Astroworld: Tragedy, Conspiracy & Truth

Astroworld. Wow.

I found myself bewildered, confused, and utterly heartbroken after the tragedy that happened at the Travis Scott “Astroworld Music Festival” in Houston last Friday.

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert left people grappling with loss and searching for answers. But does this tragedy reveal something deeper about where we’re headed as a society? #astroworld #houston #catholic #faith #god  #travisscott #christianity #god #culture #life

If this is the first you’re hearing of this, the rapper, Travis Scott, who is most well known for being the father of Kylie Jenner’s daughter and child-on-the-way, held his annual Astroworld music festival on Friday night. And during the concert, a massive crowd surge rushed the toward the sage, killing at least nine people, and injuring hundreds, including one 9-year old child who is currently in a medical-induced coma.

It is just tragic.

And raises so many questions.

The news coming out the following morning was vague at best, with people trying to piece together what actually happened…and who to blame.

It’s no secret that drugs, sadly go hand in hand with music festivals. Which, in this case of a massive crowd surge, I’m sure contributed to the mayhem: confused people that are not in their right state of mind, collectively freaking out, dehydrated from both the drugs and Texas heat. Combine that with the vibe he encourages at his concerts: “raging” — ie, mosh pits, crowd surfing, stage diving. At a concert in 2017, one 23 year old fan was pushed from a balcony and ended up paralyzed. So his concerts are no “Driving Miss Daisy.”

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert left people grappling with loss and searching for answers. But does this tragedy reveal something deeper about where we’re headed as a society? #astroworld #houston #catholic #faith #god  #travisscott #christianity #god #culture #life

It’s pandemonium. And why a nine year old child was there, is beyond me. Prayers for that little person as they fight for their life.

People have been grappling with who to blame, as they unearth more facts. Could Scott have stopped the concert? Was the venue properly staffed with security? Was the festival promoting company, LiveNation, ill-prepared with enough reinforcements?

What doesn’t look good for the Scott camp, is how the crowd was chanting “STOP THE SHOW,” to the rapper’s dismissal. Along with the two fans who climbed the videographer stand to plead to the cameramen that “people are dying.” Again, waved off. It also doesn’t look good that the concert continued for 4o minutes after the Houston Police declared it a “mass casualty event.” And it certainly doesn’t look good that Scott attended Drake’s afterparty that evening at Dave & Buster’s after the deadly concert.

The jury’s out. The lawsuits are piling up.

And bodies are literally left in the dust.

And then comes the conspiracy. In the aftermath of the concert, many, many, many people have been talking about the Satanic symbolism that is weaved through Scott’s music, album art imagery, themes, and even the concert venue staging.

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert left people grappling with loss and searching for answers. But does this tragedy reveal something deeper about where we’re headed as a society? #astroworld #houston #catholic #faith #god  #travisscott #christianity #god #culture #life

Some even going so far as to say the whole thing was a Satanic ritual.

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert left people grappling with loss and searching for answers. But does this tragedy reveal something deeper about where we’re headed as a society? #astroworld #houston #catholic #faith #god  #travisscott #christianity #god #culture #life

And to that, I just have to say — no. His music is not something I’d want my future children listening to, namely because of its reference to drugs, sex and violence. But this whole satanic conspiracy is just social media fodder that has been taken too far.

I didn’t spend more than three minutes looking into it, because I don’t like to do too much “learning” about that dark topic matter. Inviting that sort of information into your home and your mind only opens up the door for the enemy to get a foothold of “fascination.”

But I will say, it does show how, in the wake of tragedy, people can either turn to God, or the enemy. And it’s scary how such a vast number of people turned to the later.

All this to say, I think it’s important to remember that what we think about matters. What we listen to, what we watch, the video games we play, the content we consume…matters.

It has such an influence on our souls, at a deep, subs-conscious level that we don’t even know it’s happening. Impacting the way we speak, how we act or think, what we inherently believe. It’s really scary stuff.

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert left people grappling with loss and searching for answers. But does this tragedy reveal something deeper about where we’re headed as a society? #astroworld #houston #catholic #faith #god  #travisscott #christianity #god #culture #life

Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert left people grappling with loss and searching for answers. But does this tragedy reveal something deeper about where we’re headed as a society? #astroworld #houston #catholic #faith #god  #travisscott #christianity #god #culture #life

And this, at least makes me consider, who are we holding up as an icon? A role model? Someone to look up to?

Becuase that nine year old child? He saw Travis Scott in his Happy Meal at McDonald’s as an action figure toy. He saw Travis do a concert on Fortnite video game. Girls fan over him because of his connection to Kylie Jenner. He is an idol for kid and young adults, alike.

And look, I’m not bashing on Travis. He’s just the example of the moment, given his prominence in this story.

But it does make you consider, who, as a culture, we’re worshipping. And yes – worship – is sadly the term that is most appropriate.

Because I can assure you – our culture sure as heck isn’t worshipping God anymore. We can see that play out every which way to Sunday, nowadays, as we saw in Monday’s post about the Metaverse.

It’s clear that our society has declared, “We can do better than You, God.” Whether we’re creating our own virtual metaverse to inhabit, or creating our own idols to worship – replacing God. We’ve rewritten dogma – replacing THE Truth, with MY truth. A new religion has arisen, and no one is even batting an eyelash.

Who do I worship. Who do you worship? If someone were to look at your life – my life – the way we spend our time, what we spend our money on, what we give priority to in our lives? What would that communicate? And I’m talking to myself here.

Am I part of this anti-God religion? Or am I actively trying to pursue Christ and live as His follower?

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert left people grappling with loss and searching for answers. But does this tragedy reveal something deeper about where we’re headed as a society? #astroworld #houston #catholic #faith #god  #travisscott #christianity #god #culture #life

Just something to think about on this cool November evening.

Keeping all those touched by this terrible tragedy in my prayers tonight. And praying for a return to Jesus for the whole world.

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“This is what the Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.” Ez 37:5


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26 responses to “Astroworld: Tragedy, Conspiracy & Truth”

  1. Conspiracy doesn’t mean “implausible” or “unbelievable” Judas conspired against Jesus. There was a plan, a purpose, and it was executed. The truth is that these massive events that are rife with satanic/luciferian imagery are not coincidental. When you invite the enemy into music, in the same way we invite the Holy Spirit into our worship in song, there is something supernatural that is opened/awakened. Were deaths planned? Maybe, maybe not. But what I do know is that the imagery is not accidental- they know what they’re doing, whom they’re serving, and who and what is being glorified. And it isn’t Jesus Christ.

  2. I can’t say it was a Satanic ritual but it certainly was Satanic. This was one of my first thoughts. Think on it – he called for the mosh pit and made remarks (sorry I can’t quote just now) that called for mob rule and chaos. THAT is Satanic, because what is Satan’s goal? He hates mankind. His whole purpose is to get at God by hurting people as much as possible. The rapper was just doing Satan’s bidding.
    At the risk of sounding unsympathetic, I think the victims have no leg to stand on. Scott’s SOP is well known. He’s done this before but without this size a catastrophe. Everyone who went is an idiot – especially whoever brought the 9-year-old. Now they want us to feel sorry for them? They should have known better. I’m sad it happened, but I have a hard time working up much sympathy.
    One lesson I learned in my teens was to avoid large, unruly crowds – it’s the best way to avoid getting hurt and/or in trouble.
    Adam and Eve went directly against God’s warning in Eden, but they went to the “mosh pit” anyway. I don’t feel bad for them at all. I’m mad at them, because of the world they gave us. Idiots!
    I’ve done stupid things and learned to take responsibility for my bad choices instead of asking for pity. That’s what these people need to do. Don’t get a lawyer. Get grown up and act better.
    Sorry if this doesn’t sit well, but it’s a truth that needs to be recognized.

  3. Phenomenal thoughts and ideas. The two of us, you and me, have some things in common about what we think of news stories like this one.

    If you only take a brief interest, because while relevant to a larger picture of the world, it’s gruesome and not charming in that regard, I see that point of view. I wanted to know that it happened, but I didn’t want to learn too much about it. Some of the details I did want to know, you highlighted here for your readership.

    I agree with you in other respects about why something like this happened. I didn’t know about the more evil elements of the man’s music and beliefs until I read your description.

    From time to time, I see, with some dismay, the reality that a reader of yours informs you of evil. That would tempt you to look closer. I never like that.

    Your style is excellent again tonight, and I think you did a great job putting together this post. I was disappointed that I didn’t take the opportunity Monday night to read what you said about Meta and about the multiverse. Maybe I will pretend like the time hasn’t gone by, and I will peak because I know it would be a strong post in your hands.

    Of course, reading about Facebook now and then is a great topic to explore. Good post tonight. See you again, and God bless!

  4. I can remember when John Lennon, (remember him?) declared that the “Beatles were more popular than Jesus.” How we put on the “full armor of God” is the challenge of our time. We Christians, especially Catholics, have to recognize are dealing with Evil. Our weapons are prayer, Faith in Our Triune God, and speaking Truth to the lies of popular culture.

  5. I have always despised this “music” for what I see as Hate and the love of Anarchy. This sad situation is another example. The backdrops I see in the photos are disgusting. I’m so grateful that He put his hand on my shoulder decades ago and said I Choose You… Metaphorically speaking of course. America is sliding down the slippery slope.

  6. Amen, Caralyn. It’s very disturbing and sad. I must say, I have researched the Illuminati in Hollywood and the music industry, and it is very real. There are many people in the entertainment industry who worship the evil one and they do put evil in their movies, songs, and concerts. There was definitely wicked symbolism at that show. I pray that rapper comes to Jesus. I also pray the Lord spreads revival through our country and this world, and people turn from all this wickedness and sin, and turn to Jesus in repentance. God have mercy on us all. Blessings. 🙏

  7. A lot of Christians are taught early on that we should not judge. When speaking of judging others, that is correct. However, we as Christians must judge sin when we see it, and call it what it is. SIN. The wages of sin is death….and that can be in this life, but most certainly in eternity. Wrong decisions are caused by sin, or may lead to sin, and sin always has consequences.

  8. We still have a pandemic and the real crime is acting like things are normal and the whole crowd, can’t nobody who claims be a follower of christ say anything about Travis Scott because the industry is pushing an agenda on all. Alot of so called Christians are racist and find anything to knock without balancing both sides, bottom line all parties are guilty

    Now everybody wants money 💰 from him and the other business partners aren’t being held accountable

  9. I’m sad to say that I am out of touch with the latest news. I could not understand why this rapper was getting so much hate all of a sudden. I assumed that he said something conservative and people just called for him to be cancelled.

    Reading up on your post, what I want to know is, what was the goal of the crowd that rushed the stage? Who were they?.. And why was a nine year old there in a concert that clearly would have had explicit language…

    Frankly from what I was thinking, the crowd rushing the stage, they are the real criminals. They did so, despite the danger to others.. So, as for the rapper, sure, he’s just a non-believer, blind to the truth, was just having a concert. The people that were there, were there just to see a concert.
    We cannot stop it, because no matter how much it disgusts us and it may look like a satanic ritual, God has given man free will and we can’t take that away – lest we become Joe Biden and his administration.
    Now whatever this crowd tried to do, they were clearly in the wrong..

    And why aren’t the sponsors of this concert being held accountable? The rapper didn’t host it himself.. he’s just being paid as well (if I know how concerts are run)..

  10. Well stated once again and to the point. I, like you, believe we as a nation have given over to the cult of personality instead of worship of God the author of all life. I pray for a revival in our time.

  11. Blaming Satan is idiotic. This is, once again, just our sinful human nature run amok in Technicolor. The devil didn’t have to do a thing. He just sits back and chuckles at our recklessness. Good summary, my friend.

  12. Anita and I attended a Winter Jam in Lexington several years ago. Rupp Arena, the largest venue in town, was full to the brim as various ‘Christian artists’ (?) assaulted our ears with deafening volume. I did not have my decibel meter on the phone yet, but it would shock me if our nosebleed seats would not have registered 130dB or more!
    (Aside: I highly recommend a free dB meter for your phone and one can check the volumes around you, whether ambient noise, traffic or concert; We survived by pre-planning with earplugs.
    The most disturbing thing was when one band was announced, the lines of teeny-bopper girls in the rows in front of us erupted into incessant cheers and screams, with one young woman announcing even louder than the cacophony, “Ohh, MY BAND IS COMING ON!” From there the entire set was ignored as they simply stood and screamed while their band played. 😌
    Too much “worship” in churches these days imitates this culture of celebrity worship, and leaves me wondering like you, “Who have we come to see?”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  13. Regardless of one’s stand of this genre of music as well as the artist, the promoter and the location are responsible for the security and safety of the audience. Obviously, there was grossly inadequate help at this event. The few Keith Urban concerts that my wife and I have been to seems quite tame compared to this.

  14. Im with you on this regarding the child
    ‘He saw Travis Scott in his Happy Meal at McDonald’s as an action figure toy. He saw Travis do a concert on Fortnite video game. Girls fan over him because of his connection to Kylie Jenner. He is an idol for kid and young adults, alike. ‘

    I’ve never even heard of the artists nor not one of his songs…and from what I’ve seen…I HAVENT MISSED A THING…I’ve been blessed not to of heard the trash…just one look at the guy…

    people are so naive…every single one of us…

    we cannot conceive of what real evil is like..

    so good natured people will always GIVE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT to someone else, a cause, our government…because they themselves would NEVER EVER even consider devising such a despicable evil plan

    and because of that…we cannot believe nor accept that anyone would do such a thing on purpose to cause such a catastrophe.


    this is why the enemy is able to manuever out in PLAIN VIEW IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD…and.idiots like some who commented say :the devil had nothing to do with it.

    ALL WHO were and have been exploited by ‘wanting to do the right thing’…..u don’t think the enemy knows that people want to do the right thing? so then how to get people to do what you want? tell them it’s the right thing to do…tell them… ‘for the safety of everyone’s


    again because they would never design and engineer a product to do harm to masses of people…who the fuck does that, right? OMG it’s so unheard of…I don’t know anyone that has done such a thing! do u? OMG ME EITHER..!

    and so because of this weak logic, we rationalize that it MUST BE FALSE OR LUNATICS WITH CONSPIRACIES..

    the lunatics are the ones THAT TRUST BILLIONAIRES… And companies who are NEVER EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANYTHING..

    that’s why they form corporations…to protect those running the show ….no one ever gets prosecuted…

    welcome to the billionaire way of doing things.

  15. Good thought provoking post Caralyn. That tragedy is sad, regrettable and unforgivable. He encourages chaos and it’s wrong. It is shameful that the concert wasn’t stopped. I feel for the families of the victims. God bless the nine-year old. 🙏✨⭐

  16. Great questions, Carolyn, and such great insight that God has given you. God Bless you and may people be pointed back to Jesus, from your insightful words.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes! let’s point everything back to Him! Hugs and love xox

  17. I guess I am one of the conspiratists . I do believe it was a satanic ritual to kill as many people as possible. From I saw of different images, like entering thru a skull, etc, and he kept singing, while dead bodies were body surfed out of the mosh pit, it was definitely dedicated to satan, the whole performance. Being in a happy Meal, is satan starting at the very earliest ages, to teach children to worship the world, and his agenda, rather than God. My perspective. Christians are the salt and light! We must put on the whole armor of God, and fight spiritually! For we don’t fight physically, but spiritual powers in high places, and principalities! <3

    • Hi friend, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. One thing is for sure: i’m glad I was not there! what a terrible tragedy. God bless everyone! Hugs and love xox

  18. Nice content and very thought provoking on what we are focused on and how it maybe altering our reality– whether conscious or subconscious! Dope read

    • Thank you so much Vance for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts on this! You’re right – we’ve got to keep checking ourselves! Hugs and love xox

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