The War For Young Minds

If you haven’t seen Hocus Pocus 2…don’t.

Oh friends, there is just so much confusion in the world today, it makes me incredibly sad.

I love Halloween. Every year I host a Halloween party, and every year, come October, my besties and I always get together to watch Halloween movies on Sunday nights. It’s a tradition that I am going to dearly miss when I move away from New York.

Well, last night, we watched Hocus Pocus 2 – the Disney sequel to the original cult favorite, Hocus Pocus, from the ’90’s that featured a doe-eyed Sarah Jessica Parker and a kitchy Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy.

A child's innocence needs to be protected. Shame on you, @Disney for putting a drag race in Hocus Pocus 2 -- a PG-RATED *children's* Halloween movie! #hocuspocus2 #disney #parenting #kids #catholic #kids #faith #christianity #movies #halloween

Well, the trio are back, almost 30 years later, and the movie is different.

Not only is it admittedly terrible, but also….woke.

Let’s just say I was appalled that this PG-RATED KID’S MOVIE featured such filth.

Sure, there were eye-roll worthy comments about the “patriarchy” and the environment…which, although annoying, aren’t objectionable.

The drag race competition that the trio competed in, however — WAS.

A child's innocence needs to be protected. Shame on you, @Disney for putting a drag race in Hocus Pocus 2 -- a PG-RATED *children's* Halloween movie! #hocuspocus2 #disney #parenting #kids #catholic #kids #faith #christianity #movies #halloween

Are you kidding me, Disney??

Seriously. A drag race in a movie for kids?!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, given the fire hose exposure of drag being foist on our kids — like the drag queen on Blue’s Clues , or the drag runway walk at the church service in a NYC high school, or the trans love story on teen TV shows like Euphoria, honestly — woke influence is inescapable.

But I was just shocked to see it so blatantly in a PG kid’s Halloween movie. What are parents supposed to say when their kids ask why those men are dressed like women?

Or how the parent is supposed to explain why one of the little boys in the movie is dressed as a girl and taking a selfie like a “valley girl.”

Woke, liberal media is coming for our kids. It’s predatory.

They’re planting ideas in their heads through traditional and social media, luring them into the realm of alternative thinking about their gender and who they are, then facilitating ways to medically carry out those disordered ideas, and if a parent makes any protest about it — that parent is in danger of losing his or her child.

Think this is an isolated example?

Just last week, Joe Biden met with and interviewed “TikTok gender activist influencer,” Dylan Mulvaney – (aka a grown man who now identifies as a little girl, and grew to fame among young people on social media through his “Days of Girlhood” Series where he documents his new life as a “girl” in stereotype-affirming videos that should make any real woman want to vomit.)

@dylanmulvaney Day 222- talking to the president at the White House with @nowthis (interview goes live on Sunday Night!) #trans #whitehouse #nowthisnews ♬ Presidential Honors (Entrance of The President) – USMMA Band

That video has been watched 3.2 million times.

This is the same Dylan Mulvaney who was invited by Ulta Beauty to speak about womanhood. And also the same man who was interviewed at the Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

And this is not about Mulvaney personally. My heart goes out to him. I just spent the last hour watching his videos, and to be honest, he seems like an incredibly kind person. And I just pray that his heart finds peace, and this is of course, not directed towards him.

But the fact is, the extreme woke liberal agenda is pushing to normalize and encourage alternative gender ideas, and bringing such influences to the forefront, and that is simply terrifying as someone who wants to one day start a family and bring children into this world.

But back to Hocus Pocus 2.

It seems as though this woke agenda in the media is a freight train that is barreling full speed ahead, and our children are the ones paying the price. Those impressionable minds believe what is being fed to them, and unless we’re watching like a hawk, we’ll have drag shows front and center in kids’ programming.

Shame on you, Disney, for planting harmful imagery into the your children’s movies.

A child’s innocence needs to be protected at all costs. Someone needs to stand up for them and fight back.

And I am disgusted that we’re even having to talk about this.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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29 responses to “The War For Young Minds”

  1. I agree with your alarm and disgust. But God is still in control no matter what. That’s his promise and his reality whether or not we see it. Always have to live by faith and not by sight. Thanks again Caralyn. You are a a blessing to me and my recovery. John

  2. So many people have and/or loosing their way. Then they push it on corporations; just to cater to and satisfy a minimum number of people. Lots of businesses are losing income, revenue, and followings due to it. Hugs and Love 🤗 & ❤️!

  3. Disney has become a cesspool of evil and perverted thinking today. Walt Disney must be crying in his grave. My parents took me and my sister to Disneyland in 1968, I have fond memories of that trip still.

    Yet, look at what this once great company has morphed in to. A seething witches pot of evil, waiting to devour innocent minds. Sounds like the evil one is 100% behind this.

    You are not alone in your disgust, Caralyn. I report and block every single thing Disney on Instagram.

  4. I am the mother of a six year old. We have not watched Hocus Pocus 2. We did watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and we explained that kilts are not skirts.
    I love seeing how her mind works and how she views the world. I hope that other parents answer their children’s questions the same way I would. Those men are sick. Their brains are confused and they need help to learn the difference between reality and playing pretend. Young minds need to know our world is sick but that we are doing our best to keep them safe

  5. I have some skin in the game, so I’ll weigh in! (sorry for the long comment, but I’m going to add some context..)

    For my entire life I’ve felt a bit male and female (note, “felt”, not *am*) – something on a gender scale, but not binary, but there’s never been a supportive culture to express that in any way, so it’s always been something locked away, something to be ashamed of. Every part of society was against it, certainly in my middle class English world.

    It seems to me that society only ‘allows’ for a very few people like pop stars and celebrities to be this way – otherwise its creepy, wrong, but only for men. Women since perhaps the 80’s have largely been able do as they please (in the area of self expression, I recognise all the other issues..), but men have to be a certain way. Knowing that it would complicate every part of my life, from family, friends and work, any gender related self expression has been off the table except for very carefully chosen moments with people I trust.

    I’ve always longed for a supportive environment where I could be who I wanted – mostly I wanted to be the same guy as you’d see every day, maybe with a but more “edge”, but sometimes I’d have liked that nice dress my sister had, those pink sneakers with the platform sole, that arched eyebrow, or to mix things up a bit, Brian Molko style, and for those things to have been perfectly ok. Instead, its only perhaps in the last 5 years that it’s been more ok to self express.

    I think we’ve gone too far though. Waaaay too far. In terms of gender and children – I agree 100%. I don’t see the need to ram it down their throats, especially the over sexualised versions like drag queens, which is an adult concept. Most people aren’t wired like this and will never feel this way and simply wont understand it, or worse, will get confused that they are supposed to feel like it (after all we are all product of culture at large) when they otherwise wouldn’t.. Being told (like we are constantly) that being binary and straight is a bad thing, is the exact same problem as non binary people have experienced until recently. It’ll only create pushback.

    It’s become almost mandatory for people to identify, pigeonhole and pronoun themselves some artificial gender related group or other. Identification. Its not a thing. Such a toxic concept.

    In reality all that’s needed is quiet support and unconditional love for kids that are wired up differently and for it be ok so they don’t have to keep that side of them locked away and live with feeling like they are somehow wrong and dirty. There’s a pic of kid Dylan as Dorothy with his Grandma and that’s all of that. That’s all it needs to be.

    The only issue I have with Dylan is the affected parody of being female. Dylan seems like a genuine person, but it feels forced, artificial and acted, like they are trying to convince themselves of it. I don’t think any of that is what being female is. It doesn’t seem real and that over the top *squeee l’m a girl* in my eyes diminishes what would otherwise be someone living free in their best life.

    For reference, there is a difference in how I feel if I do get to express a more feminine side, but it’s very subtle. Perhaps more than anything else its the dropping of some or all of the masculine energy us guys project out into society that allows the feminine side to poke out. It changes how I see and interact with the world, but not artificially with affectation and a change of personality.

    Anyways.. peace, love, nail polish and beards 🙂

  6. Why are Christians still celebrating Halloween? A day of fear and all things satanic? Satanists know it as their main holiday.

  7. We unfortunately cannot expect people who don’t know Jesus to act like a person who does have a personal, saving relationship with Jesus. We need revival, without sounding too cliche! Only the Lord can change lives and open eyes. Let’s pray for that. 🙏❤

  8. I know the feeling…

    Given what I do for work (which I don’t have to keep secret on WordPress anymore), I wonder sometimes if it’s really right for me to be part of a corrupt system that forces this stuff on children. The extreme examples aren’t happening where I am, but I know I have coworkers who would be fine with it if they did… and I’ve had little personal involvement with any of this stuff, but still, I’m part of the system.

  9. Never watched it and have no plans to. I don’t watch a lot of movies. All I can say is… yikes. Like it’s fine if woke people dig this stuff. Like, that’s cool. But they don’t need to advertise it and shove it in our faces. Just can’t get away and live our lives in peace these days. If anything, I am indifferent…. I try not to involve myself in this stuff.

  10. I’m going to say the unpopular millennial thing here…I never watched the first movie, so I’m definitely never watching this second one. I feel that they didn’t really create this movie for the kids…they created it for the nostalgia-filled millennials who would then take their children to see it. The target was the parents who would bring them, but the end game was the kids.

  11. I haven’t watched the movie and had no idea this stuff was in it. I don’t understand why these Hollywood folks can’t let kids be kids. It would be really tough to be parenting in these times

  12. Very well spoken and completely agree with you. As a mom of two children, all this push from Disney really hits hard. I continue to love your honesty in all your posts. Keep going strong!

  13. Confession time. I am horribly behind on keeping up with writers I follow and admire, but the title of this piece kept it from going on the waiting list for even a moment.

    Great job, as usual, and spot on!

    Still, it is not just a war for young minds. Whether talking of Disney, social media, major so-called news organizations, or the workplace, there is a battle for the minds and hearts of anyone who can draw breath.

    One recurring theme of those attempting to bring about these changes is the advice to ignore things that offend or worry you. After all, it’s “just” a meme, a joke, a movie, etc. Don’t let it ruin your day; ignore it. That way, their propaganda can spread unchecked or uncriticized.

    Thanks for not falling into that trap.

  14. Hugs to you Caralyn for yet another heartfelt post. My heart grows heavy in matters such as this, especially for our grand-littles and all the many things they must be protected from in. In moments of doubt, when it is hard to defend we even have a moral-compass in this world anymore because it has become such an enormous problem & concern, I find peace in the Scriptures. Ephesians 4:8-9 comes to mind after reading your post. May you find a bit of hope & peace there too.

  15. One of the most hilarious movies made (not recent, by any means!) is ‘Some Like it Hot’ where two male musicians are escaping gangsters and join a female band. There is also a character in the second Miss Congeniality. Drag isn’t woke, it is a part of our world and has been for decades. Although, I’ve not seen the first Hocus movie and have no interest in watching the second.

  16. I have a strong sense of such pressures against men, women and the family. It matters to be aware of it.
    I think strong relationships and community are needed to counter it.

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