Two Gals Bidding Adieu to NYC

Hello friends,

Tonight is going to be a brief post, because my mom is in town, for the last time, and we’re having a “Farewell New York” week.

We’re eating at delicious restaurants, soaking in the city, and of course, squeezing in some wedding shopping too.

If anyone is interested, I thought it would be fun to post a big “New York City Itinerary” with this local’s favorite restaurants and things to do…

But for now, my mom and I are enjoying a glass of wine in front of my fireplace for the last time, before meeting up with my fiancé for dinner.

I need a refill!

So have a wonderful night. Thanks for the “night off!” And I’ll talk to you on Monday!

10 responses to “Two Gals Bidding Adieu to NYC”

  1. So glad you are getting to spend some time with your mom! Be sure to tell her I said hi, and that both of you are thought of, loved, and prayed for! 🙏🤗
    God loves you both! ✝️🌹😊

  2. Enjoy this time with your Mom. Think of the joyous things you’ve done there together and the joyous times to come. You will both be back often, I’m sure. Have a blessed weekend.

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