A Renegade’s Tale: Rallies, Rights, & Recovery

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I am a renegade.

Yes, as an inhabitant of Greenwich Village in New York City, and defender of the unborn, I am considered a renegade.

It’s not the most popular position to take, as a young woman living in heart of Manhattan, but nevertheless, I am a prolife millennial.

The prolife movement has been making headlines recently — although, one would never know, because the mainstream media refuses to give airtime to the prolife agenda. BUT, yesterday was a huge day: Love him or hate him, President Donald Trump declared January 22 as the National Sanctity of Human Life Day. Yes, on the 47th anniversary of Roe v Wade, and on the eve of the National Right to Life March on Washington, Trump made that bold declaration.

I mean, check out the powerhouse opening paragraph of the proclamation:

Every person — the born and unborn, the poor, the downcast, the disabled, the infirm, and the elderly — has inherent value.  Although each journey is different, no life is without worth or is inconsequential; the rights of all people must be defended.  On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, our Nation proudly and strongly reaffirms our commitment to protect the precious gift of life at every stage, from conception to natural death.

I mean, wow. I’m standing and cheering, are you?

One of the things I really hate about this issue is how divisive it is. I mean, people feel so passionately about the pro-life/pro-abortion issue that they won’t even hear the other side. You get labeled one way, and then – bam – all of a sudden you’re the enemy, and everything you think, say, and believe, becomes tainted. Tarnished. Seen through the lens of either “barbaric” or “close-minded.”

So tonight, I wanted to share why I’m prolife.

Because, with the Right to Life March happening this weekend, and the Women’s March having just concluded this past weekend (which was shockingly low in attendance)…I think it’s important to look beyond the shock-jock signs and slogans, and actually have a meaningful conversation.

I live my life very differently than, say, your average millennial New Yorker. Not because I’m special or have discovered the key to Pandora’s Box — but rather, the life I am living, is a second chance.

I was gambling my life away during my anorexia, twelve years ago. That broken, 78 pound girl was literally at death’s door. I mean, when I went to inpatient, I had to sleep at the nurses station for the first two weeks so they could monitor my heart overnight, for fear it would go into cardiac arrest. I was playing with fire.

And since then, and adopting recovery, every morning I wake up, I thank God for the generous gift of a second chance He gave me. And I try to live my life through that lens, recognizing the miracle of life, and the beauty within it.

But you see, reading that, sure — it sounds like it was just a walk in the park. Some perfectly gift-wrapped Tiffany’s box that I merely opened one day and *poof,* I “adopted recovery” and had this complete 180 life change.

That could not be further from the truth. During my anorexia, I would have never said that I was trying to throw my life away, but my actions communicated just that. My destructive behaviors stemmed from the all-consuming lie, that I was unworthy of love. I believed this to my core — enough to literally die for.

To go from that basement of rock bottom, to a free and fulfilling life — it was not some magic wand, Cinderella moment.

No – it was a grueling process of letting God’s truth replace that lie that had driven me to that point of demise.

And it all boiled down to this one truth: that my life had worth, and value.

Not because of anything I did. Not because of a performance, or merit, or something that I achieved to earn that worth, but because I was made in God’s image and likeness, by an incomprehensibly loving Father.

That was the foundation of my recovery, that I have clung to ever since that momentous day my life turned around, twelve years ago.

And that is why I am prolife. Because if God can look at that broken, destructive girl, knocking at death’s door, and see her worth and value and dignity as His daughter — then who am I not to extend that same mercy and love to the child in the womb? The elderly in a nursing home? The homeless? The person with a disability?

Human life is not disposable. And I can only say that after nearly throwing mine away. I took the gift that was my life, and abused it, despised it, spat on it, and pillaged any and all hope. So only having nearly lost it, do I now know how truly precious it is.

At that rock bottom moment, although I didn’t fully believe it, I had to cling to what I knew: that God keeps His promises.

And if He says I have worth, then I was going to throw that truth my last chip. I had exhausted all the other options — He was my last and final option.

I’m not here to try and change minds or alter opinions. But rather, to just share this perspective.

The news stories are full of signs with “My Body, My Choice,” “P*$$* Power” and “Shout Your Abortion.” Sadly, those are much more flashy, and appealing to the masses to get behind.

But what about “Shout Your Worth.” It is a life altering, truly liberating mindset that not only changed my life, but saved it.

Consider me paying it forward, to the lives that cannot speak up for themselves, to shout their worth, too.

So this weekend, I will be saying a prayer for those marching in the Right to Life Rally in Washington. But moreso, for those hearing about it — that their hearts may be softened to the idea of worth for all life — from conception to natural death.

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147 responses to “A Renegade’s Tale: Rallies, Rights, & Recovery”

  1. Making a stand for life may be unpopular, especially in NYC, but it’s the right thing to do and I commend you for doing it.

  2. I’m pro-choice. I’m not sure why you used pro-aboriton, there is a difference; I don’t celebrate abortions, I do celebrate births.

    I’m pro-choice because I just can’t determine when life begins. I don’t know. I simply do not know. And so I think it’s best to leave it up to the individual to decide.

    Secondly, I’m pro-choice because I don’t think we can have gender equality if women don’t have reproductive rights. If working class and poor women had to worry about being forced to conceive a child, they would undoubtedly have to make different choices.

    I too belive that all life has value, including the poor and powerless (more than anyone, I fight for them) and that’s one of the reasons I AM pro-choise.


    • Thank you for sharing this perspective and joining the dialogue! You hit the nail on the head: i also believe it comes down to when life begins. And that’s a great point about mothers. They deserve all the compassion and care, and resources for all options available, including adoption 🙂 thanks again for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

    • God created everything and human life is at the apex of that creation! Life itself is a miracle and I won’t go into a long dissertation explaining the merits of all I say here but suffice it to say if life is a precious God given miracle GIFT that needs to be fully respected and was not created by we mere humans then the intrinsic life that sparks from the moment of conception can be argued as being the very beginning of a human being and humans should NEVER be careless or disrespectful of that fact for ANY reason, especially what you said about women needing to “not be burdened with pregnancy” or they have to work! Guess what, the lady is a lady and she has the reproductive system to bear a human being and God made it so, not you or me and the man in the moon or any Supreme Court, and God’s wishes have nothing to do with man-made equal rights systems of thinking of modern high tech society! That is a responsibility and obligation the WOMAN has for better or worse so if she won’t or can’t accept that responsibility wholeheartedly and carry all of the obligations that go with it because it’s inconvenient or whatever, it isn’t worth her becoming a MOTHER and I say then, don’t have sex, or get a tubal ligation! I think follow the herd mentality of secular, feisty, a militant feminist way of thinking or atheistic societies all seek to cheapen and discount human life for personal selfish reasons or as in the latter totalitarian objectives, none of which hold water. I just think those that don’t agree with this BLOG should steer clear and perhaps spend time on pro-choice blogs or sites. Good luck!

      • I disagree with your last sentence. It is so valuable to have people with different beliefs interact. There is no way we can agree with someone on everything, not even important things. People should not have to hide their opinions. If people of similiar opinions always stayed togheter we would not have as much potential for growth. There needs to be room for healthy conversations where people disagree in order for the growth of society

  3. Wow! You really spoke from the heart and experience of both pain and recovery. Don’t EVER stop sharing your testimony; it is definitely a light in a dark world. 🙂

    I am definitely a pro-lifer and my rejoinder to the other pro-abortion side is they’re not necessary pro-women but rather anti-consequences. 🙂


    • Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Adoption is a great choice! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

    • Awww John you’re the best. Thank you so much. Yeah i was thrilled by the proclamation and on such an important day! Hugs and love xox

  4. So sad to see such a small response to this post. Becoming orthodox has shown me WHY certain things are the way they are (or at least supposed to be) in the church. God is shown to have created the world because pagans believed created matter was evil and worthless. Do we not see that same terrifying mindset in the climate movement? People bad, earth good. People are worth God’s attention, love, and mercy. I’m reading; The Church When it was Young. It talks about why Christians are supposed to be against abortion; it’s a pagan thing. Again, the belief at that time was that life was cheap. Christ came along and said, ‘No. Life is not cheap. All life is precious.’ This is partly why He was so hated. Because He came so strongly against the free for all, kill it if it’s not wanted, mentality of Rome (and the rest of the world at that time). When I see pastors, ministers, etc. who are pro-choice, I wonder how they can call themselves, ‘Christians’? I have a cousin who is an Anglican minister. SHE is pro-choice and thinks no woman should be saddled with an unwanted child. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wz-vegualMg&t=156s
    This link is to a great movie. One of the scenes a girl asks the monk for permission to abort her baby. His answer is priceless.
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us on this post.
    Fight for the babies!!

    • Thanks Melissa, yeah I agree. Thanks for sharing your heart on this. A lot of great points here! Have you seen Unplanned? It is so powerful!! I’m def check out that movie!! Hugs and love xox

    • Melissa Bishop I’m repeating myself here but only because I wanted my last long comment to be a shout out to you too, as with the other fine woman that triggered it in me like Caralyn has with her post!
      Mrs. Mariposa you said it! Far too many humans have a chip on their shoulder or just plum don’t believe in God is a big part of the problem! Albert Einstein told a fellow physicist after his being told by him during a discussion of the Big Bang theory and all of the “random” events that could conceivably be occurring before such a moment; Einstein said , “Ah yes my friend very interesting but,” God doesn’t roll dice.” We know that Einstein could wrap his head around a lot for sure and my point here is that he could see the absolute need for thought-out design to this existence and anyone who will peer into such depth of our universe and indeed our living functioning lives sees that its beyond a miracle for it all to even be here without that amazing something that had to act upon the world of things with intention, that is God’s direct influence is obvious to me, and everyone in my way of seeing things should be on their knees thanking Him our Creator! “He giveth and only He taketh!” We are here as scriptures say “to know, love and serve God!” To me like Einstein saying to his colleague how he needed to look at the picture clearly I say to others who will listen that God must certainly expect us to respect Him and the “human lives he made in His image” so supporting human life and doing all we can to save one is only right, but taking of life especially innocent unborn life at any stage is an abomination and an unholy transgression to God, therefore we are doing right if we are obedient to Him and not our own false beliefs or ego to be so caviler to play God!
      God bless you and yours; along with all of the unborn and any helpless human being; or in other words any of God’s children.

      Thank you again Caralyn. God Bless You.

      • You’re welcome. I really enjoyed your posting today. It gives me great confidence in your generation. I always find it interesting how millennials are now the generation everyone denigrates. I have never fallen for this crap. You keep up the fight. Your words mean a lot to a generation of women who struggle with what you did. ~Dave

  5. I bet that most of your current readers have not read your blog from the start like I did. After all, you have years’ worth of articles! You tell people it didn’t happen overnight, but that’s hard to see if they are only reading the articles from the last 2-3 years. Have you considered posting an article pointing people toward the beginning of BBB? Those are the articles that pulled at my heart and prompted me to write Beauty and the (ED) Beast! Those were the articles that made me want to do something to support your ongoing recovery.

    Maybe people going back to your beginning will help them appreciate your life better, understand why God’s gift of life is so precious to you! Maybe even realize why all lives are precious.

    • Thanks Jeff – you are such a rockstar for reading my blog from the beginning! You’re such a great friend and I cherish our friendship! That’s a really great idea – to bring those back up! Maybe I’ll do a Tuesday sectors or something. thank you! You’re always keeping the wheels turning! Amen! Hugs and love to you and your girls! xox

      • You are very welcome! God has blessed me with your current support on my trying acting again. Your compliments and tips simply MADE MY WEEK!! I plan to work on the videos this weekend. Thank you very much!!!

  6. That idea of hitting rock bottom remains with me. I, too, am saddened by the refusal of people on opposing sides to even talk with each other. To change that, I fear that something apocalyptic-ish will have to happen, something that makes people hit rock bottom, to make everyone realize we all come from the same Divine Maker and are stronger when we stand together, even if we disagree. But ultimately, for life to be respected again, it’s not a matter of changing or repealing laws. Hearts have to be changed. We must clasp the hands of those we disagree with. Keep punching, dear renegade. Hugs and love from rainy Kentucky– Mike

    • Thanks so much Mike for joining the conversation. Yeah I wish people could hear and respect both sides. At the end of the day we’re all one family. Great points here my friend. Glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  7. A great post. It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “Anyone who thinks that slavery should be allowed should have it tried upon himself.” Well, those who think that abortion should be kept legal, well, how would they feel if they were being aborted?

  8. I have always admired your courage and honesty. In Jeremiah 1:5 we read that God appointed Jeremiah a Prophet from the womb, using 5 personal pronouns so we wouldn’t forget he was a person before he was born. I wholeheartedly stand with you! Blessings!

    • Hey John, oh wow what a kind thing to say. thank you. Yes! powerful verse! big hugs to you xox

  9. Love. Love. Love this! Thank you for sharing truth and grace in a winsome way. Bravo sister! I’m so glad you’re here to impact the world. Thank you for accepting that gift of grace!

    • Thank you so much Lonette, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! i appreciate you stopping by! hugs xo

  10. I am not anti-abortion, but I support your right to an opinion without shouting you down. I can’t abide how hateful everything has become. Why should people not be allowed to discuss their differences? I can see your point of view and respect it. I like that you include the homeless and the elderly. That’s a thoughtful grouping of those who can’t always be heard (or to whom others can’t be bothered listening). <3

    • Thank you Paula! I appreciate that. And I so agree! A healthy and respectful dialogue that acknowledges differences is not only mature, but necessary for building bridges. Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation! big hugs to you xo

  11. Awesome! loved: ” I had to cling to what I knew: that God keeps His promises. And if He says I have worth, then I was going to throw that truth my last chip.” I just wrote a meditation about being secure in God’s promises the other day. God is faithful to do what he says he will do.

  12. Caralyn, thank you for standing for life. God creates all in his image and puts his breath in them, along with special gifts. Someone with the cure for cancer may have been aborted years ago. No matter how they come into this world, all are valuable. When we value the unborn, we will also value the elderly and those born with defects. So glad you overcame your ED and are shouting out the value of life. Love and hugs! XOXO

  13. Oh, this makes my heart soar! What a wonderful truth it is, to recognize the gift that is life, at EVERY stage! There were times in my past that I nearly let suicide win, so I relate so much to that moment of being pulled from the pit of destruction and that amazing moment of heart change as you recognize the worth He gives each of us. Every soul is knit together by a loving Creator in the womb with this same stamp of worth, each for His purpose. It isn’t for us to decide which is important enough to live out that purpose. None should *ever* be dismissed or thrown away. Thank you so much for writing this. Blessings to you!

    • Thank you so much, friend. I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece and it resonated with you! Amen to that! Every stage. And gosh, thank you for sharing your story. You’re absolutely right — that heart change is so powerful, and I’m praising Jesus that He pulled you from that place. I love you, friend. sending so much love xoxo

  14. Extremely well put my friend Caralyn! A truly, powerfully put and strong, truthful statement of support for the sanctity of human life; as you said made in God’s image, and in particular now because of this National Declaration by our fine President Trump along with so many pro-life supporters for the unborn innocent life in the mother’s womb! Much good has been accomplished in this fighting the good fight and let’s pray that much, much more will be achieved in the changing of hearts and minds around the globe to the point where a great awakening will come upon those minds of the sheer miraculous gift that human life truly is and how we should want to be defenders of such a gift of love from our Creator! Thank you my friend Caralyn for stepping up and making this bold proclamation and yes especially being from Greenwich Village, I’m inspired by your courage and tenacity in the face of your own trials and now in the face of this global epidemic of indifference toward precious innocent human babies regardless of what stage of development; they are all a work of art in progress! Keep on keeping on! Your friend, Lawrence

    • Thank you so much Lawrence! What kind words – I’m touched. I will definitely join you in that prayer. Amen! All are a work of art in progress! hugs xo

      • Caralyn I knew we see totally eye to eye on this entire matter, and I had a feeling you would be touched by my own genuine thoughts, feelings and words from my heart in the way that your blog here containing your thoughts, feelings and words touched me! Quite authentically; I’m certain of it! I’m so glad you came forward with this timely piece and are boldly taking this stand, I’m honored to be a part of it and you posted this just moments after I had read in a news-feed that the President was taking such a bold stand too and going to address the rally or gathering to speak for “Life” this way; the first President to do so! I’m so happy right now I’m jittery and teary eyed, my heart quakes, as I feel the Holy Spirit at work in me, you and so many of us in this unprecedented troubled time of great need like never before! Surely, as we know the evil one has been working overtime, we have no fear because God’s winds of Truth and Justice are coming! 23rd Psalm time for sure in my mind’s eye! Amen.

      • Oh, and I believe the other huge scoop is that Trump is going to be the first to actually speak at the event, wasn’t that a part of some of the news-feeds!
        But either way, “This is GREAT;” Even if Trump is the first President to do so in such a long while, and so consistently! We all know there were eight years straight without so much as a peep for the unborn from the first phony, fake POTUS; not actually born on American soil making him illegitimate, who loved partial birth destruction of life! So this has been a mini awakening in the least! Does that oblige all “nay sayers!”

      • Now see I just read this comment of yours after just commenting to your previous one and practically we’re saying the same thing! Yes, up in the Sky Big, Montana Material!
        I was happy to hear it was going down the way it was because to me it was and is phenomenal; nothing is ever perfect or not even close but so much good here it has to outweigh any negativity and I kinda get offended by anyone tainting any of this! Damn; it seems in today’s impersonal high tech easy to shoot ya mouth off world; someone has to always come along and taint or soil a happy and beautiful thing! And I know full well there are tons of women who will not budge from their view of a woman’s right to choose, but why then bother going to such a blog as this is, airing out their attitudes or self-inflicted feelings and biases? Because they aren’t happy unless everyone else is miserable that is why! Do I go to their sites or right to choose blogs and blast them, or try to speak Scripture to them? NO NEVER! I let them do as they may and it is their lives and souls that will be held accountable; so, “to each his own!” I was so joyous to hear what the President said and would do; then saw this great blog of yours and became supercharged, but after a while some people creep out of the woodwork as it were and stick a pin in my eye! Thank you for that guys! Maybe I should look each of you up sometime when you’re having a wonderful day!!! Oh yes, I can be a little devil or stinker too!
        Thank you wholeheartedly again Caralyn I needed this positivity of yours!!!

    • This is GREAT; Even if Trump is the first President to do so in such a long while, and so consistently! We all know there were eight years straight without so much as a peep for the unborn from the first phony, fake POTUS who loved partial birth destruction of life! So this has been a mini awakening in the least! Does that oblige all “nay sayers!”

  15. I’ve been reading for awhile and while I do respectfully disagree with your opinions on choice and abortion, I don’t tend to comment as such on your posts. It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

    However, I’m concerned with some of the facts you open this post with. Your president did declare it National Sanctity of Life day… but he also did that in 2018 and 2019 as well. Furthermore, he’s not the first; President Reagan did the same thing. Sure, take inspiration from what he has to say if you will, but it’s not his revolutionary idea.

      • Thank you for your reply 🙂

        He expressed similar points in 2018 (for example) – https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-january-22-2018-national-sanctity-human-life-day/ Wikipedia has more information too: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Sanctity_of_Human_Life_Day

        I was intrigued at how little attention the mainstream media really did pay to this. Whatever your stance, ignoring an issue doesn’t make it go away!

      • Awesome! I’ll def check those out!! Thank you! And i agree – no matter the channel, news is news! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

      • Caralyn! News Flash! “Even the Washington Post acknowledged that, despite Trump’s personal history, he has undoubtedly established himself as a pro-life hero by agreeing to attend the event. Previously, Republican presidents addressed the march by satellite link. Even a handful of pro-life Democrats from the south praised the president for his decision.

        Hopefully, the decision will ensure that evangelicals will come out in force to vote for him in November.”

        A reader commented: “Thank you mr President! Wake up AMERICA, try to find coverage of the right to life march on main stream news you won’t find it. Main stream news continues to withhold relevant news or try’s to put their spin on it. TURN OFF MAIN STREAM NEWS AND DON’T BUY THEIR PAPERS, Hit them in their pocket. I was told we need a free press and TRUTHFUL PRESS”

        Caralyn, we praise the Lord! Thank you again for your Great Blog! MAGA KMAG

      • LOL! Hi Caralyn, I hope your R&R is going fantastic and you are getting plenty of rest too! I couldn’t keep up with your weekly itinerary and I’m even hyper! I thought for a second that your reaction comment was about my LONG DRAWN OUT statements on your “Beautiful Blog for the Babies” (BBB) but now that I think of it this wouldn’t come close to your reaction about that for which I apologize, and I only did it because it is so incredibly important to put all the positive energy into this Life and Death matter whenever we get a real platform to take a stand for the Unborn, so Kudos to you for nailing it here with this article and giving me a chance to do my best for now; although now I realize maybe just leaving the link to my own blog for the Unborn would have kept things compact on yours! You like most anyone that has dealt with me online knows my voluminous expressive nature but I at least can say in my behalf once in a while I get it right and my long explanations can at least be warranted and hopefully I pray essential to helping the cause for such matters of paramount importance! I’ve been a wreak the last few days with this and other pressing concerns that do stress, so I have to pay attention not to be too abrasive or not at all if possible in heartfelt issues. Meanwhile, I’m glad you’re getting so much breathing space and I hope you will rest assured I’m chilling today to allow my own self-induced dust cloud to settle and not rock anyone’s boat as it were!
        Catcha ladda!
        Thank you very much again, and God bless you and your family!

  16. Mrs. Mariposa you said it! Far too many humans have a chip on their shoulder or just plum don’t believe in God is a big part of the problem! Albert Einstein told a fellow physicist after his being told by him during a discussion of the Big Bang theory and all of the “random” events that could conceivably be occurring before such a moment; Einstein said , “Ah yes my friend very interesting but,” God doesn’t roll dice.” We know that Einstein could wrap his head around a lot for sure and my point here is that he could see the absolute need for thought-out design to this existence and anyone who will peer into such depth of our universe and indeed our living functioning lives sees that it beyond a miracle for it all to even be here without that amazing something that had to act upon the world of things with intention, that is God’s direct influence is obvious to me, and everyone in my way of seeing things should be on their knees thanking Him our Creator! “He giveth and only He taketh!” We are here as scriptures say “to know, love and serve God!” To me like Einstein saying to his colleague how he needed to look at the picture clearly I say to others who will listen that God must certainly expect us to respect Him and the “human lives he made in His image” so supporting human life and doing all we can to save one is only right, but taking of life especially innocent unborn life at any stage is an abomination and an unholy transgression to God, therefore we are doing right if we are obedient to Him and not our own false beliefs or ego to be so caviler to play God!
    God bless you and yours; along with all of the unborn and any helpless human being; or in other words any of God’s children.

  17. I’m with you on this issue, but there is a related topic that needs urgent thought and prayer. How can we support those who are pregnant through rape? How can we support those who will bear children with congenital conditions that will make their lives painful, limited and short? These must be agonising situations for those who experience them – how can we help them?

    • Well we can be sure that if a person with a functioning brain and heart who doesn’t believe in trying to play “God” will agree that snuffing a human life out isn’t the answer, especially an innocent, helpless unborn one; God knows we hear all the cry babies and left-wingers screaming when some convicted murderer is going to be put to death and they can’t scream enough that it is wrong to execute! But many of those same screamers are fine with New York’s same day of delivery snuffing out a human baby’s life! There are no answers to the issues you bring up if people are of this contradictory mind-set! But, I do believe that through devout faith in God and following some basic principles, the first of which is the sanctity of human life then no bridge is too far to cross or no mountain is too high to climb in seeking and finding answers to these and all arduous human perils or problems! There are reasons for and answers to all of the things that trouble our human societies!

    • Thank you so much Penny! I’m so glad this hit home with you. You touched on some really important points – we need to provide compassion, support and options for those women, including adoption, therapy, and child care, etc. prolife pregnancy centers have incredible resources available. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much Ashley for taking the time to read and for joining the conversation! I think it’s so important to have healthy and respectful dialogue as a catalyst to build bridges!! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs and love xox

  18. When reading this article, I’m reminded of how personal experiences can have such a major impact on our views on important things. Because for me, life experiences also had a major impact on my view on abortion/right-to-life issues.

    I went to a Catholic high school seminary, and a lot of us from the school always went on the Right to Life March. One time, I was one of those people who went on the march, and I had a homemade sign protesting both abortion and the death penalty (because, you know, life from conception to natural death). My protest of the death penalty in addition to abortion got a VERY mixed reception at the march itself (because of the death penalty part), and showed to me that the “pro-life” movement is often only focused on abortion. That time at the Right to Life March really had an impact on my current opinion, which is that making abortion illegal is not pro-life (because if we were to declare abortion murder, then we’re suddenly going to have a lot of people on death row, since many states have first degree murder as punishable by death).

    End rant. I just think this all goes to show that sometimes, different views exist because of different, yet powerful in their own way, life experiences.

    • Brendan, good for you and all that effort and study you did in the past for such worthy noble causes! That may very well be what you mentioned here but there is only one right and one wrong; as for example either someone is alive or dead! A heinous murderer who killed other humans be they adult, in the womb or any stage between is a killer and should be put to death as the Bible clearly states. So there is a distinct “right to life” and anyone guilty of taking that right away from another is not worthy of having their own life any longer with of course the exceptions that will come into play of temporary insanity defense, accidental or manslaughter defense, negligent homicide, times of war and varying shades of gray in-between. But, to actually terminate an innocent baby’s life in or out of the womb can be nothing but heinous and murder in the first degree which of course not all in this society or many others agree is the case! So many groups of people and the laws of the land but not God’s law, have found convenient excuses or rationale to get away with murder; but that will never make it “right;” it is wrong pure and simple my friend, and is murder!

      • Thanks for the kind words about me.

        In terms of the Bible, two of the most beloved figures in the Old Testament were murderers: Moses and David. David had a proxy for his murder I believe, but Moses directly committed murder (Exodus 2). Yet, they were not killed, and not only that, but God gave both of them a chance at redemption. So I don’t think it’s as simple as you say it is, and in fact I’m of the belief that God wants to give us chance after chance after painstaking chance at redemption. And even if it were as simple as you said, then the theological implication is that “right to life, from conception to natural death” is theologically faulty (because the death penalty is not a natural death). And that’s before we get to practical implications of treating abortion as murder punishable by death: overwhelmed death row systems in states that have death row, moms with life threatening pregnancies having a set of awful options (What do you do? Abort the baby through a risky back alley abortion and hope not to get caught? Carry the baby to term and risk the lives of both child and mother?), and back alley abortions (something that happened with great frequency before Roe, and something that often risked the life of both child and mother). I don’t think making abortion illegal is pro-life.

      • I still see it as simple the dynamic radically changes after the Old Testament and when the New and Everlasting Covenant was offered to mankind and established with Jesus Christ on the cross that was the make or break deal for each individual to make up their mind and at a certain point a person does go beyond the point of no return now, as the complete word of God in the New Testament has been provided so no excuse to ere and opine self-made falsehoods or have the idea one has freewheeling license to trip up all they want until they are damn good and ready to carry their own weight with their cross! Sorry, do dice, but that is the way the cookie crumbles and upon very close examination of God’s Holy Word in the New Testament which Jesus claims, “I am the way the path and the life,” and all the old was no more such as what customs were acceptable in Old Testament times via the Synagogues under the Pharisees while the flock was being made ready for the final directive from God in order that the New and Everlasting Covenant would take the place of the old ways. I’ll say it this way, “abortion is an abomination to God” we have no right to destroy a human life regardless of what stage of development it is in or what the reasons that any given person can come up with to do it! But, especially the unborn and even children, why else would Jesus say directly regarding innocent children, “It would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” Luke 17:2 Are we to think that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior would speak this way about innocent children but somehow in this modern do as you please contrived world of self; even the selfie; and that “the taking of an innocent child in the mother’s womb or now full term” is allowable and it is not of the same or greater value to God Almighty as the children running and playing! Of course not; and humans in this modern age have starting playing God and are on the hell-ride direct to Satan’s arms, so I say they better wake the hell up, FAST! No exceptions or if there are exceptions my friend then you end up with what we have now since Roe vs. Wade abortions of a full term human beings on the day of delivery and that will continue until it will be a child is born and a month later all the crying and difficulty is too much for a certain individual and she can bring it back to have it terminated. You see my point I’m sure we have been on the slippery slope to hell with this since Roe Wade and before that yes people did do dirty deeds in allies or other places to end an unwanted pregnancy but what resulted is not any answer either so you’re trying to make a positive or a right out of a negative or wrong, and we know two wrongs never make a right! Not getting pregnant is the only way to not be caught in the grip of an unwanted pregnancy; and if people controlled themselves better sure there still would be mishaps but then the child must be brought to full term and taken in or adopted out! Not up to no damn Supreme Court to say they can override God Almighty! The Roe Wade thing was a political hit job just like we see with what the Dem party is doing to Trump and the American People who voted him into office; the evil works feverishly to exploit man’s weaknesses and divide and conquer, and I know you realize all of this so why have the debate it’s a waste of time falling on mostly deaf ears and a willful generation who are in super transgression of God; I know and believe what I do and nothing not you or any earthly power will change that fact! What I’ve been forced to see and deal with over the last dozen years has opened my mind and heart through great pain and suffering much more than ever before in my lifetime to know from whence I speak; this is no cockamamie liberal arts university debate option, we already have plenty of the flakes and whack jobs that came from those forums like the Bernie, or Pocahontas and AOC to show us what you turn into with that rubbish filling ya head; the hard truth is staring us in our faces and should be scaring the heck out of us all, as its being in our faces plainly without reservation tells us without or beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s time to saddle up and do or die! Additionally I conclude; what has happened since Roe vs. Wade has been nothing short of a “massacre of the innocence” which is Scriptural and beyond being an atrocity, it is an ABOMINATION to God Almighty! Thank you too!

      • Paul was involved in persecuting (killing) Christians in the Early Church, including St. Stephen. So yet another of the heroes, so to speak, of the Bible also had a period in life when he didn’t have respect for life. In both testaments, old and new, God redeems people who committed the gravest of sins. All the more reason I don’t believe in responding to death with death, and believing in mercy.

        Just to share a bit more of my heart, my mom’s mother had a good friend who got pregnant, and only found out partway through pregnancy that her pregnancy was dangerous, and that the choice was getting an abortion or risking both her life and the child’s. Her priest advised her to not abort, and the result was that both the child and the mother died. That’s the result of a “no exceptions” mentality, and that story is part of why my mentality is that we should have as much life protected as possible, as often as possible.

        As for Roe v. Wade, that was actually a conservative Supreme Court decision. Both Democrats and Republicans seem to have forgotten that in the whole pro-life vs. pro-choice debate. Harry Blackmun, a Republican Richard Nixon appointee, wrote the majority decision, and the decision was a 7-2 decision in the Burger Court (once again, a conservative court). One of the two people who dissented was Byron White, a John F. Kennedy appointee. If the abortion issue is some political hit job by Democrats, some prominent Republican accomplices have certainly helped along the way.

        Feel free to continue the conversation with me at my email address, blindinjustice2017@gmail.com. As I think our discussion has shifted a decent amount from Caralyn’s original post, email correspondence may be a better way to go.

      • I’m not going to dance but I will point out a tactic you employ which cuts to the chase! You try to soften the blow of abortion with the idea of a pregnancy malfunction that ended in tragedy for the mother and unborn. You attempt to make an argument with the extreme unusual occurrence stacked up against the mountainous opposite reality of abortion on demand to prove something! That is a fool’s errand on your part because if you think you can gain support for abortion being acceptable so therefore my “no exceptions policy” is muted by this example; that is ridiculous as we see the opposite is true with on demand massacre of the unborn around the globe and hundreds of millions being brutally butchered in the womb as they slumber or now full-term human babies being snuffed, so you would have us believe that is just fine and dandy in the world according to you, and yet you believe in “preserving as much life as you can?” Yet you avoided completely my suggestion that human behavior needs to be altered or checked to prevent pregnancy in the first place, preventing a self-inflicted dilemma and SIN of fornication! This deception flies in the face of all logic and sensibility! Now you’re insulting beyond mere disagreement but you are hideous in your insinuating such a thing. You need a reality check of major proportions and I won’t waste my time or this blogs for sure in any attempt to clarify your already warped mental capacity that can’t see the forest for the trees or perhaps even worse intentionally seeks to distort and deceive the weary with outright lies mingled with tidbits of truth!
        Then you state here, “As I think our discussion has shifted a decent amount from Caralyn’s original post,” wrong you have not me; go back and read all of my early comments to the post and all of those were in complete alignment with her post and the spirit of it until you and a few others jumped into the fray to distort or rabble-rouse, so this divergence all falls completely on your shoulders and “you can’t wriggle free from your culpability!” Take your lame arguments and perversions of truth and historical inaccuracies to a place where there are persons that are completely confused or out of it because all you said fell on deaf ears or in other words adds up to zilch with me Jack!

      • Bringing up Paul having committed murder or participating in such which is a controversial matter in itself with some faithful as well as theologians; in which some extensive research of the historical records and other evidence contained in Scriptures center on whether this could have occurred after the “Road to Damascus” or before because of the well-known fact that Paul was converted to a full blown Apostle of God through Jesus Christ as prophesied anyway; but regardless had no relevance with the matter of the Pro-Life Blog written by Caralyn, as to any point I had made on the Blog. It’s quite plain to see that you arrived with an “agenda” which failed miserably with me and I’m sure with most anyone else who follows Caralyn’s Blog especially in reference to the Right to Life, Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion position, she clearly advocates as do I 100%; as I say I’m quite confident this effort of yours failed; with her as well. You with your thinly veiled rhetoric espousing mercy and compassion could be seen for what it is and you didn’t pull the wool over my eyes in the least bit. Again, I say my outlook of “no exceptions is meant to indicate that this “Sin of Abortion” is so serious that anyone willfully guilty of committing it places their immortal soul in the gravest of danger of eternal damnation; so that is why it is best or essential from the get goes to consider it as a “no exceptions” situation, say in contrast to times of war where out of one defending themselves and their country killing the enemy is a horrible requirement in order to not be killed yourself “defending maximum numbers of innocent civilians” from aggression and murderous hell-bent enemies! The two fundamental issues do not equate or have anything to do with one another and “Massacre of the Innocence” is mentioned in Scriptures as an “Abomination to God!” My recommendation from all of what I said previous to your comment when the matter diverged, was that people need to take complete responsibility for their actions and control themselves not allowing themselves to sin or in particular fornicate with others which opens the door to the major difficulty to begin with, which then sometimes leads to those who are weak or blinded to truth or not living up to their own personal responsibilities to commit even greater sin, Abortion being the worst possible end result! And, you promote the concept in your rhetoric that people have unlimited chances to sin and do as they please which is so far from the truth it isn’t even funny. “Actions have Consequences” and some consequences are the “final curtain for a soul being JUDGED by GOD” to not be worthy of entering into “God’s Glorious Kingdom and gain Eternal Salvation.” This is why anyone who appreciates their own life that God has given them and the lives of others, especially the lives of completely innocent unborn or day of delivery humans, should be shaking in their boots if they are in that dilemma of making a final decision that leads to death of the unborn and very likely losing their immortal soul in the process. I have a relative in the family tree that was faced with the actual dilemma of being pregnant and told by the priest of her parish that she can’t abort the child even though she was told by all the medical professionals that everything indicated the pregnancy was going to kill her; “if she didn’t get an abortion!” She suffered and went through such torment but “had not even considered aborting her child no matter what” and “always felt this strongly about the unborn;” so she went to full term and the baby was “still born” becoming a “Saint” as the Priest put it; and she went on to live because there is much more to the story, but it was all God’s will and plan “to test her” as He is the Creator and Judge and had plans for her, just as He does for all of us; but not all listen or have the genuine Faith to carry through to the end whatever it is God requires of each of us! One thing to remember is “NOBODY FOOLS GOD!” He is searching all hearts out continually to determine if they belong to Him or to the master of lies and deception the Devil! That is something all of us should be thinking about every day and you are included in everyone, but there are no unlimited chances or opportunities to play around with God and His will for any of us, and “failing Him is the end consequence” that will have “zero chance of reprieve and 100% certainty of eternal damnation!”
        “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Philippians 2:12
        This was actually the final epitaph for Emily Rose after her real life living hell journey here on earth, but in spite of her suffering she chose to serve God’s will and ultimate plan without hesitation over her own dreams or desires passing her test to serve God and simultaneously do His will, which was ultimately all about saving souls from damnation!
        This Scripture is one that every human being that has a smidgen of belief in Jesus Christ should be taking to heart each and every day as they conduct themselves in this world, God’s world, where we are all being tested every moment and that is truth and fact. To ignore what I say here I certainly believe with others in my deepest heart is a grave error, with the most severe consequences attached to it!
        Lawrence Morra

    • Thank you so much Brendan for sharing your heart and your story. You’re right – we all bring our own life experience and beliefs and perspectives to the table, which is why these healthy and respectful dialogues and conversations are important! Hugs and love xox

      • You’re welcome. This issue is one that I’ve grappled with a ton and thought about more than just about any other political issue today. And likewise, thanks for sharing your heart and your story Caralyn. It’s a very controversial issue and one that involves a lot of emotions. It takes a lot of maturity to treat such a controversial issue with such compassion.

      • You’re so welcome. You’re right – lots of emotional energy surrounding this issue!!

  19. It does not sound like a walk in the park at all! Thank God your better, stronger you see the value of your life. . I love this post! Love your blog! Carry on my young friend. Wave to my kids if you see them in D.C. haha! xo

    • Thanks Alida, amen – I am so grateful to God for His healing power! Thanks for the encouraging words! Oh gosh I wish I was going to DC today, but alas I’ll be in NYC!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Hugs and love xox

  20. While I might be more prochoice myself, I respect your right to your opinion even though it differs from mine. And I enjoy having conversations with people even when I don’t agree with them.

    • Thank you so much Raney, for joining the dialogue! I agree — healthy and respectful conversation is so important — it leads to bridges being built and mutual understanding 🙂 so glad you stopped by! big big hugs xox

    • Thank you so much Gina for the encouragement! It really is such an important event! Hugs and love xox

  21. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s really sad that in the world we live in, believing in the rights of the unborn is viewed as a partisan issue. Although we are born as enemies of God, God laid down his own life that those enemies may be reconciled with him. People have inherent worth because God says we have worth despite all we have done to him. That is the Gospel and the Gospel is the most bipartisan news ever, having bad news but then followed by amazing, awesome, and incredibly terrific news that makes me just want to SING (and I’m not a singer! lol.).

    • Thanks Michael- you’re so right- an inherent worth that cannot be denied! Hugs and love xox

      • I think “inherent worth” is another great bumper sticker slogan. Whenever I get to feeling down, I just think about the lengths that God went to, that He actually took on flesh and died because He saw me as a precious jewel, which is just so amazing since I know how rotten my thoughts can be sometimes.

      • I love that! Inherent worth – it communicates so so much in just two words! Hugs and love xox

      • Honestly love reading what you write. Really give millennials like myself hope. Can be very difficult going through college as one of the few individuals who believe.

      • You are too kind 🙂 Been there friend! It really helped me to find a faith community in college – most colleges have organizations to join that are truly great!! Hugs and love xox

  22. Can, or should, the Christian sense of morality be legally imposed upon those of a contrasting opinion to the stated Christian belief? Or should we, as Christians, mentor our Faith and cause scales to be removed from blinded eyes? -Jeff

    • A you’re so sweet thank you so much! I’m so glad it resonated with you! Yes!!! Rock on sister! Hugs and love xox

  23. I’m not in support of the mass media and their lies that are marked and concealed by socialism. We already know that they are the true enemies and hate that which is good. I do stand with you where the life’s of the Lord’s heritage is concerned, for that’s shedding innocent blood and our Father HATES that and He does NOT see it as a small matter and neither should we as His people, nation, citizens, etc. We need to stop compromising with the world that is not for us and stand up for what is right. Your testimony will always be a blessing to many and have been to myself! Thank you Lord for your mercy & grace! God bless & keep you! 🙂

    • Awww thanks again! That’s awesome! So happy to hear they were supporting such a great cause! Hugs and love xox

      • I’ve been reading a lot of your posts. You’re officially my favorite blog to follow this far. We have similar stories regarding eating disorders. I’m so happy you’re healthy now. HUGE HUGS TO YOU LOVE!

      • oh my gosh, you are amazing. thank you!! I am seriously so touched!! i look forward to reading your story. ditto for you, my friend!!! big hugs xox

    • Oh my gosh you are too sweet!! Thank you so much lovie 💛 glad you stopped by!! Hugs and love xox

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