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