I WON the Pinterest Golden Recipe Challenge!

Hello friends!

If you’re reading this, I’m buried underneath a mountain of moving boxes! Send help!

I WON Pinterest’s Golden Recipe Challenge for my homemade #LASAGNA recipe! Thank you to everyone who voted! I am STOKED!! @Pinterest #Pinterest #food #cooking #family #dinner #Italianfood #Italian #Pasta #yum

Juuuuust kidding. Well, sort of! T-minus 4 days until the moving truck comes!


That’s right! My Lasagna Recipe (found here) took home the grand prize! I cannot believe it! Thank you to everyone who voted and re-pinned my recipe! It seriously means a lot!

I WON Pinterest’s Golden Recipe Challenge for my homemade #LASAGNA recipe! Thank you to everyone who voted! I am STOKED!! @Pinterest #Pinterest #food #cooking #family #dinner #Italianfood #Italian #Pasta #yum

I’ll tell you what, that was God’s little “moving gift” to me, because the prize money is helping us furnish our new home in Ohio! (And I’m not joking!)

Honestly, the way everything has been lining up with this move has been absolutely orchestrated from Above, I’m convinced of it. Everything down to winning a recipe contest where the entry requirement was “a recipe that feels like home…”

I mean…I see you, God. I see what You’re doing there, Big Guy 🙂

But anyway.

In the spirit of recipes, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes!

The Best Sweet Potato Casserole Ever

Paleo Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving Breakfast Casserole

So there you have it, sports fans! Another huge thank you for VOTING for my winning recipe! I honestly would not have won without your help and support! I love you!

I WON Pinterest’s Golden Recipe Challenge for my homemade #LASAGNA recipe! Thank you to everyone who voted! I am STOKED!! @Pinterest #Pinterest #food #cooking #family #dinner #Italianfood #Italian #Pasta #yum

Next time we “chat,” I will be officially MOVED OUT of my apartment in NYC!!!! Can you believe it?!?! I surely cannot…especially given the amount of STUFF I still have to put in boxes!

Until then!

Love, Caralyn

23 responses to “I WON the Pinterest Golden Recipe Challenge!”

  1. Congratulations, Caralyn! That, and the money to help furnish your new home. God is moving big in your life! I don’t envy your moving though, moving house is always a pain in the back. Be well! ❤️☺️

  2. Congratulations! You are so deserving of this prize and the bounty that comes with it.
    I know exactly what you mean that God is guiding your move to Ohio. Our last two moves had the exact same signals from Above, and one of our moves was in the height of the pandemic. ‘Go with God’ took on a whole different meaning after experiencing those moves. We liked thinking of it as God was driving the moving van and we were just following the truck.
    i am so very happy for both you and Steven and wish you only the best. And welcome back to the Midwest!

  3. I have just the biggest smile on my face! I am so happy for you! I pinned and voted on your recipe, or whatever I did, and I thank God that you won the competition. I am happy you found a godly man. I am happy you are moving out of NY. I am happy you are going to the midwest. I live there too. God has done miracles in your life, and He isn’t through yet.

  4. Congratulations! May your move be peaceful and joyful!! Praise God! So glad you are getting out of NYC onto healthier soil. Yay! Love you, beautiful friend! XO😃❤️

  5. Congrats…..I get the moving thing. We just moved to Tennessee to an apartment 3 months and will move into our rental house at the beginning of the year, a little at a time. It is good you are young. At 67, we are still just recovering from the first move, but God has been faithful, every step of the way. Praying all goes smoothly for you and your fiancé. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  6. The blueberry bread link to Pinterest does not work- if it is supposed to. Clicking on ‘save’ or anywhere else doesn’t take you to your Pinterest site or recipe.

  7. That’s awesome!! Congrats on your win. I can not wait to try your award winning lasagna recipe!

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