Identity Crisis

I don’t know about you, but it seems like every day, I am bombarded with more and more reminders that our culture is in a state of moral decay.

I can’t tell you the number of Wedding Dress Appointment applications I’ve filled out, where I’ve had to list my “preferred gender pronouns.” I just refuse to do it. I leave it blank.

Puberty blockers for children and gender affirming care are in the news just about every day.

And the push to normalize gender fluidity is enough to make you feel like you’re drowning. It has become the latest trend for many young people, like Demi Lovato. Last year, the former Disney starlet made the announcement that she was adopting “they/them” pronouns. It was a huge deal. But now, just this month, she has made another “huge” announcement, that she is now abandoning her nonbinary nomenclature, and once again going by “she/her.”

Our #culture is in a state of moral decay. Read any #headline, and it is glaringly obvious: we are witnessing an identity crisis. Just where do we go from here? #catholic #faith #recovery #edrecovery #jesus #god #christianity #mentalhealth

It is just really soul crushing, to be honest. And something that I just can’t stop thinking about, especially with getting married on the horizon, which brings with it the — God-willing — reality of bringing children into this gloriously mixed up world.

It’s enough to make me want to cry.

And this afternoon, after passing 4 different men casually wearing skintight-clubbing dresses and stripper boots on a Thursday afternoon, I realized that what we are witnessing is a crisis of identity.

Which is something that, though I cannot relate to from a “gender” standpoint, I can definitely relate to from my own anorexia recovery.

My heart breaks for people who share their stories of wrestling with not knowing who they are. Struggling with feeling unsettled in their body.

I have been there. Restoring weight from anorexia was incredibly difficult, as my body dysmorphia and skewed body image always made me not only not recognize the reflection in the mirror, but despise what I saw.

And the only thing that got me through that season — which was longer than I’d like to admit — was remembering my identity in Christ.

Our #culture is in a state of moral decay. Read any #headline, and it is glaringly obvious: we are witnessing an identity crisis. Just where do we go from here? #catholic #faith #recovery #edrecovery #jesus #god #christianity #mentalhealth

And I know that sounds so “churchy,” but the fact is, everything else in the world is hollow, shallow, fleeting, and like building a foundation on shifting sand.

Self love, mantras, meditation, a yoga practice, positive affirmations — those are strictly dependent on the self, how I feel, how committed I am, what my mood is that day.

A foundation built on an identity is Christ is unchanging. It is true whether I feel motivated in my recovery that day or not. It is the absolute truth: forwards, backwards, upside-down or sideways.

As I was thinking about this for this post, a scene from The Lion King came to mind when Simba’s father appears to Simba in the clouds when he has lost his way, and is wanting to abandon everything.

In the moment proceeding this interaction, the little monkey guy (Rafiki) tells Simba that his father lives inside of Simba. Simba doesn’t believe that, so Mufasa (the dad) shows up in the clouds and says, “Simba, you have forgotten me. You have forgotten who you are, and so forgotten me….Remember who you are. You are my son.

Our #culture is in a state of moral decay. Read any #headline, and it is glaringly obvious: we are witnessing an identity crisis. Just where do we go from here? #catholic #faith #recovery #edrecovery #jesus #god #christianity #mentalhealth
Photo: Disney’s The Lion King

I mean, who knew that Disney had Christian undertones? (I guess that was the Disney of OUR childhood — not the current woke Disney of today that spews garbage.)

But it’s true. The only way I was able to overcome those literal demons, telling me that I was fat, that I should restrict, that I was unworthy of love, and unworthy of recovery — the only way I could overcome that was by remembering the truth about who I really am.

Remembering my identity as a daughter of God. My identity as an unimaginably loved young woman, redeemed in the merciful blood of Christ — who has forgiven me and lives inside of my heart.

Our world has not only forgotten that, but flat out rejected it, and all of this confusion over gender and pronouns, and pushing trans-ideology on young children, this is all the ramifications of that.

Our crisis of identity is happening because we don’t know Whose we are.

Our culture can’t draw on Him for comfort or strength, or guidance, or love, or acceptance, because it threw Him away a long time ago.

And that’s where we need to return.

We need a revival. We need a resurgence of faith, and we need those who have it, to rise up and be the air-traffic-controllers on the ground with glow sticks, directing people to safety.

Our #culture is in a state of moral decay. Read any #headline, and it is glaringly obvious: we are witnessing an identity crisis. Just where do we go from here? #catholic #faith #recovery #edrecovery #jesus #god #christianity #mentalhealth

Because it’s not a safe place out there. Not for our souls, and especially not for the souls of our children.

I pray every single day for a return to Jesus. And I invite you to do the same.

What do you think about the current state of this world? Do you stay up to date on current news?

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62 responses to “Identity Crisis”

  1. Your posts are lovely and so heartfelt. They reach through the distracting chatter, right through to the matter.

    It’s all about the reflection we see when we look into the eyes of Jesus.

    Keep writing, because we will definitely keep reading.

    • Hi Robin, gosh thank you that is so kind of you to say! it truly means a lot. Amen to that – His eyes are the most comforting sight in the world! Hugs and love xox

  2. Great and insightful post. So many are lost, and don’t know where to turn. Christians need to rise up and help lead others to the Truth, God our Father through Jesus His Son. Our church is embarking on a bible study using Core 52: A Fifteen-Minute Daily Guide to Build Your Bible IQ in a Year by Mark E. Moore. It gives people the tools to lead others to Christ and away from the insanity. Hold tight to your Faith, and use it as a beacon of light to bring others to our Father.

    • Thank you so much Lisa for your kind words. You’re right about that – we need to be the lighthouses in this storj we find ourselves in, point home to God! Sounds like an interesting study!!! Hugs and love xox

  3. That your world is shallow and hollow doesn’t surprise me, not when your references are The Lion King, Demi Lovato and Jesus. Your little world, your hates and your fears of moral decay are nothing more than the shallowness and hollowness of you.

    Your quickness to judge and condemn, your moral superiority is galling. I thought the Bible cautions against these evil practices. How does any of this take something from you? How are you hurt? How are you damaged?

    I wish for you more kindness and generosity. And yes, more learning and deeper understanding.

    “The world stands out on either side
    No wider than the heart is wide;
    Above the world is stretched the sky,—
    No higher than the soul is high.
    The heart can push the sea and land
    Farther away on either hand;
    The soul can split the sky in two,
    And let the face of God shine through.
    But East and West will pinch the heart
    That can not keep them pushed apart;
    And he whose soul is flat—the sky
    Will cave in on him by and by.”

  4. Like you, it’s enough to make me want to cry.

    It’s only in and through Christ that we could find the truth and live in purpose. Yes, let’s not forget that we are His. That’s who we are. Our identity in Christ is solid and unshakable.

    I am blessed by your post. God bless you always.

    • Thank you so much Deborah for the kind words. You’re right – He is unshakable!! Hugs and love xox

  5. It is such an encouragement that someone of your generation is taking up God’s standard . old folks like us just get ignored by the younger crowd. You go for it sister!

    • thank you Pete for this encouragement! truth is truth no matter what age you are! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  6. Excellent post, and I too, recently addressed this subject in a post about a week ago. I agree wholeheartedly that our culture in the United States has largely turned a blind eye to God. However, the church must take ownership of that outcome because its voice has long since become a faint whisper against the moral and ethical decay of a defiant culture. Is it too late? No according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, which places the onus on God’s people, not the lost, to act upon the Lord’s promise to restore our land. As you so well pointed out, it begins with prayer. Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking article. Blessings!

    • Hi Darryl, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. you’re right, a blind eye indeed. and you’re right – we must take ownership! Hugs and love xox

  7. Hi C! “I pray every single day for a return to Jesus. And I invite you to do the same.” I’m right there with you. Very well said. 🤗🙏💛

    • Hey Kenneth! Thanks for praying with me! i hope you’re having a great week so far! sending big hugs xox

    • haha thanks Rollie – I think you’re right, the world needs more church indeed. thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  8. It’s sad. I cannot stand the current force-fed Libwashed garbage. I don’t care who you are. They constantly have to be heard. You can be straight, gay, bi, tri, whatever. It shouldn’t matter. I’ve always lived by the motto, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” If you do, then that’s the world I want to live in. Most of the current identity crap is nonsense. I’m ashamed that I voted Democrat most of my life. Because they no longer stand for the true beliefs, principles and moral values us moderates loved. Great post Caralyn!

    • Thank you so much Teresa! I appreciate you taking the time to read it. amen – He loves us so much! Hugs and love xox

  9. I feel sick about the identity crisis happening today. Personally, I have never been comfortable wearing dresses, instead I prefer jeans and a cute or comfy top (depending on my mood), and flat or semi-flat shoes. Growing up I much preferred playing with the neighborhood boys over the girls. And yet, I have never questioned my gender. But this next generation is going to be fed lies, that if they prefer something that doesn’t go along with their actual gender, they must be something else. I definitely need to pray more about this issue…I need to pray more in general. Thank you for this post ❤️

    • I can very much relate, Ellen. As a kid, I preferred short hair, hand-me-down Ninja Turtle clothes from my (boy) cousin, and climbing trees. Dresses and dolls? Pfft! Had someone offered my young self the choice to become a boy, I think I would have taken it… and soon there after regretted it. I still don’t like girly things, but I love being a woman. Yes, thank you for this post–it’s a heartbreaking topic and hard to talk about, but so very important.

    • Hi Ellen, thank you so much for sharing your heart on this. you’re right it is really sad to see where this country has fallen. you’re right – girls can’t be “tomboys” anymore without having some sort of confusion pushed on them by adults! i was the same growing up! i used to want to wear my brothers’ clothes in second grade because I thought they were cool! it makes me so sad. yes – prayer is so needed! Hugs and love xox

    • lollllllll thanks Dawn! I will look into that!!!!! i appreciate you keeping it light 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  10. I think I love this post. Identity crisis has become a big issue in the world today. And this is the reason why many people could not fulfill their purpose on earth – because they don’t know who they are, why they are born, where they come from, and where they are going. When purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Blessed memory, Myles Munroe 🙂

    • Thank you so much friend! i’m so glad this resonated with you! you’re right about that – we need to get back to our roots! glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

    • THanks friend. Yeah, it’s sad to see the direction the Mouse has gone. Very sad. Hugs and love xox

  11. Thank you Carolyn for affirming the power of Christ in your life, and your true identity as a daughter of the King.
    He will guide through all the exciting times ahead for you as you put your complete trust in Him whatever the circumstances

    • thank you Andrew! I appreciate you taking the time to read this. you’re right – a foundation of Christ is the foundation we need! He’s the best guide! Hugs and love xox

    • Amen to that! He is the Truth and will set us free indeed! glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  12. A couple months ago I was bombarded with this propaganda to the point where I am about to totally abandon all forms of media that masquerade as news. Thinking about things like gender reassignment in children is going to do nothing for your peace of mind. Take care of your own family as best you can and when you do have children, educate them from the beginning on the evils of the world and then trust that you gave them the best start possible in life. There’s a war going on now for the future of humanity. The people in control want a world of hate, hate especially for the self, which is why they promote things like gender fluidity. If you can not even love your own body the way the gods made you, why would you love anybody else? If you have no love for your fellow man you will not protect him. When you have no concern for the people around you, you are an easy target. Shed light on a better way of life and don’t focus on the bad. There is far more bad in this world than most people would even acknowledge as real.

    • Thank you William for sharing your heart on this. You’re right about that – got to focus on the good, and love everyone, no matter what. what great advice. Hugs and love xox

  13. Great post Caralyn. Couldn’t agree with you more. People have forgotten who they are (in Christ). More over there are those who don’t know who they are. They’ve allowed the lies of the world to confuse them.

    What people don’t understand is that all of this gender nonsense is a nothing more than a political tool to destabilize Western civilization and bring it to a point of collapse.
    You notice this clearly when you look through various countries. While those in the West are trying to confuse its people and children, countries like China are having programs that educate men and women on embracing the genders that they were born into.
    Why? Because behind the scenes they’re funding the Western world’s collapse which would leave them able to take over when it does.

    Love that you showed a picture of Matt Walsh in the title. Perfect. I know that he is probably one of the most hated people in the world right now for what he said on that Dr. Phil program, but I applaud him for coming out and telling the truth. It takes courage to do what he does.
    I agree that I’m not learned enough, nor do I have the smarts to think on the fly and debate such matters openly, however whilst watching that program, I wondered..How do these men believe that they have the right to call themselves women?
    Matt clearly mentioned that the definition of the “Woman” is the female man; born with the female reproductive organs, etc. Now if they went a bit further, the men on the program didn’t earn the right to call themselves women – especially consider what every woman goes through once every month. I’ve been told by my mom and sister and sometimes it is painful, makes you ill, plays with you psychologically and make you have odd moods ,etc. If a person doesn’t go through that once a month, that person hasn’t earned the right to be called a woman.

    • thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re right – Matt Walsh absolutely spoke the truth, and it is sad that he is getting so much criticism. and you’re right – there is an agenda behind it for sure. gotta pray and focus on the good! glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  14. Yes, I agree with you, Caralyn, revival is exactly what we need! For people to open their hearts and eyes and ears to receive the Truth of who He is and who we are in Him. I pray for this as I pray for our children, our people, our leaders and lawmakers. And I pray for you as you stand boldly speaking His Truth. (And I’m praying for the perfect wedding dress appointment, with your sweet mom, revealing the beautiful dress intended just for you!) Much love to you 💜

    • Thank you so much Mindy! I’m so glad this resonated with you! you’re right – we need to pray for their hearts to be open, and for our leaders to return to moral decision making and faith. you are so sweet, thank you so much for the beautiful prayers. you are a great friend! keeping you and yours in my prayers as well!! Hugs and love xox

  15. “Self love, mantras, meditation, a yoga practice, positive affirmations — those are strictly dependent on the self, how I feel, how committed I am, what my mood is that day.”

    Please don’t reference yoga if your posts are about trans hatred, or any hatred for that matter. We are all made of the universe and the universe is us. Any hatred towards others is hatred toward the self. You have a lot of influence on your blog, and sadly choose to target how someone different than you made you feel uncomfortable about yourself and your beliefs. Trans people have been around since the dawn of humanity and will be around well after you. Use your energy for good please.

  16. Faith is a community. It absolutely provides a sense of security for its membership, a lighthouse (of morality) in the storm of the world at any given moment. I like your analogy of the air traffic controllers and people on the ground with glow batons guiding planes. But you’d do well to remember that history is crowded with examples of people of faith deciding someone else was on the “wrong plane” or just giving others up as “destined to crash”. This is what you’ve kind of done by refusing to accept preferred pronouns.
    On that note, much like faith is a community that provides security for its members, so is the Trans community. The people in either identify with that larger group. Despite me know identifying with either and not agreeing with either’s actions 100% of the time, I don’t simply write them off as invalid.

  17. We can only pray this midterms can change things for the better. But what’s happening is we’re heading towards a huge event, like the great flood. The left is scared about climate change but they need to be afraid of God.

    It’s not our fossil burning lifestyle we need to change but society’s moral compass has been corrupted. Climate change is just that. Its coming because society rejects God. There is a shining light at the end of the tunnel as there is a movement happening but is it enough? Evangelist churches or those megachurches may be a wildcard. Whether or not they’re honest and not doing wrong I know some of the churches are trying to save as many people as they can from sin. We’re in for something new, that’s for sure!

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