Sit Down, De Niro

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Alright – now onto tonight’s post:

God has pretty impeccable timing, doesn’t He?

I mean, when you really stand back and objectively view our world, and the timing of things, it’s as though you can almost hear God having a chuckle from the Great Beyond.

I’m sure you all have heard about Robert De Niro’s spirited demonstration at The Tony Awards last night in NYC.

In case you missed it, the Hollywood elite were packed into Radio City Music Hall like haute couture’d sardines.

It was your classic red carpet event. The spray tans were on full display. Glam squads were on call. And lip filler was flowing like afterparty champagne.

And amongst all the glitz and frozen foreheads, out saunters Good Ol’ Mr. Bobby De Niro himself, looking as though he had just come in from a game of corn hole and threw on a tux.

Photo Credit: The NYT

Now, just a quick aside. My absolute favorite acting teacher was a personal friend of “Bobby.” They worked together on a hit show. Anywho – so ever since that class, I have always had a “transitive” admiration of Mr. NYC himself.

So I say that last part about the tux lovingly.

But he walks out on stage to present an award, and all of a sudden ABC cuts the live broadcast’s audio. Only to cut back in to show an absolutely roaring crowd, erupting into a standing ovation, with Bobby on stage with his arms raised up like he was freaking Muhammad Ali, cheering in victory.

Well, it turns out, that in an off-script moment, Mr. Bob Man goes, “F— Trump!” To which he was greeted by the arrogant snickers and bougie applause of self-important Hollywood actors.

I mean, frankly the arrogance was disgusting.


OK – before I say anything more about that, I’m going to close my mouth. We’re all caught up.

Button that for just a sec.

Wake up with me now, on Monday morning, the following day. I had actually just recorded my podcast, Oh What a Beautiful Morning, that previous night, unaware of the antics happening at The Tony’s.

Well, wouldn’t you know that the reading for today was The Beatitudes.

Now, I know. Whenever I hear that word, I instantly tune out, having heard the same dry sermons about that overexposed passage in the Bible about “blessing those who mourn.”

Well, as a rule, I try to never deviate from something divinely placed in my path. So I dutifully obliged and reflected on the Beatitudes.


Well, as I was reading it, one really stuck out to me:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.


It’s no secret that we’re living in a militantly divided nation right now.

Friendships have been lost, judgements had, families estranged and jobs lost – all over where you find yourself on the political spectrum.

It is a fiery topic, and as you saw in last week’s post, not even a Christian blogger is immune to the rabid attacks that are seen from all sides of the political line.

Here’s the thing: I don’t fault De Niro for not liking Trump. Look – we are all entitled to our own political beliefs! You have yours. I have mine. That’s fine and dandy. But what we’re not entitled to, is throwing profanities in someone’s face for believing something different!

De Niro’s display at the Tony’s was ugly. It was just disgraceful and did nothing but pour gasoline on the flame, deepening the chasm that divides our country.

For better or for worse, he is in a position of influence, and has the incredible responsibility of being a role model. And that’s the way he chooses to behave? By searing the wound of divide we have in this country?

Peacemakers. We are called to be peacemakers.

Shop this look!

But honestly, how are we to do that in the explosive climate in which we live?

Seriously, what can we constructively do?

Because I’ll tell you what…merely throwing a temper tantrum and shouting curse words at the opposing side isn’t going to do anything but deepen the divide.

Here’s a bright idea: how about we listen to one another.


The truth is, the right has good ideas. The left has good ideas. And people in the middle – we all have good ideas. We all have things we could learn from one another. But we’re not going to be able to know any of those ideas if all we do is shout over each other, or hurl insults back and forth.

Often, if we listen to – and seek to understand – each other there is a third idea that comes out that builds on the two opposing ideas, bringing some of the advantages of each to become an even better idea. This only happens if people are really trying to solve a problem as opposed to advancing their own specific agendas. That is the true power of diversity but that only works in a collaborative, peace-seeking culture.

The definition of peace is the absence of hostility.

De Niro’s performance last night was a demonstration of hostility. Communicating nothing but his unwillingness to listen – or even acknowledge – other ideas.

That is not going to solve anything.

And we’ve gotten to a point that politics isn’t something that we can just leave up to our congressmen and women to deal with. We need to make peace with those in our lives who believe differently than we do. And that starts with listening with an open mind.

Coming together, recognizing differences, hearing other positions, and learning how to build a bridge to move forward.

Not that he’s anything close to a shining example, but even our President is doing just that in Singapore as we speak. Another “coincidence” that is not lost on me.

God always gives us what we need to hear, when exactly we need to hear it.

Peacemakers won’t make headlines like De Niro. But they do make headway. And that’s a credit that truly does deserve an award.


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150 responses to “Sit Down, De Niro”

  1. You’re a great voice of morality in a world that has lost its compass!! I love it!

    I feel sorry for President Trump. He shouldn’t be behaving badly, but I fear he’s been stressed to the max by all the hate, and he’s shifted into over-defensive mode. But with the haters, their only excuses are petty and childish. I wish people would back off Mr. Trump and let him try to fix the world’s problems, ya know? It all makes me sad.

    People like DeNiro make me think of kids who’ve been sent to stand in the corner, who secretly get together and talk about how their parent or teacher is a “big fat meanie.” I mean, geez. You’d expect kids to feel that way.

    • Oh Gosh Meg thank you for saying that. Yeah it seems like that’s the knee jerk argument against him is what De Niro said. I know! They need to grow up for sure. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  2. I don’t like Donald Trump at all and think he is wrong for our nation, but I would never cuss like that and De Niro should not either. And I love your ideas about peace making! Really awesome.

  3. Great post, I was just thinking about this same thing this morning. We need to have better listening skills and learn to compromise more, nobody is right if every one is wrong

  4. Yes, we need to stop vilifying, stop scapegoating and, yes, stop profiling one another. These seeds have been sown for many, many years and now with a a favorable climate and fertile soil we are reaping those seeds of hate, skepticism, disrespect, division and cruelty.
    This is an extremely dangerous time for our Country. If I see you as the enemy because I find out that you are a Republican or a Democrat–something different than what I am- than I devalue you as a human being. I disrespect your intellect and your right and God given ability to discern. It is called free will and God gave it to us. He allowed us this and yet, we seek to punish and alienate those who have the audacity to use it if it contradicts our own opinion. We’ve got to stop it before it’s too late.

    • Amen to that. We need to stop reinforcing barriers and start building bridges! Sad truths. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Hugs and love xox

  5. The “listen to – and seek to understand – each other” concept is so under-rated and under-applied in our culture, yet I think it would make a world of difference if people implemented it on a daily basis. It would build a lot more bridges, instead of walls, that’s for sure!

    • Thanks Mia. Yes! We’re too quick to judge instead of being quick to listen. Hugs and love xox

  6. Nicely done tonight, Caralyn! It is indeed amazing at how daily verses can come up for us at appropriate times. It’s one of those “Was that sermon for me?” moments.

    Great line from an American President (as best as I can recall): “Democracy is defending the right of someone else to shout at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime denouncing at the top of yours.” Aaron Sorkin definitely has written some of the most brilliant dialogue ever!

    Regarding last Thursday. I’m sending you an email with some thoughts there about a possibility. I could be way off, so we’ll keep it offline.  I hope it’s helpful.

    Sounds like you’re feeling better than last night. Slept poorly last night, so just listened to this evening’s article. Again, I really enjoy listening to you too!

    • Thank you Jeff. Oh I love that quote👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 so true – that’s the beauty of democracy! Awesome! Looking forward to reading it!! Have a great night and I hope you get some good zzz’s tonight! Hugs to you and Julie! Xx

  7. Good post. Yes, I was likewise disgusted but not surprised, kind of like: “hmm well what else is new??” Huge stage, huge opportunity annnnd . . . Divisive. (Sorry if others here were likewise on this wavelength; I haven’t read all of your comments . . . ) Does that (huge stage, huge opportunity, divisive . . . ) remind you of anyone else, not currently in office? Right, and I Cried with Hope when Pres.Obama was inaugurated! I saw it as such an opportunity to do so much healing, even though we differed on some crucial issues. But NO. And Mr. DeNiro . . . again, No. So what else is new? Onward, fellow Americans (who should be united in love of our country, imperfect as things may be at times). In other news: very cute black&white dress and it looks so cute on you. I’d rather think about dress shopping now than DeNiro profanities, and I’m not much of a shopper, go figure.

    • Thank you friend. Yeah sadly I wasn’t surprised either. Onward is right! Aw thanks 🙂 haha me too. I’m always for some retail therapy! Hah Hugs and love xox

  8. Amen to that! I didn’t watch the Tony’s, but what he said is not helping anyone. I get SO tired of actors using the award show stage (all award shows) to express political views. I know, everyone has the right to their own opinion and the right to say it out loud. But still…

    • Thank you Jenny! Me too – it’s a tired narrative. amen! thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  9. I didn’t know about Diniro at the Tony’s because I stopped watching award shows a long time ago, but I agree with you. The public discourse on both sides only polarizes and course language and insults won’t accomplish anything.

    • Yeah I may join you and keep those award shows off my tv! i agree. Hugs and love xox

  10. I died laughing at the corn hole statement. I’d just written about that nonsense on a recent SYW. Lol
    Excellent post and I love your sweet spirit!
    I like proverbs 18:6 too…
    The lips of fools bring them strife,
    and their mouths invite a beating.😊💕

  11. I agree about both sides having good ideas, being a fiscal liberal and a social conservative. And how brave De Niro was…NOT! Talk about a bunch of goose-stepping dittoheads.

    • Thank you so much Sarah! Goose stepping ditto heads! hahah oh my gosh that made me laugh out loud!! Hugs and love xox

  12. Good. I dislike when liberals generalize an attitude toward something. In this case its a president. I have plenty of reasons to dislike Trump. My healthcare for my kids went up 25% while Trump removed funding for healthcare for the poorest Americans. My taxes went up 400% but the same funding for infrastructure (roads,buildings, bridges) is a single bidder system favoring whoever knows the public administrator of that area. Everyone is a patriot but no one is rushing to join the military neither. The 122 contracts for most major sports teams to provide a display and ceremony of our flag for $14,000,000 a year? Its unfortunate that Americans must be bribed by athletic endorsements to love their country as well as their veterans.

    We have had this division since LBJ and the civil rights movement. Just, wasn’t addressed like it is now. Taxes are needed. Patriotism is needed but not blindly the Department of Defense started funding the National Anthem at sports events in 2009 by then President Bush.

    Chris Harrison Bachelor producer, said in a Larry King interview, “We would like attractive people on TV. It makes for better, more appetizing, stuff to watch.”

    There are studies that most women do not feel attractive(64%) or even call themselves beautiful (94%) but, that’s the premise of the show right? That’s what I can’t get behind. Pretty people dating other pretty people and calling that reality television. Harrison mentioned dating as horrible, now how are those statements or his show helping?

    • Wow eye opening info here Kenzie. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Yeah, there’s a lot of bad things about reality television. i’m embarrassed that I’m such a fun of the bach. maybe i should rethink…Hugs and love xox

      • I say do nothing. If you believe you are doing good, then you must be. All stories fill a void in our hearts. In Good Will Hunting. Robin Williams asks, “You’re an orphan right? I can’t read Oliver Twist and know what you’ve been through. Just like, you don’t know a damn thing about what I’ve been through. You don’t want to because you think you know everything.” 😂🤓

        Until we get to there. We may as well support the false narrative.

      • I think. We are easy to condemn and immediately allow the same exact thing. MTV had a big lineup of reality TV which I feel steamed the current craze. These shows provide a model behavior at their roots. Pretty people finding other pretty people to date, not so much to love. Love. Being the reason for dating is at least in the marketing for these shows but rarely on screen. I think, media has detached itself from love as it doesn’t sell. The old saying, you can’t buy love so neither can you sell it. There was an article in the Atlantic that talked about these dating reality shows as being anti-woman. Their portrayal of other women in intimate situations or the constant display of staying attractive, competing for a mate, and lack of conscious choice toward sexual relationships. In that way. The Bachelor is wrong and not helping by modeling old stereotypes of known failures in relationships to a newer audience of 8 million viewers. Love in a dating show, should feel like love not a series of car wrecks. Especially at the expense of its female contestants.

      • Yeah was never allowed to watch MTV growing up. Looking back…thank you mom and Dad

      • You’re watching it now. Like I said, same behavior model with a different name. The bachelor even started when MTV was losing that audience. I’m not mad you’re supporting it, you are pretty and deserve someone that’s, also pretty. I’m more mad they’ve called that reality. It’s not real.

      • Yeah reality tv is about as close to reality as an apple is to a horse lol

      • I was in Seattle. I had a show idea where real people recreate their greatest loves. I interviewed and accumulated about 200 just beautifully honest stories all over the US. You no who says no? Ron Howard. He didn’t believe that real people could fall in love like that. Mostly. That they weren’t falling in love like your show. When one show becomes a success everything else has to be just like that one show. It becomes a standard which is the same thing I see people do when they watch similar shows. One guy could love you to death but it’s not like the TV version so it’s not real.

  13. The ironic thing about reality television is although there had been some reality type shows prior to a looming writers strike about 10 years ago the network had an ace up their sleeves and that was what they referred to as unscripted drama. Although the strikers did get some concessions the world they had grown used to had changed so much that in the end they really were hurt by the strike.

  14. Thank you for being so bold. I agree, the country is a complete mess and a lot of it is because of arrogance and division. Trump has his faults for sure but we should still respect the office. Like when we had to begrudgingly respect the position Obama held for 8 years.

  15. Unfortunately, you are getting into the acting game, and, from the outside, it seems that most of Hollywood and the famous acting community is filled with spoiled and disrespectful individuals. Maybe it is not any worse than the rest of society, but it seems that everyone uses their soapbox for a selfish cause, or uses their fame for their own selfish desires.

    Be and stay different than the rest, and pray, pray for a change.

    • Thank you so much John. Yes! There is power in prayer. I think you’re so right – there’s a lot of self promotion in that industry. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you friend. Yeah, it was really disappointing. and then to receive a standing O from literally all of Radio City — ugh. Hugs and love xox

  16. I guess I would have only 2 questions:

    Who is Robert De Niro?
    Why should I care?

    Most of these people make their money portraying someone else.
    They don’t make their money being themselves.
    That should say something about who they aren’t.
    I heard once that Hollywood is high school with money.
    His comments prove he’s stuck back in his freshman year.
    Overdue time for him to grow up.

    • haha that’s a slight detail. He’s an incredibly talented actor. He was in the Sopranos. Oceans 11. Silver Lining’s Playbook. High school with money – sounds about right. thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  17. I too am turned off by the use of that word. But no matter how anger we Canadians get web would not use that word in a rant about a leader- we are always polite.We Canadians after Trump’s tweets over the weekend are all pretty upset with Trump but we would never use that word to express our anger. Canadians, are polite, we’re reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around, Trump insulted our Prime Minister. and our country. Today members of Parliament in Canada’s House of Commons unanimously passed a motion in support of retaliatory measures against the US metals tariffs and to “reject disparaging and ad hominem statements by US officials which do a disservice to bilateral relations and work against efforts to resolve this trade dispute”. Trump has managed to united all three parties in or House of Commons a historical first. Trump is mistaking our politeness for meekness and we will not be bullied.

    • Thank you for sharing about this. Yeah, I definitely don’t like how Trump bullies over the internet. I personally don’t think that is how a leader should behave, and on his behalf, I want to apologize. But regardless of how one feels about him, there was a line that De Niro crossed. so glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  18. Democracy is not only about getting what you want, but also about tolerating what you don’t like. Our views may be left, or right, but the democratic process itself had to be respected. The great democratic experiment that had produced the wonderful country that America is today deserves respect. You can express your dissatisfaction with certain ideas of your president, but you can’t straightaway march with placards saying, “Not my president.” That disrespects the democratic process itself. Yuou can say, “I disagree with you, Mr President,” but not, “You are not my President.” They are different. Even in India, people did not march with placards saying, “Modi is not our PM,” though a lot of people expressed and still continue to express their disapproval for his ideology and many of his ideas too. Americans should start behaving themselves.

    • That is such a great point. the process has to be respected, and also our fellow Americans. I completely agree – we need to stop acting like petulant children and actually start respecting one another! thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  19. Well said! I cringe when I read comments on political posts that use words like “Obummer’, ‘Drumpf’, ‘Libtard’, the list goes on. It de-humanizes our fellow citizens. I watched Trudeau speak about Canadians being ‘polite’, and wondered if De Niro saw the irony. If he thinks Trump is so awful, why stoop to his level? Or even below his level? He ended up looking like an unhinged lunatic, sadly. Just because we see leaders or celebrities behaving in an immature manner doesn’t mean we have to stoop to that ourselves. We need to have friends on both sides of the political spectrum; we learn about their views and see the humanity in opposing political beliefs, and likewise, they learn that we aren’t monsters as well. I don’t want to live in a society that gives a standing ovation for an F bomb.

    • Thank you PJ! oh gosh That’s the first I’ve ever heard those words and yeah that’s definitely not cool. Why stoop to that level?!same here. Let’s stand up for dignity! Hugs and love xox

  20. It is really beyond comprehension how those that don’t like Trump feel they are free to criticize him to the extent they do. I don’t know if it’s just a habit they got into during the campaign that’s been carried over or if they’ve just been emboldened to push the envelope because no one calls them out on it. No one would have gotten away with half of what is thrown at Trump if they’d done the same to the previous president. So disappointed with DeNiro. After all these years of fine acting, he flushes his credibility and respect down the toilet. You’re correct, it won’t get better until good people speak out. Well said!
    Also want to give you a shout out. You handle negative comments and those who disagree with you so well! Never responding in the vein in which it’s given, always respectful, and you even thank them for reading and commenting. Awesome! Peacemaker, indeed!
    Enjoying the podcasts! Hope you’re feeling better. Actually heard your dishwasher this time! hehe 🙂 xox

    • Thank you Kenneth! I know! Normal people. Celebs. The news media. The entertainment industry. The things they say about him are appalling. No matter how you feel about him, there’s a line that you just don’t cross. Aw im so glad! Haha yeah when you live in a studio apt you can’t escape the noise! Haha Hugs and love xox

  21. Why should I care what celebrities believe?

    When a man, highly respected for his artistic talents as an actor, ventures out of his profession to wax political, he loses my respect. I discount anything he says or does outside of acting.

    Everywhere I look, I find prejudice and hardened attitudes that are adopted, versus assembled from clear facts. Do I agree with everything I have read or witnessed of our president? Of course not. Do I know him or have any experience with him in person? No. But, he is our president, and we Americans can harm our country by showing we do not care about our nation and by not supporting what we can.

    Today, Americans are divided, almost evenly, for or against whoever is in power. Braying loudly and profanely does not mean that everyone believes one way. Buy time on TV if you want, but do not spoil the entertainment I paid to watch, with unsolicited, unsupported anger.

    • Amen to that. It communicates to other countries that we don’t take ourselves seriously. If WE don’t respect our leader, why should anyone else? It’s just awful. There’s a line. No matter how you feel about him, there’s a line of respect and decency you just don’t cross. Thank you for stopping by an sharing your thoughts on this. Hugs and love xox

    • oh wow – i did hear about that. I haven’t listened to it, but i will now. thank you for sharing. Hugs and love xox

  22. I wrote about this topic today too but was nowhere near so graceful as you. My American passions were stirred and found all of them as un-American. Anyways… Great post. Love your heart, as always, and love you.😄❤

  23. He is lost in a vortex of lunacy and he loves what he is doing which is not good. The friends he has too are not good people.

    And as for those coincidences, know that there are no coincidences with God as He is ever present and active.

    • Thank you friend. Yeah he needs a straightening out for sure. Hugs and love xox

  24. I am not American so I really don’t know the full ins and outs but, from what I’ve seen, Trump strikes me as something akin to a playground bully and an immature one at that and, because he is so prolific on social media, he has almost made that type of behaviour the norm and, as a result, De Niro responded in kind. People will emulate the behaviour of people that they admire or who are in positions of power sadly and Trump is one of the most powerful men in the World. It’s a shame that people who have the capacity to influence for the good choose to take quite another direction :O( Great, thoughtful post :O) x

  25. I genuinely love how you go about talking about these issues, its never intended to disrespect the other side of the arguments. we all do have different opinions which we are entitled, I swear there is a bit in the bible where it explains about people having different opinions but still working together, hopefully you would know where that is lol. but I want to be honest, I’m definitely not a Trump fan, most british people make fun of him because his name is literally trump, which is a british way of saying fart, but I try to look past all the rubbish he may come out with. you could have it worse, you could have an IRA sympathiser who wants to abolish one of the biggest things us British people love and that brings in much needed revenue from tourism, as a Prime Minister.

    • Oh gosh thank you Benny. Oh really! Hahha I had no idea that’s what trump meant! Hahahahahhaha yeah great points. Hugs and love xox

  26. You’re right. I enjoyed this post.
    We had a provincial election last week and the outcome caused all kinds of hostility on social media. One person whom I followed, liked, engaged in and respected actually wrote an insulting caption saying 2/3 of the voters in this province are assholes.

  27. And (hit send by accident), this struck me as incredibly insulting considering that the week prior she encouraged every person who followed her to go out and vote.

    Which people did. But now, those who didn’t vote how she wanted, are reduced to name calling.


    • Thank you friend. Yeah the. Name calling has just got to stop. What example are we setting for our kids?! Hugs and love xox

  28. Great word. I too am deeply bothered by this show of arrogance. I am no fan of Donald Trump, but he is our president. Gone are the days when we can disagree with people without demonizing them, and this is a sad reality!

  29. “For better or for worse, he is in a position of influence, and has the incredible responsibility of being a role model. And that’s the way he chooses to behave? By searing the wound of divide we have in this country?” I honestly thought when you wrote this you were talking about Donald Trump and not De Niro. I don’t agree with De Niro’s statements. They don’t help and, likely, make matters worse. But we didn’t elect De Niro, we elected Trump. And Trumps words and actions have been much more ugly than De Niro’s ever could be. No one in the history of the presidency has ever been this arrogant. You mention his trip to Singapore? The very fact that our president is trying to be friends with and constantly praises brutal dictators should scare you. If it doesn’t you are not paying attention. This has nothing to do with political beliefs. I don’t care one way or the other for democrats or republicans. But there is something wrong with our president and those that enable him. Both De Niro and Trump are just TV personalities. But only one has the power to destroy our democracy.

  30. All these good people, upset over a swear word disrespecting the current president.

    But what exactly is respectable about an individual whose actions and rhetoric normalizes, say: “very fine” neo-Nazis; grabbing women by the genitalia; slashes the budget for food programs that assist the poorest of our children and elders; undermines decades worth of clean water and air legislation and thus endangers all future generations (pro-life, anyone?); encourages ICE to intimidate and manhandle and separate mothers and young children; and just to end a potentially inexhaustible list – maneuvers world relationships in such ways as to assure the largest possible increase in the personal wealth of himself and his own family’s investments?

    Distraction is an egregiously powerful force, and while American citizens are fussing over the swear words of celebrities, this Administration is absolutely steamrolling ahead policies intended to seal a Plutocratic fate that, to paraphrase Obama in his farewell address, will see the rich retreat further into their gated enclaves while everyone else is left fighting over the crumbs…

    Christian people, I hope many more of you awaken to the prime directive of merciful care for the poor and vulnerable, and reject the machinations of a desperate reality TV “star” who has apparently been warped by a lifetime of conspicuous consumption. This is all so very far beyond “listening” to the good ideas of “both sides.” Unless you are a billionaire, make no mistake that you are decidedly in the category of the “lesser-thans,” more or less obviously based on the comparatively meager contents of your bank account and undeniably, the color of your skin. And before minds are closed to my words with the rejoinder “why does it always have to be about color, or the race card?”, let me assure you, I and most people of color would be very happy for “it” to absolutely no longer be about color!

    Not feeling the “great.”

    • I hear your concerns, Nicole. Thank you for expressing your opinions on this topic. Hugs and love xox

      • Things like cutting social programs for the poor have nothing to do with my opinion, it’s a fact-based pointing-out of policy preferences. Stacking the deck for lucrative personal gain is not a matter of my opinion, check into the sweetheart deals Ivanka’s companies befitted from after Chinese leadership visited her Dad at Mar-a-Lago. The disproportionate amount of pollution that enters the waterways nearest to poor communities is an objective fact that can be researched.

        What is my educated opinion? This is a time for definitively standing up for our Union. About the only thing we can control is whether we can look someone in the eye with respect and acknowledgement of our equal footing as humans whenever we meet. That just doesn’t align with race-baiting through anti-immigrant “animal” labelings, scape-goating Muslims, denigrating homosexuality, scolding athletes to exchange their free speech for their paycheck, or expecting women to bear the entire weight of their own objectification and abuse. What we need is a soul-deep reckoning with the Golden Rule at the heart of morality. A stormy F-bomb is the very least of our problems.

  31. Thanks for your candor! I like that you’ve begun a podcast to express and share your faith! Open minds are a cool thing 🙂 Your post reminded me of one I recently wrote on faith but I’m not entirely sure why… 🤔

  32. It’s very interesting that you posted about this. One of the podcasts that I subscribe to is This American Life. Last night, as I was driving home from my PEO meeting, the podcast episode was discussing how divisive some college campuses have become in terms of conservatives and liberals. Me – I consider myself to be moderate to liberal, personally.

    But, this one group, Turning Point USA, is like an uber College Republicans group that is nationally recognized and promoted. They recruit young conservatives all over the country, and have asked them to recruit on their campuses in return. I felt sick as they described a 19-year-old conservative woman and a 47-year-old liberal woman, who was also a faculty member, got into a screaming match on the campus of the University of Nebraska over their political positions. The liberal originally had a poster that read something like, “Turning Point USA is neofascist.” Then, the liberal started name-calling. She called the conservative a “neofascist Becky,” and also used obscene gestures and language. And it went back and forth. A couple people eventually stepped in and called a time-out, and the gathered protesters dispersed. But, the entire ordeal was filmed by the conservative, and it ended up going viral on social media. It was horrifying. It felt surreal to me. I couldn’t believe it. Stuff like this happens on college campuses?!

    As I got closer to my house, I turned off the podcast and took a few minutes to reflect on the wonderful sermon that my senior pastor gave on Sunday. We have been discussing and learning about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost. He gave us a challenge this week: To pray three simple words every day this week, especially if we’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

    “Come, Holy Spirit.”

    I felt much calmer after that prayer. It’s amazing what three little words, the right three little words, can do.

    • I love This American life! Have you listened to the one about the Starbucks diversity training? It was fascinating. Oh gosh that’s so sad. Adults acting like children. We’re all allowed to have our own beliefs! We need to come together and work to constructively move forward together. Surreal is the right word for sure. I love that challenge. I’m going to try to do it!! Come Holy Spirit! Amen! Thanks Laura Beth, as always for offering such light and positive insight! I love your heart! Hugs and love xox

      • I haven’t listened to that one yet. But, soon! I agree with you – Coming together to build bridges! I love your heart, too. XOXO

  33. A nice update on current events and a truly powerful message all wrapped up into one! It’s rather refreshing seeing someone preach the need for listening to others and for people to come together as it’s something this world desperately needs. Great work!

  34. Great post! The more Hollywood foams at the mouth, the less I tend to listen. I often wonder if they realize that the more they spout, the less I see their performance (in a movie, etc) and the more I see their politics come through whatever role they play. So sad to be so full of yourself that you don’t even care who you alienate for your “Cause”. Just my two cents.

    • Thank you so much Lisa! Yeah, I know! I know a lot of people who do the same – they don’t go to see certain actor’s and actress’ films so as not to “put money in their pockets.” Thanks for sharing that. Hugs and love xox

  35. “Peacemakers don’t make headlines. . . . But they do make headway.” Wonderful point, and a great extension of today’s Gospel, calling Jesus’ disciples “the light of the world.” Being bearers of His light brings great responsibility, and the risk of backlash, as you well know. But we must persist in being voices crying out in the wilderness. I will keep crying out, and I pray you will too. God bless.

  36. This is so right Beauty Gal!! We have lost the focus of listening to people. All De Niro did was act the way The Donald himself acts in many situations; coming out to a crowd expecting something and he gives them this weird timed “proclamation”. He sunk to Donald’s level. LOL I loved your description of the crowd, and De Nero too! What a joy it is to read your blog as you always know how to spread joy!! OMG its almost Summer and I can’t wait. Guess what is on June 30th?? This is the link to it and yeah I’m goin over that day!! Speaking of Broadway shows, this coming September I’m going to Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady to catch In The Heights, my utmost fav of musicals!! Hugs and love to you always!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Thank you Miguel 🙂 that’s so awesome!! And oh my gosh Miguelll— im not going to be in the city on the 30th!! I booked a job in Ohio that week! I’m so disappointed! I’m sorry friend. But gosh I hope you have an amazing time. Summer in the city is the best — but then you know that 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  37. I love that you addressed this topic from such a unique viewpoint. You stated that all sides have something to offer, and I completely agree with that statement. It’s so hard to even have a calm dialogue when it comes to politics lately just due to the inflammation that has occurred, not saying ALL due to celebrities, but a majority of people I talk too say that their opinions are based on something a celebrity or professional athlete has mentioned. Celebrities and professional athletes all need to understand that they can be building blocks for bringing the people of this country together again, or they can be the shovels that dig the trench between people even wider. I sincerely appreciated reading about the Christian view of what is happening, both on TV and off. Your grace is a marvel and I always enjoy reading your posts. They are incredibly enlightening. Prayers and love to you! Please don’t let anyone stop you from spreading your light! It is much needed in today’s very dark world!

    • Thank you so much Brianna! Yeah inflammation is absolutely the right word. Thanks for you kindness. Hugs and love xox

  38. I loved the entire post….as I normally do; however, my favorite part….the title! Only to be followed with an added: Please. And thank-you! (giggles.) I mean, realllllly. Can we get on with it already and start focusing on the POSITIVES?? Might I also share that while reading your lovely post, which again was ‘right on the spot,’ that the Chris Janson song, Fix you a drink, was playing in the background of my mind. Maybe that’s what someone should do for Bobby….”HEY, ANYONE, could ya’ just fix him a drink!” Hugs!!

    • Hi Dawn! Aw thank you so much!! Hahaha yeah i had a little fun with the title 🙂 AMEN! Let’s be positive for once! Hahah get him a drink! Hugs and love xox

  39. you never disappoint. Thank you for being the voice of reason. I echo every sentiment you have expressed. I have my opinions and vision for my country but I won’t resort to calling those who view things differently wrong. We MUST respect each other. I hope your significant influence and reach gets this through to many people

    • Thanks Billy Mac 🙂 so glad it resonated with you! Amen! Respect!! Hugs and love xox

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