Lessons of the Phoenix

Seriously, if there is one thing I want to do in this life, it is go to Harry Potter World in Florida and drink a Butterbeer.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming?

*puts on sunglasses and smirks*


But seriously, I love Harry Potter.

Growing up, I feel like my childhood kind of revolved around the book and movie releases of said magical series. I would go to the midnight premieres of the films and be bleary-eyed at school the following day. I dreamed about what house I would be sorted into. (Gryffindor, come on now). I even developed a slightly irrational affinity towards red headed males.

But I’ve got to come clean here: I stopped reading the books after book number 5, because that mother had 766 pages. Ain’t nobody got time for that as a teenager! Not when I had aol AIM to attend to after school. #AwayMessagesShouldStillBeAThing

(And confession: that might have been the last actual book I read)


I know. I am a horrible member of society. My literary privileges should be taken away. Or at least my voting rights.

But anyways, there is one thing about the books/movies that has stuck with me over the years. But it’s not something you would think.

No, it’s not the quidditch. Or that Robert Pattinson got his start as Cedric Diggory. Or the fact that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together.


It’s the image of the phoenix.

Dumbledore kept this beautiful rainbow colored bird in his office. And it bursts into flames and burns up into a pile of ashes. But then, from those ashes, a small little baby phoenix is born.


And no, this is not some campaign for reincarnation.


It does remind me of my life.


This image of the violent burning bird reminds me of my anorexia, when I was just self destructing, in a free fall, causing my life to incinerate into a pile of ashes.

Only for God to come in and give me another chance — breathing life into those ashes. Making something beautiful, something clean, something new, out of that destruction.

But here’s the thing – the “burning phase” – it doesn’t have to be some earth shattering, life threatening, doozy like anorexia.

I feel like, at least once a week, I find myself in a fiery episode: maybe I’ve lost my temper with a loved one. Feel out of control, in over my head, discouraged, letting my self-doubt get the best of me. Maybe I gossiped. Got impatient with the kids I nanny for. Was lazy with my time. Burning up moments are different for everybody.

For me, I had one of those moments just tonight.

Holidays are hard to be away from my family. Seeing pictures of everyone together and celebrating Fathers Day, I was happy for them and for my dad, but also very sad that I wasn’t there.

I found myself slipping and slipping and spiraling into a self-perpetuated tailspin of feeling alone, feeling selfish and self-centered, feeling like: “what am I doing here?” and feeling useless and like I’ve failed.

I was having a burning up moment.

 And falling asleep with tears on my cheek, I pictured that pile of ashes.

That was me. That was the product of an evening spent dwelling on the negative.

So I had to give that over to God. Allow Him to take my ashes and breathe life into me again. Tell me that everything is okay. That I’m not alone. That I’m not forgotten. That I am loved.

He brought out a little baby bird. A little baby phoenix. A promise of hope. And life. And a future.

Isaiah 61:3 “For all those who mourn…He will bestow upon them a crown of beauty instead of ashes.”

And given the current climate in our society as of late, I think that’s something that we all could use a little reminder of. A little beauty for our mourning. For our hardships. For our pain.

Just because you burst into flames and burned up into ashes doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story for you.

In fact, that’s the start of a new beginning.

So, sure – Harry Potter will stir different memories for different people. But for me, it’s simply that bird. The phoenix that reminds me that an end is never really the end, but the birthplace of new life. God makes beautiful things — even from ashes.

And meanwhile, we all can just get all verklempt watching the new trailer for the upcoming HP movie.


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200 thoughts on “Lessons of the Phoenix

      1. Honestly, I enjoy seeing your posts and I am honored that you love seeing my face pop up on your feed:)


  1. Confession: I read part of the first HP book, but it wasn’t until someone gave me the 4th one for my birthday that I fell in love with the series. I then stopped reading after the 5th one because I was so distraught after #SPOLIER so-and-so died…Yeah, people should know by now, but there are some who are EXTRA late on the whole storyline so…eh. I did get sorted though–Slytherin….(BOOOO! At least give me Hufflepuff!)

    All that randomness aside, thanks for the reminder that we all have burning up moments. I’ve never thought it could be something as simple as procrastination or sadness–I tended to think of my breakthroughs having to be centered around big, climatic things. This has helped me to remember to celebrate those small victories and to keep pressing forward in them.


    1. Hey friend! Thanks for this reflection. Haha yeah there definitely are some people late to the game. I’m with that for a lot of other series! But so true-little victories are so important to celebrate too. That’s a beautiful perspective. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox


  2. We’ve all had to rise from ashes. Some in greater quantity, some not so much. But no matter how much, they burned us down just the same. You have risen like the most beautiful phoenix that has ever flown and I am sure one day you will make it to Universal Orlando and have a wonderful time in Harry Potter’s world. You have become a more amazing, magical, wonderful being than any in all the HP adventures!!


    1. Hi MiguelTio, wow thank you so much for these beautiful words. I can’t begin to express how much it means to me. haha oh gosh, your last sentence made me chuckle a little bit 🙂 hehe so glad you stopped by! (as always!) 🙂 hugs and love my friend xox

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi friend! Thanks for sharing this. You’re right, we all have those books that we really connect with and relate to. The “Dear America” books were another series I really related to growing up. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent as always! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! God has given you a great testimony to share with a lost and dying world! Keep being bold and transparent in your sharing! Freedom is found when we cast off the shame of our past and boldly declare who God has made us.


  4. I can really relate! Great post! Funny coincidence, the Phoenix always held a deep meaning for me as well.


  5. This is so amazing! I love Harry Potter and knew the Phoenix represented bravery but never thought about it representing a new start. Thank you for writing this! I also went to a HP themed birthday party recently and dressed up as the phoenix! 🙂


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